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Most home-cooking tasks entail repetitive steps. To cut the time you use to prep the recipes, you need to make do with a food processor. This is an america’s test kitchen food processor that tackles most of the repetitive cooking techniques like chopping, grinding or mincing, pureeing, mixing or blending, shredding or grating, slicing, and kneading.


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We want to help you get the best food processor america’s test kitchen for your job of domestic cooking. This, we do, by prepping and availing to you a relevant review and buying guide. We accompany it with answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the subject.


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To find the best food processor americas test kitchen, consider the factors below:

√ Carrying capacity

This is basically how much food the item is able to accommodate and process per unit of time. Your choice of appliance here is largely dependent on how much food you would personally wish to prep. That calls for you to first and foremost ascertain your food needs before embarking on a hunt.

√ Kinds of food

What kinds of foods would you wish to prep? Are they nuts, pulses, grains, fruits, or vegetables? Different appliances are designed for different foods. You must be sure of what you want to prep first before embarking on a hunt for a suitable food processor.

√ Power rating

Of course, these appliances draw their power from various sources. On the same note, they also exude varying amounts of power when activated for use. You must really be sure of the ratings you are desirous of. Through that manner, you will avoid the issues that come along when operating.

√ Controls

In the process of tackling your food preparations, you will no doubt have to engage the controls of the machines. You must see to it that the machine you pick for the job has controls that are easier to comprehend and ultimately engage. Never fall for one that is too sophisticated.

√ Processing speed

How much time overall do you have to prep your recipes? You want a machine that can deliver the outcomes within the specific time schedule you have. For you to be sure of this, you must figure out the processing speeds of the machines of your interest. A good machine must definitely be fast enough.

√ Intent

Why exactly would you wish to purchase an america’s test kitchen food processor? Is it for commercial, home-based, or camping settings? For commercial settings, choose a large, strong, and durable processor. Any alternative would do for common everyday home use. Lastly, choose a lighter one if you must be constantly on the move to a remote campsite.


We will review the best food processor americas test kitchen on the market here. First, let us discuss the america’s test kitchen food processor review.

1. Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14 Cup Food Processor, Die Cast

This appliance is generally faster and quicker. It is hence a good one to look up to if you want to cut the food prepping time considerably. Also, the item tackles many of the common food preparation tasks we have. Pureeing, chopping, dicing, and slicing are top examples of these.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Small and large bowls

It does have two bowls; one small and one large. The small one measures 4½ cups whereas the large one measures 14 cups. You use them for mixing and kneading dough alongside other vital ingredients. Given the many numbers, the cups facilitate proper cooking for you.

√ Exceptional power and controls

The appliance is equipped with exceptional power and controls. At its core is a 1300-watt motor that provides mixing and kneading power. Then again, it is equipped with an easy on/off locking mechanism, and a push-button release feature. They jointly enhance your cooking experience greatly.

√ SealTight advantage system

A SealTight advantage system also comes along. As you may have already guessed, the system seals the bowls and locks the blades firmly in place when the item is not in use. In doing this, it upholds your safety greatly while also minimizing dangers and other forms of accidents.

√ Reversible shredding disc

Rounding it all up is a reversible shredding disc. The disc is able to shred the finest ingredients with absolute ease. It picks its operating prowess from a motor that is tough and backed by a 20-year warranty. Given its reversible stature, it works both forwards and backward.


√ Greatly cuts the food-preparation times
√ Comes in a versatile two-in-one design
√ Draws its power from the 1300-watt peak-power induction motor
√ Exists in a durable polycarbonate construction
√ Easier to operate via an electronic touchpad control panel


× Generates lots of noise when prepping your recipes

2. DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel - Silver

Just if you have some commercial tasks and activities in mind, we can never vouch for any other processor but this one. Not only is it big but also does it endure for a longer time thanks to its extra-durable stature and nature. Then again it is packed with loads of professional features.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Stainless steel blades

Its flagship traits are the blades that are made of durable stainless steel materials. They on the whole provide awesome powerful cuts that can pierce right through the densest ingredients with ease. In return, they truly manage precise professional food preparation results. Need we state that it tackles many recipes as well?

√ 14-cup work bowl

A 14-cup work bowl exists as the next leading trait of the food processor. The cups are many, huge and dependable. They are subsequently awesome for those big or commercial applications you may wish to tackle. These many cups enable the smooth and seamless preparations of all recipes.

√ Maximum Power

Its core features a motor that bears a 720-watt rating. This motor is heavy duty and thus provides sufficient power to tackle and handle vast quantities of food within the shortest duration of time and in the easiest ways possible. It also cuts down the amount of physical effort you may have to employ.

√ Extra-large feed tube

Also coming along is an extra-large feet tube. So large is the tube in fact that you can stash in an entire vegetable or fruit without having to chop or shred the same into smaller quantities. The beauty of this arrangement is that it cuts down the time you would normally take to prep your recipes.


√ Its disc is made of the super-tough stainless steel material
√ Bears some “on” and “off/pulse” buttons for ease of controls
√ Chops, cuts, and mixes with ease
√ Backed by 14 large cups for comprehensive mixing
√ All its parts are dishwasher-safe


× Demands lots of space to store and set up

3. Cuisinart DFP-14BSKY Custom 14 Cup Food Processor, Black

Constantly on the go? You need an appliance that is compact, light in weight, and convenient to move around. We ask you to lay your hands on this specific food processor. It also has a pretty large capacity that makes it capable of churning out huge chunks of food per unit of time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Extra-large feed tube

Perhaps setting this piece of equipment apart from the rest is an extra-large feed tube. You will stash your ingredients into the processor via this tube. Being large, it negates the need for you to shred the ingredients into finer particles. That of course cuts down the time taken to tackle the prepping.

√ Brushed stainless steel

All its critical parts and components are made of brushed stainless steel materials. On the strength of the stainless steel makeup, the item is similarly stronger and more enduring of all the spates of common damages that may be channeled against it during use.

√ Great accessories

Some great accessories also accompany this food processor. Examples of these are the chopping blade, shredding disc, and a slicing disc that is made of stainless steel materials. These extend the range of the applications of the item while also cheapening the food preparation exercise.

√ Intuitive “on” and “off/pulse” buttons

A set of intuitive “on” and “off/pulse” buttons also adorn the makeup of this food processor. You use them to engage the item appropriately. Given their intuitive nature, the buttons are responsive and hence manage excellent operations throughout a spate of use. The intuitive nature also enables hassle-free operations.


√ Pairs with a bowl with a capacity of 14 cups
√ All its critical parts are made of stainless steel
√ Performs many food-preparation activities with ease
√ Comes along with a spatula and a recipe book
√ Convenient enough to carry around as need be


× Limited to the North American Electrical standards

4. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender

Of all the processors we have, this appears to have the highest power rating. Its core features an extremely powerful motor whose rating is around 1,500 watts. These make it able to handle and tackle the toughest ingredients with a fairly high degree of ease as they generate total crushing power.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ XL blending

An extra-large blender stands at the very top of all that the machine has to offer. You use it to mix many kinds of ingredients with absolute ease. To handle the mixing, the appliance taps into a pitcher whose capacity stands at the amazing 72 ounces.

√ Single-serve

Its sheer stature and stature is the single-serve. You use this pulverize fruits and vegetables as per your unique and personal nutritious smoothies. After this, you twist the same on a lid so as to enjoy them on the go. The beauty of this arrangement is that you do not have to struggle much to have your way.

√ Excellent food processing

When all factors are taken into consideration, the appliance manages exceptional food processing outcomes for you. An 8-cup food processor bowl pairs and works with some two dedicated blades to enable smoother and more uniform chopping. What’s more? They take only 30 seconds to do the job!

√ Variable speeds

You have the pleasure of setting the precise speeds of operations you are desirous of at any given time. This is made possible by the existence of the variable speed settings. These settings come along with some four dedicated blending speeds to give you the power and controls you need.


√ Generates awesome crushing power
√ Allows you to set your desired speed of operations
√ Takes a considerably shorter time (30 seconds) to conclude a task
√ Handles all kinds of recipes exceptionally well
√ Its parts lack the harmful BPA plastic materials


× Inflicts higher utility expenses and costs on you

5. Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor, Silver

If you happen to move around a lot, you want to tap into a machine that may similarly be useful across many places and areas without much difficulty. We ask you to try your hand on this. It is able to work seamlessly in areas with 110 to 120 volts.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Induction motor

An induction motor sets it apart from the rest. The motor is heavy-duty and hence manages to generate awesome crushing power. This motor is equipped with overload protection and direct drive control. These twin traits contribute to your overall safety and vitality when using it.

√ Multiple chute options

Unlike many other alternatives, this one grants you many chute options to make use of. Examples of these are the1 ½-inch mini-feed, 2 ¾-inch mid-feed, and the 5-inch large feed chute respectively. They jointly confer varying spaces for you to stash your recipes and prep them conveniently.

√ Adjustable slicing disc

For your elevated convenience of prepping foods, the container bears an adjustable slicing disc. As you may have already guessed, the disc tackles the actual task of slicing recipes to the smallest size. On account of its adjustable nature, it alters its cutting thickness from 0.3-0.8mm.

√ Blade system

Crowning it all is an elegant blade system that bears some micro serrations. These blades come in the shape of the letter ‘S’. They also deliver some swift actions that in turn generate great and consistent mixing, chopping, and processing of a vast array of recipes.


√ Tackles nuts, fruits, and vegetables with ease
√ Packed with a safety apparatus
√ Its plastic parts are devoid of the harmful BPA materials
√ The extra-large feed chute negates the need to shred the ingredients into finer particle
√ Upholds some uniform and consistent outcomes


× Has some delicate parts and components

6. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

Are you a restaurateur? If you answered back in the affirmative, you need an appliance that will go beyond merely prepping your recipes. The one you pick for the job has to possess and indeed give off some aesthetic values and appeal. How about starting it out with this?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ 3-cup plastic work bowl

A plastic work bowl with a capacity of three bowls stands out. You use this to mix recipes. Being three means you do not have to shuffle out and about a given area to have the work properly done. Instead, you just assemble all of them ‘under one roof’ and there you go!

√ Dishwasher-safe bowl

The bowls and the lid that comes along are washable by the use of the dishwasher. Thanks to this arrangement, the two are a lot easier to clean up after an incidence of use. Allow us to add that they hardly catch any dirt. All these contribute to your overall safety.

√ Auto-reversing SmartPower blade

Its blade is unlike any other as it comes about in the form of the auto-reversing SmartPower stature. Due to the ability to reverse automatically, the blade safely allows for some two powerful processing options for you. They hence cut down the efforts and the hassles you may often have to endure.

√ Simple push-button control panel

For your easy controls, the item has and indeed makes use of a set of the simple push-button control panel. The panel contains all the buttons you may have to engage. It also cuts down the confusion that is likely to arise with engaging the gadget. All of its controls are also simple to engage.


√ Tough enough thanks to the 250-watt rating
√ Meets and attains the North American Electrical Standards
√ Tackles the tasks of chopping and grinding at the touch of a button
√ All its controls are simpler to engage by the use of touch actions
√ Its parts may be easily washed by a dishwasher


× Unsuitable for grinding beans


Let us finish it off by answering some questions about the best food processor america’s test kitchen:

Q. What food processor does Cook’s Illustrated recommend?

A. Cuisinart Custom 14 Cup Food Processor, it is! This appliance is truly awesome for use in the home environment as it is simple to comprehend while also ensuring smoother and hassle-free operations.

Q. Is a food processor worth the money?

A. Of course, YES! The appliance expedites the processing of foods by tackling repetitive tasks with lots of ease. They also have automated parts that tend to spare you from investing lots of personal effort.

Q. What is the best size food processor to get?

A. It depends on the quantity of food you intend to prep. Choose a large processor with a higher wattage rating if you want to use the same in a restaurant setting. A smaller one will nonetheless do for everyday home use.

Q. How many watts should a good food processor have?

A. Roughly 400-1,000 watts will do. This range of wattage has been noted to do a great job of prepping the most common recipes we have at the moment.

Q. What is the difference between a food processor and a food chopper?

A. They differ in scope. A food processor tackles much more than merely chopping food. It may knead, mix, shred, slice and dice, to name but a few! A chopper on the other hand only cuts the huge chunks of food into smaller pieces.

Q. Is a food processor really necessary?

A. Absolutely! It is impossible for you to prep huge volumes of food without the use of a reliable processor. The same argument goes for restaurant settings.

Q. Can I grate cheese in a food processor?

A. YES, on condition that the processor you pick for the job is equipped with a grating blade. Also of importance is the fact that you follow the instructions that are laid down.

Q. How important is wattage in a food processor?

A. The wattage determines the maximum power that the processor may exude per time. In turn, this determines how effectively the machine many tackle the task of handling and processing food.

Q. Can I use a food processor to chop vegetables?

A. WHY NOT! Most food processors are equipped with a chopping blade that tackles the task of chopping recipes finely. That means you may use them to chop vegetables as well.

Q. Does a food processor save time?

A. Of course, YES! And by a considerable margin indeed. Its motor generates awesome power that tackles all the tasks within the shortest time possible. Further, the processor reduces the human effort and the fatigue you may often have to experience as you handle your recipes.

Q: What is the best food processor recommended by America’s Test Kitchen?

A: America’s Test Kitchen has recommended several food processors over the years, and their top pick may vary based on their latest testing and reviews. It’s best to refer to their website, cookbooks, or television episodes for their current recommendations. However, some food processors that have received positive reviews from America’s Test Kitchen in the past include models from Breville, Cuisinart, and KitchenAid.

Q: Are there any budget-friendly food processors recommended by America’s Test Kitchen?

A: America’s Test Kitchen provides recommendations for food processors across different price ranges, including some budget-friendly options. It’s best to check their reviews or resources for the most up-to-date information on budget-friendly food processors that meet their performance and quality standards.

Q: What features do America’s Test Kitchen typically look for in a food processor?

A: America’s Test Kitchen evaluates food processors based on various factors, including motor power, blade performance, capacity, ease of use, durability, and overall performance. They look for models that excel in chopping, shredding, slicing, and other essential food processing tasks. Additionally, they consider factors like noise level, stability, and ease of cleaning in their evaluations.

Q: Can I find America’s Test Kitchen food processor recommendations for specific years?

A: Yes, America’s Test Kitchen provides food processor recommendations in their cookbooks, magazine issues, and on their website. By referring to their specific publications or online resources, you can find their recommendations for different years and compare the models they have tested.

Q: How often does America’s Test Kitchen update their food processor recommendations?

A: America’s Test Kitchen regularly updates their recommendations as new models are released and they conduct new rounds of testing. The frequency of updates may vary, but they strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to their audience. It’s recommended to check their website, publications, or television episodes for their latest food processor recommendations.

Q: Can I trust America’s Test Kitchen’s recommendations for food processors?

A: America’s Test Kitchen is known for their rigorous testing and unbiased reviews. They have a team of professional chefs, recipe developers, and equipment experts who thoroughly test and evaluate products. While individual preferences may vary, many people trust America’s Test Kitchen’s recommendations as a reliable source of information when choosing kitchen equipment, including food processors.

Q: Are there alternative sources for food processor recommendations besides America’s Test Kitchen?

A: Yes, there are several other reputable sources that provide food processor recommendations and reviews. These include consumer review websites, cooking magazines, professional chefs’ recommendations, and online retailers’ customer reviews. It’s always beneficial to consult multiple sources to gather a range of opinions and make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

Final verdict

Finding the best food processor america’s test kitchen is a task you can never take lightly. These items are ordinarily quite expensive. This combined with the critical role they play in facilitating the preparation of food makes the hunt for one a truly serious venture.

We thus recommend a thorough reading of the explanations we have given you above. If you are stuck, consider speaking to an expert in your area to guide you through. We want to hear your feedback about the quality and the reliability of the insights we have given you above. Speak to us… team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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  1. Very high quality product at a reasonable price. When it operates properly, the cuisinart fp-14dcn elite is an excellent product; nevertheless, the bowl is composed of a very low-quality and flimsy plastic. I Stongly recommend.

  2. A well-made instrument for doing miracles in the kitchen. The medium tube is ideal for a wide range of objects, and aligning it is a breeze. You can’t go wrong with this slicing disc! This breville bfp660sil sous chef 12 cup food processor is a great option.

  3. This is a very reliable piece of equipment that accomplishes exactly what it is supposed to. A huge food processor is justified since tiny food processors lack the characteristics of this one. As for America’s Test Kitchen, the Editor’s Choice award went to this cuisinart dfp-14bcny 14-cup food processor.

  4. Cake batter and cookie dough are no match for the Ninja. However, it has a fast rate of speed. This isn’t the best method for anything that has to be blended on low. For low speeds, I still use my old mixer. I do use the “dough blade” that came with my Ninja for things like pie crust and bread dough. No experience with egg whites, but the fast speed does integrate quite a bit of air, so I’m sure it would work well. It’s a good idea to whip the cream.


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