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Walkie talkies were some time back considered to be an archaic form of entertainment, and the increased popularity of smartphones made things even worse. However, the perception of walkie talkies is slowly changing as they are seen as an affordable, convenient and viable method of communication. They often are used to fast-track communication between security personnel and employees by businesses. Additionally, walkie talkies are ideal when you are planning to go for an outdoor excursion rather than depending on your smartphone. This is because they are robust enough to endure harsh conditions.

walkie talkie
walkie talkie

Therefore, if you are looking for a walkie talkie, here is a compressive guide explaining some of the features you need to look for the best walkie talkies on the market.


Walkie talkies make use of different kinds of batteries with the lower end devices often using AA or AAA batteries. Nevertheless, the newer models use the nickel-metal hydride battery, Nickel-Cadmium battery or lithium-ion battery. It is important you first understand the approximate time of usage on the device you plan to purchase to know if you need to carry extra batteries. Furthermore, a battery’s life is typically estimated to be five percent transmission time, five percent reception time and 90% standby time.

The number of channels

Before using a walkie talkie to communicate with your colleagues or friends, first, confirm they are tuned to the same channel or frequency band. However, you need to wait until the other individual has conveyed their message before you can transmit yours since these devices do not permit simultaneous communication.

The options you have are the GMRS model which has 30 channels or the FRS radio with two to seven channels, and this depends on the number of individuals you intend to transmit information. Typically, the higher the number of channels, the better your radio will be at versatility and privacy, but the price for such models is higher unlike to those with fewer channels.


Most manufacturers usually specify the distance which these devices can communicate with each other in case barriers like landscapes and buildings are not present. Majority of two-way radios have a range that spans anywhere between 20 to 50 miles. Walkie talkies such as kid walkie talkies typically have a range eight miles but instead only cover three to four miles. However, it is always advisable to opt for the long-range walkie talkies with this dependent on your planned usage.

Quality of audio

Having a walkie talkie that offers you great audio quality is essential as it ensures you can clearly understand what the other person is saying without the need to repeat themselves. Therefore, with such a device, you can effortlessly engage your friends or colleagues without worrying that they cannot hear clearly. Some of the reputable brands you need to consider include Midland, Cobra, Motorola and Uniden. Walkie talkies belonging to any of these brands are of high quality and are a safer bet because you can test it before buying it from the physical store. Additionally, it is advisable to check out the customer reviews to see the comments of previous buyers about a specific model you are considering especially the range and audio quality.

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