The 10 Best Extendable Dusters 2023: A Review and Buying Guide

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Are you a professional or aspiring professional cleaner? Either way, you will find the best extendable duster quite handy for your own use and applications. Unlike your ordinary duster for home, this extra long telescopic duster stretches and retracts to allow for accessing those parts that are either hidden or located far away with absolute ease.


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Getting your hands on the right long handled duster is no doubt the most significant step towards the realization of the ends they potentially bring along. How else can you do that save for obtaining the necessary inspiration to that end? Our telescoping duster reviews and buying guide here below endeavor to do just that.


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Top 10 Telescopic Duster in 2023

In a hurry? Check the best extendable duster amazon. Just check the product link, the detail and price.

Microfiber Duster for Cleaning with Extension...
Microfiber Duster for Cleaning with Extension...
Good helper in doing housework:It can be also used as car/keyboard duster,etc.
Ettore, 1-(Pack), 31028 Professional Cobweb Duster with...
Ettore, 1-(Pack), 31028 Professional Cobweb Duster with...
Contoured shape with soft bristles removes the dust and cobwebs from window screens; Bristles are ideal for cleaning high corners and crown molders

If you feel a extendable duster is not for you, have a look at our guide and reviews of the best car duster on the market or best air duster for computer cleaning or best roof rake for heavy snow or best duster for cleaning blinds.


We now get to examine some of the factors you may have to mind about when seeking the best duster with extension pole for your use. We hope that if you follow this dust cleaning supplies buyer’s guide completely, you will be able to find the best extendable duster for home in addition to our recommended dust cleaner.


Cleaning is a great job. We should respect to those who are involved in this profession. This clean-up job tends to be different for different subjects. In the same way different cleaning appliances are used for different tasks. We have reviewed different cleaning appliances on several topics. Through our hard work, the reviews broom and dustpan , floor cleaner mop , vacuum cleaners , leaf blower and toilet brush have been published. If any of them are relevant to you, you can follow them.

√ Desired Length

These long handled duster may extend to varying lengths. It is necessary that you match the length you have in mind with the unique task you have in mind. Choose a lengthier telescopic pole duster for a higher ceiling and a shorter dust cleaner for a nearer area. Then, again, the extensions capability ought to be smoother to actualize.

√ Specific Item to be cleaned

Which specific item do you want to impact? Is it a car, piano, keyboard, wall, or extendable duster for high ceilings? It is imperative that you factor this issue also because different long reach dusters are designed d to tackle different surfaces. Making a suitable match will also eliminate unnecessary hassles that typify these tasks.

√ Material Construction

The kinds of materials that make the best dust cleaning products up also matter a great deal. You should choose that one which is stronger, tougher and richer in quality. The purpose of this is to guarantee lifelong applications and minimize any possibilities of there being damages too soon.

√ Operational Expertise

Lastly, you also want to care for operational expertise. This is simply the extent of the skill you might have to employ to be able to achieve the desired cleaning outcomes. Needless to say, you have to choose that dust eliminator which is simpler and well within your own expertise.


Now let’s take a look at the best telescoping duster in the market. We selected the top 10 telescopic duster amazon for your pleasure.

1. OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

Want to accrue sparklingly clean outcomes, all you have to do is lay your hands on a microfiber extendable duster like this oxo 1334580 good grips microfiber extendable duster. This oxo softworks microfibre extendable duster yarn will leave nothing behind as it sweeps through the surfaces in the course of a clean. Also note that the oxo extendable microfiber duster has a sturdy and lightweight aluminum body extending 54 “long handle so that it can easily reach all those high places and clean the dust.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ OXO Good Grips

The handles of this oxo microfiber extendable duster accord some excellent grips. These come in the form of the OXO Good Grips. They serve to minimize fidgeting and the possibilities of the extendable duster slipping off of your hands.

√ Sturdy Body

The body of the extension duster is sturdy and light in equal measure. In regards to this, the oxo extendable duster is convenient to carry around as the need may so determine at any given time.

Reusable Head

With this good grips microfiber extendable duster, once the cleaning work is done, the head can be washed and cleaned and reused, even replacement heads are also available.

√ Rotating Head

Lastly, the head rotates at the wide-angle of around 270° to be able to access those parts of your room that are hidden from the view of an ordinary user or fellow. As a result of this oxo good grips long reach duster with pivoting head, due to the extraordinary cleaning features, your house becomes clean.


√ No cleaning chemicals are required to do the cleaning with this oxo good grips extendable duster
√ Extends up to 54 inches to reach the maximum with this oxo good grips microfiber extendable duster when you work clean
√ This oxo good grips extendable duster impacts a larger surface area per swipe
√ Some soft and comfortable grips that provide comfort to your hands while working are provided with oxo extendable microfiber duster
√ This oxo microfiber extendable duster can be locked in numerous angles for excellent versatility when you clean the corners of any room


× With this oxo extendable duster it is not possible to reach a height of more than 53 “and may not impact rougher floors

2. The Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole By Delux

Looking for a microfiber extendable duster to clean your ceiling fans, exhaust fans, higher ceiling, wall, furniture, and keyboards? This is the extendable microfibre washable duster we would ask that you try your luck on. We hope this microfiber feather duster will not disappoint you but will be the right application of your money. You can follow the full review of extra long handled feather duster to know more amazing unknown information about this pole duster.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Extensible Bendable

This telescoping duster high ceilings survives that can be bent to reach shaking spaces and parts without extended stretches. This trait enables the feather duster with extension handle to impact those tiny and hidden spaces of your room or pieces of furniture.

√ Extendable Long Pole

A high quality stainless steel frame adorns the core of this extra long cobweb duster. This extra long extendable feather duster has a very high level of strength and vitality due to the frame holding, and for the same reason extendable feather duster allows you to enjoy the benefits that come along for an extended duration.

√ Easy to Clean

After you are done with your cleaning, you will yet again enjoy the rare benefit of cleaning the best ceiling fan duster with extension pole faster, easier and effortlessly. Its hypoallergenic nature seals the deal!

√ Easy to Mount

This telescoping duster pole has a durable threaded connection that is removable and convenient for storage. The pole of the extension feather duster has a round hole in the tail that can be hung on walls or doors. Or you can separate the head and poles to keep extra long handled cobweb brush in your drawer then this extra long feather duster will take up very little space to mount.


√ This extra long extending duster moves to a harder area with absolute ease so you don’t have to bother to do the cleaning
√ The wall and ceiling dusters attract the finest dirt and particles with absolute ease
√ No ladder is required when using the extra long handled duster because it has 100 inches extra long pole
√ If you work with this microfiber telescoping duster for a long time, you will not get tired as it is a lightweight feature microfiber feather duster
√ This feather duster with extender serves for you for durations that are long enough
√ This extendable duster high ceilings has gained a good reputation among the buyers as the best ceiling duster


× This extra long handled feather duster is likely to break if you use it without the utmost attention

3. The Best Ceiling Fan Duster With Extension Pole By Eversprout

Perhaps no other duster is as good enough for the removal of cobwebs as this industrial duster with extension pole. The flexibility of this extension pole duster is inevitable due to the removal of this unwanted debris.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Higher Maximum Range

When fully engaged, the telescopic pole duster extends about 20 feet. Clearly, this 20 foot duster for high ceilings is capable of reaching maximum reach and impact. Because it has a duster extension pole which is long enough. In this way, duster to clean negates any excess strains on your part.

√ Built-to-last

On the whole, this washing dusters are built to last. All surfaces of these good quality dusters are strong and sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of storm and degradation agents.

√ Versatile Twist-on Design

The handles of this feather duster with extension handle follow a versatile twist-on design. As a result, the duster extender pole of this ultimate duster allows you to attach or disconnect items to any higher duster. With this amazon feather duster you don’t have to spend too much time and effort to get your way.


√ This telescoping feather duster comes as a comprehensive package which is a great pleasure for the buyers
√ Enjoy 100% risk-free satisfaction using this extra long handled feather duster
√ These telescopic dusters cleaning claim limited muscle strength on your part
√ This dust remover remains sturdy and resilient even when smashed hard on a floor
√ This dust remover brush imbues some beauty and elegance to you
√ This extendable cobweb duster has a fan duster extension handle that will make it easier for you to clean your ceiling fan


× This 16 foot extension duster cannot withstand rough handling and cannot pair and work with many other attachments

4. The Best Duster With Extension Pole By Docazoo

Searching for a high reach dusting kit for your ceilings and other high areas? You have no better companion than this long handled cobweb duster for your own taking and handling. This long dusting pole can be extended up to 5-12 feet as required during cleaning work.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Ultimate High-reach Dusting Kit

As noted above, this high reach dusting kit reaches high enough. The high reach cleaning equipment does have the ability to stretch from 5 feet to 12 feet. In this way, this high reach dusting kit allows you to get to those areas that are ordinarily out of your reach.

√ Scratch-free Microfiber Technology

These long reach cleaning tools also include scratch-free microfiber technology. Basically with this long reach duster kit for this scratch-free microfiber technology there is no spot after dust and dirt from all the places that are effectively removed from different surfaces.

√ 12-foot Docapole Telescopic Pole

The docapole telescopic handle that measures 12 feet is making the core of these high ceiling cleaning tools. The telescopic duster 20 feet is much lighter because the dusting extension pole used in this high reach cleaning kit is made of aluminum material. This extra long dusting pole adds some stability and vitality to the high reach duster kit.


√ The handle of this long reach cleaning kit is long and studded
√ This duster for tall ceilings attracts and collects all the finest dirt particles
√ This high dusting equipment gives rise to the cleanest outcomes achievable
√ These high dusting tools play a great role in creating a truly healthy environment for your kids
√ With this 20 foot ceiling duster the ceiling fan can be cleaned very nicely without any spots so it has gained a lot of reputation as a ceiling fan cleaning kit
√ 3 dusting attachments with 20 foot duster package
√ This high reach duster easily fits into corners due to dome shape
√ The 20 ft duster can be easily washed off with water after cleaning
√ This high reach cleaning tools negates the need for a ladder or support


× This 20 foot extendable duster can damage chandeliers and hanging lights so be careful while operating
× Take care that extension pole for cleaning high ceilings overwhelms you not
× This extension pole duster kit is frequently called for repair and maintenance

5. The Swiffer Long Handled Duster With 1 Handle & 12 Dusters By Swiffer

Is your floor rough? You similarly want to use an equally heavy-duty duster. You should not look for any other than this swiffer dusters heavy duty extender starter kit, 13 piece set (1 handle, 12 dusters). Swiffer dusters heavy duty extender handle starter kit has all the trappings needful for the job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Ergonomic Handle

The handle of this foldable swiffer stands out in the sense that it is ergonomic. If you hold the handle, this long handle swiffer duster gives you some easy and tight grip. You will feel very comfortable while using the swiffer fan duster without any difficulty on the hands.

√ Swivel Head

This long swiffer duster allows the head to reach maximum and impacts when deployed for the eventual use. Say goodbye to your extra effort using this swiffer ceiling fan cleaner.

√ Extendable Handle

Lastly, the handle extends of the swiffer feather duster is located afar off from those areas. Thus, Swiffer duster extender rminimizes all forms of hassles you are more likely to encounter when in the course of going about your businesses.


√ This swiffer telescoping duster reaches well over three feet away
√ Swiffer fan cleaner locks up thrice as much dust and allergens
√ This swiffer ceiling fan duster swivels at the angle of 360° for maximum reach
√ Swiffer duster for ceiling fan accepts the feather fibers as well
√ Guards again common allergens


× The swiffer duster extendable is extendable only three feet so ladder support may be required. You also have to affect the huge muscle strength on your side so you are more likely to get tired when using this extendable ceiling fan duster for too long

6. The Best Car Duster For Exterior With Telescopic Pole By Mogin

Could it be that all you want is to make your car clean? Well, you have no better option than this washable microfiber duster. The long extension pole duster is fluffy and extends to be able to impact the entire length and breadth of the car.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Eco-friendly Materials

Only eco-friendly materials have been used to make the fluffy duster up. These materials are safer as they are completely devoid of any toxins. This extendable microfiber duster makes the entire package also safer for you.

√ Simplified Operations

In all, the easy clean duster allows for simplified operations. That is mainly due to the less complicated design and stature of the telescopic microfiber duster. On account of this design, the long reach feather duster conforms to the unique contours of human nature.

√ Faster Cleaning

With this fluffy dusters with handle, it is possible for you to accrue the benefits of faster cleaning overall. Microfiber fluffy duster takes a paltry 5 minutes to be able to deliver the desired ends. That frees you to handle other chores that equally matter.


√ This high dusters reach all spaces freely and smoothly
√ This microfiber duster washable is also reliable enough for delicate home furniture
√ These household dusters take the shortest time for resilience and sorting. As a duster for cleaning you can use it for both home furniture and car
√ This long duster reaches the impressive 4.6 meters away from you
√ This washable duster is washable for repeated use and application. That’s why you can use the cleaning microfiber duster without canceling for a long time


× These dust cleaning products are likely to leave some fluff behind
× This long extendable duster does not leave behind extremely clean outcomes
× The long reach duster set needs to be paired with many other items to provide accurate results

7. The Best Microfiber Duster Set With Telescopic Handle By O-Cedar

For your own added peace of mind, you definitely want a dual-action microfiber duster set with telescopic handle that operates in two main directions. This could be a good o-cedar dual-action microfiber duster set with telescopic handle to choose to work with as it features the dual-direction application.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Adjustable Handle

Topping the charts with regards to its awesome benefits is the telescoping handle. The telescoping handle of this microfiber duster set allows you to impact areas that stretch forth from 24 inches through to the 49 inches.

√ Microfiber Technology

The microfiber long handle duster technology comes in next among its many outstanding traits and overall benefits. Thanks to this technology, the microfiber duster with handle grabs and holds dirt, moisture, and other tiny dust particles firmly.

√ Fluffy Duster

The core of this dual action microfiber flip mop traits a fluffy duster that gets rid of the dirt particles and dust from off surfaces. This is what enables it to impact those floors that are harder and rougher for the ordinary dusters.


√ This microfiber duster set is flexible enough for maximum impact
√ The technical structure of the washable feather duster has a double sided arrangement for smooth and easy engagement
√ This extra long extendable duster enables deeper cleaning than many alternative extra long duster for high ceilings
√ The long handled feather duster extends from 24 inches to 49 inches which makes it much easier for you to clean remote areas
√ This telescoping ceiling fan cleaner accesses those ordinarily hard-to-reach places with ease


× Favors only the experts
× This duster with extension handle may need frequent repairs

8. The Best Furniture Duster With 18-20 feet Aluminum Telescopic Extension Pole By U.S. Duster

Are you worried about dusting your home or office furniture? If the answer is yes then this is for you. Of all the duster cleaning kits we have around, none is as suited for the cleaning duster of higher ceilings. These telescoping duster for cathedral ceilings will give you the solution to those problems very easily. As a result, you will be able to clean the dust accumulated on the surface of your furniture in an instant.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Triple Cobweb Duster

It does have the ability to ‘kill three birds with one stone.’ This telescopic cleaner eliminates cobwebs, cleansing the dust and allowing for maximum use due to its washable trait.

√ Bendable Duster Head

The head of the telescopic window cleaner is bend, unlike that one of the ordinary duster that is stiffer. On the strength of this bendable capability, the webster cobweb duster is able to impact those areas that are generally largely inaccessible.

√ Great Spider Web Brush

On the whole, the webster duster is great for combating the spiders indeed. That is mostly because this extendable window cleaning brush reaches those high-vaulted ceilings with absolute zeal and capability.


√ This telescopic extendable window cleaner reaches the higher ceilings
√ The handle of the long cobweb duster is 5 feet longer than your average duster so you can reach much higher heights with this web duster
√ This telescoping cobweb duster bends to get to corners and other inaccessible areas
√ This webster for cobwebs get to places that are 20 feet high
√ Webster duster reliable enough for the high cathedral roofs


× This webster cobweb duster can put pressure on you while using it and it can even put some debris on your head and body. It can make you tired if you use it for a long time

9. The Best Ceiling Fan Duster With Extension Pole By Lecamebor

Want to save some of your time when dusting surfaces? The best long handled duster will play the trick. This high ceiling duster is indeed well able to handle many surfaces and items, all for your own convenience and the utmost peace of mind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Super Long Extendable Dusters

Compared to the many dusters we have, this cobweb duster has the longest arms that can even get to 100 feet! Thus, telescopic cobweb duster is the one to look up to if you want to impact areas that are far removed from the mainstream.

√ Long Service Life & Quality Guarantee

All the constituent parts and components of the duster for cobwebs are manufactured using high-quality materials. As such, the cobweb brush itself is able to manage long service and high-quality performances overall.

√ Bendable & Washable Duster Head

The head of this cobweb remover is bent and washed to equal measure. For this reason, cobweb cleaner gives you wholesome services that are beyond the scope of the ordinary duster.


√ This cobweb duster with extension pole handles house works pretty fine
√ This dusting brush for furniture gentle enough for the keyboards and the dusters
√ You will not get tired of using this extendable cobweb brush
√ This furniture dusting brush protects your furniture from scratches
√ Ladder support is not required to use this furniture extension pole duster. As a result, you can easily clean the dirt on the surface of the furniture with a furniture duster


× This duster furniture may strain you while in use

10. The Best Duster For Cobwebs With Extension Pole By Ettore

Are you a professional cleaner? You have no better companion than this ettore, 1-(pack), 31028 professional cobweb duster with pole. This professional cobweb duster with pole is tough and appropriately made up to be able to handle that chore and meet the very expectation well. So you read the full review of this best cobweb duster and decide to fix the problem.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Multi-cleaning

Using this duster for cobwebs, it is possible for you to clean a myriad of surfaces and objects. The ceilings, walls, and windscreens are top examples of these. This means this professional duster will bring you higher returns for investments.

√ Contoured Shape

This web removal tool comes in a contoured shape that makes it easier to handle and engage. You will be assured exceptional levels of comfort with this telescopic spider catcher at your fingertips if you opt for it.

√ Unbridled Access

Lastly, the extra long cobweb brush allows for unbridled access to the crown molders and the high corners alike. When you have the long handled cobweb brush in your hands, you may be sure to enjoy unparalleled access and wholesome impacts as you go about the business.


√ This cobweb brush with telescopic handle eliminates all dust from the window screen and cobwebs
√ This cobweb remover duster has a hanger hole for your maximum convenience
√ The cobweb duster with telescopic handle cleans the hard-to-reach areas without the need for a ladder
√ The contour shape of the spider brush catcher accelerates handling
√ This long spider web compact enough for garbage corners


× This indoor and outdoor cobweb duster demands a perfect degree of skill to operate so it can imperfect those who lack the necessary skills. Another thing is that it may not fit well in small or cramped rooms


No products found.


We wrap it up now with answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the best extendable duster:

extendable duster

Q. What is the best extendable duster?

A. What we usually mean by long extension pole duster is to remove dirt from a very high place without the help of any kind of ladder. But the idea of ​​a real extendable duster for high ceilings are not just a matter of this. A proper extension duster for high ceilings must have many factors. It should be noted that this extension pole for cleaning high ceilings are very important to have the desired length, operational expertise, material construction and specific items to be cleaned. If you are looking for duster for tall ceilings considering the above, then hopefully you will find the right one. Lastly, telescoping duster for cathedral ceilings is a very important tool for keeping our home or office clean.

Q. How should a telescopic duster be cleaned?

A. You may clean it by gently hand washing it in warm water with a tiny bit of dish soap, or you can shake it to clean it. Remove any traces of the dish soap with water and then set it aside to dry naturally. For your everyday needs, you can rely on this flexible and user-friendly multi-use extended duster.

Q. How should the OXO good grips microfibre extendable duster be cleaned?

A. Unsnapping the microfibre head from the Duster is all that is required to clean it. Washing in cold water without using any bleach or fabric softener and drying without using heat will provide the best results. The OXO Good Grips microfiber Extendable Duster may be cleaned in a machine.

Q. How can I extend my oxo duster?

A. Twist-activated extension that can be extended to a maximum length of 53 inches and folded down to a convenient 24 inches for storage. To secure the Duster while it is extended, turn the piece that is extended clockwise until it is locked in place. To release the poles so that they may be stored more compactly, just twist them in the other way until they are able to collapse easily.

Q. How do you clean an Oxo duster?

A. Due to the slim profile of these good dusters, it is possible for you to wash the machine. For this reason, it takes less of your time and effort to be able to restore in a perfect state of cleanliness.

Q. How do you clean microfiber dusters?

A. Use warm water to do the job. For dust cleaning soak the dusters in the warm and soapy water. Then, scrub it firmly with your bare hands, seeing to it that you completely eliminate all forms of dirt. After that, finish off by rinsing completely to get rid of all dirt.

Q. What Is Swiffer duster?

A. This is a brand of dusters that make use of the adhesive and fluffy materials to trap and lock more dust than the standard dusters. As such, swiffer telescoping duster delivers cleaner outcomes that the ordinary cleaners are incapable of delivering.

Q. Should you vacuum or dust first?

A. Dust first and then finish off by vacuuming. By doing that, you will get rid of pebbles and larger stones that are more likely to clog the cleaners. That is a sure way of lengthening the lifespan of the product also.

Q. Are microfiber dusters good?

A. YES, they are! The cleaning microfiber duster has the ability to get rid of tons of dust without necessarily releasing the same to the air. Thus, they guard against any respiratory illnesses that may ordinarily come along with use.

Q. What should be done to clean the part of the dirt that goes after the floor while cleaning the ceiling using telescopic cobweb brush?

A. You can usually clean the floor with a broom to clean the dirt. However, you can do the job perfectly and with less effort and less time using this oxo mini dustpan & brush set.

Q. Is the best extendable duster for high ceilings too expensive?

A. No it’s not the right idea! Extension poles for cleaning high ceilings are usually priced in the same way as other ceiling dusters. The price depends on the quality of this tall ceiling duster. So because of the quality, it is often seen that the price of an ordinary dust cleaner can be much higher than a long handled ceiling duster. The main advantage of telescopic ceiling fan cleaner is that you can easily clean dirt from very high places without using any ladder.

Q. Which is better, a reusable duster or a disposable duster for dust removal?

A. In a word, if we answer, it depends on personal preference. Both reusable dusters and disposable dusters work quite well. However, reusable dusters save you a lot, but disposable dusters greatly increase your costs.

Q. Which is a better duster: one made of feathers or one made of microfiber?

A. In order for feather dusters to be successful, the feathers used in their construction need to be of a very high quality and come from the down of ostriches. Even then, improper use of the tool might cause it to accomplish nothing more than stir up the dust. To actively take up dust, microfiber cloths are the superior option since they are less expensive, simpler to use, and call for very little to no additional product.

Q. Is it preferable to dust with a damp cloth or a dry one?

A. The scientific rationale for why dusting with a moist cloth is more effective than dusting with a dry cloth is based on the fact that a damp fabric applies capillary force to the dust particles, but a dry cloth does not. In a nutshell, the moist cloth traps the dust particles and removes them from the region, as opposed to just shifting them from one spot to another.

Final verdict

We have truly belabored the subject matter of the best extendable dusters. Having done our part, we now leave it to you to carry on from where we have left. That definitely cannot mean anything else but searching for and finding the most suitable one from the list above.

Reading the duster reviews above and prioritizing one from the said list is a sure way of going about the issue. Simply skim the aforementioned products while noting the strong points thereof. That way, it will be possible to narrow to a specific extendable duster from the list above for your use.

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  1. In this review you can find out what’s the best extendable duster. I think it’ll really great guide to choose the best one!

  2. I love this O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Duster Set. Just picked it up. Tomorrow I will explore the high places I missed on the stairs. Hope this helps me a lot.

  3. I’ve been looking for extra long extending duster for a long time. Eventually I found an extraordinary extra long handled feather duster. This is DELUX’s extra long feather duster. DELUX’s pole duster has high ceilings and makes it easy to reach fans. With this extra long extendable feather duster I was able to bend it to clean the fan blades so I bought it and the product does. Truly this is a nice duster.

  4. I’m in awe of this. Over the last year, it has become one of my “go to” cleaning tools. I use this to go to places above my head, as well as things like baseboards, since I live in a highly dusty environment. Also, it’s easy to get into the nooks and crannies of furniture using this tool. My vacuum cleaner and this are both in my hands, so I can get the job done. I use my vacuum’s nozzle to clean the duster as I go, which increases the time I can use the microfiber pad before it has to be washed.

  5. When I’m using it to dust a pie, it doesn’t remain extended, so it falls back down when it’s extended. Doubtful that it’s worth the effort to return it. The microfiber cloth catches on the wall, and I end up with slivers of fabric all over the place.

  6. Weightless. Cleaning surfaces such as ceilings and walls as well as the areas above and behind cups and TV sets, as well as the areas behind blind and shutters can all be accomplished with this versatile tool. Instead of using the duster as a dry wipe, I soak it in water and use it to clean the surface. It works nicely with an extendable pole and a movable head.

  7. This is a great solution. When fully extended, the telescopic handle has a massive reach. With this, I can go to every part of my house. The duster is quite effective in grabbing and holding on to dust and cobwebs. In order to keep the dust from falling on me and the floor below, I cleaned my ceiling fans. As a bonus, the duster comes with a rubber tip at the end that prevents it from scratching or marring surfaces. It’s the rubber handle that I’d like to see better fastened to the end. However, it’s a minor patch that doesn’t really influence its performance, so I’m not concerned.

  8. Incredibly lengthy cleaning head. It has a lot of dust-gathering fibers that you can either shake off outside or wash and dry for future use. Extendable length for the most difficult-to-reach areas.

  9. Utilizing this to clean ceiling fans and other high, difficult-to-reach spots is much superior than using chairs, stools, ladders, and other similar items. The top joint, on the other hand, does not lock in place and will spin during cleaning. This makes it exceedingly inconvenient and less than ideal. It would be excellent and deserving of 5 stars if the top joint could lock in place.

  10. Vaulted and cathedral ceilings may be difficult to work with! This robust pole stretches to 8′, and my height with arms up extends another 7-8′, allowing me to complete the work without the need of a step ladder. The three dusting heads are well-made and tailored to fulfill all of our dusting requirements. I’m blown away! Continue your excellent job! Thank you on behalf of my wife and my allergies!

  11. I really like this EVERSPROUT Cobweb Duster set! It is performing admirably! I really like the lengthy poll; it’s really robust and of high quality, and all three heads are of high quality as well.

  12. This DocaPole dusting kit reached the top of my 18-20ft ceilings as well as the ceiling fan in my living room. It is quite strong and does not sway when extended to its maximum length.

  13. Outstanding quality and extendability, all the way up to the roof of your barn. In comparison to the prices of other things sold on Amazon, this one is more costly; nonetheless, it offers higher quality, extendability, and durability. Superb quality brushes. This item gives value.

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