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Carry on reading to find out the Product or products selected as the best electric kettle and best electric tea kettle. Ten of the most popular electric kettles as sold on Amazon were selected to be reviewed to decide which product was the most reliable and the best performing one. In the past electric kettles were relatively simple products with a cord and an on / off switch, yet some of the modern ones are high tech gadgets with buttons and fancy settings. The best electric kettle is named after the ten reviews.


There is a wide selection of electric kettles available to buy, and buyers can opt to purchase top of the range and state of the art kettles, or they can opt to buy more basic models.There are basic and relatively simple electric kettles that may or may not get the job done, compared to more sophisticated models with nice switches and bright lights.

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Ideally an electric kettle should be fast boiling, so that users are not waiting too long just to make a cup of tea or coffee. Some electric kettles have various temperature settings, which some tea drinkers would find really useful especially when brewing or steeping speciality teas. In that respect some electric kettles should be regarded as more specialist electric tea kettles.

Besides been efficient and fast at boiling electric kettles should also have features to ensure safety such as automatic shut off and being cordless products. As kettles contain boiled or hot water and should always be handled with care.


1. Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Kettle

Low cost silver portable electric kettle from amazon basics with 1 liter capacity also available in a larger 1.7 liter size.


√ Cordless kettle that is easy to fill and to pour
√ Kettle boils quickly with 1500 W output
√ Has a 30″ / 60 cm power cord for easier placement
√ Has an automatic cut off so that it cannot accidentally boil dry if the lid was not closed properly
√ Water window to show how full it is
√ Comes complete with a 12 month warranty


× The automatic cut off does not always work, and it has been known to suffer from meltdowns, meaning there are safety concerns about using this product at home or in commercial / work premises
× It is not reliable as it may stop working after a few weeks, the lid gets stiff, and the metal parts of the ring are prone to going rusty

2. The Cuisinart Electric Kettle - Cordless Electric kettle

This product is made of stainless steel and has a variety of features and buttons, not just an on / off switch. Definitely a 21st century take on an electric kettle.


√ Fast boiling kettle with 1500 W output
√ Cordless silver kettle with automatic shut off
√ Have water at the best temperature with 6 different settings for steeping tea
√ 1.7 liter capacity with blue backlight and water window
√ Water retains its heat for 30 minutes as well as a 2 minute memory function
√ Products includes a 3 year limited warranty
√ The heating element is concealed to prevent the build up of limescale, while the filter can be removed and then cleaned


× Sometimes the automatic shut off does not work
× The limited warranty means replacements or refunds can be a hassle

3. The Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control

This double walled kettle keeps water hot and has automatic shut off to prevent it boiling dry. Quick boiling electric kettle with 1500 W output.


√ Anti-scald tea kettle with 6 different temperature settings
√ Rapid boil with 1500 W output.
√ Made from 100 % stainless steel and BPA-Free
√ Keep warm technology, and can be left off the base for 3 minutes without resetting
√ Energy serving and insulated kettle


× As a suggestion have number of cups alongside measurements in water window

4. The COSORI Glass Water Boiler & Tea Heater

Glass water and tea kettle with LED indicator plus a stainless steel lid and base, fast boil and automatic shut off.


√ Automatic shut off with boil dry protection
√ Fast boil and 1500 W output
√ Made with scruff and scratch resistant glass
√ Stay warm insulated kettle


× Contains plastic and some users complain of a strong plastic smell
× Stainless steel base gets spots on it and prone to rusting

5. The Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle

This Hamilton kettle has a 1 Liter capacity, is cordless, with automatic shut off and boil dry protection, made from stainless steel.


√ Safety features include automatic shut off and boil dry protection
√ Has a concealed heating element to stop limescale
√ Fast boil with 1500 W output
√ Long lasting stainless steel kettle
√ Easy to pour and easy to clean


× Automatic shut off prone to not working making it a safety risk, also frequently stops working within the period of the limited warranty
× Not worth having item replaced by the seller as the buyer has to pay for shipping both ways, which is more than the cost of a new kettle from a different brand

6. The Mueller Best Electric Kettle

Fast boiling 1.8 liter capacity kettle and automatic shut off / boil dry protection. Designed to last for last for years and 100 % BPA free.


√ Product made with Borosilicate Glass for faster boiling and better heat retention
√ Slightly larger 1.8 liter capacity
√ Kettle features automatic shut off / boil dry protection
√ Safer as product is 100 % BPA free
√ Cordless so easy to use and pour
√ Kettle is easy to clean with a removable filter
√ Suitable for making coffee, tea and oatmeal
√ Incudes a 24 month warranty
√ Available with a $6 discount


× Misleadingly advertised as being made in Europe when it is not
× Only really fast boils with a small amount of water, takes several minutes to boil when full to capacity

7. The Ovente Electric Water Kettle

Electric kettle / tea kettle with LED Indicator light to show when it has finished heating / boiling the water. Product has a 1.7 Liter capacity, and is fast boil with an output of 1100 W.


√ Fast boil kettle / tea heater with 1100 W output
√ For enhanced safety it has automatic shut off / boil dry protection
√ Free tech support provided by Amazon
√ Concealed heater element designed to allow product to last longer
√ Stylish design and made with 100 % BPA free materials
√ Automatic shut off / boil dry protection


× It leaves water with a strong plastic taste that could take several weeks to go away, not so bad if water is used as soon as it has finished boiling
× It seems to be pot luck if buyers receive kettles that work, with the seller’s customer service providing variable amounts of service that may or may not assist the buyers

8. The Dezin Electric Tea Pot

As an upgraded product this kettle receives full service from Amazon, fast, simple and long lasting water boiler with a 2 Liter capacity.


√ Fast boiling kettle with an output of 1000 W
√ Made of stainless steel so no plastic taste and 100 % BPA free
√ Simple to use on / off switch
√ Features automatic shut off / boil dry protection
√ Upgraded product with full tech support from Amazon, assured quality at a lower price
√ Customer service support team available


× To avoid the inside getting dirty or stained simply soak it in soapy water for a couple of hour every few weeks

9. The BELLA Best Electric Tea Kettle

The design of this Bella tea kettle makes it resemble a teapot, with an elegant marble affect, and operation through a simple on / off switch.


√ Fast boil tea kettle with 1350 W output
√ 1.5 Liter capacity and 100 % BPA free
√ Kettle has automatic shut off / boil dry protection
√ Concealed heating element and cordless for safer use
√ Includes free tech support from Amazon
√ Currently available with a $10 discount
√ Ceramic kettle with stainless steel element


× Prone to leaking mainly due to the Max line on the water line been drawn too high
× The ceramic can crack after a few months, and the customer support team are really slow to respond to any reported issues

10. The HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

Fast boil kettle with automatic shut off / boil dry protection, a 8 cup / 2 Liter capacity, 6 different temperature settings and retains heat for 4 hours.


√ Glass kettle and 100 % BPA free
√ Feel safe with automatic shut off / boil dry protection
√ Includes 6 different temperature settings to make the perfect brew
√ Fast boil with 1200 W output
√ Includes a 3 year warranty and full refund for the first year
√ Boils quietly


× Even if there is a problem the seller will quickly resolve it

electric tea kettle

Q. Are electric kettles safe?

A. Electric kettles are fitted with some safety features such as automatic shutting off, yet people have to use them safely and to remember that boiling water can cause scalding if spilt or knocked over.

Q. Do automatic shut off functions in electric kettles work?

A. Perhaps the best word to answer that question is sometimes. This feature of electric kettles seems to be really hit and miss, with the notable exception of the product chosen as the best electric kettle. Just make sure the lid is properly closed and the water is not above the maximum level.

Q. Can electric kettles be cleaned?

A. Yes providing that buyers are careful with what they clean the kettle with. Either use a tiny amount of washing up liquid or vinegar to the water. Some kettles are easier to clean as they have removable filters, which can be hand washed and put back in the appliance once these are dry.

Q. Can you get rid of the plastic taste in electric kettles?

A. The plastic taste should reduce if the kettle is soaked in soapy water, or in water with some vinegar in it. The taste should lessen the more the kettle is boiled.

Q. Should an electric kettle leak?

A. No, and there can be different causes of a leaky kettle. Make sure that the water is not filled past the maximum amount, and the lid is shut properly. Try boiling the kettle with less water in it, to see if that stops the leaking.

The Bottom Line - the best electric kettle / electric tea kettle

Product 10 the HadinEEon Variable Temperature electric kettle is the best performing electric kettle and it had no notable cons for buying and using it. Although this electric kettle has some sophisticated features such as 6 different temperatures it still functions as it should do. It is more efficient than some of the electric kettles and electric tea kettles reviewed. Some of the other electric kettles could not be considered save let alone fit for purpose. Although the HadinEEon Variable Temperature electric kettle was a little more expensive than some of it’s rivals it is the top performing kettle and is definitely worth the money it costs. It is certainly the best kettle for people that take making tea seriously, and those who like things they buy to always work as they are supposed to do. If you can spare around $40 – 50 for a kettle then buy this one.

For people that want a simpler kettle that still does a good job whilst being reliable there is a runner up, that was not too far behind the best performing kettle. Product 8 – the Dezin Electric Kettle is a reliable kettle that can be relied upon to do its job. It is not fancy, but it works. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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