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Not much thought may go into the specifics of purchasing a toilet seat, but if you think about just how much time you spend on one, you may reconsider. Bathroom maintenance can be such a burden, especially when you need to repair or replace something you use multiple times a day – like a toilet. There are actually more options than you think, and when you take your own needs and other factors into consideration, you will definitely have a toilet seat that will last you a long time.


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Here are some toilet seat buying tips:

Consider Ergonomics

Some toilet seats may offer you more than you think you need. You may even need to think about the surface contact you have when seated on the toilet, as some toilet seats will give you much more back support. Ergonomically designed toilets may be more efficient and comfortable, and The Spruce states that some toilet seat options may even feature quick-close designs which will slowly lower the lid – avoiding loud crashes and damage to the seat’s material. Some seats also come with grips to avoid any slips or trouble getting up from the toilet. Ergonomic seats are especially useful if you have children or older people living in the house with you.

Pick the Right Material

If the time comes for you to pick a new toilet seat, think about the kind of material you want to be sitting on, as this will impact your comfort. Some people may prefer wooden seats as these don’t get as cold as plastic seats. There are even some padded seat options, which will give you some support and warmth as a cushion. These could be more ideal options if you or your loved ones are recovering from a surgery or injury. However do note that could be more difficult to get up from and could be a bit more difficult to clean.

Elongated vs. Round

Narrow your search by choosing your seat’s shape, but make sure you get the details right before purchasing. HomeServe’s quick guide to fitting a toilet seat outlines the importance of measuring the toilet bowl to get the right fit, no matter the design. Measure the distance between the fixing holes at the back – the industry standard is usually 155mm (6 inches) but double-check in case yours is different. Check the width of the toilet bowl at its widest point, as well as the distance between the front of the toilet to the point right between the fixing holes. From this step, you can pick between an elongated oval-shaped seat, which is typically more comfortable but pricier, or a more common round seat.

Smart Seats

If you’re thinking about a more significant upgrade, there are a number of smart toilet seat options available. CEO of startup Toi Labs Vikram Kashyap says that smart toilets are the future, and you may not even have to change your entire toilet since some seats can just be attached to existing bowls. Many smart seats come with sensors that scan the toilets’ contents and waste material for any anomalies and health concerns. Less advanced options may also be up for consideration, featuring touch sensor flushes, heated toilet seats, or even automatic lids. For those who are thinking about making smart home renovations, this is a good place to start.

Once you’ve managed to choose the right seat, try to maintain it and keep it clean. You can check out our post on What to Look for When Buying the Best Toilet Brush for Your Bathroom to find the best tool to keep your toilet spotless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I determine the correct size toilet seat to purchase?

Find out with the use of a measuring tape how much space there is between the centers of the mounting holes on the rear of the toilet. The typical measurement for this distance is five and a half inches, with the equidistant point falling at around two and a half inches. Hook the end of your tape measure at the halfway point, and then measure to the front edge of the outside of the toilet bowl rim.

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  1. Buying a toilet seat may seem like a simple task, but there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. Some essential tips include measuring the size of your toilet bowl, choosing the right shape and style, considering the material and durability, and evaluating additional features such as soft-closing hinges or bidet functions. It’s important to also think about the hygiene and maintenance of the toilet seat and consider whether it’s easy to clean and disinfect. Overall, taking the time to research and carefully evaluate these factors can help you choose a comfortable, functional, and durable toilet seat that meets your needs and preferences.


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