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By visiting this page, you want the best toilet brush for your toilets. We are also here to help you do just that. For a start, doing a thorough cleaning job begins with acquiring the best toilet brush for the job. That is because the best toilet brush makes the single largest contribution with regards to the outcomes.

Our review and buying guide below looks into the best toilet bowl brush on the market today. It also highlights and explains those factors to consider to make the right purchasing decision. Read through faithfully to gain the insight you require, going forward.

best toilet bowl cleaner brush

In your search for the best toilet bowl cleaner brush, you have to consider some factors. Below are the top factors to look in:

√ Handle

The size and the makeup of the handle matters. The best toilet brush and holder has to possess the handle of the right length and weight. Further, the materials used to adorn the handles also have to be strong and firm to guarantee long-term reliability.

√ Caddy

This is the storage container which accompanies the best toilet bowl brush. A good caddy has to be large enough to contain the best toilet brush cleaner. It should also be leak-proof and compact enough to fit the storage space available.

√ Scrubbing Head

In your cleaning, the scrubbing head forms the core of the best toilet brush. It is the one that does the actual work of getting rid of the germs and dirt. It hence follows that the head has to be strong and powerful. Stainless steel is the best material to use for such.

√ Frequency of Use

How often do you plan to use the toilet bowl brush? This will determine the strength of the materials you will need. If you want the best toilet brush for occasional use, the materials need not really be that strong. The opposite applies to those which you plan to use frequently.

√ Design of the Toilet Bowl

Lastly, you have to consider the design of your toilet bowl. The manner in which it is designed determines the shape and the stature of the best toilet bowl brush to use. You have to find a chart which compares and contrasts the two.

Top 10 Toilet Brush In 2021

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OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush, White...
Shape of handle is designed for a secure, comfortable grip; Canister drip tray features ventilation slots that allow water to quickly evaporate
BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set, Silicone Bristles...
Invisible Tweezer: Pull out tweezers, easy to remove hairs and something else

1. The Clorox Best Toilet Brush Cleaner

Other than merely getting rid of dirt from your toilet brush and plunger set, this toilet brush set will also kill germs. That stems from its excellent germ protection trait. This is not to mention that the best hygienic toilet brush does a good cleaning job too.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Antimicrobial Protection
To let it deal effectively with germs, this cleaner contains some antimicrobial protection on its bristles. The protection deals with germs and suppresses odors too. When used for long,  the best toilet brush and holder also combats mildew and mold.

√ Non-slip Rubber Base
Its base is made of rubber and hence does not slip. Expect the cleaner to last longer and stay reliable at all times. The rubber construction also reduces the buildup of germs and other issues which might cause diseases.


√ Great to behold due to modern color
√ Saves greatly on your space
√ Reaches inaccessible areas with ease
√ Attractive and compact to handle
√ Works in any bathroom


× May hurt if handled carelessly
× Vulnerable to leaks
× Not strong enough for long-term use

2. The OXO Best Toilet Brush And Holder

Sometimes you want to add more value to your toilet. A cleaner of this kind will help you do just that. The best toilet brush and plunger set contains beautiful accents which add to the beauty of your bathroom.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Rust-free Brush
Its brush bristles are made of stainless steel. The best disposable toilet brush do a thorough job of getting rid of the most stubborn stains. However, they rust not as others do. You hence will enjoy long-lasting applications.

√ Sanitary Storage
After you are done with your cleaning, you will want to store your brush, won’t you? Well, the storage mechanism of this toilet bowl cleaner brush is safe indeed. That is because the best toilet brush holder contains ventilation slots which let the water evaporate easily.


√ Easier to store when not in use
√ Handles deep cleaning thoroughly
√ Its handle yields some comfortable grips
√ Dries easily after use
√ Suitable for those packed spaces


× Calls for huge muscle power
× Needs intense care and maintenance
× Costs a fortune to acquire

3. The Glendan Best Toilet Brush

To save yourself time and money, you want a comprehensive toilet brush of this kind. The best toilet bowl brush and holder can also clean your bathroom floor beside the water closet. The best toilet brush is on the whole stronger and more enduring.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Rounded Shape
The best toilet brush and holder is rounded in shape. This gives it the ability to maneuver easily and deliver the desired ends with little effort. You will handle much of your cleaning without feeling too fatigued.

√ Excellent Construction
The bristles are made of Polypropylene (PP) and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) materials. Unlike their stainless steel counterparts, they neither hurt nor rust. This notwithstanding, the best toilet brush and holder do a completely elegant job.


√ Comfortable to hold and engage
√ You will not have to press it firmly
√ Gentle fibers do not scratch the toilet bowl
√ Less likely to inflict injuries on you
√ Takes less time to bring about the necessary outcomes


× Bristles fall off easily
× Yields low value for money
× Likely to soil your toilets

4. The Best Toilet Brush And Holder By Quickie

Some toilet bowl brushes have areas that are ordinarily hard to reach. You require the best toilet bowl cleaner brush to handle them. The ordinary ones will not really help. Look up to this for such kinds of applications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Anti-slip Grip
In the course of its use, the best toilet brush cleaner will give you great gripping power. That is because the best hygienic toilet brush contains an anti-slip grip on the handles. You need adequate strength to be able to give rise to thorough impacts.

√ Adequate Protection
By its sheer design, the best hygienic toilet brush offers adequate protection from all possible germs. Examples of these include the mildew, mold, bacteria and so on. With regards to this, it is unlikely to cause any odors.


√ Its fibers last longer than usual
√ Contains a unique extension
√ Confers extra gripping power
√ An antibacterial agent kills germs
√ Delivers deep cleaning outcomes too


× Accompanied by an unstable caddy
× The fibers are prone to fraying
× Its handle is shorter

5. The TreeLen Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush

If you are a career toilet cleaner, you want the best toilet bowl scrubber that will take you long and deliver consistent outcomes. This is the one to consider purchasing. The best toilet plunger and brush set contains durable bristles which will not wear out easily.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Firm Rubber Bristles
All factors considered, the bristles of the best toilet bowl cleaner brush are very firm. They stay sturdy and reliable throughout the entire duration of use. In so doing, they get rid of stains forcefully.

√ Non-scratch Brush
Other than being firm, the bristles also scratch not. This arrangement lets them drain off excess water easily. In so doing, the best toilet scrubber minimizes drips which are chiefly responsible for discoloring your bowls.


√ Fits anywhere within your bathroom
√ Drains off excess water completely
√ Wards off the discoloration of your toilet bowl
√ Delivers truly healthy outcomes
√ Remove stains forcefully


× Hard to bend when in use
× Devoid of structural integrity
× Uncomfortable to engage

6. The BOOMJOY Best Toilet Bowl Brush

When cleaning your toilets, it is never to get rid of the visible dirt. The invisible dirt like bacteria and germs are equally important. The best hygienic toilet brush cleaner will help you in doing just that. It has antibacterial bristles for the job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Stainless Steel Pole
At its core, is the stainless steel pole which is strong and long-lasting. Due to its unbreakable nature, it yields you years of dependable performance. The best toilet bowl brush also amplifies the force you put in.

√ Round Base
Its base, on the other hand, is round. The best toilet cleaning brush makes it more stable and less likely to tip over. Yet again, the best toilet brush set makes for reliable use and applications all the time.


√ Simpler to care for and clean after use
√ Dries faster to prevent the growth of bacteria
√ Lets you take it wherever you desire
√ Hardly turns and falls off as is the case with other brushes
√ Impacts all styles of bathrooms


× Difficult to care for and maintain
× Complicated to a simple user
× Takes up much storage space

7. The mDesign Best Toilet Brush And Holder

Looking for the best toilet bowl brush that can stand up to daily use? This is the one to look up to. It is strong, multipurpose and well able to take on your daily chores with ease. Find out more about it below.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Quality Construction
All factors considered, this toilet brush and holder features quality construction indeed. The best toilet brushes and holders are manufactured using the shatter-resistant plastic material. Expect it hence to last you longer and handle many of your cleaning chores easily.

√ Space-saving Design
Other than being strong, this toilet brush is also space-saving. This stems mainly from its compact size which requires limited space to handle. You will also find it easier to carry around if need be.


√ Leaves behind some sparkling appearances
√ Comes along with its own holder for easy storage
√ Stays hidden from the view of visitors
√ Its handles fit nicely within your hands
√ Slips neatly within your toilet


× Fewer operational cycles
× Brings about limited value for money
× Unsuitable for large scale use

8. The Marbrasse Best Toilet Bowl Brush Set

Want to carry out some deep cleaning? You need the best plunger and brush set that is extremely powerful and thorough. Waste not your time with any other brush than this. The best disposable toilet brush is appropriately suited for the job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Hemispherical Design
Its head comes in the form of a hemisphere. It is this trait that makes the best toilet brush and plunger set capable of handling deep cleaning. That is because the head reaches the portion that is tucked away under the rim too!

√ Excellent Head Construction
Over and above the hemispherical design, the head also features some excellent construction. The best hygienic toilet brush comes in the forms of high-grade ABS and Nylon materials. They deform not and stay stable all the time.


√ Decorates your room as well
√ Wards off the possibilities of leaking and soiling your floor
√ Comparatively simple to store and clean
√ Exudes some powerful cleaning actions
√ Slips comfortably between the toilet and the tub


× Not for you if you lack the necessary expertise
× Unreliable in eliminating germs
× Performs fewer uses

9. The Best Toilet Brush Set By GiniHome

You want to go beyond merely getting rid of solid dirt from your toilet. This toilet brush will let you eliminate odor as well. That is because the best toilet brushes and holders contain some parts and features which others lack.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Circular Disc Design
The best toilet brush handle is available in the circular disc design. Courtesy of this design, you will receive adequate protection from splashes and stains. This, in turn, gives you the confidence to wash your hands well.

√ Bamboo Charcoal Composition
Some bamboo and charcoal also form part of this toilet scrubber. These two absorb and neutralize any odors. The best toilet brush and plunger sets are the ones which make the brush effective at eliminating odors too.


√ Stifles peculiar smells
√ Long and dense bristles do a great work
√ Reaches dead corners with ease
√ Delivers deeper and thorough cleaning outcomes
√ Long service lifespan


× Intricate to understand
× Costly to maintain
× The bristles fray and fall off easily

10. The Homemaxs Best Toilet Bowl Brush Set

In case yours is a public toilet, you want a hygienic toilet brush that is the strongest, money can buy. Well, this is the one we would recommend. The best toilet brush and holders top-grade deep cleaning bristles are chiefly responsible for this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Premium Stainless Steel
Some premium stainless steel forms its handles. This material yields awesome durability and cleaning strength. The best toilet brush holder is this that makes it able to tackle commercial cleaning services reliably.

√ Unique Shape
In all, the best toilet bowl brush comes in some unique shape. The shape delivers optimal efficiency throughout use. That is because it negates any possibilities of hurting your hands as you use the brush.


√ Delivers optimal efficiency
√ Maintains your bowl clean for a long time
√ Remains hidden from the view of a passersby
√ Instills a sense of gorgeousness on your bathroom
√ Makes your cleaning fulfilling and enjoyable


× Costly to acquire and maintain
× Definitely requires some expertise
× Cumbersome to transport around

best toilet bowl brush

Finding the best toilet brush can make cleaning a little easier. The best silicone toilet brushes help you make your toilet more useful and clean. Even though you can put a few dollars in your pocket in less expensive brushes, others deserve a little more speculation, and some are even cheaper choices with interchangeable brush heads. Whatever you’re looking for, it will help you look at some shopping considerations, types of brushes, and most importantly, find the best toilet brush to solve your problems based on value, plan, and more.

Silicone Toilet Brush

The most well-known sort of toilet brush is produced using silicone. It might arrive in an even adjusted shape or a calculated plan. The best silicone toilet bowl brush has bristles that shall continuously scrub the garbage and get into the difficult to arrive at zones like below the edge. Those brushes are cheap and genuinely viable. Most silicone brushes accompany a caddy also, so you have an exact spot to store your brush and forestall the spread of germs.

Brush And Plunger Combo

Most washrooms require a toilet brush and a plunger for crisis stops up. Why not have them both in a similar caddy? This is incredible for little washrooms where space saving is significant. It’s likewise reasonable on the off chance that you favor the effortlessness and association of keeping these two things together. These sets regularly accompany a standard silicone toilet brush.

The best toilet plunger and brush set can be prudent and space-saving. In any case, remember to clean it also. The off chance that water gets into the caddy can develop microbes and emit a scent. Give the whole caddy, plunger, and brush a quick sterilizing cleaning once per month with dye or disinfectant splash to forestall any issues.

Natural Toilet Brush

If you are earth cognizant or favor a more natural methodology, you can pick a natural toilet brush. They are generally made with coconut or other natural fiber. They come in similar two fundamental shapes as silicone brushes and are planned in a similar design. The handles are now and then natural also, with bamboo being a famous decision. The fibers might be milder than those of silicone brushes to require more real effort.

Toilet Bowl Mop / Mop Style

Mop-style brushes are produced using yarn or cotton. They take after a little mop. They don’t have the scrubbing force of different kinds. However, they are superb on the off chance that you are worried about scratching your toilet bowl. They are best utilized for incessant cleaning before trash has gotten an opportunity to dry and solidify.

Mop-style brushes are suggested for some more up-to-date model toilets since they have an exceptional completion that can be effortlessly damaged. It’s critical to take note that those toilets should not be washed with unforgiving cleaners. On the off chance that your point is to secure your toilet’s completion, you should utilize a mop-style brush also dish cleanser. Make sure to wash the mop head out and return over the toilet bowl to flush and eliminate cleaner after the underlying cleaning.

Disposable Toilet Brush

Disposable toilet wands have gotten well known lately. They are somewhat more costly than most brushes. Be that as it may, they accompany their cleaning arrangement, so the value levels out quite well. It’s one of the more sterile choices. No more stresses over getting microorganisms or, more regrettable, fecal matter on your cleaning execute and then cleaning it too. With disposable toilet brushes, you discard the messy part.

Electric Toilet Brush

Electric brushes are extraordinary for uncompromising cleaning. Rather than scrubbing off solidify trash with your force, the brush turns rapidly to eliminate stuck-on flotsam and jetsam and stains. Many electric toilet bowl cleansers are wireless. Re-energize it when you are done. This is a fantastic choice if you experience an actual infirmity’s ill effects and struggle with manual scrubbing.

Toilet Scrubber/Scrub Toilet Brush

Scrub brush-style toilet brushes resemble a standard multi-reason scrub brush. In any case, they are planned with a long handle, so they can be handily used to scrub your toilet. Commonly they are calculated to arrive at all surfaces of the toilet bowl. They may likewise accompany a little brush on top for coming to under the toilet bowl.

Scrubbing brushes can be utilized with standard toilet bowl cleaners. Just flush the brush out and ensure it’s liberated from the garbage when you are finished cleaning your toilet. You may think it’s valuable to permit toilet bowl cleaner to sit for a couple of moments before utilizing it for best outcomes.

Best toilet brush clean traces, soil, stains, or germs and effectively maintains the toilet equipment without damaging the coating. These toilet brushes are the ideal choice as they will help you clean your toilet entirely with less effort. They also accompany capacity and are assessed sensitively. Choose a toilet brush that suits your needs and make the toilet shine clean!


Q. When should I replace my toilet bowl brush?

A. As soon as you detect that the length of the bristles is shortening, think of replacing the disposable toilet brush. You have to see to it that the lengths are sufficiently long at any given time. It is only then that you will enjoy great cleaning outcomes.

A. As soon as you detect that the length of the bristles is shortening, think of replacing the brush. You have to see to it that the lengths are sufficiently long at any given time. It is only then that you will enjoy great cleaning outcomes.

Q. Do I really need a toilet brush?

A. YES, you do! The role that this item plays in keeping your toilet clean cannot be substituted with any other item. How else will you be able to get rid of the stains and skid marks in your toilet bowl brush?

Q. How often should I replace my toilet brush and plunger set?

A. If you use yours on a daily basis, then you have to do so at least once a month. Remember, the more you use it, the more likely that it shall accumulate germs and dirt. In-between any two replacements, disinfect the best toilet brush as well.

Q. How do I eliminate brown stains from my toilet brush?

A. Use baking soda to do so. Pour some water in a basin and introduce some baking soda. Soak the toilet cleaning brush in it and leave for some time. This shall dissolve the brown stains and also kill the odor.

Q. Is it OK to apply bleach on my toilet cleaning brush?

A. NO, not at! When the bleach combines with the cleaners, the end results are often toxic. When the gases are inhaled, they might corrode your respiratory systems and pose some permanent damages.

Final verdict

Our guide of the best toilet bowl brush ends there. It is now up to you to make an effort to find your toilet cleaner of choice. Our the best toilet brush list above is a good place to start from. That is because it comprises only those cleaners that are outstanding at the moment.

As you read through the list, take note of the strong points of each cleaner. Weigh those strong points against your own expectations. That way, it will be possible for you to narrow your choice to the best one. Could you please share this information far and wide? You will help others make the best of their cleaning!

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