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Toilets are usually the most ignored appliances in the houses. Thus, until they break down is when homeowners do realize the importance of toilets to the overall modern lifestyles. The advancement in technology has further enabled for the manufacture numerous models of toilets all with unique distinguishing features which ranks them among the best or just ordinary toilets. Therefore, before purchasing the best toilet to replace your old one or as a brand new installation, you will need to intimately know these toilets to ensure that your toilet time is as comfortable and as satisfactory as possible.

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Detailed below are some of the secrets to toilets in the modern-day and thus constituting some of the information you should be familiar with to ensure that you choose the best possible toilet for your bathroom.

Types of toilets

Toilets aren’t just toilets anymore; they nowadays come in several different styles from traditional to modern and even electric designs. Thus, people have different styles of toilets installed in their homes as per their preference and money capabilities.

Moreover, there are also different types of toilets in the market today. They include;

Two-piece toilets

These include a set with a separate bowl and tank bolted on top of the bowl. These are the most common as they are much cheaper in the market.

One-piece toilet

These are integrated bowl and tank forming one compact unit. They come with their benefits such as easy cleaning, saving space and a sleek appearance. They are however very expensive and unaffordable by many people.

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Wall-mounted toilets

These are the latest design of toilets fixed and hung on the wall at an appropriate height. They are convenient for use by many individuals, even those in wheelchairs as they create more space for maneuvering.

Toilet tanks

Many people are familiar with toilets with the standard size water holding tank. However, there are differential features installed in these tanks which distinguishes them from one another while also rating their efficiency. For instance;

The flush valve

This is installed on the lower parts of the tank and controls the amount of water being passed into the bowl at a time. There are the larger valves which are currently common and recommended since they guarantee quick and powerful flashes while saving water compared to their counterparts of small valves.

Flush lever

The location of the flush lever is essential to comfortable flushing while also adding to the aesthetics of the toilet and the environment.

There are however currently tankless toilets which are fitted with the water mains directly thus enabling flushing by drawing pressurized water directly from the supply lines. They save on space and water than those with tanks. They are however costly than those toilets with tanks.

Toilet bowls

Toilets also come with different bowl shapes which also determines the efficiency of performance. For instance;

The round bowls

These are the most common toilet bowls since they are cheap and are space conscious. They are therefore found in many houses in the country.

Elongated bowls

These are oval and thus requires more space for installation. They are more comfortable to sit on with the few extra inches. They are, however, quite expensive.

The flush system performance

To effectively remove waste from the bowl and flush them down the drains, the toilet usually needs an efficiently functioning flushing system with adequate pressure. There are two common flushing systems;

Gravity flushing toilets

These toilets utilize gravity to move the water from the tank under a high gravitational force into the bowl to remove the wastes effectively. These are the most popular and are cheaper.

Pressure-assisted toilets

These utilize compressed air to push the water into the bowl with a lot of pressure effectively flushing the contents. They reduce clogging possibilities are more water-efficient. They are, however noisy and much expensive.

Water usage efficiency

Since toilets use water to clear out the waste in the bowls, some toilets generate a high water bill at the end of use. However, modern toilets are designed with large valves to save water. Furthermore, they also come with a dual flush system where there is a button/lever for minimal water for the liquid wastes in the bowl and another button/lever for average water release for solid wastes. This ensures that these toilets use water below the standard level of 1.6 gallons per flush saving on the environment.

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Accessibility features

These include features which further makes use more comfortable. For instance;

Bowl height

The standard height of toilets is about 14.5 inches, and this is accessible and comfortable for both adults and children alike. However, the toilet heights vary with numerous considerations such as comfort for adults, and individuals with mobility problems or disabilities. They would, therefore, require a much higher height than the standard, that is, the universal height of 15 to 17 inches as per the requirements of the homeowner. There are, therefore, a variety of heights of toilets in the market.

Trapways style

The trapways behind the toilets may be concealed or open, depending on the toilet model. However, the fact is that exposed trapways are usually very difficult to access and properly clean interfering with proper toilet hygiene.

Aesthetics and finish

This secret contributes to the creation of an appealing toilet environment. Therefore, apart from selecting your most preferred style and type of toilet, the color of the toilet also matters. Toilets are manufactured with a variety of colors such as white, off-white, cream, black, green, among others. Nevertheless, the most common color is usually white as it matches perfectly with many bathroom decors, and it is appealing. You can, however, choose your preferred color.

The finish of the toilets also varies from plastic to porcelain among other materials. This also determines the durability of the toilet, the ease of cleaning, among other benefits. Therefore there are also numerous toilet finishes which you can choose from as per your preference and price range.

The Bottom Line

Toilets are unique in several ways and therefore holds many manufactures and design secrets. This creates a wide variety of toilets in the market for customers to choose from whenever they are considering buying one. The secrets mentioned above are just but a handful since there are more others.

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