Key Features to Look For in a Photocopy Machine

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To ensure all operations in your office run efficiently and smoothly, you need a photocopy machine making it one of the most important investments for your business. You need first to confirm the equipment you are buying incorporates the essential features and is within your budget. This applies regardless of whether you are purchasing a copy machine your small office or multiple copiers for your various offices.


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Additionally, compare service agreements, brands as well as warranty information since even the best copier needs regular service before you make buy the equipment.

Therefore, here are the five key features you need to look for in the best copier machine for your office.

Key Features of Photocopy Machine


Most photocopy machine features an internal memory which allows them to keep a considerable number of scans and documents. Integrated into copy machines is an internal memory similar to that of computers with spec sheers indicated as HDDs, SSDs, RAM or standard memory storage for every model. The storage space of the photocopy machine varies between 1Gb to 1Tb, whereas the RAM ranges between 256MB to 2GB. However, you should go for a Photostat machine with higher memory capacity, especially if process a high volume of printing jobs or images in your business. The best copier machine usually has a bigger memory which consequently makes it faster.


The speed of a copy machine is typically related to the number of copies that can be produced in one sitting. Therefore, you need to consider whether lots of big flyers or brochures are printed, if people often use the machine as well as the frequency which the photocopy machine is used. Before purchasing a copier, first, know what you are looking for in terms of copy speed. Subsequently, this will help you buy a unit that meets your business needs.


The best copier machine incorporates a multifunctional feature. These include scanning, faxing, copying and printing all in one photocopier and this subsequently saves you plenty of office space if you want an office copier. Likewise, this saves you a substantial sum of money as you now have a fewer number of running devices which need routine and separate maintenance.


When looking for the best copier for your office needs, you must confirm it is capable of handling all the printing needs of your office. Thus, bigger copy machines which incorporate fax, print as well as other functions are best-suited for office spaces and corporate environments with numerous users. To get an average number of your office’s print volume, you should use auditing tools or review the previous service agreements with your print shop. Consequently, you will have an easier time choosing a photocopy machine that can effectively handle all the printing needs of your office.


When looking for the best copier machine, you also are looking for one which will provide you with maximum value. While searching for the best copier, consider models that are affordable yet offer you with high quality instead of those that are expensive yet are not worth the buck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the difference between a printer and a photocopier?

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The Difference Between a Printing Machine and a Photocopier A photocopier is a standalone device that does not need connection to a computer network in order to produce copies of physical documents. On the other hand, a printer enables a user to submit documents to be printed on the device via a computer network. These papers may then be printed.

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