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Bath towels are essential in every bathroom in every home around the world. The problem is that when choosing, you can quickly end up with many towels that collapse after a few uses, and are rough and uncomfortable to use or damage the overall design of your bathroom.


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Bath towels may seem like a simple item, but they are more important than some people may give them credit for this. It is more than just an ingredient used to dry your hands and body. The right choice can help make an ordinary shower feel like a day at the spa when you wrap up in a beautiful soft fluffy towel. It’s a beautiful feeling that you’re sure to love.

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They’re also used as a way to add color and style to your decor. That’s why the color you buy is a significant factor in choosing bath towels. Most people want colors that go well with their décor. This helps to brighten up and make the bathroom look more coordinated and relaxing.

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Of course, color is the least important factor that you should think about when making your selection. Below are some of the more essential things that you need to take into consideration when you buy your next set of bath towels.

Bath Towels Buying Guide


One of the first things that you should look for in a bath towel is quality. You want something that will be durable and long-lasting wash after wash.


There are a few unique kinds of materials utilized for shower towels, for example, cotton, Turkish cotton, small scale yarn, terry cotton, and Egyptian cotton. Each sort of material has its extraordinary characteristics that make them remarkable. For example, more modest scale yarn is incredibly spongy and dries rapidly, and Egyptian cotton is solid, sturdy, and they’re extra delicate.


When you wrap up in your new towels, you want them to feel soft and comfortable. You can have that when you choose the right texture.


You have a variety of sizes to choose from like baby towels, so take a little time to check the measurements to make sure you get the dimensions that suit your needs the best.


The price you pay for your bath towels is essential. A good quality towel may cost a little more upfront, but they will last longer, making them a better deal than cheaper ones that will wear out in half the time.

How many you need

The first step to choosing the right bath towels is to decide on how many you need. If you have a single-family bathroom and for family members, you will want a least of eight towels. That offers two per person, one in the wash and one being used. If you are choosing for a family bathroom and en-suite, always make sure you have at least two towels per person as a minimum, three is ideal.

Colour and design

You will have to pay careful attention to the colour and design of the bath towels you are selecting. If you have gone for a highly modern bathroom design that has brilliant white throughout, this is an opportunity to add a splash of colour in a bright red or blue.

The factors you need to pay careful attention to when choosing bath towels include the absorbent of the product, which is exceptionally important. There is nothing worse than drying yourself off and still feeling damp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which towel is most suitable for use in the bath?

When it comes to selecting a bath towel, the most common option is a towel that is between 400 and 600 GSM and is made of 100% cotton. Other characteristics, including as absorbency, softness, combed or ribbed cotton, mixes, and fluffiness, all play a part in the final product.

How often should you change up your bath towels?

In general, most professionals recommend that you replace them every two years with fresh ones. If you have any remaining doubts, watch out for the following signs: Simply removing the water from your body requires that the towel be passed over your body many times. Utilization always results in the unraveling of towel fibers.

Which towel is the most effective for drying off your whole body?

Your body would benefit greatly from being clothed in Turkish cotton. The extra-long fibers give the towels their velvety texture, supple feel, and increased capacity for absorption.

Why do my towels still odor after being washed?

If a towel continues to smell after being washed in a machine, this indicates that germs are still present in the machine or on the towel. To eliminate the bacterium that is resistant to washing, you may either run the washing machine with bleach again or wash the towel twice.

The Bottom Line

Bath towels give your bathroom a fresh, clean look, and they feel great when you choose the right one for your needs. Take a few minutes and look through the different options to learn a little more about the types of materials used in making towels and the choices that you have.

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