The Best Printers On the Market You Need to Consider

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Buying the best printer is not as easy as it may look since there are various factors you need to consider. For instance, good looking printers are perfect for the prominent desk while wireless printers work perfectly for any business.


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Nonetheless, there are various designs of best printers available in the market such as laser printer with copier as well as best all in one printer. In this article, we shall discuss the best printers in each of the above categories.

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Best Printers On the Market

Best all in one printer

When purchasing a printer, you often ask if it prints fast or does it copy and scan at the same time. The best all in one printer will help you answer all of the above narratives. One of the best all in one printer is the Canon Pixma G4210.

Canon Pixma G4210

The Canon Pixma G4210 is designed to solve all the headaches that come from owning a printer. Being the best all in one –printer, the Conon Pixma G4210 is capable of multifunctioning since it can fax, scan and copy. This printer features an auto-duplex feeder which helps in printing both sides without having to turn the pages. Nonetheless, it supports wireless printing from Apple AirPrint and Google Could Print therefor you can print anything from your tablet or smartphone.

The Laser printer

If you are looking for a printer that can handle almost any printing job, then a laser printer is the best. Moreover, being one of the best printers in the market, laser printers are capable of handling tax forms, corporate reports as well as envelopes, making it hard to beat. The HP color laserjet pro M254dw is the best laser printer in the market.

HP color laserjet pro M254dw

The easy to use touchscreen interface, as well as the HP smart software, makes this laser printer stand out from the competition. Nonetheless, this laser printer is designed to make setup and daily use less frustrating. The HP color laserjet pro M254dw is one of the best printers in the market, and it is capable of printing crisp black as well as vibrant full-colour graphics. Its speed makes it stand out from its competitor since it can pump out approximately 17 single-sided pages per minute. Moreover, it features a convenient bypass slot which makes printing on corporate reports, tax forms and envelope among other odd-sized media easy.

Wi-Fi printer

If you are a fan of wireless printers, then the Wi-Fi printers are among the best in the market. With this printer, you can easily connect you print documents from your smartphone or tablets via a wireless connection. Wi-Fi printers can connect to your network easily, which makes them benefit from the advanced network system. This network system allows all PC’s on the network to print and scan from the same printer without the use of any cable. The brother MFC-J5330DW is the best wireless printer in the market.

The brother MFC-J5330DW

With all the necessities a small business requires, MFC-J5330DW is capable of delivering from saving a scan on the cloud to faxing. Furthermore, this printer is capable of printing an A4 size footprint on A3 paper. The Wi-Fi is in-built in this printer, and it features an iOS and Android application which makes wireless printing easy. The MFC-J5330DW prints clearly on monochrome whereas color photo appears excellent on photo paper.

Factors to consider when choosing the best printer

  • Image quality
  • Size and Speed
  • Easy to use

Image quality

Your image quality may differ depending on your target market. However, when looking at the image quality here are the key thing you need to consider;

Resolution. Often printers produce a maximum of 1200dpi print resolution, which is ideal for art reproduction and photography wall.

Color Gamut. You can check the gamut comparisons on the printer brochure. Nowadays there are printers with improved ink set which helps in widening the printable gamut you can attain.

Density. Different ink set achieves different ink density; therefore, it is recommended you compare printed samples before buying a printer.

Size and Speed

Often the image you wish to offer will be determined by the size of your printer. It is essential to know the most requested sizes, and this will act as a great starting point for you. Nevertheless, speed is a very crucial aspect which should not be overlooked if you would like to print a certain amount of output per day or weekly.

Easy to use

Having a printer that is easy to operate means you will have less frustrations as well as troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How long does the typical printer continue to work?

The lifetime of a printer ranges anywhere from three to five years on average. Some printers may live for a longer period of time if they are properly maintained and cared for, but at some point, your device will need an update.


When looking for the best printer, always refer to the above information for guidance. Since there are various designs of printers in the market, it is recommended you purchase (visit website) the one that meets your needs.

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