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Frying recipes like chips and fries is not a role you can achieve with any other cooking apparatus at your fingertips. For them, you must tap into the skillet. This is a frying pan that is shallow and evenly spread out. That which derives its power from electricity is by all means called for as it is safer and cleaner.

We want to help you to find the best electric skillet for the job. Here below, we highlight and review six of the best such gadgets and let you know the factors to consider when attempting to make a suitable find. Lastly, we shall peek into some of the commonly asked questions about the matter.


We now get to the factors you need to consider to find the most suitable electric skillet for your course:

electric skillet

√ Cooking surface area

The size of the cooking area should be at the very top of your concerns. This size is directly proportional to the quantity of food you intend to prep. If you want to prepare family-size recipes, you have to choose an apparatus that has large surfaces and vice versa.

√ Power rating

This refers to the amount of power that the item expends versus that which it gives off. You want an appliance that is likely to save you time and money. That is only possible if the said apparatus consumes less power but gives off maximum power in return.

√ Cooking functionalities

What kinds of food preparation techniques are you looking up to? Is it frying, baking, stewing, roasting, boiling, or steaming? Delineate your unique purposes first and foremost. Go ahead thereafter to pick the skillet that is able to meet your expectations. If possible, find one that is quite multipurpose.

√ The desired location of use

Where exactly would you wish to dedicate the appliance to? Is it purely indoors, our outdoors, and the camping sites as well? Make your choice depending on where exactly you would wish to place it to use. Pick a weatherproof variant if all you want is to use it in the outdoor locales.

√ Controls vs. expertise

You will definitely have to engage these parts and controls to prep your favorite recipes. Needless to say, you have to measure out these controls alongside your own desirable levels of expertise. The purpose of this is to arrive at one that is less likely going to confuse you further.


1. Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet, Black

This skillet is foldable to collapse and take up limited storage and mounting space on your part. It is hence great for on-the-go applications. You may want to tap into it if you are consistently on the move or plan to detach yourself to a remote camping venue.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Heavy Cast-aluminum Base

Its base is made of heavy-duty cast aluminum materials. It hence dissipates and distributes the heat energy pretty fine and convenient. Being heavy-duty, the base hardly sustains damages and dents readily as many other materials ordinarily do. You want to give it a try for long-term use.

√ Built-in spout

A spout is built into the gadget. The role of this spout is to facilitate the dispensing of the liquid contents after the conclusion of the food preparation exercise. This spout also doubles up as a holder of the spatula and the spoons. It thus serves to make the entire cooking exercise a lot simpler.

√ Fold-down handles

Like any other piece of cooking equipment, this one too has handles. Its handles however stand apart from the others in the sense that they fold down. In this way, they take up limited space and facilitate the processes of the transportation of the gadget to a faraway place of use.

√ Excellent dimensions

In all, the item does come about in excellent dimensions indeed. These are compact and small enough for you to handle and engage. Thanks to the compact size of the gadget, it hardly imposes too many strains and burdens on your part when it comes to handling and transportation to remote locales.

√ Tempered glass cover and stay-cool handles

Its top adorns the tempered glass cover that is transparent for you to peek through. Thanks to this awesome feature, the item lets you behold the state of the cooking progress clearly. You hence get to eliminate all kinds of guesswork that may often arise when the item is dedicated to your engagement.


√ Tackles many cooking needs besides frying like baking, stewing, grilling, and roasting
√ Assembles all the cooking paraphernalia within your easy reach
√ Folds to allow for seamless storage and retrieval thereafter


× Cooks a small capacity of food per time

2. Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

Commercial food preparation demands that you keep accurate track of the state of the cooking per time. This is only possible if the item in question comprises a tempered glass cover that lets you see through without imposing any undue hindrances along the way. Try this particular skillet out.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Tempered glass cover

At the top of its traits is the tempered glass cover. This is the one you use to seal the contents of the skillet. Being transparent, it lets you keep accurate track of the cooking process. In that way, you get to handle the preparation of the food as per the unique cooking needs.

√ Control master heat

The act of managing the cooking process is properly handled and well taken care of thanks to the control master heat feature. With this, you get to maintain the proper heating temperatures without involving too much effort and attention on your part. In this way, you get to enjoy your cooking considerably.

√ Fully-immersible and dishwasher

This skillet is both dishwasher-safe and fully immersible. It is subsequently more convenient to prep and cook. The main advantage that accrues from all these is the safety with which it manages the cleanliness process. Hardly does it stick to the food recipes as is the norm with the other cooking apparatus.

√ 16-inch base and high sidewalls

In its entirety, the gadget comprises a base that measures 16 inches and some high sidewalls. The combination of these two enables you to prep a higher capacity of foods and other vital recipes. On account of this, you may dedicate this item to the bulk food preparation escapades.

√ Luxurious styling

Other than the core business of prepping your vital food recipes, this item also imbues some luxury and class. The combination of the tempered glass cover, elegant exterior, and breathtaking views make it really able to adorn your interiors with some awesome styling and exceptional beauty.


√ May be used also for serving the buffet during the entertainment sessions
√ Hardly sticks the contents and the food particles
√ Lets you keep accurate track of the cooking process when dedicated to use


× Cannot be used for on-the-go applications

3. Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle with Removable Handles, Black

Live in an area that is cramped up and devoid of too much space? You have a friend and suitable companion in this specific skillet. It has removable handles that make the process of the transportation of the gadget to a faraway location a pretty simple undertaking.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Premium non-stick surface

In a nutshell, this skillet possesses a premium non-stick cooking surface. The surface neither sticks nor catches dirt easily. On the strength of these two, it enables smoother and easier cleaning outcomes as it greatly expedites the actual tasks and processes of getting rid of dirt from them.

√ Slide-out drip tray

Coming along with this gadget is the slide-out drip tray. This one removes easily to allow you to dispense the dirt, grease, and other forms of debris well to the exterior areas in the course of cooking. Additionally, it is also simpler to keep clean after a spate of use.

√ Warp-proof Base

Its base does not warp as is the norm with much other alternative cooking apparatus. Its warp-proof character is largely brought about by the extensive use of the heavy cast Aluminum material to make it up. Count on the gadget hence to take you longer and manage many cooking escapades for you.

√ Fully-immersible griddle

The griddle of this skillet is fully immersible in the sense that I may be dipped wholly in water without the same demanding too much attention from you. On the strength of this, you are able to use the skillet with utmost confidence and minimal worries.

√ Large cooking area

Though small and compact, this skillet does confer a truly large cooking area of about 231 square inches. You will make use of this super large area to tackle and handle many recipes. Through this arrangement, you will also not have to clutter your surfaces with too many disparate cooking items.


√ Capable of managing the preparation of food for the whole family
√ Its removable handles manage more compact handling and storage
√ Requires no tools for handling and transportation


× Has some delicate parts that are likely to get damaged soon!

4. Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet, Black/White

Intend to handle and tackle larger recipes like poultry, hams, and roasted meat? Take hold of this skillet and dedicate it to your usage. It has the characteristic capability of stewing, grilling, and frying your recipes. Its use is hence a sure way of bringing about the benefit of utmost convenience for you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Innovative plastic EverNu cover

Standing taller among its numerous awesome features is the innovative plastic EverNu cover. This cover hardly bends, peels off, warps, or dents as many other alternative kinds ordinarily do. On the strength of this, it guarantees you some unparalleled performances when in use. The same reflects on the low cost of maintenance.

√ Deluxe non-stick surface

Its interior does not stick as it bears the deluxe non-stick surface. This stems from the deluxe structural makeup and overall adornment. The non-stick makeup makes for easier cleaning and overall management. It particularly does not stick out the recipes in the course of a cooking escapade.

√ DiamondCoat deluxe non-stick finish

The exterior also does not stick as its interior. The non-stick exterior finish goes a long way in managing the relative ease of cleanliness and maintenance of the gadget in the long run. This way, it reduces the stress and the hassles you would ordinarily have to contend with along the way.

√ High sidewalls

Some high side walls also form a vital part and aspect of this apparatus. The high side walls prevent the soups and the interior recipes from spilling over when the same is being prepped and handled. In the end result of all these, the item ensures that your cooking surface maintains some sense of cleanliness.

√ High dome cover

Rounding it all up is some high dome cover. These blend well with the high side walls to confer the extra cooking capacity to you, the user. On the combined strengths of this twin, traits come the ability to prep a huge capacity of food items. Find it useful for your whole family use.


√ Hardly peels off, bends, or dents
√ Most of its parts are removable for easier cleaning
√ Makes recipes for many people at a time


× Compatible only with the 60 Hz and the 120V power rating

5. CalmDo Electric Foldaway Skillet Grill Combo

For your outdoor barbecuing, you need a skillet that is resistant to the wiles of the external weather elements. None comes even closer to this one with that regard in mind. It is strong and strategic enough to meet the demanding nature of the outdoor settings and applications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ 3 Temperature Control

It stands apart from the rest in the sense of being able to manage the controls of the temperature in three main ways conveniently. Its temperature values range from 158℉ to 482℉ and are largely handled by a knob that is easier to manage and engage on the whole.

√ 3.6QT capacity non-stick pot

Its capacity stands at a whopping 3.6 quarts. This is sufficiently large to allow you to prep many recipes of the common households without too much ado and the need to bring in many alternative apparatus. Draw your hands on it to prep many of the vital family recipes you have.

√ 2 pans

The gadget is further accompanied by two pans that are both easier to carry along and take to the designated location of use. These pans are useful for tackling a variety of recipes like the fondue, braised roasts, gumbo, and the common soups we have around.

√ Large cooking spaces

All the disparate items that are used alongside this pan have combined large cooking spaces. You use these to prep recipes for your whole family and the divergent cooking needs you may have to tackle per unit time. Additionally, you may even choose to dedicate the same for commercial ends.

√ Precise temperature controls

Existing to expedite the process of preparing foods are some precise temperature controls. These bear the ratings warm, low, and high respectively. They let you determine and set the precise levels of temperatures that may be necessary for your course at any given time. All of them make for exceptional ends to be realized.


√ Provides you with three ranges of temperature to choose from
√ A unique heating plate adorns the core of the skillet
√ Distributes the heat exceptionally fine to allow for even cooking


× May have complained of difficulty in maintaining it

6. Elite Gourmet Deep Dish Heavy Duty Non-stick Electric Skillet

Do you operate a timeline that is somewhat squeezed? You need to tap into a skillet that is easier to heat up and which also dispenses the heat output at a faster pace. Look to none other than this one. A number of factors converge to make it appropriately capable of delivering on this end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Marble stone coating

Its exterior features the marble stone coating that plays the role of preserving the interior contents from the direct exposure to the common interior weather elements. The coating is long and enduring thanks to the marbled nature of the same. It hence guarantees long-term engagements for you.

√ Cast-in heating element

At the interior of the skillet is some cast-in heating element. It furnishes the heating power to the foods and recipes being handled. Given the cast-in stature of the item, expect it to be great, awesome, and reliable insofar as the dissipation of the heat is concerned.

√ Trigger-release probe

Existing to expedite the cleanliness of the item is the trigger-release probe. You will make use of this one to disengage the item to allow for the subsequent easy cleaning thereafter. Its ease of handling enables it to be used by even those persons who lack the necessary technical skills.

√ ETL certified

The gadget is by and largely certified by the Electronic Testing Laboratory. This is a sign that it is not only strong and reliable but also exceeds the prevailing terms of references well. With this certification, you not only stand to enjoy the utmost peace of mind you need to cook exceptionally well.

√ 1200-watt electric skillet

In closing, its power rating stands at an impressive 1,200 watts. This is sufficiently powerful and hot enough to tackle your major recipes with an added level of exceptionalism. You will find this power rating pretty awesome for those areas and circumstances that require a vast commercial approach.


√ Powerful and reliable enough for an entire family
√ Able to serve you longer thanks to its tough nature
√ Varies the temperature levels smoothly and reliably


× You have to gain deeper skills to operate it


Let us now provide answers to some questions that are persistently asked about this subject:

Q1. Is it worth buying an electric skillet?

A. YES, it is! The gadget is packed with loads of controls, features, and specifications that are necessary for the realization of great cooking ends. It is thus potent and handy for the preparation of recipes at the comfort of the home or for commercial purposes.

Q2. Are any electric skillets made in the USA?

A.YES, there are! The Saladmaster as of now is the only American company that is engaged in the production of these items. Its line of products has been noted to be strong and reliable. Those products also perform a great act of cooking that endures the test of time.

Q3. Can you boil eggs in an electric skillet?

A. It all depends on the kind of skillet you are talking about. Yes, some skillets are deep enough to allow you to pour water and steam the eggs. On the whole, though, you are strongly advised against using your skillet to boil the eggs as the outcomes may never be really awesome.

Q4. What is the point of an electric skillet?

A. An electric skillet is safer and easier to control than many of your alternative skillets we have around. This is mainly because it has precise and responsive sets of controls that are easier to engage. Adding to this is the ability of the same to respond to the prompts that are input in the system well.

Q5. Does an electric skillet use less electricity than a stove?

A. YES, it does! A typical electric skillet generally expends less energy than a typical stove. Thanks to this wonderful arrangement, it is able to bring down the costs of operations by a considerable margin. You won’t hence have to scratch your head or dig too deep to have your way at all.

Final verdict

Our look into the best electric skilletcomes to an end there. We now trust that you have the empowerment you need to appreciate the subject deeper and make a more informed purchasing decision. Waiting for too long to set out is not advisable at all.

You do not want to drag your feet excessively to start out at all. What does that mean? Now is the time for you to embark on the search for the right one. Simply skim the list above to narrow to a specific choice of your right skillet. Kindly consider sharing this information with as many others as can be.