The 14 Best Measuring Spoons – 2023 Reviews and Buying Guide

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There are various measuring cups and measuring spoons available to buy on Amazon currently. The purpose of the following is to decide, which of the 14 products reviewed happens to be the best measuring spoons to buy in 2023. The products compared include sets of cups only, sets of spoons only, or products that include sets of both cups and spoons.


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Now let’s take a look at the best measuring cups and spoons in the market. We selected the top 14 best measuring spoons & cups in Amazon for your pleasure.

1. The Progressive International Best Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Set of 5 magnetic measuring spoons made by Progressive are ergonomically designed to be stylish and useful.


√ 5 different sized magnetic spoons ranging from 1/4 tsp to 1 tbsp
√ Ergonomically designed spoons
√ Spoons are dishwasher safe
√ Designed to get things out of narrow spice jars
√ Spoons lie flat on surfaces to prevent spilling


× Some buyers have received spoons that did not have the Progressive logo and these should be returned
× Be careful that the magnets do not fall off the spoons especially after been put through a dishwasher

2. The Best Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons By U-Taste

The U-Taste stainless steel measuring spoons consist of a set of 6 pieces – 1/8 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tbsp and lastly 1 tbsp. Measuring spoons to measure out both dry and liquid Ingredients.


√ 6 useful sized spoons from 1/8 tsp upto 1 tbsp
√ Seller also sets of 7, 8 and 9 spoons if more measurements are needed
√ Spoon markings will not fade and cannot be removed
√ Spoons are dishwasher safe and markings will not come away
√ Made from stainless steel so safer than plastic spoons
√ Set kept together with a metal ring
√ Spoons are rounded to prevent liquid spilling


× The stainless steel finish is not always even, or of a good quality
× Spoons get scratched easily though this does not distract from their ability to measure accurately

3. The 1Easylife Best Measuring Cups And Spoons Set

A set of 6 spoons for the accurate measuring of dry and liquid ingredients in the preparation of food and cooking. Stainless steel measuring spoons set used by cooking professionals.


√ Durable stainless steel spoons
√ Long handles to get dry ingredients and liquids out of jars
√ Measurements are engraved into the spoons and will not wear away no matter how many times these are washed
√ Spoons are easy to hand wash and wipe clean
√ Spoons feature a cupped as well as a rounded design to improve accuracy and prevent spillage
√ Product includes a 2 year warranty
√ An excellent customer service that quickly resolve any problems


× Some sets do not arrive in perfect condition yet the makers have an excellent customer service team

4. The Best Measuring Spoon Set By Cuisipro

This stainless steel measuring spoon set is a set of 6 oval shaped measuring spoons ranging from 1/8 tsp to 1 tbsp. Measurements are stamped onto each spoon.


√ 6 piece spoon set
√ Spoons are oval shaped to fit into spice jars
√ Measurements stamped on the spoons and will not wash away
√ Made from stainless steel


× Some buyers receive spoons with rough or jagged edges
× Will not fit into smaller spice jars
× The measurements are in small numbers
× Larger spoons are not accurate, those below 1/2 tsp are

5. The Simply Gourmet Best Stainless Steel Measuring Cups And Spoons

This measuring cups and measuring spoons set consists of 12 stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons. Suitable for liquid measuring cup and / or dry measuring cup set.


√ Stainless steel measuring cups and spoons for better value
√ Top quality and made to professional grade
√ Includes a 3/4 cup that many other sets would not have
√ Engraved measurements on cups and spoons that will not wash away
√ Sturdy handles and flat bottom to prevent cups and spoons from slipping
√ Takes the stress out of cooking


× Some users find that the cups have sharp edges
× Cups are not as good quality as spoons
× The pictures do not match the product

6. The Best Measuring Spoons By Leepiya

From Leepiya this is a handy and space saving, not to mention colorful measuring cups and spoons sets consisting of 4 cups and 4 spoons.


√ Lightweight as made from silicone
√ For better safety this product is made from BPA free silicone
√ To save space this set contains 4 collapsible measuring cups
√ The spoons are green whilst the cups are mutl colored
√ Engraved US and metric measurements
√ Low cost cups and spoons set


× Some buyers may prefer sets with more cups and spoons
× The cups work better than the spoons, which are the wrong shape to fit in spice jars
× Be careful not to put something heavier in the cups such as peanut butter as they could collapse while in u

7. The Best Kitchen Spoon By U-Taste

This measuring cups and spoons set combined cups and spoons set includes 7 cups and 5 spoons made from high quality stainless steel with engraved measurements.


√ Product made from 18/8 Stainless Steel
√ More choices when cooking with 7 cups and 5 spoons
√ Engraved markings that will not wash away
√ Takes the guesswork out of baking and cooking as US and metric markings allow for total accuracy


× The handles could be sturdier
× Some users may find that the markings are small

8. The YellRin Magnetic Measuring Spoons

This magnetic measuring spoons set consists of 6 measuring spoons made of durable stainless steel. These spoons are dual sided and can be used to measure out dry foods and liquids.


√ Set of 6 stackable and dual sided teaspoons / tablespoons
√ Durable stainless steel spoons
√ US and Metric markings
√ Magnets keeps the set together making the spoons easier to use than if they were held together with a chain


× The magnets are not strong
× Labels fall off after a few washes, harder to tell the size of the spoons

9. Measuring Cups and Spoons Set by Simply Gourmet

A premium measuring spoons set of stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons. The set is made up of 5 cups and 5 spoons with durable engraved markings.


√ Durable stainless steel
√ Engraved markings that will not fade away even if frequently washed
√ Dishwasher safe and really easy to clean
√ High quality simple to use design with no spilling


× Not always in stock
× The spoons are prone to rusting after a few washes as is the ring that holds them together
× Spoons do not fit in all spice jars

10. The Kitchenaid Cheap Measuring Spoons

This color set of measuring cups and spoons from Kitchenaid includes 5 spoons and 4 cups.


√ Made of plastic, easy to use
√ Easy to wash, and dishwasher safe
√ Colorful set
√ Low price


× The markings are stuck on labels and will wear off after a few washes

11. The Best Measuring Spoons By OXO

A set of 8 stainless steel measuring cups and spoons (4 of each) from Oxo that are magnetic and dishwasher safe.


√ Magnetic spoons that stay together when not in use
√ Engraved markings that will not wash out
√ Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
√ Easy to keep cups / spoons level for the most accurate measuring


× Would be better if a 3/4 cup was included
× There are no metric markings
× The magnets are weak
× Take up more space than users would expect

12. The New Star Foodservice Measuring Spoons

The best measuring cups and spoons for baking is a set of 4 mini measuring spoons made of stainless steel with engraved markings.


√ Easy to use stainless steel mini spoons
√ Spoons held together by a ring
√ Engraved markings that will not wash away


× The markings are not accurate
× Handles may fall off after a few weeks
× Ring that holds set together may rust after a few washes

13. New Star Foodservice Best Measuring Cups And Spoons 2023

This is the full size set of measuring spoons from New Star and it has 6 spoons ranging from 1/8 tsp upto 1 tbsp.


√ Quality stainless steel product
√ Engraved US and metric markings that cannot be removed
√ Hook makes it simple to store the set on a wall
√ Easy to use and to wash


× Make sure to dry the hook to prevent to from rusting

14. The Spring Chef Best Measuring Spoons

The spring chef heavy duty stainless steel metal measuring spoons are a set of 6 spoons that measure out dry or liquid ingredients accurately using US or metric markings.


√ Heavy duty stainless steel construction that will not bend or break
√ Engraved markings in US and metric that will not fade
√ Dishwasher safe and easy to use
√ Spoons fit into spice jars so need to shake the jars and spill spices
√ Currently available with a $13 price reduction


× The spoons are top quality, just do not use the ring and use the set for years

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Let’s finish by answering a couple of the most asked questions about the best measuring spoons :

measuring cups and spoons
[dt_quote]Q. What are the measuring cups or spoons made of?

A. The majority of the 14 products reviewed were made of stainless steel, see individual product reviews.

[dt_quote]Q. Are the measuring cups and spoons dishwasher safe?

A. The majority of the products claim to be dishwasher safe, see individual reviews as some products are more dishwasher safe than others are.

[dt_quote]Q. Will the measurements remain on the measuring cups or spoons even if these are frequently washed?

A. That will depend on whether the measurements are printed onto the products, or if they are engraved, see each review for further details.

[dt_quote]Q. Are the measurements in US or metric amounts?

A. Generally the measurements are in US amounts though some also metric markings, see each review.

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The best measuring spoons / cups or combination of both was Product 14, the Spring Chef heavy duty measuring spoons. These measuring spoons seem to have makers that have a quality checking system in place so that buyers are not taking a chance on the product being as described. The ring that holds the set together does not really serve a purpose and can be discarded immediately. This product was by far the most reliable set of spoons compared to the other products. These measuring cups and spoons can be relied upon to accurate measure dry and liquid ingredients for years. Even without the $13 price reduction this is the set to buy. Spring Chef also sell measuring cups on Amazon, or a combined cups and spoons set. If users were looking for combined sets or cups only set then these would be better than any of the combined sets reviewed above.

The Spring Chef set could be trusted each and every time it is used, and if looked after properly then this product should last for years. Many of the other sets could not be relied upon every time they are used, and accuracy needs to be obtainable every time measuring cups and spoons are used.

A notable feature when reviewing measuring cups and spoons was that the majority of makers did not have adequate quality control checks in place, in particular for measuring spoons. This can make buying these products a lottery, winners get useful products and the losersend up with goods not fit for purpose. This meant that none of these products could be recommended to buyers as the quality could not be guarranteed consistently. Besides the winning set of spoons represents really good value for money.

The best of the rest was Product 10 the Kitchenaid combined set, which was of a reasonable quality yet it’s markings were labels and would wear off after a few washes. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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  1. These measuring spoons are enough. They perform their function, however the way they snap together is a bit irritating. Just to obtain one measuring spoon, I have to tear the entire thing apart. They won’t remain together if you don’t snap them back together tightly enough. They would be much superior if they were magnetic rather than snap-together. I’ll continue to search.

  2. This is a high-quality set of spoons that have been well-executed. Inside and out, it’s all stainless steel. Steel is free of dents or nicks, and the edges are smooth. You’ll get a total of six items in this set: 15ml, half a cup of water (7.5oz), one cup of water (5oz), one tablespoon (5oz), one tablespoon (5oz), and one tablespoon (1tsp/5oz). The deepest and widest spoon measures about 1″/3cm and 1 /12″/4cm. The smallest spoon is about 3/10″/7mm deep and 6/10″/14mm wide. The spoon sizes are clearly defined. Easy to handle. All fit snugly on a hook.

  3. The length of the handle is the one thing I don’t like about this product. Before I purchase, I should examine the length. The handle length may be a little longer.

  4. It’s pricey, but you get everything you need, including a leveller, in the set. Lifetime guarantee on this simply gourmet measuring cups and spoons set product.

  5. The cups are properly marked and durable, and the spoons can be used for both measuring and opening bottles, so I’m happy with my purchase.

  6. These strong, well-formed measuring containers have no rough edges. Each piece has imperial and metric measurements, although the letters are tiny. The color-coded plastic inserts on the handles make me hesitant to offer five stars. Tension holds them to the metal handle. I would have liked a well-bonded, non-removable handle insert.

  7. Exceptionally high quality, distinct marks, and an outstanding collection of simply gourmet measuring cups and spoons set.

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