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Wooden rolling pins are often passed down from generation to generation, and old rolling pins can be found in thrift stores and antique stores.

The new wooden rolling pin should only require light washing. When you are ready to use the pin roller, sprinkle it lightly with flour to prevent the dough and other foods from sticking to it.

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The formation and leveling of the dough are more natural when used with a rolling pin. This type of cylindrical cutlery comes in two forms: a cylindrical rod and a rod. While the types of cylinders have a thick cylinder and small buttons at the end, the penis pins are thinner—the most common categories of rolling pins.

Different kitchen utensils

These different kitchen utensils are available in a wide variety of materials, such as glass, ceramic, aluminium, wood and plastic. The type of pin you choose makes a big difference when preparing the food you want.

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How to take care of wooden rollers

One of the most popular rewinding pins is a wooden American baking pin or baker. This type of cylinder is particularly comfortable for the hands and arms when used to flatten the dough. Whether you want to make cookies, cookies or pies, a wooden staple will do the trick. If you are involved in purchasing a classic multipurpose rolling pin, the pure maple wooden rolling pin can be an excellent feature for your kitchen.

Wooden rolling pins care

Wooden rolling pins will last almost a lifetime with a minimal buzz. However, the rolling mill needs a bit of tenderness, love and care to last longer. The secret is not to leave it standing in the water.gital scales.rt with the delicate material.

Good storage

Before storing it, you must also dry it thoroughly. For example, when cooking is finished, wash it immediately by hand in hot water. Be sure to use only a plastic cleaning pad if it is difficult to wash away leftovers. Then rinse the rotary pin thoroughly and dry it completely with a towel. You can store it anywhere in your kitchen, but the best drawer or cabinet.

Wash the spit

Wash the spit before using it for the first time, wiping it with a damp sponge and soap. Rinse thoroughly and allow the pin to dry completely before putting it away. This will prevent damage from moisture.

Wipe it well

Wipe the spindle with a clean cloth dampened with mineral oil if you notice that the wood is starting to crack. Most wooden rewind pins do not need to be treated this way – as long as they are not exposed to too much water.

Wooden air conditioning rollers

In general, it is not necessary to adapt to wooden rolling pins. Often you need to wash and dry your pin thoroughly for long-term care. Wooden pins can be ancient and still in perfect condition.

However, if your pin is exposed to excessive heat, the wood may break. This happens especially when you excessively dry the rolling pin, which is one of the reasons why it is not recommended to wash it in the dishwasher. The heating cycle dries the wood quickly, and the long washing cycle can also soak it.

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To save the rolling pin, try using olive oil which you can use in a salad or food-grade mineral oil for rubbing. This type of conditioning treatment is also safe for wooden bowls and cooking panels.

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