The Secret Guide to How to Use Sublimation Paper

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Learn How To Use Sublimation Paper

There is no need to worry about sublimation printing your favorite T-shirt or coffee cup at home. In order to sublimate print, all you need are a few basic materials and a little know-how.

If you want to give someone special at present, you don’t have to second guess yourself any more. Sublimation paper may be used at home to print t-shirts.

To begin, make sure that the sublimation paper you chose has an acceptable thickness and transfer rate. It should also be able to dry quickly so that printing may be done quickly and without any smudges.

Also, do not use sublimation paper that has been opened for more than a year. In general, any brand of sublimation paper may be stored in a sealed container for up to a year, depending on the humidity levels in the area.

For sublimation printing on mugs, you’ll need a mug press machine rather than a heat press equipment.

All you will need is the following:

  • The PC you’re using.
  • The printer you’re using.
  • Ink for sublimation printing.
  • A heat press machine is required.
  • A t-shirt in white.
  • A sheet of protective paper.

Use a polyester T-shirt rather than a cotton one. Only polyester clothes are compatible with sublimation papers and inks. You’ll get the greatest results if you wear 100% polyester clothing. A polyester t-shirt has been used in this example.

The percentage of polyester in certain poly-mix clothes ranges from 60% to 40%. Using sublimation paper on them will result in a faint and dull picture, but it will function.

On a cotton garment you may use polyfog for sublimation printing. Just squirt it on the place where you want to print. However, I’m not sure how effective it will be!

In addition, the correct sublimation paper and ink must be selected for the sublimation job at hand. Check to see whether your printer is compatible with the sublimation paper and ink.

If you don’t, you won’t be satisfied with the outcome. The size of your design dictates the kind of heat press equipment you need. In the market, there are a variety of heat press machines to choose from.

The heat press machine’s duration restriction may also be adjusted; you have the option to raise or reduce it. Minutes and seconds are shown using buttons.

The sublimation printing procedure

We have completed all of the necessary preparations. For your convenience, I’ve included photographs of the procedure below to demonstrate how it’s done.

Decide on a design

Choose a design for your favorite t-shirt that is one of a kind. Prepare by taking photographs using your camera or downloading a picture or design from the Internet.

It should be printed on the Sublimation Paper

Take your sublimation paper and determine which side of the paper has to be printed first. Some sublimation papers include a distinct indication on the reverse of them to aid in the rapid comprehension of the printing side of the paper. Furthermore, certain papers have a glossy printing surface.

After you have checked it, take it to your printer and use your sublimation printer to print the picture you want on the sublimation paper you just created.

Remove wrinkles by pressing the t-shirt

Set the heat press to 180 degrees Celsius for 50 seconds. Place your polyester t-shirt on the heat press and push down firmly. Wrinkles may be removed by pressing it for a few seconds. It will also help to eliminate moisture from the air.

Make use of a piece of protecting paper

Protective paper should be used to prevent gasses from transferring to the opposite side of the t-shirt. Fold the paper in half and tuck it inside the tee-shirt for safekeeping. With your hand, smooth the shirt out a little.

Place your design on the shirt

Start the heat press once again and set the temperature to 385 degrees. This high temperature is required in order to open the pores of the sublimation blank and allow the ink to pass through.

Then, using the heat press machine, place the sublimation paper in the appropriate location on the surface. Remember to position it on the t-shirt so that it is facing down.

Then push with medium pressure for 50 seconds to complete the task. The pressure must be adjusted in accordance with the thickness of the t-shirt being used. The greater the thickness of the garment, the greater the amount of pressure required. Keep the sublimation paper protected with a piece of protecting paper.

Remove the sublimation paper as rapidly as possible after opening the lid. Now that you have completed your sublimation printing, your t-shirt is ready to be worn.

The ink and the fabric have reacted with one other as a result of the high temperature and media um pressure applied by the heat press machine to the garment.

When the sublimation paper is heated to a high temperature, the ink from the design vaporizes and the pores of the shirt open up, allowing the ink to be absorbed by the shirt.

When the heat is removed from the garment again, the pores of the shirt will have closed and the colors will have been trapped within the pores of the shirt.

The image will now become a permanent part of your clothing and will not crack or go away. It is unlikely that you will see the outside line of the picture on your clothes. This implies that the image will not be felt in the same way as a sticker.

You’ve completed your task now. You may wash it right now, but avoid using hot water. It should be washed with regular water and not dried in the sun. While washing, refrain from using a brush. If you like, you may use a light detergent to clean your clothes.

So you can effortlessly print a t-shirt at your convenience. You may experiment with any design, image, word, or anything else you choose. Surprise your loved ones with a one-of-a-kind present that reminds them of your wonderful memories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I use a standard printer to print on sublimation paper?

No. Only sublimation ink and a sublimation printer may be used with the sublimation paper. It can only be used with a heat press machine for transfers. Because sublimation ink cannot be used in a standard inkjet printer, sublimation paper cannot be used with it.

What is the difference between sublimation paper and heat transfer paper?

Instead of applying a layer of ink on top, sublimation employs a method where the ink is incorporated into the cloth itself. Because of this, the transmission is very long-lasting and realistic. Heat transfer paper, on the other hand, provides an additional layer to the clothing.

Can I use regular ink on sublimation paper?

This paper is particularly designed to contain the gas that sublimation ink produces. ” Printing on sublimation paper with regular ink will cause the ink to smear and bleed right off the page.

Which is more effective, sublimation or heat transfer?

Sublimation is a wonderful alternative if your firm primarily sells white and light-colored polyester clothes. Despite their low weight, your prints will last for a long time and are easy to clean. When it comes to printing on a variety of materials, heat transfer paper is your best choice.

What sublimation printer do you use?

Photo Sublimation Desktop printers suited for sublimation printing onto a variety of blanks are primarily made by Epson and Sawgrass inkjet printers. There are printers out there that employ dye sublimation technology, but they aren’t ideal for heat transfer applications, so be careful.

What is the longevity of sublimation ink on t-shirts?

Many formulas are expected to last at least two years. There are a number of individuals who have been using sublimation ink for more than three years, since many of these projects are prototypes and so have a lot of wiggle space.

Does sublimation allow for ironing?

For sublimation transfers, can you use an iron? No. Firm, flat pressure for at least 60 seconds is required throughout the sublimation transfer process in order to prevent fuzzy results.

What is the cause of the fading in my sublimation print?

What’s causing the fading in my photos? Time, temperature, and/or pressure are all factors that contribute to image deterioration. We recommend that you verify the suggested settings from the place where you bought your sublimation blanks twice. It’s important to keep in mind that each heat press is unique.

Are sublimation and Cricut the same thing?

Cricut Infusbile ink sheets are packaged in a transparent liner for ease of viewing. In order to keep the cut pattern in place during pressing, you need to remove the negative space. When heat and pressure are applied to sublimation paper, only the printed regions are transferred to the substrate.

What is the difference between a standard printer and a sublimation printer?

Ink cartridges are extensively used in printers of all kinds. When a conventional printer delivers a page, you can clearly see that the paper is still wet. Dye sublimation ink is the ink used in sublimation printers. When this dye ink is transmitted, it transforms into gas or vapor.

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