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Are you an ice cream fanatic? Would you want to elevate your ice preparation a notch higher? Well, you badly need an ice cream scoop if your answer to either question has been a ‘firm yes!’ These are kitchen cutlery that basically plays the role of molding the ice into well-rounded ball shapes.

Many manufacturers engage in the production and distribution of these goods. Finding the most suitable one from the list of the many options that are available may hence not be a walk in the park. Fret not though because we are here to help you out. In addition to the ice cream scoop you will find here the well-known scoop for several different uses. Read out our buying guide below to know more about them.


√ Capacity

These appliances come in various sizes. These variations in sizes have a say on the amount of ice you may scoop at any given time. You definitely want one whose capacity is enough to handle your ice needs at the given time. A small ice cream scoop will definitely do for the job.

√ Material Makeup

Like their capacities, these scoops also differ significantly on the basis of the kinds of materials that make them up. Cast Aluminum, stainless steel, and food-grade plastics are some of the most reliable materials. Do prioritize the appliances that are manufactured using them.

√ Washing and Cleanliness

After using them, you have to wash and keep them clean. This means you also have to pay attention to their cleanliness and washing requirements. The ones to pick are those that hardly stick the food particles or require limited incidences of washing.

√ Applications

What kinds of foods do you intent to handle? Not any scoop you pick randomly will be able to handle the foods you have in mind. Pay keen attention to this as well to ward off any confusion.

√ Expertise

Some scoops, as we have already deduced, are intended for professional applications only. Some are for common everyday use or for beginners. It is yet again in your best interests to ascertain your own level of expertise before finding a suitable match.

On This List We Have 4 Scoops, Ice cream Scoops & Table Spoon

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Scoop, ice Cream Scoops, Table Spoon

1. Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop with Comfortable Handle, Black

Are you a professional or an aspiring chef? We introduce this scoop for your own consideration. It is specially designed for professional applications. Then again, it is pretty comfortable to use for the long haul.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Innovative Design
To does come about in an innovative design. This one has the ability to save your time and money considerably. The design is available in a unique shape that tackles the hard frozen desserts easily.

√ Curved Area of Scoop
Its area of the scoop is curved. On the strength of this arrangement, the scoop is able to dig out plenty of ice at efforts that are not too great on your part. It, in doing so, imbues you with an enjoyable taste.

√ Notched Handle
Lastly, its handle is notched for added comfort on your part. Even when you have to use it for too long, you will not suffer the issue of abrasions or other forms of discomforts that come along ordinarily.


√ Comes about in a heavy-duty design
√ Parts are strong enough to withstand breakage
√ Safe enough for your own health and wellbeing
√ Works amazingly great for the custard and gelato
√ Creates perfect spheres of ice creams


× Favors a professional or experienced user
× Comes at an above-average cost
× Slightly weightier than your average ice scoop

2. Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop with Comfortable Handle, Pink

For your own added peace of mind, you want a scoop that is manufactured by a brand that is reputable. This is the one we would vouch for. Spring Chef has been noted time and again to do a considerably good job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Heavy-duty Stature
Overall, it comes about in a heavy-duty stature. This one makes it capable of enduring the harshest impacts that may be leveled against it. It also requires limited effort on your part to operationalize.

√ Well-proportioned Scoops
Due to its perfect shape, the scoop manages to give off well-proportioned outcomes. Hardly will it lose balance to make your working and the subsequent outcomes compromised. The end results are also quite beautiful.

√ Easy-grip Handles
Lastly, its handles imbue some tight, comfortable and easy grips. On the strength of this arrangement, the appliance is easier to maintain in a steady-state and proper functionality. It hardly tires anyone who holds it.


√ Saves you plenty of time and energy while in use
√ Digs and penetrates every corner of your container
√ Maintains your hands in a state of absolute comfort
√ Cuts down the hassles you would ordinarily have to go through
√ Handles the frozen desserts perfectly


× Not for the starters or beginners
× Likely to confuse someone who has no prior experience
× Demands excessive attention on your part

3. Norpro Stainless Steel Scoop, 25MM (.5 Tablespoon)

Searching for a scoop for your camping and other remote locations? You have no better companion than this mini ice cream scoop. It only requires a hand wash only and is as such a good one to use in locations that are far detached.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Heavy-duty Spring Action
It does operate using the heavy-duty spring actions. By reason of this, it does release the food output faster and easily. This way, it also negates the need to put in too much effort on your part to achieve the desired end.

√ Hinged Sweeping Mechanism
A hinged sweeping mechanism also forms a vital component of the scoop. They also play the role of releasing the food output if and when needed. In this way, they cut down the effort you would need to do a good job.

√ 0.5-teaspoon Scoop
The capacity of the scoop is a paltry 0.5 teaspoons. It is subsequently useful for those activities and applications that require smaller amounts of scoops. The chemical laboratories are top examples of these.


√ Washable by hands alone
√ Exhibits a breathtaking finish that is gleeful to behold
√ The stainless steel makeup gives it added strength
√ Hygienic enough to handle food items
√ Fun to use due to its simplified nature


× Highly prone to rust and corrosion
× Chips away too fast and easily
× May warp and bend when hit hard

4. Solula Professional 18/8 Stainless Steel Medium Cookie Scoop

No other ice cream scoop is as suitable for the baking of cookies as this professional ice cream scoop. It is wholly designed and intended for the attainment of this very end. You have it for your taking if you are intent on baking the cookies.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Consistent Scooping Outcomes
The cutlery is well able to manage consistent scooping outcomes indeed. This stems from the symmetry that allows it to work well without having to lose its shape and stature. It similarly gives rise to consistent outcomes.

√ Simplified Operations
Being simpler in scope, the device is similarly simpler to operate. You do not have to invest too much of your time and effort to come about with the outcomes you badly yearn for, on account of this.

√ Built-to-last
On the whole, the item is built to last. This is evidenced by the many powerful parts and components that adorn its entire length and breadth. Moreover, it does not also corrode easily as others do.


√ Handles many kinds of uses
√ Comes at just the right size
√ Leaves behind almost no mess
√ Allows for consistent outcomes
√ Expedites the handling of your dough


× Limited to baking cookies
× Lacks graduations and is hence inaccurate
× Not so much worthy to purchase

On This List We Have 6 Litter Scoop, Utility Scoop, Garden Scoop

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New Star Foodservice 34585 One-Piece Cast Aluminum...
New Star Foodservice 34585 One-Piece Cast Aluminum...
Commercial-Grade Aluminum utility scoop great for ice, sugar, flour, popcorn, and candy.; Hand Wash Only To preserve quality, this item should only be hand-washed and sanitized.
Pet Studio Stainless Steel Matte Finish Pet Scoops —...
Pet Studio Stainless Steel Matte Finish Pet Scoops —...
These scoops make it easy to serve dry food to your pets; Made of high quality stainless steel that is easy to clean and resists bacteria
OXO Good Grips Flexible Scoop
OXO Good Grips Flexible Scoop
Perfect for scooping ice, flour, cereal, pet food and more; Leave the Scoop in your freezer's ice maker for convenient scooping of ice cubes
Litter Scoop, Utility Scoop, Garden Scoop

1. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop, All Metal End-to-End

Some ice scooping activities require exceptional clean cutlery. Metallic substances are generally well known to be easier to keep clean and maintain. We subsequently recommend this particular scoop for you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Elegant Finish
Throughout the exterior of the scoop is an elegant finish. This one comes in the form of mirrors that exude exceptional glamor and looks. They also resist corrosion to guarantee unparalleled long-term use.

√ Multi-cat Tested
The structure is rigorously tested to vouch for toughness and reliability. Thus, it is unlikely to fade in strength or demand too much expertise on your part to operationalize.

√ Solid Metal Handle
Its handle is manufactured using solid metal. In light of this, it is comfortable enough for long term use and applications. A rubber coating lines the exterior to provide the grip you need to handle it smoothly.


√ Made of the light Aluminum material that is comfortable to handle
√ Comes about in a patented design
√ Its jumbo size lets you catch plenty of ice cream
√ Boasts of the ergonomically balanced handle
√ The center of gravity is nearer that of a user’s wrists


× Sustains dents a bit too easily
× Develops scratches when rubbed against harder surfaces
× Tends to accumulate plenty of heat

2. New Star Foodservice 34585 One-Piece Cast Aluminum Round Bottom Bar Ice Flour Utility Scoop, 58-Ounce, Silver

Want to handle bulky ice cream? Alright, we urge you to attempt this specific ice cream spade. Being large, it is appropriately equipped to be able to handle plenty of ice cream at a given time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ One-piece Aluminum Construction
It bears the Aluminum construction that comes about in one piece. This gives it a great sense of durability that endures the test of time. At the same time, it also wards off any breakages from arising.

√ Curved Finger Indentations
Some indentations exist on its handles. These provide for secure and comfortable grips. Even when you have to engage this piece of cutlery for too long, you may be sure that it won’t tire or disparage you.

√ Commercial-grade Aluminum Utility Scoop
This particular piece of item is intended for commercial ends and applications. You will subsequently find it a good one to use for your candies, popcorns, flour, sugar, and ice. The pleasure of greater returns on investments is indeed yours to leverage.


√ Unlike to harbor germs to harbor due to the lack of rivets and seams
√ Scoops bulk ingredients with absolute ease and convenience
√ Has the ability to handle many ingredients
√ Stamped for easier identification and use
√ Allows for smooth and thorough cleaning


× Demands excessive storage space
× Calls for too much muscle power to handle
× Likely to disparage those who dwell in tight spaces

3. Pet Studio Stainless Steel Matte Finish Pet Scoops

Have some pet recipes to prepare? Well, we wish to draw your attention to this specific ice cream scoop. It is wholly designed for the dry cat and dog food. Its strength and stature make this possible.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Matte Finish Material
Overlaying its exterior is a matte finish material. This one imbues a sense of beauty, décor, and elegance to the structure overall. Thus, it serves to bring more value for your money with each purchase.

√ High-quality Stainless Steel
At its core is the high-quality stainless steel material makeup. Steel, as we all know, is strong and sturdy. It is also less predisposed to the accumulation of bacteria and other pathogens. These make for good use.

√ 5½-inch Scoop
Its scoop measures 5½ inches. On account of this, it is well able to scoop out plenty of ice cream per any given effort. This also makes it better placed to handle commercial applications with an added level of reliability.


√ Serves kibbles with utmost perfection
√ Washes off pretty easily
√ Resists the proliferation of bacteria and germs
√ Gives off greater impacts per scoop
√ Serves the dry pet foods amazingly well


× Limited to pets and pets alone
× Yields limited returns on investments
× Difficult to regulate the size of the scoops

4. UPP Home & Garden Scoop

Commercial ends generally require a higher standard of cleanliness and hygiene. You cannot rely on your ordinary ice cream scoop to undertake such activities. It is for this reason that we recommend this 100% food-safe scoop.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Precise Graduations
The scoop is appropriated graduated to allow for precise measurements. Thus, it is a great one to make use of in those applications that similarly require a fair degree of preciseness and accuracy.

√ 100% Food-safe Plastics
It is entirely manufactured using food-grade plastics. Thus, it is safer and well-able to provide you the safety and the security you need. Thanks to this safety, plastic is also easier to keep clean and maintain.

√ Multipurpose
With this scoop, it is possible for you to handle many kinds of relevant applications. You may even use it to measure and dispense the fertilizers over and above the ordinary ice creams. Thus, it yields higher returns on investments.


√ Outlasts many other scoops for similar jobs
√ Resist shocks and Ultraviolet radiation
√ Makes for accurate and precise ends
√ Yields a higher return on investments
√ Transports granular materials perfectly well


× Only for expert applications
× Too superfluous for home use
× Requires heavy investments on our part

5. IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel

It is not uncommon for the scoops to catch some dirt and debris after use. This makes the tasks of cleanliness and maintenance too difficult to undertake. You need one that does not stick like this one to save your time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Ergonomic Design
In its entirety, the scoop bears the ergonomic design. Thanks to this shape and configuration, the piece of cutlery is well able to take larger scoops and expedite the process of dispensing the same to the area where it is needed.

√ Non-stick Plated Scooper
Its core comes in the non-stick plating. This gives it the strength to endure many incidences of use. That is because the materials we have talked about are stronger, firmer, and more resilient to the agents of damages.

√ AA Material Coating
Adorning the exterior of the core is the AA material coating that basically shields the interior from direct contact with the outside environment. It is hygienic enough to prevent any forms of contamination of the strand altogether.


√ Fits deeper in the litter box for your easy transportation
√ Enables for thorough cleaning and maintenance
√ Hardly bends or breaks apart when engaged
√ Its ergonomic handle allows for a snug and easy fitting
√ Never absorbs odor to become stinking


× Not for the professional chef
× Lacks some equally vital parts and components
× Renders or becomes too obsolete too soon!

6. OXO Good Grips Flexible Scoop

In order to enjoy the best possible cooking experiences, you want a piece of cutlery that is flexible enough to adapt to multiple uses. This is the one we would recommend as it is flexible and capable of tackling many relevant uses.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Versatile Tool
As we have already hinted, this appliance is highly versatile. You will thus find it a good one to bet on for your general food preparation activities. The flour, cereals, and ice creams are some of the foods it can handle.

√ Compact Head
Its head is compact enough to fit and pair with all kinds of bins and canisters. It is this trait that gives it the flexibility it requires to handle the many tasks and purposes we have talked about.

√ Soft Handle
The handle comes in last. Unlike the one of your ordinary scoop, this one is softer and more comfortable to engage. While getting hold of it, you will get to enjoy some soft and comfortable grips and suffer limited incidences of hurts.


√ Does not stick the ice
√ Scoops out the ice conveniently
√ Has a larger capacity
√ Its head flexes to allow for flexible operations
√ Fits many bins and canisters


× Likely to leave behind some mess
× Requires many extras to set in motion
× Slightly bulky to carry around and store as need be


Q. How much capacity is an ice cream scoop?

A. It all depends on the exact size and configuration of the scoop. Many items of these kinds though have the ability to accommodate 68 grams. This translates to roughly ½ cup when translated to the stated unit of measurement.

Q. What is an ice cream scoop made of?

A. Like the capacity above, different kinds of materials are used to make a typical ice cream scoop. Cast Aluminum, stainless steel, and hard plastics are some of the items that are commonly used to make them up.

Q. What is the perfect size scoop for cupcakes?

A. Many cupcakes measure ¼ cups. Thus, a scoop with a capacity of 34 grams is the most recommended for their handling and engagement. Then again, it is advisable to pay keen attention to the desired needs and sizes of the cupcakes you want to make.

Q. What is one serving of ice cream?

A. One serving of ice cream measures roughly half a cup. This comes to about g8 grams when expressed in the metric scale. All the other measurements are similarly derived from this very metric.

Q. How many scoops of ice cream are in a 3-gallon tub?

A. 96 scoops. This notwithstanding, it is important also to add slightly more scoops to compensate for the ones that get lost along the way in the course of dispensing the same.

Final verdict

Alright! We have struggled the much we can to furnish you with the insight you need to find the most suitable ice cream scoop for the job. Having done our part, we now pass the ball to you. Do take over from where we have left.

That cannot mean anything else save for finding the most relevant scoop from the list above. Thereafter, you go ahead to buy and incorporate it into your daily usage and routines. What more can you possibly ask of us? Proceed with confidence and the utmost peace of mind! Remember to share it far wide as possible also… team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more


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