5 Ways of Boosting the Wi-Fi Signals Produced by Long Range Wireless Routers

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The demand for long-range wireless routers has increased since more people want internet connection either to their offices or homes. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, smart TV, laptop or desktop, which all connect to the internet, consequently resulting in the need for the best router for multiple devices. Moreover, you may be wanting a router which is capable of handling a heavy traffic load.


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Nevertheless, long-range Wi-Fi routers are still susceptible to slow signals. Therefore, we are going to take you through five ways of boosting the Wi-Fi signals produced by your router.

Long Range Wireless Router Wi-Fi Signals Boosting Method

Regularly update your router

Outdated software usually results in the slowing down of hardware and updating routers is something most people fail to consider. Subsequently, this causes the strength of the Wi-Fi signals to fall. Therefore, you need to understand the importance of updating your Wi-Fi modem to fix any bugs and other software issues which can be solved easily with updated software. You can update the long-range Wi-Fi router in the modem settings or setting the gadget on automatic updates.

Find an ideal spot

The position of your long-range wireless router is crucial when it relates to the range. You should avoid the common mistake made by most users of placing the router close to the wall or something which obstructs the scope of its Wi-Fi signals. Therefore, the long-range Wi-Fi router should be positioned two to three meters above the ground. Likewise, it should be far from any immediate barrier to ensure its Wi-Fi range spreads out adequately and evenly. The ideal spot to place your router should be in an open place, and this does not necessarily mean putting it at the center of your room. It means you can position it anywhere within a two to three distance around it.

Get rid of freeloaders by improving your security

The number of people on the long range wireless router network causes a fall in the speed of even if you are using the fastest Wi-Fi router. Thus, if you have many people connected to your router’s network, your bandwidth is going to be reduced. This situation becomes worse if you have not set a password for your Wi-Fi since people can now use it freely at your expense. Therefore, to boost the speed of your long-range wireless router, you need to set a sophisticated password and hide the visibility of your Wi-Fi by clocking it.

Regularly reboot your long-range Wi-Fi router

Whereas most Wi-Fi routers appear complicated to configure, a simple reboot of its system often does the trick. A quick reset of the router can fix most of the issues experienced even by the best wireless routers. You should thus make a habit of rebooting your router every once in a while.

Consider the frequency

When choosing the ideal long range wireless router setup, frequency is of considerable significance and is dependent on the router you are using. If you own a long-range dual-band wireless router, you are then at an advantage choosing the 5 GHz band which offers you an excellent range and minimal interference. Therefore, go to the administrator settings and choose a channel which provides you with the best coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can I connect to WiFi in a wide outdoor space?

In order to cover more ground with your wireless network, you may use an extension. WiFi range extenders function by hooking up to your existing router and broadcasting its SSID to a new, larger coverage area. You may either plug it into an outside outlet or set it up in your backyard to extend your WiFi network there.

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