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Toilets are truly significant parts of our homes. They are the ones that channel out the wastes and effluence to the municipal drainage system. Given their delicate nature and the fact that they easily give rise to the spread of diseases, they have to be taken good care of all the time.

toilet part

You will require a couple of toilet parts to be able to keep yours in the best shapes and forms. We have carried out extensive research in the area. Our review-cum-buying guide here below endeavors to look into many of these parts that have proved to do well. Read through to gain the inspiration you need.


Like any other piece of equipment or accessory, the toilet parts too have to be purchased correctly. This is a feat that is only achievable if you adhere to certain principles or factors. We examine a couple of them here below:

toilet flush

√ Relevance to the Task

The part you choose has to be relevant to the task at hand. What exactly do you want the part to fix or do? Does the part you have in mind have what it takes to handle that particular role? You might have to skin the parts and specifications to ascertain whether this is the case.

√ Compatibility with the Systems

Since you will be attaching the parts to the pre-existing components of your toilet, it is necessary to see to it that the part of your interest is as compatible with the pre-existing components as much as possible. To be on the safe side, you should choose only those parts that are manufactured by the same brand as your toilet.

√ Suitability for the Desired Roles

Is the part you have in mind really suited for the role at hand? You have to ascertain first and foremost what exactly you want from the part or what it should do to you. Thereafter, go ahead now to find a suitable match from the list of the many that are in existence.

√ Durability

As always, the parts have to be extremely durable. Insist on that one which is made using the strongest materials available or in stock. Examples of these could be cast iron, Aluminum, and stainless steel. You do not want to spend your money to repair and care for these items every now and then do you?

√ Costs

When all is said and done, the costs for which these items go also counts significantly. Finding the right toilet part ought not to mean you digging too deep in your pockets. To be able to arrive at a fairer deal, we suggest that you compare the prices of the many vendors we have around before settling on a choice.

On This List We Have 10 Toilet Parts

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Fluidmaster 400CR Universal Toilet Fill Flapper Repair...
Features the proven 400A anti-siphon toilet fill valve; High Quality and durable toilet fill valve
Kohler Genuine Part Gp1083167 Silent Fill Valve Kit For...
Kohler genuine part; Silent fill provides a gracious experience by filling the tank quietly
KOHLER 1256315 Part Touchless Flush Service Kit, Black
Protect the on KOHLER products, always look for the KOHLER GENUINE PARTS logo; Replacement OEM touchless assembly
OULII Toilet Flush Lever Handle Universal Toilet Handle...
Color: Silver golden. Material: Zinc alloy.; Wrench width: about 8cm / 3.15 inch. Lever length: about 21 cm / 8.3inch.
TOTOTHU004-CP Trip Lvr For St701Cst854884, Chrome,11.7...
With unrivaled vision and innovation expertise, TOTO leads and never follows; TOTO installations offer peace of mind and performance you can count on
Mansfield M210 Plumb Pak Pp835-88 Water Saver Flush...
Instant shut-off; Won't rust or corrode; Flush valve; Package Dimensions: 6.0" L x 6.0" W x 13.0" H
KOHLER GENUINE PART 85406 2" Toilet Flush Valve...
KOHLER GENUINE PART; Flush valve assembly for Wellworth, Highline and various other KOHLER toilets
Fluidmaster 5403P4 5403 3-Inch Universal Water Saving...
Fluidmaster Universal flapper 3 - 191415; This is highly durable; Universal flapper; Easy to install with two simple adjustments

1. Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit

Toilets, just like any other part or component of a home, will often sustain damages every now and then. You have to have aptly prepared to handle such repairs by acquiring and stockpiling a kit of this kind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Comprehensive Kit
The kit is quite comprehensive in the sense that it incorporates all the tools-of-trade that typical repair work may have to contend with. With it, you won’t struggle that much to have your way.

√ Simpler Stature
Though comprehensive, the kit is simpler in stature. It is subsequently easier to comprehend and make do with. Particularly, it is awesome for general do-it-yourself applications.

√ Multipurpose
Overall, the kit is able to handle a myriad of relevant tasks and purposes. These include but are not limited to the common toilet fill issues you are bound to encounter every now and then.


√ Prevents leaks from arising
√ Highly resistant to corrosion and other forms of damages
√ Features a solid build frame for the longevity of use
√ Manages a more optimized performance
√ Cleanses itself of any germs and harms


× Potentially clutters your workspaces
× Calls for too much care and attention on your part
× May be strenuous to handle and operationalize

2. Dual Flush Valve and Lever Handle

While flushing out the water, it is important to regulate the flow thereof to prevent the possible loss of the water altogether. A toilet flush valve will definitely come to your rescue in this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Greatly Handy
This item is greatly handy in the sense that it is able to ward off a couple of common water problems. These include but are not limited to the toilet handle, flapper chain, and the toilet flapper.

√ Easier Installations
Generally speaking, the toilet valve is simpler to set up for eventual use. To do so, you will have to make use of the drop-in installations without expending any tools or removing the toilet tanks.

√ Durable Construction
On the whole, the entire structure is pretty durable. Its makeup features the materials that are highly durable and well able to endure the test of time. They bear the chlorine chemical resistance and won’t warp.


√ Designed to fit the standard flush valves
√ Saves water and energy considerably
√ Comes at an affordable price
√ Cuts down the hassles you would confront to have your way
√ A split handle flush activator expedites operations


× Does not fit the Mansfield brand of toilets
× Limited to the matters of flush regulations
× Slightly complicated to handle

3. Fill Valve Kit for All Kohler Class Five Toilets

As a sure way of preventing the spillages of water from the tank is to put in place a fill valve. As its name implies, this is an accessory that basically monitors and regulates the pace of the water filling.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Silent Fill
It operates silently unlike the standard valves that tend to generate some noise when engaged for use. Thanks to this silence, the accessory is able to monitor the activities albeit with much comfort.

√ Multiple Fill Rate Inserts
Embedded in the accessory are some multiple fill rate inserts. These ones work jointly to conserve the water flow while at the same time managing optimized performances.

√ Height Adjustable
The gadget gives you the leeway to adjust the heights of operations in the course of engaging the various parameters. Yet again, the pleasure of maximum convenience is yours to leverage


√ Comes about with some generous warranty
√ Bears the mark or genuineness
√ Maintains original product performance
√ Promotes longevity of use
√ Accommodates any height of water flow


× Somewhat complicated to handle and manage
× May disparage those who have limited skill
× Cannot fit some installations

4. Techo Touchless - Toilet Flush Kit

Nowadays, we have quite a number of toilet flushing mechanisms that are no longer operated manually. They instead employ a variety of sensors that detect the need for flushing and activate the mechanism automatically.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Effortless Upgrades
Unlike the standard sensors, this one demands limited effort from your part to engage. Thanks to the effortless nature of the operations, the item is generally a breeze to handle.

√ Reliable Motion Sensor
At its core is a reliable motion sensor. This is the one that detects the motions on the toilet bowl and then activates the flushing mechanism appropriately.

√ Easy Installations and Replacements
With this item, it is possible for you to manage easy installations and replacements of parts. Many people have reported taking a paltry 20 minutes to set it up for use.


√ Its batteries do last a fairly long duration of time
√ Manages 200,000 flushes in its whole lifetime
√ Packed with loads of elegant features like the reminders
√ The range adjusts to conform to the many circumstances of use
√ Readily available spare parts and mounting kits


× Fits only the major canister and flapper toilets
× Prone to signal interferences
× May not work in some voltage ratings

5. Kohler 1256315 Part Orem Touchless Assembly

For the purposes of hygiene, it is imperative that the flushing unit you pick for the job be touchless. We have a surprise here for you. This one does not require any human contact to operationalize.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Replacement OEM Touchless Assembly
On the whole, the product does manage or come about in the form of replacement OEM touchless assembly. Thanks to this touchless nature, the parts are less likely to transmit germs and diseases.

√ Longevity of Service
In all aspects, the item is designed to enhance the longevity of services and product delivery. This stems from the many durable and tough parts that make the structure up.

√ Premium Materials
Also complementing the other vital traits is the use of the premium materials. They chiefly exist to add some durability to the product and hence make it last longer for prolonged durability.


√ Manufactured by a brand that is highly reputable
√ Possesses only genuine parts and components
√ Maintains original product performance
√ Lasts a fair long duration of time
√ The touchless nature prevents the transmission of germs


× Restricted to the KOHLER brand only
× Limited geographical applicability
× Unsuitable for those who are constantly on the move

6. Toilet Flush Lever Handle for TOTO Kohler Toilet Tank Part

Want to be in the position of handle your toilet flushing units exceptionally well? Choose to work with this flush lever handle as it is the one that is appropriately equipped for the stated end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Hard Durable Zinc Alloy
Its stature is hard and durable indeed. The use of the equally hard and durable Zinc alloy material to make it up is the primary reason behind this. This material is truly reliable for your use.

√ 3 Holes
Some three holes do exist on the handle of the lever to facilitate flexible and adjustable installations. They cut down the time and the hassles that would ordinarily be expended to do the task.

√ Non-stick
Unlike your typical lever handle, this one does not stick as is the norm. Instead, it mounts pretty well and fast. Call on it for your light everyday tasks especially those that demand extreme operations.


√ Exists in awesome dimensions indeed
√ Mounts at the sides also
√ Decorates your bathrooms as well
√ Makes your life convenient and perfect
√ Comes in many color options


× Pretty weak when installed
× Cannot manage many cycles of use
× Unsuitable for professional applications

7. Trip Lvr for St701Cst854884

In the course of working on the plumbing system, you will usually require that the drain go up or down. To do this, you will have to engage the trip lever. It is a lever that hinges and rotates to make the working on the drainage possible.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Backed by Precision Engineering
It is entirely backed by Toto’s precision engineering as well as further global manufacturing. Thus, you should expect the item to imbue a mix of functionality and performance.

√ TOTO Installations
Complementing the above are the equally awesome Toto installations. These jointly provide the peace of mind and performance you may desperately yearn for at any given time.

√ Superior Quality
The company has been operational for well over 90 years. During this timeframe, it has accumulated a vast wealth of experience and given off diverse benefits. You stand to tap into these too.


√ Possesses unrivaled visions and expertise
√ Delivers a mix of innovative technology
√ Embraces a holistic design and operation
√ Backed by precision engineering
√ Imbues performance and functionality


× Cannot do anything more unclog the drain
× Brings about limited value for money
× Delicate and easier to break apart

8. Water Saver Flush Valve

Wishing to save some water in the course of dispensing the same via a flushing unit? You have this specific toilet part to look up to. It does have the trappings necessary for the attainment of the end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Instant Shut-off
An instant shut off stands taller among the many elegant features of this part. It is the one that shuts the mechanism upon the water levels getting to a desired point or level

√ Corrosion-free
In its entirety, the flush valve is highly resistant to corrosion and other forms of potential damages. As such, it will never corrode or sustain premature damages easily as others of its kind do.

√ Effective Coordination
The gadget is overall capable of coordinating many of the tasks that are associated with the matters of toiletry. Examples of these are the bathtubs, sinks and the water closet units.


√ Manages to give off perfect baths
√ Exudes some gorgeous styling
√ Available at a price that is lower
√ Comes in some perfect dimensions
√ Attaches to many other vital accessories


× Touchable and able to transmit diseases
× Quite bulky and in need of spacious mounting spaces
× Slightly intricate to a simple user

9. KOHLER - Toilet Flush Valve Kit

If you want to add some beauty and aesthetics to your rooms besides merely dispensing the flushing water, you have to similarly choose a part that is elegant in its appearance. Why not go for this?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Flush Valve Assembly
A flush valve assembly ranks first in the list of the many awesome benefits it has to offer. The assembly makes it capable of pairing and working alongside other like-minded gadgets.

√ Comprehensive Stature
The part is quite comprehensive in the sense that it attaches to many other vital parameters and accessories. They combine to make your experiences awesome and devoid of any hassles.

√ Optimized Performance
All the associated parts and components are optimized for the utmost operations. They are subsequently less inclined to the risks of damages and downtimes that other machines suffer.


√ Enjoys the Kohler warranty
√ Operates for a longer duration of time
√ Manages many operational cycles of use
√ Replaceable easily and conveniently
√ Less inclined to the menace of leakages


× Sustains scratches easily
× Falls short of many parts
× Brings forth fewer or limited benefits

10. Universal Water Saving Long Life Toilet Flapper

A toilet flapper valve is no doubt a great addition to any toilet. It is the one that holds the water tightly to prevent the same from spilling over when the same is contained in the unit.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Adjustable Water Dial
It does have an adjustable water dial that basically regulates the flow and discharge of the water output. That way, it minimizes any likelihood of the water spilling out unnecessarily.

√ Highly -durable Silicone Seal
Next comes the highly durable silicone seal. It is this one that plays the actual role of regulating the outflow of water. The seal performs a better job than the regular flappers.

√ Easy Replacement
If and when you need to replace this part, you will similarly enjoy better performances. It is overall easier to replace and upgrade when the time to do so.


√ Combines with many like-minded parts and accessories
√ Adjusts to conform to many incidences of use
√ Exhibits a stronger and stable build
√ Delivers long-lasting solutions to you, the user
√ Less inclined to the risks of damages


× Quite strenuous to handle
× Does not manage to fidget well
× Comes at a prohibitive cost

toilet tank parts

Q. What is the top of a toilet called?

A. The tank lid it is. It doubles up as a cover for the inner mechanisms of your tank. For a large part, it works as a cover to the bowl and hence prevents the foul stench from spreading into and contaminating your room interiors.

Q. What are the various toilet parts?

A. Some of these parts are the fill valves, toilet bowls, lid cover, and the toilet tanks. They are the ones that combine to enable you to dispose of your safely and conveniently at the comfort of your own homes.

Q. Are toilet flappers universal?

A. NOT really! Many toilet flappers these days can extend from 2 to 4 inches in size. Thus, it is incumbent upon you to determine the size that is most relevant to your course.

Q. How much does a toilet flapper cost?

A. The prices range from $50 to $150. But then again it all depends on where exactly you plan to make your purchase. For the best possible offers, you are advised to compare the prices of the many dealers first and foremost.

Q. Why won’t my toilet stop running?

A. This issue arises in many cases if the valve is faulty. The faultiness is what lets the water keep seeping out onto the overflow tube to the environment. That may call for you to adjust the float tank upwards or downwards.

Final verdict

What more inspiration do you need with regard to these toilet parts? Have we not exhausted what may have been humanly possible for you to make a good move? All we now ask of you is to proceed with haste and make a suitable purchase as soon as can possible be. Best of luck as you set out! team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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