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When someone thinks of vacuum cleaners, one just thinks of a machine that cleans your floor and that is it. But there is so much more to vacuums and cleaning with these “machines” than meets the eye. For instance, how do you know the best vacuum cleaner for you and your home specifically? Are there secrets to using a vacuum and cleaning your home? Is there one, in particular, that would be considered the best vacuum, or the “go-to” cleaner, no matter the home or mess?


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All of these secrets that you need to know for a cleaner home and to gain a better idea of vacuum maintenance, we will uncover here in our article, and you just might become a vacuum cleaning pro. Read on to find out more about the unexposed secrets of vacuum cleaners.

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Unexposed Secrets of Vacuum Cleaners

Pretend Like You are Mowing the Lawn

If you can clean your carpet like you are out there mowing the lawn, you’ll end up having a carpet that looks like a freshly cut lawn. The trick here is to show those designs and patterns in your carpet, solely by vacuuming them a certain way. The secret to this is as follows: Divide the area into 3 or 4 strips visually, using the same back and forth motion on each strip. This simple secret is going to keep those patterns showing in your carpet, which will ‘wow’ your guests and make you their vacuum hero.

Change Those Vacuum Filters

Ok, this tip may be more exposed than not and it is common sense to know that even with the best vacuums, you have to change those filters regularly. However, there is one unknown tip that not only helps you to always have a filter on hand but also to help save you money in the long run, which is to buy filters in bulk from janitorial supply companies. The reason filters are so supercritical is due to the fact that if you leave one in there for too long and it becomes overloaded, it completely diminishes the vacuums’ ability to clean making it useless, unable to work properly enough to be used as it was intended to be used. Prolong use of uncleaned filters can also permanently damage your cleaner.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Cleaning Your Vacuum

Just like your car or home, you’re going to have to keep up with the maintenance and repairs on it, as well as cleaning it. Perhaps one of the best things about keeping your vacuum cleaner clean is that you only need water to rinse things off and that’s it! In fact, we strongly encourage you to never use soap on your vacuum as it does quite the opposite of what you think. Instead of cleaning off dirt, it attracts dirt, and then you may need to take your vacuum to the shop. Spread the secret – do not use soap on your vacuum cleaners!

Smarter Isn’t Always Better

With today’s technology rising above all else, and our will to stay motivated long enough to clean our home seems to be fading into the days of old, don’t jump to purchase that smart, robot vacuum just yet. While they do get some of the dirt and debris for you, the truth is that they just aren’t that smart and they really don’t clean half as good as a human can. You’re better off getting a handheld vacuum or a cordless vacuum and cleaning off of your own intellect.

When Cleaning, Have a Screwdriver Handy

Many people think that cleaning your vacuum consists of emptying the bag, replacing it, and you’re ready for the next spring cleaning but that is exactly why vacuum cleaners are not lasting as long as they should. One major tip to keeping your backpack sprayer or vacuum super clean? Use a screwdriver to pop open the bottom plate (every vacuum has one) and clean out dust bunnies from the inside.

Consider the Voltage

If you’re looking for power and a master cleaner, the best vacuum cleaner will be the one with the most voltage. The higher the voltage, the more suction you will get out of your vacuum. And of course, the more suction you get out of your vacuum, the cleaner your house will be.

If All Else Fails, Use Your Best Upright Vacuum

An upright vacuum cleaner is versatile to the point that it can be used on carpet and even on hard floors. Upright vacuums are actually the most popular of the entire list of cleaners and are preferred by most of those in the U.S. If you’re having a hard time with pretty much any aspect of vacuuming, use an upright cleaner of your choice and it will at least save the day – for now. They also take on the super heavy, hard to clean messes so the upright vacuum is the secret go-to vacuum if all else fails!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do bagged vacuums outperform bagless vacuums?

Bagged versions feature an additional layer of protection for their filtration system, which allows them to operate more effectively than bagless models in general. Bagless models do not have this additional layer of protection. It is in your best advantage to purchase a model that will filter out the air as well as possible if someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma. This is because it will help them breathe easier.

Which kind of vacuum cleaner is superior, cylinder or upright models?

Because they are often more powerful and have a higher dust capacity, cylinder vacuums need to have their dust containers emptied less regularly. In addition to this, they have a greater cleaning radius than upright vacuums do because of the length of the cable.

Why are bagless vacuums popular?

You won’t need to spend any further money on replacing vacuum bags if you have a bagless vacuum cleaner. However, much like bagged vacuums, they contain filters that need to be cleaned periodically or, in the case of HEPA filters, replaced, most likely at a frequency that is higher than that of a bagged vacuum.

What factors should you consider while purchasing a vacuum?

In addition to the overall dimensions, weight, and practical usage, some of the characteristics that should be taken into account are, for instance, the motor power, the vacuum power performance, the noise level, and the filtering system.

The Bottom Line

Now that we know a vacuum cleaner is much more than just a machine that sucks up dirt and cleans our floors, it’s time to put this knowledge to the test and purchase the right vacuum cleaner for you specifically. One must consider the size of their home, how much power they’re going to need (you will need more power if you have animals, for instance), and the job at hand when looking for the right one.

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