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You want to buy a vacuum cleaner? Good to know. It’s certainly an important equipment every home needs, but you didn’t find buying one as simple as it sounds? Well, you are not alone. Vacuum cleaners these days come in all sizes, colours and shapes. Some come with a bag and some don’t. Some are heavy while others are lighter. Some make a lot of sound while few are very quiet. And then there is the question of which brand of vacuum cleaner to select, and which offers value for money. We are not done yet. The next thing you may think about is the utility. Will the vacuum cleaner you buy work on hard surfaces, does it double up as car duster, does it clean both wet and dry floor, so on.


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We know that you have lots of things to ponder over when you have decided to buy vacuum cleaner. Fret not, because we created this simple vacuum cleaning buying guide that helps you in picking the right product for you. We have put together reviews of vacuum cleaners, some tips on selecting the right product for you, and precautions you need to take while using a vacuum cleaner.

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We now get to examine some of the factors you may have to mind about when seeking the best vacuum cleaners for your use. We hope that if you follow this vacuum cleaners buyer’s guide completely, you will be able to find the best vacuum cleaners in addition to our recommended vacuum cleaners.

[dt_quote]Types of Vacuum Cleaners[/dt_quote]

Like you have just seen some of the bestselling vacuum cleaners, they come in different types. Let’s just have a quick look at various types of vacuum cleaners.


These are the most common vacuum cleaners that you get. They usually have a longer body with handle grip to manoeuvre across.

– They have upright position
– Dirt is collected in a bag or bin
– Cleans well than other types of vacuum cleansers
– Weighs 14-17 pounds


These are similar to upright in functionality. The only difference is that they can be carried along. They are lighter than upright

– They have upright position and weighs lighter
– Dirt is collected in a bag or bin
– Cleans well than other types of vacuum cleansers
– Weighs 8 pounds


They are the most advanced of the vacuum cleaners. They can clean the floors and carpets pretty well, but may not be as good as the regular vacuum cleaners. They also come with wet and dry mopping options.

– They are cordless and run on a battery
– They have lot of cleaning modes
– They can also be supported by apps
– Scheduling and operating can be done remotely
– Weighs around 10 pounds


They can be held in the hand to clean smaller areas. They cannot be used as the only
cleaners but can be supplemented with the regular one. They are very easy to handle and use because of their size and weight

– Cordless
– Lightweight
– Can be used for smaller spaces


Stick are versatile cleaners which have great cleaning capacities with lighter bodies. They stand upright too but are cordless.

– Cordless
– Lightweight
– Can clean carpets and hardwood

[dt_fancy_title title=”BEST VACUUM CLEANERS – 2023 REVIEWS” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Let us start it out with a review of the best vacuum cleaners:

1. Cordless Vacuum Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless vacuum cleaner looks pretty good, though it is lot similar to the Dyson V series vacuum cleaners when it comes to the appearance. This is a handheld vacuum cleaner which weighs just around 4.7 pounds. This means it will be fairly lighter on your hands. It comes with a 22.2 V lithium ion battery that promised a runtime of 25 minutes. The body is made of plastic like most of the vacuum cleaners but it doesn’t look sturdy. If not handled carefully, the parts may break.

Come to the performance, it does a good job in cleaning the carpets and the floor. The handle held mode is a nice feature to clean any narrow parts. It works well for brushing off pet hair but did a great job in cleaning the stuff.


– Cleans well
– Has strong suction
– Light weight and easy to handle


– Poor build quality
– Poor battery performance

2. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Hard Floors

This is the newest version of cordless vacuum cleaner. While the functionality from the previous ones like the battery, design and performance remain largely the same, there are some enhancements to this newer version.

The main addition is a set of LED light on the electric brush that can be used as a flashlight to find hidden dirt or objects while cleaning. The other one is a continuous mode of operation. Instead of always holding the trigger while cleaning, you can just select continuous mode to give some rest to your hands and fingers. These are some real nice features to have in a vacuum cleaner, especially the LED lights. The continuous mode might not be appealing to a lot as you still have to hold the vacuum anyway.

The extra HEPA filter is an added advantage and the cleaner isn’t noisy either. The build quality is still the same though and the battery. This is also an effective car vacuum.


– Lighter product
– LEDs light to flash light on particles while cleaning
– An extra HEPA filter


– Poor build quality
– Battery

3. Lightweight Handheld Vacuum for Hardwood Floor Pet Hair

The lightweight handheld vacuum for hardwood floor pet hair is another easy to handle and lighter vacuum cleaner. It has a good design, easy to handle grip and cordless.

The battery takes 3 hours to charge and gives about 40 minutes of output.

Its cleaning performance is pretty decent too. It has really good suction that can clean almost any kind of dust. It works pretty well in clearing even the tiniest of the dirt like hair from the carpets. It cleans hardwood floors and carpets easily and effectively. Its light built also means that it can easily reach ceiling and small corners.


– Light weight
– Good suction power
– Good cleaning performance


– Battery life could be better

4. Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner

This is a hand held and stick vacuum cleaner, who are making a decent type of vacuum cleaners these days. This vacuum cleaner is lighter like all their other models at a little over 3kg. This also has LED lights fit to the brush to flash the light at debris. The battery is of 18v lithium ion and gives about 30 min if charged for 4-5 hours.

The 2-in-1 option of switching between handheld option and stick works well. The cleaning done by this is also pretty impressive. It cleans hardwood floor and carpets very well. It can be handheld, meaning, you can reach ceiling and corners on a height really well.

Overall. It is a pretty good vacuum cleaner that offers good value for money. The battery could have been better though.


– Light weight
– Cleaning performance
– LED lights to the brush
– Handheld option works fine


– Battery

5. Handheld Lightweight Vacuum for Home Hard Floor Carpet Pet Car

The handheld lightweight vacuum for home hard floor carpet pet car is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that weighs only 4.7 lbs. it comes with a 22.2 V lithium ion battery that gives an output of 20 mins when charged for 3-4 hours.  There is also an HEPA and sponge filter that locks the dust and prevents from circulating.

The vacuum cleaner is lightweight and hence is very easy to handle. It also has a strong suction that makes this a good performing product.

The cleaning is very effective and it worked well on carpets, stairs and floor. It also work really well on cleaning finer particles of dust.

The only problem is with the battery though. The battery wears down very easily after few days of performance.


– Strong suction
– Good cleaning performance
– Lightweight


– Battery performance

6. Cordless Lightweight Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Onson has 7kpa suction with 22v lithium ion battery with a runtime of 25 mins on 3-4 hours charge. It weighs 5.07 pounds and is lightweight with a good design and glossy finish.

Onson has got a powerful suction that works really well while cleaning. It does a pretty good job in cleaning all types of surfaces picking even tiny dust particles at one go. It cleans the entire house with just one charging. Since it is 2-in-1, it can be used as handheld cleaner too, which is another great feature of this vacuum cleaner.


– Lightweight
– Strong suction
– Excellent battery


– Build quality could be better

7. Lightweight Handheld Vacuum for Carpet Hard Floor

The NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an upright vacuum cleaner which comes with a cord of 21 feet length, which could be smaller for large homes. Unplugging and plugging is required in that case. It weighs around 11.4 pounds, has HEPA filtration system and a dirt bin.

The build quality is good with nice grip on the handles. Being an upright vacuum cleaner, it is pretty light at 11.4 pounds. The filtration system works really well that stops the dust particles from flowing around. The bin also works well.

Coming to performance, this has powerful suction that does a really good job in cleaning. The vacuum comes with settings for various floor types and it cleans all typed of flooring like hardwood, regular carpets, dirty carpet, etc. the dirt bin is also large enough to collect the wastage.

Overall it is a pretty good vacuum cleaner that does its job well.


– Great cleaning performance
– Light weight
– Good suction
– Larger bin


– Cord length could be longer

8. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One great features about this product is its mopping function that comes in 2 options – wet and dry. There is an option for the vacuum cleaner to drip water on the floor while it mop. This works well without the floor becoming too wet. The sweeping option also does a good job in cleaning the floor.

The Robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 3000mAh lithium ion battery. It takes 4 hours to recharge the battery and claims an output is 90 minutes.

Over all it is a very affordable robotic vacuum cleaner that does a decent job.


– Cleaning modes
– Wet mopping
– Simple to use
– Affordable


– Carpets cleaning is okay

9. Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This product is highly recommended as a brush head both the ZB1516 and MT1616 variants.

The brush will also improve the suction of the vacuum cleaners.

The electric brush head works well with both the ZB1516 and MT1616 variants. The brush build quality is good and also makes the cleaning very easy. The dirt particles are caught well by the brush’s bristles leaving no visible dust on the floor.


– build quality is good
– cleaning very easy


– brush will also improve

10. Car Vacuum cleaner

It is also pretty safe to use the wetter parts, and absorbs the water very easily. This is also lightweight and easy to use.

Car vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to clean cars. It generates a high power which make the cleaning very easy. The suction is strong which makes the cleaning very effective. The brushes can reach out to even corners of the vehicles and seating to suck the dirt particles.


– Easy to use
– Cost effective
– Clean very well


– Build quality

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[dt_quote]Bag vs Bin[/dt_quote]

Vacuum cleaner’s disposal system comes with 2 variants – bag or a bin – to collect dust. Bag have more filling capacity than a bin. However, they need to be removed to check how much dust is filled. The chances of dust circulating in the air I higher in bag than a bin. Bags once full, needs to be replaced.

Bins on the other hand, are easier to use because of their transparent designs. You can see how much dust is filled, empty them and reuse. So a bag or a bin is a question of  preference as the functionality of these is secondary in a vacuum cleaner.

[dt_fancy_title title=”FAQ.” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]
[dt_quote]Q: Cord vs Cordless[/dt_quote]

This is again a question of preference. Cordless vacuum cleaners run on battery. If you are okay changing the batteries, go for cordless. If you feel it is too much of a hassle, opt for vacuum cleaners with cord.

Some safety precautions while using Vacuum cleaner

– If you have a bag, replace it regularly
– When using the vacuum cleaner, make sure the bag is attachedproperly
– Clean the brushes and brush rolls frequently
– Check the belts regularly to see if they attached properlyand are work in fine
– Keep the vacuum cleaner away from children
– If you have a vacuum cleaner with cord, make sure you unplugid power off when not in use

[dt_fancy_title title=”Conclusion” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most utility products you may have at your home. They help you to keep your house clean. Most of the vacuums do a fantastic job in clearing even the tiniest of dust particles and debris. If you chose to buy a new one, there are so many types of them available these days. First, find out your requirement. What type of floor or spaces you want to clean? Then decide on what kind of vacuum you want. Understand if you want something lighter to use, or something that you can hold I hand, a cleaner which is cordless, or a product that can help you in wet mopping the floor. And of course a budget that you want to set aside. These things will help you to make an informed choice about the vacuum cleaner.

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