A Guide To SHOPPING At Any Age

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Social media is the new order of the day and online shopping has completely become the new wave. More and more businesses are going online. More and more shopping sites are recording enormous sales as each second passes. It’s the one bandwagon every growing and forward thinking business is advised to jump on and not risk being left behind.

How it works?

It’s simple- you go where your customers or target audience are; you learn about and like what they like, or better still, you become what they like (even as you maintain your brand objectives). And the best part is that everyone likes shopping online these days. Why? It’s quick, easy and convenient. Moreover, all you need to become that brand that offers these three things is a functional, well-optimized and appealing shopping site. With an ecommerce that is user friendly and optimized for both web and mobile use, you are on your way to financial and corporate growth.

3 key advantages of shopping online

Time, ease of use and convenience are the major selling points of e shopping. Shopping at your favorite store is absolutely fun, no doubt. But we all have also had our fair share of long queues, checking out and payment delays, stressing over what to wear to the mall or when to even go shopping. Life has become a lot easier

10 Tips that make you Influential in online Shopping.

We all shop. Every single day someone is shopping, buying something at a nearby store or an online store. However, online shopping is quite different from traditional shopping. Okay, not quite but significantly different, and in order to become influential in e shopping and be the customers’ top choice, you have to be able to pull your weight in many areas. Here are some tips that will help put you top on the charts when it comes to online shopping.


However affordable or expensive a product is, there is always a market for it. This goes to say that knowing your brand identity and connecting with the perfect customer, the right quality and price seals the deal.

Brand connection

You have an emotional connection, bias if you will, to a particular brand. Everyone does and that is a perfectly normal human trait. Usually, it doesn’t matter what these brands do or don’t do or how expensive they are, the moment they are able to steal your heart and keep it, you are hooked for life. This brand loyalty influences shoppers’ choices on what to buy and where to buy what.


If I can always find my favorite types of shoes or cologne brand in your store, then you’ve hit the jackpot. A brand that is not only easy to access but always has customers’ top choices is always the first port of call for online shoppers.


How relatable is your brand to shoppers? Do you speak their language? How is your engagement with shoppers on Social Media? These are questions to consider especially at these times of social media. This is where your marketing and advertising strategy comes in.

Simple payment and checkout processes

If checking out is even the slightest bit stressful, that can be a turn off for many online shoppers. Shopping online for many equates to easy shopping and they expect to always have a seamless experience. Provides as many payment options as possible.

Fewer shopping options/choices

This one is a pretty hard pill to swallow for many as it seems counter intuitive. More products mean more sales! It only makes sense right? But if you think about it, you also stand the risk of overwhelming your customers with too many options to choose from. To manage this however, consider structuring and simplifying your site’s user interface.

Brand promise

Be sure to keep your brand promise and answer every question. This is one area to put an eye on. Other customer’s ratings and reviews also influence shoppers’ decision to buy. And since word of mouth is still considered one of the biggest forms of advertising, be honest and realistic with your sales copy.

Mobile optimization

If your online store has a functioning website, which it should, it should be optimized to accommodate mobile shopping. Quick and easy access. A mobile friendly shopping site guarantees more sales.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Absolutely nobody. So give away as much as you possibly can free. Every shopper loves the 50% sales tags but the more you give free stuff, the more you are loved. This automatically puts you on the good books of consumers, which results to more shopping and more shopping means more sales!

Quality product images

This might not seem like a big deal at the very sound of the word image, but in branding, image is everything. Appearance is very important. It affects the buying decision of every shopper. In E shopping, the first point of contact is sight. Most of a shopper’s decision is influenced by how appealing or not so appealing a product is. It might only take just one good photo to seal a deal.

Some of Your Most Burning Questions About e Shopping answered!

Why does the store offer all these lists of product categories, anyway?

This is simply to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

What does the store want to know about my tastes, interests, ages, and marital status?

To suggest products you would likely be interested in.

How private is the information I provide to an online store?

According to the Privacy law of your country, the store is obligated to keep all information provided by you private, and may only be used to contact you for future deals.

A Guide to Shopping At Any Age.

  • How do I want people to view me?
  • Do I want to stand out or fit in?
  • What do I want from my wardrobe?
  • What do I really need?

The Bottom Line

Although fashion related, these questions can serve as a guide to shopping for your age. Style is what it is- ageless! However, there is also something called transitioning. This simply means that we all grow and as a result, outgrow many things in life. You would not use the clothes, toys, books, food and lots more of ten years ago in 2023, would you? Shopping is different for all ages and if you are able to provide answers to these 4 questions, you can easily shop for your age.

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