Why You Need a Snow Roof Rakes & How to Use?

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Snow can be great fun for the family when it comes to sledding or even skiing. Your kids will definitely enjoy throwing snowballs and making snowmen. However, snow can be a nuisance when it comes to the roof of your home. Nothing is as frustrating as living under a damaged roof. Therefore, it is not surprising to see many homeowners looking for ways to prevent these damages. While bad weather is inevitable, investing in a snow rake can be worthwhile. Here is all you need to know about purchasing the best snow roof rake for your household.


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Snow Roof Rakes Secrets

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Why you need a Snow Roof Rake?

Snow on the roof can be dangerous for a number of reasons that include collecting and falling on people or even turning into slippery ice. In such scenarios, the best alternative is to invest in a snow roof rake.

How to Use a Snow Roof Rake?

Removing snow from the roof of a premise or a house is not a clear-cut mission. Perhaps you’re wondering how to go about the roof snow removal – that’s alright! Well, using a roof rake can be a little involving. This is quite different from using a rake on the garden and generally requires more effort and concentration. Of course, understanding what it takes to carry out effective roof snow removal is worthwhile. Thereupon, make sure to seek professional advice on how to use the rake upon purchase.

When using the tool, it is important to follow certain guidelines to ensure safety and minimal accident risks. Keep in mind: removing snow from the roof can be dangerous. Thence, don’t even think about climbing onto the actual roof. At times, snow forms ice that makes the roof extremely slippery and deadly. The last thing anyone wants is to get a fatal accident or at the very least break a bone. Consequently, make sure you have a safe ladder. You can opt to get a little help – get someone to hold the bottom as you rake the roof. In addition, ensure that the ground beneath the roof is clear. You don’t want to hit people with snow and ice on their heads when undertaking the endeavor.

Protect your Roof with a Roof Rake

While a snow-covered roof may appear appealing, snow will potentially bring about costly and time-consuming home repairs. Remember: the soft and powdery snow melts and refreezes. This results in the formation of ice dams that basically traps water on your rooftop. You’re sure to have some damages on the roof after some time, right?

Secondly, the heaviness of wet snow can also be problematic. Depending on how long the roof has been there along with the materials used, your roof may face severe damage. Therefore, you’ll need to be very proactive. Getting rid of potentially damaging snow with a roof rake is a great way to keep you roof off damages.

Do you Need to Hire a Professional?

Well, a number of households might prefer to hire a competent contractor to carry out the snow removal endeavor. That’s alright! However, hiring a proficient can be a little expensive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to set up an elegant roof for your home and still spend more to prevent damages. A little investment can get you the best roof rake to carry out the task. You might also need to buy or rent a ladder to minimize the chances of accidents.

Where to Purchase the Best Roof Rake

You’re probably wondering where to purchase the right snow rake to clean your roof – do not panic! Among the most popular ways to purchase a roof rake is through online shopping. Here, you’ll have an opportunity to go through customer reviews and pinpoint the most appropriate tool for the job. Ensure you take features such as overall weight and length into account. Also, the frequency with which you intend to remove the snow from your roof along with the nature of snow will affect the choice on the snow roof rake to purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What length of roof rake do I need for my home?

The head of a roof rake is normally made of broad metal and is coupled to an extended pole that has a reach of between 14 and 22 feet. This length is often enough for clearing the majority of snow off the rooftop of a standard one-story residence from the ground level around the perimeter of the property.

Which is superior, a rake made of metal or one made of plastic?

The vast majority of tines are crafted from either metal or plastic. Metal tines are more long-lasting, but they are also heavier and have a tendency to drive up the price of lawn rakes. Raked that have their tines made of plastic are not as long-lasting as raked that have their tines made of metal, but they are less expensive and much lighter.

The Bottom Line

If you reside in a hazardous and snowy area, investing in a snow roof rake can be worthwhile. With the above guide, you’re sure to purchase an effective roof rake for your home.

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