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Are you a professional or aspiring professional cleaner? Either way, you will find an extendable duster quite handy for your own use and applications. Unlike your ordinary duster, this one stretches and retracts to allow for accessing those parts that are either hidden or located far away with absolute ease.

Getting your hands on the right duster is no doubt the most significant step towards the realization of the ends they potentially bring along. How else can you do that save for obtaining the necessary inspiration to that end? Our reviews and buying guide here below endeavor to do just that.

wall duster

√ Desired Length

These dusters may extend to varying lengths. It is necessary that you match the length you have in mind with the unique task you have in mind. Choose a lengthier one for a higher ceiling and a shorter one for a nearer area. Then, again, the extensions capability ought to be smoother to actualize.

√ Specific Item to be cleaned

Which specific item do you want to impact? Is it a car, piano, keyboard, wall, or ceiling? It is imperative that you factor this issue also because different dusters are designed d to tackle different surfaces. Making a suitable match will also eliminate unnecessary hassles that typify these tasks.

√ Material Construction

The kinds of materials that make the items up also matter a great deal. You should choose that one which is stronger, tougher and richer in quality. The purpose of this is to guarantee lifelong applications and minimize any possibilities of there being damages too soon.

√ Operational Expertise

Lastly, you also want to care for operational expertise. This is simply the extent of the skill you might have to employ to be able to achieve the desired cleaning outcomes. Needless to say, you have to choose that one which is simpler and well within your own expertise.

Top 10 Telescopic Duster in 2021

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OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster
Generous Microfiber head covers a large surface with every swipe; Microfiber head can rotate 270 degrees and lock in multiple angles for dusting versatility
Microfiber Duster for Cleaning with Extension...
Good helper in doing housework:It can be also used as car/keyboard duster,etc.
Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Extender Starter Kit, 13...
Extender Handle Starter Kit comes with 12 Heavy Duty Duster Refills; Extender Handle is able to extend up to 3ft, helping you get hard to reach areas
O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Duster Set with...
Features an adjustable handle that extends from 24 inches to 49 inches; Microfiber technology with microscopic fibers that grab and hold dirt, dust and moisture
Ettore, 1-(Pack), 31028 Professional Cobweb Duster with...
Contoured shape with soft bristles removes the dust and cobwebs from window screens; Bristles are ideal for cleaning high corners and crown molders

1. OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

Want to accrue sparklingly clean outcomes, all you have to do is lay your hands on a microfiber duster like this one. Its fine yarn will leave nothing behind as it sweeps through the surfaces in the course of a clean.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ OXO Good GripsIts handles accord some excellent grips. These come in the form of the OXO Good Grips. They serve to minimize fidgeting and the possibilities of the duster slipping off of your hands.

√ Sturdy BodyThe body of the duster is sturdy and light in equal measure. In regards to this, the duster is convenient to carry around as the need may so determine at any given time.

√ Rotating HeadLastly, the head rotates at the wide-angle of around 270° to be able to access those parts of your room that are hidden from the view of an ordinary user or fellow.


√ Does not require the use of cleaning chemicals√ Extends to 54 inches for maximum reach√ Impacts a larger surface area per swipe√ Locks in numerous angles for excellent versatility√ Delivers some soft and comfortable grips


× May not impact rougher floors× Likely to leave behind fluff and fabrics× Lasts fewer cycles of use

2. DELUX Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole

Looking for a duster to clean your ceiling fans, higher ceiling, furniture, and keyboards? This is the one we would ask that you try your luck on.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Extensible BendableOther than extending, the duster also bends to get to places and portions. It is this trait that enables it to impact those tiny and hidden spaces of your room or pieces of furniture.

√ High-quality Stainless SteelA high-quality Stainless steel frame adorns its core. Owing to its strength and vitality, it allows you to enjoy the benefits that come along for an extended duration.

√ Easy to CleanAfter you are done with your cleaning, you will yet again enjoy the rare benefit of cleaning the duster faster, easier and effortlessly. Its hypoallergenic nature seals the deal!


√ Moves to harder areas with absolute ease√ Attracts the finest dirt and particles with absolute ease√ Requires no ladder while in use√ Light enough for prolonged use√ Serves for you for durations that are long enough


× Has the possibility of breaking× Requires the utmost attention on your part× Likely to damage your equipment

3. EVERSPROUT Duster 3-Pack with Extension-Pole

Perhaps no other duster is as good enough for the removal of cobwebs as this one. Its flexibility insofar as the removal of this unwanted debris is unparalleled.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Higher Maximum RangeIt does stretch to around 20 feet when fully engaged. Obviously, this is long enough to be able to attain maximum reach and impacts. In this way, it negates any excess strains on your part.

√ Built-to-lastOn the whole, this equipment is built to last. All its surfaces are strong and sturdy enough to weather all forms of storms and agents of deterioration.

√ Versatile Twist-on DesignThe handles follow the versatile twist-on design. This one lets you attach or detach the item to any duster seamlessly. You won’t have to expend too much of your time and effort to have your way.


√ Comes as a comprehensive package√ Enjoys 100% risk-free satisfaction√ Demands limited muscle power on your part√ Remains sturdy and resilient even when smashed hard on a floor√ Imbues some beauty and elegance to you


× Limited to cobwebs alone× May not endure rough handling× Cannot pair and work with many other attachments

4. DOCAZOO DocaPole 20 Foot High Reach Dusting Kit

Searching for a duster for your ceilings and other high areas? You have no better companion than this specific duster for your own taking and handling. It stretches from5-12 feet to allow for this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Ultimate High-reach Dusting KitAs noted above, this kit reaches high enough. It does have the ability to stretch from 5 feet to 12 feet. In this way, it allows you to get to those areas that are ordinarily out of your reach.

√ Scratch-free Microfiber TechnologyScratch-free microfiber technology also exists. Its role mainly is to see to it that all dirt and dust are effectively removed from off the various surfaces.

√ 12-foot Docapole Telescopic PoleForming its core if the Docapole telescopic handle that measures 12 feet. The pole is lighter due to the use of Aluminum material. This also gives it some stability and vitality.


√ Its handle is longer and sturdier√ Attracts and collects all the finest dirt particles√ Gives rise to the cleanest outcomes achievable√ Puts in place a truly healthy environment for your kids√ Negates the need for a ladder or support


× May damage the chandeliers and hanging lights× Take care that it overwhelms you not× Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance

5. Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Extender Handle Starter Kit (1 Handle, 12 Dusters)

Is your floor rough? You similarly want to use an equally heavy-duty duster. You should not look for any other than this one. It has all the trappings needful for the job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Ergonomic HandleIts handle stands out in the sense that it is ergonomic. Thus, it provides you some easy and tight grips when you get hold of it with your hands.

√ Swivel HeadThe head does swivel to allow for maximum reach and impacts when deployed for the eventual use. Say goodbye to excess efforts and handling on your part.

√ Extendable HandleLastly, its handle extends to get to those areas that are located afar off. Thus, it minimizes all forms of hassles you are more likely to encounter when in the course of going about your businesses.


√ Reaches well over three feet away√ Locks up thrice as much dust and allergens√ Swivels at the angle of 360° for maximum reach√ Accepts the feather fibers as well√ Guards again common allergens


× Inflicts huge muscle power on your part× Likely to tire you when used for too long× Requires timely reinforcements every now and then

6. Mogin Extendable Cleaning Microfiber Fluffy Duster set

Could it be that all you want is to make your car clean? Well, you have no better option than this particular duster. It is fluffy and extends to be able to impact the entire length and breadth of the car.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Eco-friendly MaterialsOnly eco-friendly materials have been used to make the duster up. These materials are safer as they are completely devoid of any toxins. This makes the entire package also safer for you.

√ Simplified OperationsIn all, the item allows for simplified operations. That is mainly due to its less complicated design and stature. On account of this design, the duster conforms to the unique contours of human nature.

√ Faster CleaningWith this item, it is possible for you to accrue the benefits of faster cleaning overall. It takes a paltry 5 minutes to be able to deliver the desired ends. That frees you to handle other chores that equally matter.


√ Reaches all spaces freely and smoothly√ Reliable enough for the delicate household furniture√ Takes the shortest time to settle and sort out√ Reaches the impressive 4.6 meters away from you√ Washable for repeated use and applications


× Likely to leave behind some fluff× Does not leave behind extremely clean outcomes× Have to be paired with many other items to deliver the right outcomes

7. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Duster Set with Telescopic Handle

For your own added peace of mind, you definitely want a long-handled duster that operates in two main directions. This could be a good one to choose to work with as it features the dual-direction application.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Adjustable HandleTopping the charts with regards to its awesome benefits is the telescoping handle. That allows you to impact areas that stretch forth from 24 inches through to the 49 inches.

√ Microfiber TechnologyThe Microfiber technology comes in next among its many outstanding traits and overall benefits. Thanks to this technology, the duster grabs and holds dirt, moisture, and other tiny dust particles firmly.

√ Fluffy DusterIts core features the fluffy duster that gets rid of the dirt particles and dust from off surfaces. This is what enables it to impact those floors that are harder and rougher for the ordinary dusters.


√ Flexible enough for maximum impacts√ Dual-sided for smoother and easier engagements√ Enables deeper cleaning than many alternative gadgets√ Extends from 24 inches through to the 49 inches√ Accesses those ordinarily hard-to-reach places with ease


× Favors only the experts× Requires frequent spates of repairs× Fidgets a lot and is also potentially injurious

8. U.S. Duster Company Triple Action Microfiber Duster Set

Of all the items we have around, none is as suited for the cleaning duster of higher ceilings. It is subsequently the one to go for if all you want is to impact the higher ceilings like those of cathedrals.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Triple Cobweb DusterIt does have the ability to ‘kill three birds with one stone.’ These are eliminating cobwebs, cleansing the dust and allowing for maximum use due to its washable trait.

√ Bendable Duster HeadIts head bends, unlike that one of the ordinary duster that is stiffer. On the strength of this bendable capability, the duster is able to impact those areas that are generally largely inaccessible.

√ Great Spider Web BrushOn the whole, the brush is great for combating the spiders indeed. That is mostly because it reaches those high-vaulted ceilings with absolute zeal and capability.


√ Reaches the higher ceilings√ Its handle is 5-feet longer than your average duster√ Bends to get to corners and other inaccessible areas√ Gets to places that are 20 feet high√ Reliable enough for the high cathedral roofs


× May strain you while in use× Does inflict some debris to your head and body× Can tire you if you use it for an extended duration of time

9. LECAMEBOR Microfiber Duster for Cleaning with Extension Pole

Want to save some of your time when dusting surfaces? This duster will play the trick. It is indeed well able to handle many surfaces and items, all for your own convenience and the utmost peace of mind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Super Long Extendable DustersCompared to the many dusters we have, this one has the longest arms that can even get to 100 feet! Thus, it is the one to look up to if you want to impact areas that are far removed from the mainstream.

√ Long Service Life & Quality GuaranteeAll the constituent parts and components of the item are manufactured using high-quality materials. As such, the duster itself is able to manage long service and high-quality performances overall.

√ Bendable & Washable Duster HeadIts head bends and washes in equal measure. For this reason, it gives you wholesome services that are beyond the scope of the ordinary duster.


√ Handles house works pretty fine√ Gentle enough for the keyboards and the dusters√ Less tiring to use and make do with√ Protects your walls and floors from scratches√ Does not tire you excessively as you use it


× May strain you while in use

10. Ettore, 1-(Pack), 31028 Professional Cobweb Duster with Pole

Are you a professional cleaner? You have no better companion than this specific long duster. It is tough and appropriately made up to be able to handle that chore and meet the very expectation well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Multi-cleaningUsing this item, it is possible for you to clean a myriad of surfaces and objects. The ceilings, walls, and windscreens are top examples of these. This means higher returns for investments.

√ Contoured ShapeIt does come about in a contoured shape that makes it easier to handle and engage. You will be assured exceptional levels of comfort with this item at your fingertips if you opt for it.

√ Unbridled AccessLastly, the item allows for unbridled access to the crown molders and the high corners alike. With it in your hands, you may be sure to enjoy unparalleled access and wholesome impacts as you go about the business.


√ Eliminates all dust from the window screen and cobwebs√ Has a hanger hole for your maximum convenience√ Cleans the hard-to-reach areas without the need for a ladder√ Its contoured shape expedites the handling√ Compact enough for the congested corners


× Demands a fair degree of expertise to handle× May disparage those who lack the necessary skills× Cannot fit well in smaller or cramped up rooms


Q. How do you clean an Oxo duster?

A. Due to its slim profile, it is possible for you to machine wash it. For this reason, it takes less of your time and effort to be able to restore in a perfect state of cleanliness.

Q. How do you clean microfiber dusters?

A. Use warm water to do the job. Soak the dusters in the warm and soapy water. Then, scrub it firmly with your bare hands, seeing to it that you completely eliminate all forms of dirt. After that, finish off by rinsing completely to get rid of all dirt.

Q. What Is Swiffer duster?

A. This is a brand of dusters that make use of the adhesive and fluffy materials to trap and lock more dust than the standard dusters. As such, it delivers cleaner outcomes that the ordinary cleaners are incapable of delivering.

Q. Should you vacuum or dust first?

A. Dust first and then finish off by vacuuming. By doing that, you will get rid of pebbles and larger stones that are more likely to clog the cleaners. That is a sure way of lengthening the lifespan of the product also.

Q. Are microfiber dusters good?

A. YES, they are! They have the ability to get rid of tons of dust without necessarily releasing the same to the air. Thus, they guard against any respiratory illnesses that may ordinarily come along with use.

Final verdict

We have truly belabored the subject matter of the best extendable dusters. Having done our part, we now leave it to you to carry on from where we have left. That definitely cannot mean anything else but searching for and finding the most suitable one from the list above.

Reading the explanations above and prioritizing one from the said list is a sure way of going about the issue. Simply skim the aforementioned products while noting the strong points thereof. That way, it will be possible to narrow to a specific item from the list above for your use.


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