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There a variety of salad spinners that can be purchased on amazon at the moment, and the best rated salad spinner will be named below. To determine, which one is the best salad spinner ten of these products were reviewed. How much water is removed and how quickly it is removed will be the main factors in deciding, which salad spinner is the best. Spinners come in different sizes though most use similar technology to each other.

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Users need to consider how often they plan to use salad spinners, as some of the products reviewed are more durable than others. Salad spinners ideally should be easy to use and just as simple to clean after use. The best salad spinners should have enough capacity to prepare enough dry and crispy salad for several people. The best rated lettuce spinner should quickly dry salad and lettuces so these can be enjoyed. The best spinners should have a spinning system that does an effective job and should be able to last for a long time.

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Users need to find a salad spinner that is stable when it is been spun to keep everything inside and to stop water going everywhere. Most of the top salad spinners reviewed had lids and plastic clips to hold everything in place and make sure that it is all dried properly. To stay in place the best salad spinner amazon can also have non slip feet to stay in place instead of moving around as it was spun. The best salad spinner that stays in place works more effectively.

On This List We Have 10 Salad Spinner Amazon

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1. The OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

Oxo salad spinner available in white or green, able to spin with just one hand. Parts can also be used as a serving bowl and colander.


√ Product can be used with a single hand with a button brake as well as a pump system
√ Made from BPA plastic
√ Easy to use, while parts can be used as a colander and a bowl
√ Wide base keeps the spinner stable when on a work top or table
√ This spinner is easy to clean and dishwasher safe


× Will not spin at all if more than half full
× The pump does not get it to spin fast enough to effectively remove water× Will not spin at all if more than half full
× The pump does not get it to spin fast enough to effectively remove water

2. The Cuisinart Salad Spinner & Salad Dryer Spinner

Stylish and easy to use cuisinart salad spinner with stainless steel lid and non slip base that can be used as a bowl too. This good grips salad spinner will really make your job a lot easier.


√ Able to add water without taking off the lid
√ Easy to spin salad spinner using the knob on top of the lid
√ Lid locks to keep the spinner in place
√ Easy to clean product after use


× Plastic bowl is fragile
× After a few months the spinning knob can stop working so it no longer spins

3. The Mueller Salad Spinner & Lettuce Washer

For people looking for a large sald spinner try the Mueller Austria 5L spinner, handy for preparing salads and vegetables in bulk. You can use the best large salad spinner for commercial purposes.


√ Product includes Anti-Wobble Technology so the salad stays in the bowl
√ Lockable Colander Basket and Smart Lock Lid to keep the salad where it should be
√ Includes a Lettuce Washer and Dryer
√ Compact Storage when not in use
√ Simple yet effective water draining system
√ Well made product that will last a long time
√ Easy to wash and dishwasher safe if put on the top rack


× If only Mueller made a smaller size, more of a suggestion than an outright con

4. The Best Large Salad Spinner By Gourmia

This jumbo salad spinner has a capacity of 5L and comes with a crank handle and can be safely put through a dishwasher. Product is better for the environment as it is made using BPA free plastic.


√ Made using BPA Free plastic to protect the environment
√ Product is spun manually by turning the crank handle
√ This spinner dries salad fast
√ Innovative built in drain to get salads even drier after spinning
√ Larger 5L capacity to spin more salad
√ Lockable lid and non slip base to make sure that the salad stays inside the spinner
√ Product is dishwasher safe as long as it is put in the top rack
√ Currently available with a $11 discount


× The lock can stop working after a few weeks
× Colander /internal part can be prone to warping and to delay that happening try handwashing only

5. The Andcolors Deluxe Salad Spinner & Salad Dryer

This large salad spinner from Andcolors has a capacity of 4.7 qt and is made from BPA free plastic. Designed not to wobble, and made extra secure with two clips to keep everything in place.


√ Made from BPA free plastic, safe and better for the environment
√ Ergonomically designed to work more efficiently and not to slip when in use
√ Product effortlessly drains lettuce with ease, resulting in crisper salads in half the time
√ Locking tabs as well as two clips keeps the spinner in place making sure that the salad is not spilt
√ Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
√ Currently availble with a discount of 33%, which means it is the same price as the smaller version


× Even with the lock and clips users may still have to hold the spinner in place, though it does a really good job

6. The Best Small Salad Spinner By Lseason

This top rated salad spinner is supplied with other accessories including a vegetable chopper, onion slicer, a pair of tongs, and a food dicer. The set adds value to the salad spinner sale.


√ Large capacity 5L salad spinner
√ Extra value product includes accessories such as an onion slicer and a food dicer
√ Easy to use and spin salads dry
√ Made with BPA free plastic and easy to clean
√ Price currently includes a $8 discount


× Some buyers get a glass bowl while others get a plastic bowl, description is unclear as to, which should be supplied with the spinner
× This spinner is not dishwasher safe as some plastic parts will warp (again the description is vague)

7. The Best Salad Spinner 2021 By LOVKITCHEN

The best salad dryer is easy to use and easy to clean, reliable and safe one handed use. Product allows for crisper and drier salads.


√ Easy to use, one hand spinner operation
√ Dries out salads, fruits and vegetables thoroughly and into the outer bowl
√ Fast spinning action to remove water
√ Easy to clean spinner
√ Non slip and wide base keeps it in place when in use
√ Product includes a two year warranty


× The lid is not easy to open, and water goes everywhere when it is spun
× Made from cheap material, and the spinner does not even include a brake making it slow to stop spinning

8. Cheap Salad Spinner By The Olivia's Home Goods

This product includes a large salad spinner with a 4.5 qt capacity, a large bowl, a colander and a lettuce knife, the best rated lettuce spinner held in place with three clips.


√ Fast and effective spinner with bowl and colander
√ Plastic lettuce knives evenly cut lettuce without causing it to turn brown
√ Dishwasher safe bowl while the rest of the set is easy to clean
√ A lid and three airtight bag clips keep the spinner in place while it is been spun
√ Doubles up as an airtight container to keep salads fresh for a few days


× The bowl is fragile, prone to getting damaged in transit, also not dishwasher safe as the plastic can warp
× Bowl is also smaller than most users would expect, and has to be hand washed with care

9. The ZYLISS Best Lettuce Spinner

This top rated salad spinner comes with a 5 year warranty, which demonstrates that the makers believe that it should serve as a high quality salad spinner for several years.


√ Product quickly rinses and dries lettuce
√ Non slip base keeps the spinner in place
√ Large bowl that dries enough salad for 4 to 6 people
√ Brake system to stop spinning fast
√ Comes with a 5 year warranty


× Changed design not as good as the previous product as it can take 4 attempts to get the salad dry
× The lid does not do it’s job as it does not stay in place and the spinner therefore cannot dry out the salad properly

10. The Commercial Salad Spinner By Deer

This large salad spinner is meant for people who like a lot of salad, or for commercial use. It has 5 gallon / 30L capacity, in other words it should contain 5 whole washed and dried lettuces.


√ Has a whopping 5 gallon / 30L capacity
√ Easy to use and to clean
√ Meets FDA hygiene standards and ideal for use in commercial kitchens
√ Heavy duty design to manage daily use in a busy commercial kitchen
√ Makes sure salads and lettuces stay fresher for longer


× So big may need two people to spin it when it is full
× When one person only spins it this spinner tends to wobble

Q. How tough are the bowls?

A. The bowls are designed to withstand spinning yet are generally fragile as most are made of plastic and will break if dropped.

Q. Can salad spinners be used to store food in?

A. Providing that food is kept cool and dry spinners can be used to store salad for a few days.

Q. How long can salad spinners last?

A. That can depend on how well made spinners are, how often they are used, and how well users look after them. If used as directed and look after a spinner should last for around 12 months.

Q. Is it safe to put salad spinners through a dishwasher?

A. In theory the majority of salad spinners are meant to be dishwaher safe. However some products state that the spinners should only be placed on the top rack. If putting through the dishwasher be careful that the plastic does not warp.

Q. Is there anything that keeps salad spinners in place?

A. Yes spinners are kept in place by lids, plastic clips and non slip feet.

Final verdict

After reviewing the 10 products, it was decided that Product 3 the Mueller large capacity spinner was the best salad spinner because it is more reliable and performs better than the other spinners do. The best salad spinner america’s test kitchen was fast, reliable and makes the salad dry and crispy. Salad and lettuces are dry after a single turn in the Mueller spinner. This product is made from EPA free plastic and it is dishwasher safe. The best collapsible salad spinner prepares dry and tasty salads for several people, and it can store salads for a few days. The Mueller spinner should last users for a few years even if used on a regular basis. This america’s test kitchen best salad spinner is a quality product available at a price that represents great value for money. It will give good results time after time, and provides a good excuse to eat salads more often.

small salad spinner

The decision to select the Mueller as the best performing salad spinner was really straightforward as it was easily more reliable than any of the other spinners. Some of the spinners were of a low quality all round, while others were not reliable. The idea behind Product 8 of a spinner and a set of accessories to go with it was a good one. Unfortunately the spinner was not reliable, though the accessories were of a decent standard.

For the majority of the salad spinners reviewed the plastic bowls are fragile and cannot withstand been dropped, or been put in a dishwasher that is too warm. Aside from the Mueller spinner most the spinners could not survive a dishwasher unless placed on the top rack. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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