7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Sewing Tape Measure.

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A measuring tape is one of the most valuable and essential sewing tools in every sewing room.

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Today, a tape measure on the tailor’s neck is the same famous professional feature as a doctor’s stethoscope. 7 facts everyone should know about sewing tape measure.

Sewing Tape Measure Secrets

cloth measuring tape for sewing

What is a tape measure for sewing?

The tape measure for sewing is usually a flexible and adaptable adhesive tape with linear dimensional markings, mainly made of reinforced polyester or fiberglass. The most common length of a tape measure is 152 cm (60 inches), but tapes are available for sale, like 254 cm (100 inches) or 304 cm (120 inches), which can be useful for measuring longer lengths (such as curtains, quilts, and other stylistic layout objects at home).

cloth tape measure

Use a tape measure when sewing

A tape measure is mainly used to measure bodies as well as to draw patterns, to measure fabric, to place designs on fabric, to determine the length of a garment, to check the size of borders, to measure curves and corners, to measure Curtains and quilts used. .. and much more. A sewist must have a tape measure on hand. Even better, multiple tapes with different shades of color without an immediate delay.

Read a tape measure

As you may know, there are two mainframes for a length measurement: the imperial measurement system, where things are measured in meters, feet, and inches—the metric measurement system, which uses meters, centimeters, and millimeters.

How do I buy a tape measure for sewing

How do I buy a tape measure for sewing? It’s not distracting, but there are a few details to watch out for.

Anyone who is sewing must choose a considerable tape measure with a guarantee against the removal and disappearance of markings. The tape measure should be reliable but adaptable, not twisted or stretched, and not easy to tear.

Pay attention to the tape material – it should be healthy to serve you as long as possible without stretching. Today’s professional tapes are made of fiberglass and are NEVER stretchable. When choosing a tape measure for sewing, remember that it should be soft and adaptable. An inflexible tape measure does not fit your body or over a pattern and fabric, and all measurements are wrong.

Types of tape measures

  • Some tapes only marked in centimeters and millimeters.
  • Some only have inches and their fractions (in the 8th or 16th).
  • Some are both inches and centimeters. I want this type of tape measure for sewing. Converting the sewing lengths is easy, with a measuring tape marked in cm and inches. You only need to read the customs page that corresponds to the number in centimeters.

Old and old tape measures

Many sewing tools (sewing tape, best sewing machine, sewing kit, sewing oil, iron for sewing, pinking shears, sewing chair, sewing table, sewing scissors and more) have a thousand-year history. In any case, a customizable tape measure is a relatively recent invention. Let me reveal some interesting facts about a tailor’s tape measure.

PRINTABLE tape measure card

If you want to change inches and millimeters slightly, use this table below with the equivalent in mm for divisions in inches.

tailor tape measure

The values ​​are set to the next mm value. For example, if the actual cost is 7.94 mm, we need to group it to 8 mm because when sewing, the millimeters are no longer separated – the millimeter is the smallest unit commonly used in the decimal standard. We cannot observe and use something much smaller than a millimeter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What do you call a tape measure for sewing?

Sewing tapes are very flexible, and are sometimes referred to as tailor’s tape. They conform quite quickly to the shape of the body. They provide precise measurements, which are essential for the creation and modification of garments. They vary in length from sixty to one hundred and twenty inches.

Is a sewing measuring tape in inches or centimeters?

The standard length of cloth sewing tape is sixty inches ( or 152 cm). However, there are also 120 inches long. For things like curtains, blankets, and other home decors, the one that is the longest in length is the finest sewing tape measure to use.

Are sewing measuring tapes accurate?

The use of flexible strips, such as those used in sewing tape measures, rather than a straight or stiff ruler allows for more precise measurement of curved lines.

How do you read tailors tape?


This tape is straightforward to use so that even a young person can use it appropriately. The dimensions are given in inches and centimeters on plastic or fiber tips to ensure excellent legibility. If you follow this, you can easily find its size and length. Many artisans and carpenters also use this tape to measure the length of the wood as it is comfortable to hold. The cost of this tape is too low, so you can easily buy it.

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