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There a variety of pool toys and pool toys for kids that people are able to buy from Amazon. In order to provide guidance as to the best pool toys to purchase currently 15 toys were compared to each other. These toys were reviewed to determine their pros and cons providing pointers as to, which of the toys is the best over all.


When searching for pool toys and swimming tools for kids there are important ctriteria, which need to be mret. While it is fun to play with toys in and around water it should always be remembered that water is dangerous and that safety should always be the main consideration.

best pool toys

Buyers need to check the safety features of all the pool toys, which they are considering buying. Generally item descriptions on Amazon will detail the safety features of each product, and any notable point about safety is mentioned in the pros and cons section of the products reviewed above.

The toys need to be made from high quality materials designed to be.durable and if used in the water leak proof and resistant to sharp objects so that these do not sink especially if children are on top of them. Larger floating toys should also be stable and strong enough to support a child’s weight.

On This List We Have 15 Pool Toys

In a Hurry? Check the Best Pool Toys From Amazon. Just Check the Product Link, the Detail and Price.

Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set
Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set
Max Liquidator water blasters look like ordinary pool noodles but have a competitive twist
Swimline Fireboat Squirter Inflatable Pool Toy...
Swimline Fireboat Squirter Inflatable Pool Toy...
Heavy-gauge PVC stands up to use and elements; Extra-large rider measures 74.5L x 36W x 33H inches
The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Baby Bath Squirt...
The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Baby Bath Squirt...
Bring Disney fun to bath time with these cute bath squirt toys; Each bath toy is perfectly sized for little hands, kids love the Squirting action
Swimline 90285 Giant Shootball Floating Pool Basketball...
Swimline 90285 Giant Shootball Floating Pool Basketball...
MINI LOUNGE: Doubles as a partly shaded inflatable lounge for the kids to lay on and relax
Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Floatie...
Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Floatie...
Giant. Big: 114in * 55in *47in( Fully inflated ); Designed to hold 2 adults,more than 400 pounds.
SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Octopus Pool Float...
SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Octopus Pool Float...
Baby pool float with a removable canopy designed for safety and fun out on the water; Features a capacity of 1 baby
Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float,...
Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float,...
Have fun floating in the pool or at the lake with the Index River run I; Designed with a built-in backrest for easy cruising and a mesh bottom that keeps you cool
Intex Pool Volleyball Game
Intex Pool Volleyball Game
The dimensions are 94" x 25" x 36"; Includes a repair kit; Also has a shelf box; Made from sturdy 10-gauge vinyl with a 7-gauge vinyl ball.
GoFloats Inflatable Pool Drink Holders (3 Pack)...
GoFloats Inflatable Pool Drink Holders (3 Pack)...
UNIQUE DESIGN: Flamingle this summer with your flock of tropical flamingos; TURN HEADS: Float your drinks in style with 3 flamingo drink floats
Aqua Classic Dive Rings, 6 Pack, Pool Toys for Kids,...
Aqua Classic Dive Rings, 6 Pack, Pool Toys for Kids,...
SIX (6) COLORFUL DIVE RINGS: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.; SWIM TOY FOR UNDERWATER PLAY: Create your own swimming pool dive and retrieve games!

1. The Aqua Hammock Inflatable Pool Float

This multi purpose pool float can be used as a pool toy by children taller than 4 ft and also by adults. It can serve as a hammock, pool chair and as a drifter.


√ Has 4 in 1 multiple uses as a toy, drifter, chair and hammock
√ Portable water hammock and pool toy
√ Can be used in swimming pools, lakes, rivers and the sea (but beware of tides and underwater currents)
√ Thicker plastic to float for longer and to resist sharp objects / prevent leaks
√ Easy to climb on and off float when it is in wate


× So comfortable it would be easy to fall asleep on this float – remember to use sunscreen if it is needed

2. The Max Liquidator Water Blasters

A set of 6 multi colored water blasters for hours of water based fun for kids aged 6 and over. These blasters look like ordinary pool noodles but are powerful blasters.


√ Multi colored max capacity water blasters
√ Easy to load with using the handle
√ Lightweight foam blasters that float in pools or lakes
√ Catch others off guard as the blasters look like pool noodles
√ Blast water upto a distance of 30 ft


× These blasters are the mini version so do not buy expecting to receive the full size version
× More often than not the pack consists of blasters of 3 pairs of 3 colors and not 6 different colored blasters

3. The GoSports Floating Basketball Hoop

This basketball set allows kids (and adults) to play basketball while in the pool, it includes a hoop, 2 balls and a pump.


√ Play basketball and enjoy being in the pool at the same time
√ Product includes inflatable basketball hoop, 2 basketballs and a pump
√ The hoop is sturdy and specifally designed for use in the pool as it is supported by 3 plastic rings
√ Great fun for pool parties
√ US based seller with fast and effective US based customer support services


× Some buyers may think it is expensive yet it is worth every single cent

4. The Intex Inflatable Pool Slide

This water slide is designed for children aged 6 and over. it is ideal for use with swimming pools.


√ The dimensions of the slide are 131″ X 81″ X 46″
√ Capable of supporting upto 176 lbs in weight
√ Heavy duty construction to prevent leaks and keep it inflated
√ Supplied with a repair patch in case it gets punctured
√ Features wave designs on the outside


× It takes a while to inflate with an electric pump, perhaps as long as 45 minutes
× It is prone to leaking especially through the seams at the bottom of the slide

5. The Pokonboy Pool Toys For Kids

This pack contains 25 toys and pool accessories to keep kids entertained during the summer, includes water blasters and toy fish.


√ Large 25 pack format gives kids a wider choice of toys to play with
√ All toys are made from materials that are safe for children to use
√ The toys are generally robust
√ Improved diving techniques by retrieving toy gems from the bottom of the swimming pool
√ Meet all relevant US safety standards and backed up by a customer service team


× The toys look cheap in terms of quality
× Water blasters let the product down as these block or break within hours of being used

6. The JoyFun RC Car for Kids

This JoyFun RC Monster Truck is designed for kids between the ages of 5 to 10 to use in swimming pools and even on the beach.


√ This RC Monster truck is waterproof so it can safely be used in pools and on beaches
√ RC allows for changing the speed and the truck can be fully rotated
√ Fun for the whole family on land or in the water, and it makes for a great gift
√ Product supplied with a rechargable battery
√ USB charging point


× Kids should make sure that they use it first, as adults may want to keep it for themselves

7. The Fireboat Squirter Inflatable Pool Toy

This inflatable dinghy is made to look like a fire rescue boat complete with a fire hose (water gun)


√ Inflatable toy capable of supporting 200 lbs in weight
√ Made of heavy duty PVC with continued use in swimming pools
√ Rescue boat design to make play time more fun
√ Kids have fun putting out fires with the fire hose / soaking others with a water gun


× The boat takes a long time to inflate and it often leaks, while the rope it comes with should be removed as it is a trip hazard, especially for younger children
× The water gun is terrible quality, looks garbage and has a limited range when it is not jammed

8. The First Years Disney Baby Bath Toys

Pack of 3 squirt toys, namely Micky Mouse, Pluto and a beach ball. Product designed for babies and toddlers.


√ Made from materials safe for babies and toddlers
√ Disney themed toys featuring Micky Mouse and Pluto
√ Toys for children aged from 6 to 18 months old
√ Ideal bath time toys


× The toys are prone to mold
× Made from hard plastic so difficult to fill with water and to squirt

9. The Swimline Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

This giant shootball set allows kids to play basketball while in the swimming pool.


√ This product has several ports to allow for multiple shooters
√ Made from materials safe for kids yet tough enough to stay afloat
√ Several kids can play with it at the same time


× The float is prone to leaking after only a few uses
× The hoop section deflates too quickly and the product seems to have limited endurance even with light or moderate use

10. The Jasonwell Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

This is a floatie ride on raft with fast valves. Adults and kids can have fun with this large rideable blow up summer beach and swimming pool party raft.


√ Product includes fast valves for quick pumping up
√ Large rideable unicorn shaped raft for kids and adults
√ Designed for fun parties at beaches or swimming pools
√ Built to same standards as a safety raft
√ Strong material that can take the weight of 2 adults or 400 lbs


× Check that product has arrived in one piece before inflating
× The colors are not as bright as they appear in the product description

11. The Intex Inflatable Water Float

This River Run water float is 53 ” in diameter and features 2 handles and 2 cup holders.


√ Back rest to support ack
√ Includes 2 handles as well as 2 cup holders
√ Made from strong material to stay afloat
√ Bottom stays cool courtesy of mesh layer


× Prone to leaking especially if used on rivers
× Will last longer in swimming pools and if using on rivers best to consider as a single use item

12. The Swimways Kid Pool Float

The Baby Spring features interactive toys and has UPF sun protection to protect kids from the summer sun.


√ Includes fun interactive toys
√ Provides UPF sun protection
√ Made from sturdy and safe materials
√ Stimulates babies and toddlers
√ Easy to put up and to store away


× Maybe too big for smaller babies

13. The Intex Pool Volleyball Game

Inflatable volleyball net and ball set with weights to keep it in place.


√ Play volleyball in the swimming pool with this set
√ Easy to inflate posts and ball
√ Has dimensions of 94in X 25in X 36in


× The ball is really light, some users may prefer to use a proper volleyball
× Supplied weights may not keep net in place, use bricks to the side for a simple fix in smaller pools

14. The GoBrands Inflatable Pool Drink Holders

US designed floating 3 cup holders Flamingo shaped, seller sells offer designs, ideal for cold / hot drinks in the pool.


√ Designed in the US
√ Cool Flamingo design
√ Made from high quality materials
√ Other designs available


× It fit in larger cans or cans an X needs to be cut in the bottom

15. The Aqua Classic Pool Toys for Kids

Aqua Classic 6 pack of diving rings suitable for kids and teens for improving their diving skills.


√ Toys and rings that improve diving skills
√ Well made toys when packaged right
√ Provides plenty of fun for kids


× The toys seem a little fragile
× Some toys especially the Sting Ray need to be adjusted


Q. Are pool toys made from safe materials?

A. All the products are designed to meet all relevant US safety standards, see individual posts / instruction manuels for confirmation.

Q. Do any of the toys pose a safety risk to kids?

A. Provided that the products are used according to instructions and kids are supervised at all times all the products should not pose a safety risk.

Q. What are the best ages for using these toys?

A. Each product description highlights the age groups that are safely able to use it.

Q. Are these toys easy to use?

A. As a whole these pool toys are easy to use, set up and then store away.

Final verdict

After careful consideration it was decided that Product 1, the Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock was the best of the reviewed pool toys to buy.

This product is fun to use for kids and adults, and it can be used for 4 different roles making it a useful thing to have at a swimming pool, lake, or on a river. It is a durable and safe floater, suitable for use by anyone over 4 ft in height and take the weight of an average adult as well.

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