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Gaming keyboard has become highly popular all over the world. You to choose a gaming keyboard of your taste. Indeed, the above facts about gaming keyboards will go a long way in helping you invest in the best budget gaming keyboard.

For quite a good reason, gaming keyboards have become highly popular all over the world. You can use them for play as well as work because they have got everything that renders a keyboard great. However, gaming keyboards vary with quality and price. To make you understand what matters when buying a gaming keyboard on a tight budget, below are a few factors to consider.

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Look at the switches used on the keyboard

Gaming keyboard can use rubber domes, membrane keys, or mechanical switches. When typing on membrane keyboard or rubber dome, you can identify it by how “squishy” its keys feel or even how hard you need to press the keys compared to the mechanical switches. Of course, on your tight budget, you can invest in membrane or rubber dome keyboards as they are less costly than the mechanical switches. On top of this, spill resistance for the whole keyboard is easily provided as they use lots of plastic and rubber. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, use metal plates. However, these cheap gaming keyboards are less durable and do not offer a speedy response time as mechanical ones do.

Consider the material used for the keyboard and the mounting of the keys

Even though the type of keys used in a keyboard affects its endurance sometimes and also the user experience, its durability varies depending on the material used to make it. For a less expensive budget keyboard, you are likely to find that its switches or keys are mounted on the printed circuit board containing all electronics of the keyboard directly. You will find this being the cheapest alternative for keyboard manufacturers. Besides, it is the least durable. It is worth noting that such keyboards are vulnerable to shocks and hits. Rubber dome and membrane keyboards are fitted on a plastic plate. Although plastic is a little less robust compared to metal, it’s a lot less durable and costly than directly mounting PCB. In your case where you are investing in an affordable gaming keyboard, ensure that its keys are not directly attached to the PCB and also it has a plastic backplate. Such a choice is going to prolong your keyboard’s durability.

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Assess the backlighting of the gaming keyboard

Backlighting helps a keyboard user to type in low-lit environments as well as in the dark. Having it is imperative as it allows you to be always productive when using your keyboard. Also, when gaming one can use backlighting as a means of expression through personalization. When investing in a budget tight keyboard, you may opt to acquire one that has a simple red backlight. It’s quite a cheap gaming keyboard. On the other hand, a gaming keyboard with RGB lighting is a bit expensive, costing up to above 50% more than the simple red backlighted one.

Invest in a comfortable gaming keyboard with a wrist rest

Of course, a wrist rest provides you a more natural angle for the wrists and hands to sit on while utilizing the keyboard. It makes the whole experience more comfortable as well as reducing the strain on your wrists. It is vital to invest in a gaming keyboard with a wrist rest. It is worth noting that materials of different quality are used to make the rests. Therefore, you can acquire a budget gaming keyboard but of course with a certain quality of wrist rest.

Consider multimedia keys, multimedia shortcuts and macro keys

Multimedia keys are one very useful feature of premium gaming keyboards. Most of the high-end keys offer dedicated buttons used to control music play, to turn the gaming or lighting mode on and off, and a wheel to control the volume of the sound. At the very least, invest in a gaming keyboard with multimedia keys, not forgetting one that has multimedia shortcuts. Micro keys may not be such a priority and cease to be popular in the modern world of gaming keyboards.

Check out the USB cable

You can use either a braided or a non-braided USB cable to connect your gaming keyboard to the computer. Based on your budget, you can acquire a cheaper keyboard that rarely offers a braided cable. Alternatively, an expensive keyboard often comes along with a braided cable. It is worth noting that the difference between braided and common plastic USB cables are all about durability and looks. The good news is that there is no performance difference between the two types. Therefore, you can comfortably opt for the less costly plastic cable.

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Assess the accessories and other features

Accessories are neither critical to keyboard usage nor do they tell you whether a keyboard is well made or not. However, they can be useful sometimes as well as increase the perceived value for users. When purchasing an affordable keyboard within your tight budget, you rarely get accessories with it. Of course, a more expensive keyboard will have accessories in plenty.

The Bottom Line

With a plethora of options with diverse features in the market, it is upon you to choose a gaming keyboard of your taste. Indeed, the above facts about gaming keyboards will go a long way in helping you invest in the best budget gaming keyboard.


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