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Are you a commercial or professional cleaner? In any case, you need an expandable duster for your own use and different applications. Unlike the ordinary duster, it retracts and stretches to allow accessing those parts hidden or located away with a lot of ease. The truth is that getting your hands on the appropriate duster is a significant step towards realization of ends it brings along.

telescopic duster

If you want an affordable way of ensuring that your home, car, or office are free of dust, then you ought to use an extendable duster. Although it is only a cloth, it will eliminate dust without having to move around your home or office. Moreover, there are many benefits of using this type of extendable duster for high ceilings. These are some helpful steps to help you find the best extendable duster for high ceilings.

Desired Length

As you know, the dusters can extend to varying lengths. It is a good idea to match the length you have in mind by considering the task ahead of you. In fact, choose a lengthier one for high ceiling and a short one for a nearer one. Moreover, the extensions capability must be smoother for it to actualize.

Item You Want to Be Cleaned

Which item do you need to impact? Is it a piano, keyboard, car, ceiling, or wall? It is vital that you consider this issue as various dusters are meant to tackle a wide range of surfaces. Moreover, making a match will equally eliminate any hassles that come with these tasks.

telescoping duster

Material Construction

The types of materials that make these items also do matter a lot. Therefore, you should choose one that is tougher, richer, and stronger. That is necessary if you want to ensure that lifetime applications are possible and reduce any possibilities of having damages.

Operational Expertise

Also, you want to take into account operational expertise. That is the extent of the skill that you ought to employ to achieve a desired cleaning outcome. Moreover, you ought to choose one that is simpler to use and matches your expertise.

Ease of Use

The right extension duster for high ceilings you choose ought to be allow you to clean various areas with a lot of ease. Even if the areas are hard to reach, such as certain corners, cup holders, and air vents, it should clean those areas easily. That also means getting a duster that takes away stress of bending and stretching thanks to the telescoping handle. When you use it with the exterior of the car, it helps to clean top of the door and even roof of your vehicle.


Although this is not an important factor, it is necessary to consider it. For instance, having an extendable duster that may be used in carrying out a wide range of chores a great addition to your household items. You should note that an extendable duster can be used to clean offices, homes, and cars. Thus, it helps reduce the cost of operation and it can be your most favorite cleaning tool.


When buying a long handled duster, there is a need to consider both the durability and quality of the design. Also, you should consider the quality of material that is used in making a duster. Remember that the duster is made of various quality materials, but it may lack proper arrangement or even durability. However, having a duster with a poor design is likely to break down and may even cause unnecessary damage to the car.

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The Bottom Line

The best extendable duster is one that is built to clean even places that are difficult to reach whether in your vehicle, home, or office. Also, it should have a microfiber to ensure that it effectively and easily trap dirt and dust as even retain them till you shake it off. Moreover, it needs to be of the right size and shape and should be perfect for cleaning cup holders and pockets.

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