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Whether you are a restaurateur or a partying enthusiast, you need a drinking glass for the job. These are special kinds of utensils which are used to dispense water and other kinds of beverages. They also serve to make your rooms and kitchens more beautiful to behold. We have prepared a review of then of the best drinking glasses at the moment.

Following this review is a buying guide and a look at some of the frequently asked questions with regards to the search and use of these utensils. By reading our reviews carefully, you will be able to find the guidance you need to make the most desirable purchase.

drinking glass

√ Cleanliness and Maintenance

Using these glasses is one thing. Cleaning and maintaining them is another thing altogether. To be sure of the best experiences in times of use, you want a glass cup that is easier to clean and maintain. The glass of this kind should ideally be dishwasher-safe to cut down the time and the effort you will require to do so.

√ Design and Elegance

Other than the primary role of dispensing your drinks, you want a glass that can also play the secondary role of enhancing the aesthetics of your room. This is a feat you may only achieve if you choose to work with one that is elegantly designed. The shape should also be great to behold.

√ Size vs. Space Availability

These glasses come in diverse shapes and sizes. It is important that you match these dimensions and shapes with the amount of space you have at your disposal. That is to prevent any confusions, hassles, or other issues which potentially arise when storing the same. Good glassware sets to be compact and stackable.

√ Number of Servings

How many times, on the whole, do you plan to use the glass to serve drinks to people? You have to figure this in order to settle on a glass that is appropriately equipped for the job. Yet again, a good glass has to be sufficiently spacious as to handle all the servings you may have in mind.

√ Place of Use

Where exactly do you plan to use the glass? Is it indoors, outdoors, in the bar, or out by a poolside? Be sure yet again to match the kind of place you intend to use the glass with that one which is appropriately intended for that very place.


1. US Acrylic Classic 8-piece Premium Quality Plastic Tumblers | 4 each: 12-ounce and 16-ounce Clear

Looking for a glass for your outdoor parties and indoor dining? You have a friend and a worthy companion in this particular set of glass. It is highly versatile to allow for the enjoyment of both ends.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ BPA-freeUnlike the many glasses in circulation at the moment, this one does not have any BPA substances in its makeup and composition. As such, it is safer for your own use and applications. This is not to say that it does not cause cancer at all.

√ Top Rack Dishwasher SafeAll factors considered this glass is safe for use and cleaning by the dishwashers. After making use of it, you will also find it easier to restore to the original state of cleanliness.

√ Durable MaterialsOnly durable materials have been employed to make the glass up. With these materials, the glass is highly unlikely to shatter easily as the others do. You hence some added peace of mind to leverage.


√ Available in 12 and 16 ounces respectively√ Free for the consumption of food√ Useful for everyday use and applications√ Hardly shatters as other glasses do√ Safe for use in a dishwasher


× May injure you if handled recklessly× Too weighty to carry around easily× Cannot serve some aesthetic benefits

2. Duralex Made In France Picardie Tumbler Set of 6, 17.62 oz.

Want a glass to rely on for an extended duration of time? Choose this one because it is manufactured by a reputable brand. You are certain to enjoy some awesome quality and long-term reliability as well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Extremely ReliableThis glass is resistant to both the impacts and chips. It draws these two strengths from the Duralex tempered glass construction that is 2.5 times stronger than the ordinary glasses in use. As such, it is very reliable indeed.

√ Temperature ResistantOther than being reliable, this glass is also resistant to extremes of temperature fluctuations. It can work well within the temperature range of -4°F to 212°F. You will hence find it useful for handling both hot and cold foods equally well.

√ Microwave and Freezer SafeThen, it is also safer for use in the microwave and the freezer at the same time. After taking your water or drinks in it, you will subsequently find it a lot easier to restore to the best working conditions possible.


√ Resists breakage and chipping firmly√ Withstands sudden thermal shocks√ Does not let out the moisture contents√ Cannot absorb colors, liquids, and flavors√ Maintains its original look and appearance for many years


× Quite expensive to come by× Its repairs and maintenance are daunting× May inconvenience someone with lower levels of expertise

3. Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Stackable Beverage Glasses

Looking for a glass for daily use and applications? This is the one to choose and make do with. It is highly versatile and strong enough to take on everyday use and application tasks.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ MultipurposeWith this glass, it is possible for you to take both hot and cold beverages. This is mainly because the glass is highly resistant to the danger of thermal shocks. In this way, you get to enjoy some added pleasure.

√ Sufficiently TallOn all accounts, the glass is sufficiently tall. Its capacity is the awesome 12.5 ounces while it is on the whole well able to serve you all kinds of drinks ranging from the iced drinks to the juices, to the cappuccino.

√ Space-saving DesignAll factors considered this glass comes about in some space-saving design. You will hence find the task of carrying the glass around a very easy task. The glass also takes minimal space to store when in your house.


√ Stackable to take up limited space√ Made of the premium quality tempered glass√ Withstands breakage and shattering√ Perfect enough for everyday use√ Crystal clear to let you see the contents unimpeded


× Possesses no decorations× Not useful for parties and special occasions× Performs fewer operational cycles

4. Home Essentials Galaxy Glassware 12-pc. Set

Are you in the hunt for a set of glass for an entire family? This is the one to look up to. The set comprises 12 distinct pieces of drinking glasses which you may use to serve the needs of an entire household.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Tempered GlassTopping the charts with regards to its awesome features is the tempered glass material construction. This kind of glass is strong enough to withstand many years of use without necessarily having to crack.

√ Smooth Care and CleanlinessYou will be able to clean and care for this glass easily and conveniently. This stems mainly from the dishwasher-safe character of the glass altogether. Simply put: you place the glass in the dishwasher and that is it!

√ Comprehensive SetAs we have already stated, this glass set comes as a complete and comprehensive drinking resource. It comprises juice glasses, DOF glasses, and Hiball glasses, to name but a few!


√ Comes about as a comprehensive set√ Made of strong and tempered materials√ Provides everything you may possibly want√ Easier to keep clean and maintain√ Cuts down your maintenance requirements


× Clutters your room× Has the potential to get lost or suffer pilferage× Requires excessive attention from you

5. Duralex Made In France Picardie Clear Tumbler, Set of 6, 12.62 oz.

The Duralex is a well-established brand. It is the one to look up to if you want a glass to use for those occasions which require strong and reliable drinking utensils.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Adaptable Modern GlasswareSetting this glass apart from the others is the adaptable modern glassware. Indeed, with this kind of glass, the utensil is strong and able to withstand the dishwasher, freezer, and the microwave ovens.

√ Hot and Cold Beverage UseThis glass is able to discharge both the cold and the hot beverage use. It works well within the -4°F to 212°F temperature range. You stand to enjoy the most convenience you can possibly want to.

√ Extreme DurabilityWhen viewed from all sides, the drinking glass exudes extreme durability. It is resistant to impacts, chips, and shocks mainly because it is tempered to 2.5 times the strength of the ordinary glass.


√ Useful for hot and cold drinks at the same time√ Manufactured by a reputable company√ Resists any forms of breakage and chipping√ Withstands the huge thermal shocks√ Pretty hygienic indeed


× Costs a fortune to afford× Cumbersome to carry around and use× May not fit the available spaces easily

6. Anchor Hocking Heavy Base Highball Drinking Glasses, 15 oz (Set of 12)

In case you are intent on choosing a great barware for your dinnerware, you have no choice but to find one that is especially intended for that very feat. Look to no other glass like this one for your utmost peace of mind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Heavy BaseIts base is pretty heavy. The heaviness serves to provide extra stability to the glass and prevent it from tipping over even when the table fidgets excessively. In this way, it prevents the contents from getting spilled over easily.

√ Dishwasher SafeThe glass is also safe for use on the dishwasher. With this arrangement in mind, you will easily keep it clean and restore it to the original positions without much ado. This also cuts down the time you take to keep it clean.

√ Clear Glass ConstructionIn all, only clear glass is used to make the drinking utensil. Other than letting you peek the interior contents with ease, the construction also makes the item fit for casual and formal usage alike.


√ Hardly sustains any stains or odors√ Complements any dinnerware patterns√ Awesome for use in the bars and restaurants√ Glasses are dishwasher safe√ Exudes some beauty and elegance


× Quite bulky to carry around× Too weighty to handle with ease× Irrelevant to other uses than dinner

7. US Acrylic Classic 16-ounce Premium Quality Plastic Water Tumbler | Clear Set of 6

Could it be that you are searching for a drinking glass for everyday casual use? We invite you to try this everyday drinking glasses out. It is versatile and multipurpose enough for those light and everyday uses.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Multiple ApplicationsUsing this glass, it is possible for you to serve a couple of drinks and beverages. These include iced tea, lemonade, and soda. Moreover, it also fits many kinds of environments like the poolside and the patio.

√ Excellent ConstructionThe glass indeed features some excellent construction. These come in the forms of straight walls, thick base, and superior clarity glass, to name but a few! They jointly let you enjoy more benefits for a prolonged amount of time.

√ 6-ounce Maximum CapacityIt has an awesome 6-ounce capacity. This one is sufficient enough to hold as many drinks as you may possibly want to make do with at any given time. You won’t have to look elsewhere really.


√ Useful for everyday drinking and applications√ Applicable for the bar and the home environments√ Free of any harmful materials and substances√ Perfect for common daily usage√ Does not shatter like any other glass


× Quite complicated to understand and use× Too tedious to make use of× Its cleanliness is tough to do

8. Libbey Impressions 16-Piece Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set

Searching for a drinking glass for use in your office or casual setting? Look to no other than this one. Courtesy of its unique four-sided dimpled shape, the glass fits snugly in your hand. It is hence awesome for those everyday applications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Excellent ShapeAs hinted above, this glass exudes some excellent shape. This shape comes in the form of a unique four-sided dimple. Thanks to this shape, the glass has the ability to fit snugly in your hand. It is this that makes it great for working in your room.

√ Weighted BaseIts base is weighted to add more stability for you. No matter how fidgety your table could be, you may be sure that the glass stands tall and resist all forms of damages and spilling of your contents.

√ Chip-resistant RimLastly comes the chip-resistant rim. The purpose of this resistance to chips is to safeguard your lips and tongues from any pains or prickles that ordinarily come along. It hence makes you drink safely for too long.


√ Free of any Lead√ Packaged in a safe and convenient box√ Exudes some elegant looks and appearances√ Easily usable by guests and hosts alike√ Allows for convenient cleanups


× Too casual for official use× Sustains and breakage easily× Unreliable for long-term use and applications

9. US Acrylic Cafe Break-Resistant Plastic 20oz Restaurant-Quality Beverage Tumblers | Set of 16 in 4 Assorted Colors.

Many glasses which are designed for drinking today are unfortunately unsafe for the said purpose. The main reason underlying this is the use of BPA materials and substances to make the glasses up. This one differs markedly.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Durable MaterialsOnly materials that are durable have been used to make the glass up. With this makeup, you may be sure to enjoy prolonged and repeated incidences of use of the glass.

√ Proudly Made in the USAAll the raw materials are sourced from the United States. The same case goes for the production thereof. You may hence count on the glass to deliver to you the best of outcomes and services.

√ Top Rack Dishwasher SafeYou may easily place this glass in a dishwasher that is operable at the top. In this way, you will be able to enjoy unimpeded washing and maintenance of the glass as a whole.


√ Exudes some classic restaurant-style design√ Offers a higher value for your money√ Pretty strong and sturdy for long-term use√ Useful in the outside environments and places√ Comes in a compact size indeed


× Too brittle× Requires that you handle it with great care× Easily slips and falls off

10. Le’raze Attractive Highball Glasses Clear Heavy Base Tall Bar Glass

If you are a restaurateur, you definitely want to lay your hands on a glass that is indeed easier to keep clean. This is the one to choose as it requires limited effort to do so. Moreover, it is also able to discharge great outcomes.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Crystal-clear ClaritySetting this glass apart from the others is the crystal-clear clarity of the glass that makes the structure of this drinking utensil. Other than letting you gaze at the drinks, this clarity also adds to your aesthetics.

√ High-quality Durable GlassThe glass in use is extremely durable in nature owing to the toughness thereof. Courtesy of the durable nature, the glass endures the test of time and allows you to enjoy periods of unimpeded services.

√ Elegant AppearanceOn the whole, the glass is also elegant in appearance indeed. You will find it quite breathtaking to behold. Moreover, you will also use it to enhance your interiors and rooms.


√ Serves all kinds of drinks and beverages√ Well-balanced and hardly fidgets√ Tackles a variety of uses and circumstances√ Has a pretty large capacity√ Clear enough to let you gaze the interior contents


× Slightly weighty× Demands complex maintenance procedures× Does not stack and is hence tedious to carry around


Q. What is a drinking glass?

A. This is a container which is used to serve all kinds of drinks like beer, soda, juices, porridge, and pure water. It also plays the secondary role of making your ambiance beautiful and colorful to the eyes.

Q. Is colored glass safe to drink from?

A. Why not? Coloring the glass does not in any way interfere with the safety or suitability of the glass to dispense safe drinking water or beverages. So, go ahead and use the colored glass to dispense your beverages as well.

Q. Are drinking glasses tempered?

A. Some are some are not. You are however advised to prioritize the one that is tempered. This one is stronger and more reliable for use than the one that is not tempered.

Q. How big is a drinking glass?

A. Many unique drinking glasses have a capacity of 12 ounces. Some are however smaller, yet others are bigger in sizes.

Q. Why are drinking glasses made of glass?

A. The glass allows you to monitor the contents and to have the confidence you need to take your beverage of choice without any second thoughts.

Final verdict

Our review and buying guide comes to an end there. Since we have done our part, we can only ask that you take over from where we have left. Use the buying guide as the basis of finding the right drinking glass for your unique purpose and use.

We are always on standby and ready to offer further support to you if you need one. Feel free hence to come to us for that very purpose. In the meantime, we ask that you share this information with as many of the members of your inner circle as can be.

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