How To Clean And Store Toilet Brush Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips!

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Surprisingly Effective Ways to How to Keep Toilet Brush Clean

We frequently overlook the necessity to clean our cleaning gear. Your toilet brush and its holder are filthiest items in your bathroom. Cleaning the toilet brush is best done immediately after use. Learn how to clean a toilet brush and brush holder in moments.

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How to clean toilet bowl brushes efficiently is to immerse them in bleach. Remember to read the product label for application directions, including any safety precautions – bleach is a strong substance. Preparation is key for how to disinfect toilet brushes and clean them! To clean a toilet brush, follow these instructions.

how to clean toilet brush holder

Fill a bucket with water

Make use of hot water.

Toss in the bleach

Add two to three capsules of bleach to the mixture (see the bottle label for advice on this).

Allow the brush to soak for a while

Place your toilet brush in the bucket and let it wait for an hour to work its magic.


Remove the brush from the container and rinse it under hot water.

Place the toilet brush back in the holder

Once the toilet brush has dried, it should be placed back in the holder.


After cleaning the toilet brush, it’s time to clean the holder. While your toilet brush dries, do this. Follow these methods to clean toilet brush holders.

Anti bacterial spray

Antibacterial spray the interior and exterior of the toilet brush holder. Alternately, immerse it in a bleach solution for an hour. Remember to always read the product’s safety instructions.

  • Drain for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with scalding hot water.
  • Dry the toilet bowl with a towel.
  • Finally Place the toilet brush in toilet holder.

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Bleach is toxic. Keep children away from it. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

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