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If you are a fan of waffles, the best you want is an appliance that can make the right one for you when you need it. It is impossible for you to attain the best appliance without gaining the necessary insight to that effect. That is why you badly need to read through a review and a buying guide of this kind.

We have scoured the many waffle makers we have around. After this, we have narrowed down to some 11 best waffle makers. Following these makers are some brief reviews and explanations. Then, we also have a frequently asked question segments which endeavor to offer more explanations to the common misconceptions.

On This List We Have 11 Waffle Makers

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Dash DMWP001OR Making Mini Waffle Maker Machine for...
U.S. BASED SUPPORT: Designed in NYC, with U.S. based Customer Support on every product.
Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker, Silver, 1
Dual indicator lights; 5-setting browning control; Round nonstick cook plate with four quarters
Oster Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel...
Stainless steel housing offers added durability; Cord length: 27.5 inches, watts: 1080w; Safe to touch handle provides a firm grip and helps prevent burns
Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Maker Waffle Iron,...
Included components: Measuring Cup, Waffle maker unit; 1400 watts of power. UC Cubic Feet: 1. 08
Cuisinart Belgian Maker with Pancake Plates Waffle...
Six setting temperature control; Ready to Bake/Ready to Eat indicator lights; audible alert
Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Belgian Waffle...
Natural, PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic coating won't flake or peel and cleans easily; Cooks up to 30% faster to save time and energy
Dash DMW001CU Making Mini Waffle Maker Machine for...
U.S. BASED SUPPORT: Designed in NYC, with U.S. based Customer Support on every product.
waffle maker

√ Types of Waffles

Waffles come in diverse shapes and sizes. These differences determine to a great extent the kind of maker that may be necessary. It is important that you figure this out while searching for the right kind of an appliance. You do not want to lay your hand on a piece of equipment that may not yield the outcomes you desire.

√ Number or Quantity of Waffles

How many waffles would you wish to make at a time? It is necessary that you figure out just how many you might be interested in. Then, find a maker whose capacity is capable of handling and exuding those very many waffles at a time. Look out for the quart rating to determine the most suitable one.

√ Ease of Cleanliness and Maintenance

At the conclusion of the waffle making exercise comes the need to clean and maintain the same. Yet again, a good appliance ought to be easy to clean and maintain. Of utmost importance is the fact that its interior surfaces should not stick food. The materials used should also expel dirt as much as possible.

√ Speed of Cooking

Making your waffles ought not to take too long. Indeed a good maker should be able to discharge the roles required within the shortest realistic time possible. That is why you should figure out the cooking paces of the kinds of appliances of your interest.

√ Storage and Handling

Lastly comes the consideration of storage and handling. A good waffle maker on the basis of this consideration ought to be small and compact. It is only in this way that it will demand limited the least storage space available. If its parts may fold, the better for you.


1. Dash DMWP001OR Mini Waffle Maker Machine

Do you reside in a cramped up apartment, college dormitory, small kitchen or in a recreational vehicle? If you do, look no further than this mini waffle maker. It is compact enough to be able to fit these small spaces well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Dual Non-stick SurfacesIts interior is adorned with some dual non-stick surfaces. These ones exist to provide some consistent cooking results. The non-stick nature sees to it that your maker remains clean and resilient at all times of use.

√ Compact and LightweightAll factors considered, this appliance is compact and light in weight at the same time. You will, therefore, find it a lot easier to carry around. Moreover, it also does not demand too much space on your part and is thus convenient.

√ Quick and EasyCompared to the many appliances, this one is both quick and easy to make use of. This stems from its simple nature and stature. In particular, it heats up in a matter of minutes and is thus convenient to handle.


√ Light enough to use on the go√ Sleek and trendy to behold√ Matches many kitchen décors√ Makes a couple of other recipes too!√ A good gift item to your loved ones


× Too small for whole family use× Likely to become obsolete too soon× Yields less value for money

2. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

It is not uncommon for the waffles to pop up and jump off the maker when in progress. To stem this tide, you should use a maker that has a weighted lid. This is the one to place your bet on as its lid is tight.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Browning Control AdjustmentWith this maker on your hands, you will be able to control and adjust the browning color. It does come along with some five settings to allow for just that. These settings will vary the color from light to deep golden brown.

√ Indicator LightsSome indicator lights also exist on this appliance. With these lights, you will be able to note the progress of the waffle making in the process of doing so. When you are finally done, the lights will signal the conclusion of the making.

√ Round Non-stick Cook PlateSome round non-stick cook plates also form a vital part of this waffle maker. They are the ones you place the waffles in to make them. Each plate comprises four quarters to handle one part of the waffle altogether.


√ Lets you set the levels of browning√ Some dual indicator lights will guide you through the making process√ Devoid of the harmful BPA plastic materials√ Compact enough for easy storage and handling√ Brushed stainless steel housing is strong and resilient


× Requires too much attention and care from you× Costly to come by and operate× Potentially clutters your workspace

3. Oster Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel (CKSTWF2000)

Making larger waffles is never really a walk in the park. That is because they are too thick to allow for easy handling and uniform heating. Luckily, you have a companion in this appliance as it is very effective.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Stainless Steel HousingA stainless steel housing stands tall among all the vital traits and components of this appliance. Steel is very strong and reliable. It hence guarantees you long term handling and engagement courtesy of this.

√ Non-stick Round PlatesIts plates, which form the core of the maker, are round and do not stick. They are subsequently capable of making the most elegant waffles at a time. Owing to their non-stick nature, they are easy to clean.

√ Adjustable Temperature ControlsLastly comes the benefit of the adjustable temperature controls. These ones give you the freedom to select and put in the temperature levels of your liking. This, in turn, lets you achieve the quality you desire.


√ Releases the waffles faster and easier√ Cleans faster and easily√ Customizes your cooking and preparations√ Achieves different kinds of finishes√ Stands tall to the elements of wear and tear


× Only for the experts× Costs a lot to acquire and operationalize× May disparage those who lack the relevant expertise

4. Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel

Are you a professional restaurateur? If you are, then this is the maker we would ask that you pick and use. It imbues some professional quality which lets you handle equally potent chores. What’s more? You may even use it in the comfort of your home!

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ 6-setting Browning Control KnobSome six-setting browning control knobs stand out as the premier features of this appliance. You will use them to set the desired degrees of brownness you desire. In this way, you will enjoy some controls over the preparation exercise.

√ Non-stick CoatingIts interior does not stick, unlike the case with many other waffle makers. Through this arrangement, you may count on the appliance to always remain true and reliable for your use. Moreover, it does not compromise your food too!

√ 2 LED Ready Indicator LightsSome two LED-ready indicator lights also round up the list of the topnotch features of the waffle maker. These ones serve to illuminate your workspace and to alert you at the conclusion of the waffle-making exercise.


√ Prepares two waffles simultaneously√ Deep enough to make large and stuffy waffles√ Easily controlled by use or a browning control knob√ Manages effortless operations at all times of use√ Accrues uniform baking and waffle-making


× Complicated to understand and engage× Takes too long to bring about the desired ends× Demands too much storage space

5. BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker, Silver, WM1404S

Many waffle makers suffer from the issue of dripping in the course of cooking. To prevent this issue from arising, you want a maker that shuts. This one comprises cool-touch handles to make this a possibility.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ 7-inch Waffle PlatesIts plate is sufficiently large by virtue of measuring a whopping 7 inches in diameter. With these plates, it is possible for you to make equally larger waffles without necessarily compromising the quality thereof.

√ Ready Indicator LightAs you make your waffles, you will be able to note and monitor the progress of the making process. The ready indicator light exists to shine your path all along. It lets you when the waffles are ready too!

√ Rotate and Cook SystemSetting this maker apart from the others is the rotate and cook system. This system is simple and gives rise to evenly cooked waffles. It also expedites the whole process of waffle-making for your own peace of mind.


√ Flips simply to allow for uniform outcomes√ Keeps you posted on the progress of waffle making√ Gives rise to thick and fluffy waffles√ Holds all of your favorite toppings firmly√ Unlikely to cause you to tire in the course of the use


× Disparages those who lack the vital skills× Interior surfaces stick and compromise your outcomes× Quite cumbersome to clean and maintain

6. BELLA (13591) Classic Rotating Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Drip Tray & Folding Handle, Pro Black

Do you operate on a schedule that is too squeezed? If you are, the best waffle maker for your choice is this one. ‘Why,’ you would ask? It is optimized to handle the making in a faster and more effective manner.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Superior Non-Stick SurfacesAll its external and internal surfaces are made of the superior non-stick materials. These ones handle the waffle-making in a manner that is clean and convenient indeed. Moreover, the surface also upholds the integrity of your outcomes.

√ Rotating FeatureA rotating feature also accompanies this waffle maker. The aim of this feature is to simplify your waffle-making considerably. All you have to do is flip your wrist to engage the apparatus as per your expectations.

√ Removable Drip TrayLastly comes the removable drip tray. This one exists to catch the dirt, oil, and debris to prevent the same from getting to the floor. Being removable, it allows for easier cleanliness and maintenance too!


√ Delivers consistent and uniform outcomes√ Produces crisp waffles which are great to taste√ The non-stick coating makes your cooking a breeze.√ Does not stick and hence expedites the waffle-making exercise√ Allows for precise browning and cooking controls


× Unsuitable for long-term use× Cannot handle a larger load× Some users have complained of half-cooked ingredients

7. Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

For professional waffle-making, you need an appliance that is similarly strong, comprehensive and professional. This is the one we would suggest that you make do with. It incorporates all the stated features in one package.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Adjustable Browning ControlThe best waffles ordinarily ought to possess a golden brown color. This maker understands that fact only too well. That is why it comes along with an adjustable browning control to help you to set the desired color of your choice.

√ Removable Plates and Drip TraySome removable plates also accompany this waffle maker. Using these trays, it is possible for you to catch any drips, debris and other unwanted materials that arise as a by-product of the waffle making exercise.

√ Belgian-style GridsIts grids are of the renowned Belgian style. Some deep pockets accompany these grids. They play the role of holding plenty of toppings. What’s more? They also remove to make for smooth cleanliness and maintenance.


√ Operable via the flipping actions√ Gives rise to crisp waffles outcomes√ Does not stick or scrape in the course of the use√ Has the ability to generate varying outcomes√ Stronger due to the stainless steel construction


× Consumes higher levels of utility bills× Takes up plenty of mounting spaces× May be cumbersome to handle around as need be

8. DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker

Is your space cramped up? If it is, we are pleased to bring to your attention this small yet wonderful waffle maker. It is small enough to fit snugly in the smallest counter spaces that are in existence.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Built-in Pocket SidesIts sides contain some pockets. These are built into the system. They play the role of catching any excess mess and expedite the dual processes of cleanliness and maintenance. Their existence also minimizes wastes.

√ Quick + EasyGenerally speaking, the waffle maker is quick and easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in and there you go! Furthermore, it heats up in a matter of minutes only. This way, it gives you awesome end results.

√ Dual Non-stick SurfacesTopping the list of the best features it contains are some dual non-stick surfaces. These two exist to make your cooking outcomes more consistent and uniform. They also reinforce the appliance for added strength.


√ Makes any other recipes too!√ Breaks your waffles in four equal parts√ Does not give rise to any leaks unnecessarily√ Good for gifts to weddings and homeowners alike√ Lasts longer to make many waffles in the long run


× Has a rather limited waffle-making capacity× Cannot impact certain styles× Slightly inconvenient to make use of

9. Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates

Want to make some waffles and waffles conveniently? We invite you to place your bet on this wonderful snoopy waffle maker. It is loaded with numerous parts and components to actualize this benefit.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Brushed Stainless Steel CoverA brushed stainless steel cover comes in first among the many awesome features of this waffle maker. These covers seal the waffles in such a manner as to make them cook in a clean and awesome manner.

√ Six Browning SettingsNext comes in the six browning settings. They basically make it possible for you to adjust the appearances of the waffles as elegantly as you probably want them to be.

√ Audible BeepFinally, the appliance comes does exude some audible beep sounds. These sounds arise after you are through with the waffle-making exercise to notify you of the conclusion of the same. They make for foolproof operations.


√ Its parts remove for ease of cleanliness√ Accepts many attachments and accessories√ Does not accept any debris and dirt which arise in the course of cooking√ Adjusts the temperatures to allow for exceptional outcomes√ Requires no installations prior to use


× Its temperature range is not too large× Does not endure the test of time× Subject to damages and breakdowns from time to time

10. Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Belgian Waffle Maker, Chrome (CKSTWF1502-TECO)

If time is not on your side, the waffle maker you choose has to be able to cook faster and promptly. We are pleased to let you know that this one cooks up to 30% faster than your ordinary machines. It is hence a good one to pick and use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Titanium-infused DuraCeramic Non-stick CoatingA titanium-infused DuraCeramic non-stick coating adorns its interior. Thanks to this coating, the appliance in its entirety last around 8 times longer than the ordinary counterparts. In this way, it guarantees you long-lasting reliability.

√ Polished Chrome HousingIts housing is made of Chrome and is polished to make it appear elegant and sparkling. With this arrangement in mind, you will enjoy the rare privilege of enhancing the beauty of your own home.

√ Natural Material MakeupOnly natural and safe materials have been used to make the waffle-maker up. The materials are free of the harmful Perfluorooctanoic acid and the Polytetrafluoroethylene. They neither peel off nor flake as others do.


√ Cooks food a whopping 30% faster than other appliances√ Saves you plenty of time and energy√ Makes light and dark crispy outcomes√ Its waffles are full of flavor and taste√ Unlikely to cause cancer and other sicknesses


× May undercook your waffles× Not for use in restaurants× Brings along limited value for money

11. Dash DMW001CU Mini Maker Iron for Individual Waffles, Paninis, Hash browns

Are you constantly on the go? We ask that you should use this waffle cone maker for your use and operations. It is simple enough to handle and engage while on the go. Moreover, it also handles many kinds of snacks besides waffles.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Sleek DesignOn the whole, this maker comes about in a sleek design indeed. Due to this sleekness, the appliance takes up limited space and is also breathtaking to behold. You use it to enhance the appearance of your kitchen too!

√ Trendy Color OptionsYou also have the pleasure of devoting this appliance to the enhancement of the beauty of your kitchen top over and above making waffles. This stems from the fact that it does come along in many trendy color options for you to choose from.

√ Dual Non-stick SurfacesBy its stature, this appliance comprises two non-stick surfaces. They are reinforced for strength and overall applicability. The surfaces also do not stick and are as such healthier to make do with.


√ Occupies limited mounting spaces√ Makes many other kinds of recipes besides waffles√ Compact and light enough to carry around easily√ Heats up in a matter of minutes√ Perfect gift for many kinds and cadres of persons


× Easily develops scares and dents× Does not guarantee the requisite elegance for too long× Likely to break apart in the course of transportation


Q. What is the difference between a Belgian waffle and a regular waffle?

A. The Belgian waffles tend to be larger and thicker than the regular or the American-style waffles. They are ordinarily made in the deeper grid than the ordinary counterparts. As pertains suitability, they will mainly fit larger families and heavier consumers.

Q. Are flip waffle makers better?

A. YES, they are! They are easier to use yet deliver exceptional outcomes. All you have to do is employ your fingers to engage the parts and components therein. Regardless of your skill and expertise, the operations will be a breeze.

Q. Can you use regular waffle batter in a Belgian waffle iron?

A. NOT really! The Belgian waffle recipe differs significantly from the classic waffles. They are thicker and exude some sugary crunches. These two facts negate the use of such a batter. You only have to find out and stick to the batter of your Belgian waffle iron.

Q. Why do you have to flip a waffle maker?

A. The purpose of flipping is to spread the batter uniformly. This practice is particularly essential in commercial applications which emphasize the visual appeals at the expense of the quality of the waffle altogether. Moreover, the practice also saves the batter in use.

Q. How thick should a Belgian waffle be?

A. Generally speaking, the thinner the waffle the better it is. Thinner waffles are more evenly cooked than their thicker counterparts. Moreover, they also tend to expand uniformly to be able to impact the entire length and breadth of the recipe altogether.

Final verdict

As you may already note from the foregoing explanations, the waffle makers come in diverse shades and forms. These differences dictate the kind of uses to which you may devote each appliance. As you read through the reviews, we ask that you be keen enough to find out that one which is more likely to handle your chores.

Having labored to provide you the information you want, we leave it to you to now move with speed and pick a maker of your choice. Still not certain of how to move along? Kindly speak to us. We are always on standby to provide further assistance to persons of your kind.

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