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You need to know your weight from time to time. That will help you to ascertain whether you are overweight and in need of shedding off excess weight or not. Then again, knowing your weight helps you to care for your health by making the necessary adjustments in your exercising and dietary routines.


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There are two main kinds of scales that may help you out. These are the analog body weight scale and the digital body weight scale respectively. We want to help you find the best analog bathroom scale for your use. This, we do, by highlighting and reviewing a couple of scales and a buying guide.

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Things to consider when finding the best analog weight scale:

best analog weight scale
[dt_quote]√ Maximum weight

This is the maximum amount of weight that the scale is able to measure. A good scale must be able to measure the highest weight of the person whom you have in mind. This minimizes ambiguities and guarantees exceptionally reliable performances.

[dt_quote]√ Units of measurements

In what units would you wish that the readings be displayed? Is it in metric or imperial? To be on the safe side, you should choose a scale that can display the readings in both units at the same time. That is to prevent you from any ambiguities.

[dt_quote]√ Dial size

These items display their readings on the dials. The dials vary in size greatly. You have to pick a dial that is large enough for you to easily behold the readings. That is to spare you of any strains that ordinarily come along when taking readings.

[dt_quote]√ Size of platform

To capture your measurements, you must first anchor yourself on the platform. For the platform to be appropriately suited for the job, it has to be large, spacious, and firm enough to minimize slip-offs. You have to figure out the sizes of the likely users as you make your selection.

[dt_quote]√ Exterior finish

Outside their core roles of taking readings, these scales may also play the secondary role of enhancing the aesthetics of your interior spaces. You must also check their external adornments in your search for the correct scale for your use.

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We kick start by reviewing six of the best analog bathroom scale at the moment:

1. Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale, Original version, Grey

This scale has the capacity to weigh a massive 400 pounds in increments of 1 pound. You hence have it for your consideration if you have a weighty in mind. Its scale comes in the form of a dial that is easier to monitor and draw the readings from.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Elegant stainless steel accents

Outside its core role of weighing people, the scale also plays the secondary role of enhancing the décor of your places. This is made possible by the elegant stainless steel accents that adorn its exterior. Choose to place it strategically where anyone may easily behold it.

√ Easy-to-clean design

As part and parcel of its elegance, the scale comes about in a truly clean design. Its exterior repels dirt and is hence a lot easier to restore to the original conditions. All you need is a clean piece of dry cloth and that is it! You need not employ too many detergents to have your way.

√ 5.5-inch dial

Its dial measures an impressive 5.5 inches in size. On account of this, it is clearly legible and quite convenient to take readings from. On account of this, it eliminates all forms of ambiguities while also enabling you to peek into the readings without any constraints at all.

√ Spacious platform

Its core features a spacious platform that measures 12.8 inches by 12.8 inches. Other than being spacious, this platform also provides some comfort for you when standing to weigh yourself. It negates tripping that may often accompany such incidences of engagements. Being large, it suits even the biggest users well.


√ Its oversized nature makes taking readings a lot convenient
√ Does not rely on batteries or external power sources
√ The extra-large platform accommodates the weightiest users
√ Quite stable and firm enough to spare you from tripping off
√ Lasts longer thanks to the solid metal structural makeup


× Requires lots of storage and mounting spaces

2. Thinner Extra-Large Dial Analog Precision Bathroom Scale, Analog Bath Scale

Is your area of intended use somewhat squeezed? If it is, you would rather get your hands on this specific machine. It is thinner than many that exist at the moment. Other than that, it also weighs up to a whopping 330 pounds and is thus quite awesome for weighty persons.

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√ Analog precision scale

An analog precision scale stands out among its list of awesome traits. Due to the precise nature of the scale, it is capable of generating pretty accurate readings that are devoid of any distortions or ambiguities. Its range of operations and measurements gets to the 330-pound threshold.

√ Easy and accurate

It is overall easier to take readings from thanks to its straightforward stature and general makeup. Further to this, the appliance is applicable in many circumstances of use. You may use it to enhance your personal fitness, attain your health goals, and watch over your diet to name but a few!

√ Rotating dial

Unlike the dials of many other alternative scales, the one for this comes in the rotating stature. The rotating attribute of the dial ensures that you get the readings as accurate as can be regardless of where exactly you stand. Suffice it to say that the rotation does not require any batteries.

√ Sleek metallic finish

Rounding it all up is the sleek metallic finish that adorns its exterior. On account of this sleekness, the scale is also capable of discharging some décor and aesthetics to your interior spaces. Thus, you may consider making use of it to enhance the beauty of your interior spaces in a subtle way.


√ Thinner and a lot convenient to tuck and store
√ Greatly expedites the attainment of your weight management goals
√ Its large and legible dials stave off any ambiguities when taking readings
√ The dial rotates to aid with the taking of measurements
√ May enhance the décor of your spaces as well due to the sleek metallic finish


× Has some delicate parts that require in-depth attention from you

3. Salter Professional 916WHSVLKR Oversized Dial Bathroom Scale

This is the bathroom scale to go for if you have commercial or professional applications in mind. It combines toughness with professional parts to enable the attainment of this end. Standing out among its offerings is the super large platform that measures 18.25 inches by 13 inches.

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√ 7.5-inch speedometer dial

The 7.5-inch speedometer dial takes the lead of all the traits and elegant benefits it potentially brings forth. This dial is easier to read thanks to the legible readings that adorn its markings. It goes ahead to display the readings in both metric and imperial scales for your easy readings.

√ Non-slip mat

A non-slip mat adorns its platform. Its purpose is to confer to you the support and rigidity you need to anchor yourself well when placing your foot and body on the scale. Also coming along is some overall comfort for you when taking the readings on the whole.

√ Durable platform design

Its platform, other than containing a non-slip mat, is also durable. The durability is brought about by the strong and sturdy design that it comes about in. For this reason, it hardly slips and falls off as others of its kind ordinarily do. Need we add that the platform is a lot easier to keep clean?

√ Four precision sensors

A set of four precision sensors is also a vital part and parcel of the scale. These sensors serve to detect and ascertain the state of the measurements at any given time. They hence do away with the hassles that bedevil the taking of measurements not to mention displaying pretty accurate readings.


√ Delivers both quality and precision at the same time
√ All of its readings are easier to take thanks to the extra-large dial
√ The white and gray contrasting colors make for greater legibility
√ A lot simpler to calibrate as it requires no in-depth expertise to do so
√ Boasts a high measurement capacity of about 400 pounds (180 kg)


× Only for users who have relevant experience and expertise

4. Physio Logic ProSeries Mechanical Analog Body Weight Bathroom Scale

When these items are used repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time, they tend to wear out a little bit too easily. If your life centers on the repeated taking of measurements, we can never vouch for any other device than this. It is by far the strongest and the most enduring.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Large dial face

A large dial face ranks at the top of all that it has to offer to any user. The largeness of the dial face makes it possible for you to easily take note of the readings as need be. Adding to this ease is the fact that it displays the readings in both imperial and metric units.

√ Non-slip surface

The surface on which you stand does not slip. Rather, it is rough and provides a truly tight grip for your feet. On the basis of this, the scale is less likely to make your trip and fall off as you take your readings. Instead, it anchors you firmly while also giving you all the necessary comforts.

√ Multipurpose

By and large, the item is appropriately suited for diverse uses and applications. A mix of its colorful indicators, extreme accuracy, and simplicity of use enables the attainment of this end. Moreover, it also allows up to four people to use it at a time!

√ Heavy-duty construction

Wrapping it all up is heavy-duty construction. The construction is also blended with a low-profile design that extends the life of the item altogether. Due to its strong and durable aspect, the scale is useful for many years without requiring constant repairs and maintenance from you.


√ Suitable for both home and professional uses
√ Its large dial allows for greater readability on your part
√ The platform is equipped with a non-slip stepping surface
√ Anchors firmly on the ground for added stability
√ Devoid of complicated parts and is thus simple to use


× Incapable of accommodating extras and attachments

5. Health O Meter Floor Scale 330 x 1 Pound/150 x 0.5 Kilogram 11-1/2 x 10-3/4 Plat. W/ 6-1/2" Dial

To satisfy professional applications with maximum efficacy, you need to pair and work with a great and reliable brand. The Health O Meter is a trusted brand indeed. You should hence consider giving it a try if you have professional applications or goals in mind.

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√ Durable steel base and platform

Its platform stands out of all the offerings that the appliance has to provide. It is durable by virtue of the steel makeup. That makes for a greater degree of efficacy when it comes to the issues of support and anchorage in matters of taking measurements.

√ Oversized platform

The platform, over and above being strong and durable, is also oversized. Its dimensions are 9-7/16 inches wide by 10-3/8 inches deep. This sheer massive size accommodates the largest and the weightiest person possible. In doing that, it allows for more expedited performances on the whole.

√ Large dial

Coming in next is a large dial that measures 6-1/2 inches. Given its sheer large size, the dial allows for some easier readings and minimal ambiguities. You have it for your consideration if you want to stay away from anything that may impede your legibility while taking readings.

√ Non-slip mat

A non-slip mat wraps up all that the scale has to offer. Its role is to anchor the person taking the weight firmly to prevent him from slipping and possibly falling off. Thanks to the non-slip stature, it also provides the support you need without endangering you of slip-offs.


√ The platform is spacious and stretched out fully
√ Grants you more value for your money
√ Provides premium quality ends for a low price
√ Quite an excellent product indeed
√ Measures up to a whopping 33 pounds (150 kg)


× Prepare to part with lots of cash to purchase it

6. Taylor Precision Products Mech Analog Bath Scale

Realistically, you do not weigh your body every day. Rather, you only weigh yourself occasionally. This means for a large part, your weighing scale will only be idle. How about choosing one like this that you can convert to an ornament whenever you have no need for weighing your body?

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Mechanical analog bath scale

Ranking at the very top of the offerings of this machine is the mechanical analog scale. This is what performs the actual task of taking the measurements of the weights of the persons using the scale. The scale is pretty accurate and quite responsive when used.

√ Premium ribbed silver mat

Its mat is unlike any other as it comes in the form of a premium ribbed silver mat. Due to the premium aspect of the mat, it not only lasts longer but also manages more precise and accurate readings on the whole. The premium nature also slows down the pace of wear and tear.

√ Large 7-inch speedometer dial

A dial that is large comes in third among the many offerings that the scale has to provide. It measures 7 inches and is thus clearly legible. On the strength of this, you are sure not to miss out on your readings at all. Instead, you may count on it to dispel any ambiguities that may arise with use.

√ All-chrome bezel

Wrapping it all up is the all-chrome bezel. It is this that serves to imbue some excellent aesthetics to your rooms and interior spaces. It does this by adding some extra shines to your rooms and the spaces wherein you choose to plug the scale in.


√ Adds some shine and décor to your interior spaces
√ Weighs up to a whopping 330 pounds
√ A silver pointer works to dispel any ambiguities
√ Sparkles to the eyes thanks to the chrome adornment
√ Its platform provides greater foot space for you


× Incapable of accommodating extras and attachments

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We close it all with a peek into the frequently asked questions about the best analog bathroom scale:

best analog body weight scale
[dt_quote]Q1. Are analog bathroom scales more accurate?[/dt_quote]

A. They are really not the most accurate we have but are nonetheless pretty reliable in the absence of a digital scale. That it requires no unnecessary expertise and batteries makes it further convenient for your use.

[dt_quote]Q2. Which weight scale is the most accurate digital or analog?[/dt_quote]

A. The digital scale, it is! This kind of appliance is proven to generate more precise measurements than its analog counterpart. It is also more precise by virtue of breaking down the readings into decimals as well.

[dt_quote]Q3. Can a digital scale be off by 10 pounds?[/dt_quote]

A. Typically, NO! Digital scale may be off yes, but not by such a wide margin to the tune of 10 pounds. The good news is that even if it veers off by such a wide margin, it is a lot easier to recalibrate.

[dt_quote]Q4. Do bathroom scales lose accuracy?[/dt_quote]

A. Like any other scale, the bathroom scales also lose their accuracy from one point in time to another. This loss of accuracy may result from malfunctions of the circuits, agents of wear and tear, or exposure to extreme temperatures.

[dt_quote]Q5. Why am I lighter in the morning than at night?[/dt_quote]

A. At night, you have consumed lots of food during the day, have eaten a lot, and are heavy with sleep. In the morning, all the food has been digested and you have hardly taken anything.

[dt_quote]Q6. When should you weigh yourself to get your true weight?[/dt_quote]

A. In the morning, it is! As noted above, you have not taken anything in the morning. You hence weigh the least you can possibly weigh on that day. That means you are more likely to obtain your true weight then.

[dt_quote]Q7. Why do 2 scales give different readings?[/dt_quote]

A. Scales are only true to a certain degree of accuracy. Thus, no two scales can deliver the exact same degree of output or measurements. Nonetheless, the variations ought not to be too vast. A small decimal point would be suitable.

[dt_quote]Q8. Should you weigh yourself every day?[/dt_quote]

A. If you are on a weight loss regimen, you are advised to weigh yourself every day. That is the only way you will get to track your progress and make the necessary adjustments as need be.

[dt_quote]Q9. How may I obtain accurate readings?[/dt_quote]

A. The following steps will definitely help out:

  • Weigh yourself at the exact same time each day
  • Make use of a quality weighing machine for the job
  • Set and calibrate the device properly
  • Insist on only one scale all along
  • Put on very light garments or even weigh yourself naked if need be
[dt_quote]Q10. Why does my scale fluctuate so much?[/dt_quote]

A. There could be variations in the ambient temperature and pressure, the clothes you put on, and the time of day you choose to weigh yourself. To generate consistent outcomes, you have to weigh yourself at the same time each day, put on very light attire, and calibrate your scales well.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

We can never overemphasize the importance of choosing and working with the best analog bathroom scale for the job. How possible may you obtain the necessary readings and end results save for making a wise move? Talking about that, we emphasize a firm reading of the explanations above.

As a bonus for sticking with us, we would like to let you know that choosing a weighing scale in and of itself may not guarantee the necessary end results. We hence ask you to find and make use of other tools and devices that may be handy for managing your weight and body health. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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