What to look for when buying the best toilet brush for your bathroom.

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The choice of the best toilet brush differs from one individual to another. However, it usually depends on how the toilet bowl is set up as well as the type of toilet brush set, which goes hand in hand with the cleaning detergents. Because the last thing you want while cleaning your toilet is a toilet brush that fails to make any difference. Therefore, you need to always carry out comprehensive research before deciding which is the best toilet brush that meets your needs.


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Toilet Brush Buying Guide

Moreover, keeping your washroom clean gives it a conducive environment for use, and this can only be possible when you use the right toilet brush set for your dual flush toilet. There are many different shops with different toilet cleaner brush in the market industry, thereby making finding the best toilet brush a challenge. However, here are some factors you need to consider to help you make an informed decision.


This is done during the thorough cleaning of your toilet by scrubbing it. You need to pick the best toilet brush with the best disinfectant as it is more capable of killing germs. Additionally, your toilet brush should have firm bristles to handle the cleaning detergents that you use when cleaning your toilet. Doing this ensures your toilet bowl is clean enough and ready for your use.


You should buy a toilet brush that can remain serviceable and last for long without deteriorating in quality. Therefore, you should opt for plastic fibre due to its durability. Furthermore, its bristles are strong enough to withstand daily use. Rubber and silicone toilet cleaner brushes are also recommended as they do an excellent job scrubbing and removing stains from your toilet bowl.

Design of your toilet

The dirt in your washroom can accumulate in enormous amounts away from your sight hence creating an environment for germination of bacteria. This can subsequently result in the break out of diseases. Thus, while shopping for the best toilet brush, you must consider the design of your toilet and make sure the toilet brush you purchase can reach all hidden corners of your toilet. It also should be robust enough to withstand hard places of your toilet.

The design of your toilet brush should match that of your toilet to ensure it reaches all the toilet parts. Therefore, this means that the design of your toilet goes hand in hand with that of your toilet bowl brush for it to achieve its objective. Additionally, the handle of your toilet brush should be designed in a manner that protects your hands from getting contaminated with bacteria from the toilet.

Maintenance of the toilet brush

After you have used your toilet cleaner brush, you should correctly and thoroughly clean it for use the next time making use of bleaching detergents to remove bacteria once you are done cleaning your toilet bowl. Some toilet bowl brushes come with repairable and removable thus can be replaced once they get worn out. Whereas it means incurring additional costs, you will at least be sure that your toilet brush will serve its purpose and will always be ready for use.

Toilet brush holder

Make sure the holder is designed to keep your best toilet brush upright for easy access and avoid incidents. Therefore, your holder plays a crucial role in keeping your brush safe and ready for use whenever it is required. The design of some holders feature holes that maximize the airflow hence allowing your brush to dry faster. Moreover, you can also pick a toilet brush holder that holds your brush above the base to thereby preventing the growth of bacteria. Finally, you need to consider a toilet a toilet brush set that complements the design of your bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which brush is most effective for cleaning the toilet?

Silicone bristle brushes have been shown to be more durable than their standard plastic bristle counterparts. They also retain less water in the brush head. On the other hand, conventional toilet brushes made of plastic bristles are simple to use, provide a satisfactory level of cleanliness, and are more commonly accessible at local retailers.

Should you wait for the toilet brush to get dry?

After each usage, run the toilet brush under the clean water flush to prevent the bristles from becoming discolored. Before putting the brush away, make sure it has had the time to air-dry thoroughly.


Having gone through this article, you now have a better understanding of what to look for in a toilet brush. This is because the aspects discussed above will help you familiarize yourself with the toilet cleaner brushes on the market hence know what you exactly need when looking for the best for your toilet. Furthermore, it makes it easier for you to understand what type of toilet brush would work best for you.

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