The Secrets to Microwave. It’s Easy if You Follow it Smart.

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Microwave ovens are currently a common sight in many kitchens all over the world. This is because of their convenience in several functions, making them an essential appliance worth having around. For instance, microwave ovens are reliable and multifunctional from reheating leftovers and some ready food to the cooking of fresh food. These functions are duplicated in certain types and models of microwaves and not all of them.


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Therefore you must acquire the best microwave for your kitchen and one that will wholesomely satisfy your meal requirements. Listed below are some of the secrets to many microwaves and thus some of the factors to consider before buying the best oven.

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Microwave Secrets

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The type

There are several types of microwaves currently in the market, with each type having certain benefits and disadvantages associated. The most common and contemporary types include the countertop designs, over-the-range microwave ovens, and the built-in microwave ovens. Therefore depending on several factors, you will need to choose one among the popular three to fit into your kitchen.

For instance, the location of the installation might play a significant role in this case of selection. Countertop microwave ovens are usually preferred since it does not require actual installation process just a flat surface to rest in while you accomplish your goal. Built-in microwave ovens are usually installed in cabinets or even walls depending on your preference. Finally, over-the-range microwave ovens are usually installed above your stove or cooking range somewhere in the kitchen wall. Thus, you should be well versed with the types and modes of installation of the different microwave ovens before purchasing one.


These microwave ovens also come in different capacity holdings. These reflect the size of space inside the cooking chambers of these ovens. Some are small, capable of holding a meal for just one individual, while others are huge to the capability of handling foods for a large group of people. The capacity is usually correspondent to the size of the microwave oven. The popular capacity among these appliances usually ranges between 17 liters to about 32 liters. This allows the customer to acquire one that would sufficiently prepare and heat food for their families. For instance, in a large family, they will need a large sized carriage capacity to accommodate food for the entire family and prevent cases of repetitive and inconvenient bit by bit cooking.


Despite this being correspondent with the capacity, microwave oven also often come in a variety of sizes from large to small. This is valuable data about microwave ovens since it will determine the space they occupy in your kitchen. Therefore, if countertop space might be an issue, you might need other types of microwave ovens or a much smaller model of the countertop microwaves. You have to ascertain henceforth the space available in your kitchen to ensure that you buy the most appropriate size that will not suffocate the kitchen. Similarly, some types and models require space for venting and heat dispersion, and thus free space in the kitchen and place of installation would play an essential role in their efficiency.

Power consumption

The input wattage by a microwave oven usually reflects on the efficiency and the magnitude of the output. Therefore, the higher the wattage consumption, the faster the heating process and efficiency. Nevertheless, the microwave ovens usually come with several wattage rates ranging between 650 watts to about 1950 watts. Selecting the proper wattage is also vital for your overall maintenance costs. Low wattage microwave ovens operate very slowly and might be inconvenient for some. In contrast, high wattage models are suitable for industrial use as they operate quite fast but racks up a massive amount of power bills for the owner. Thus leaving the middle range wattage models, which are most preferred in homestead kitchen scenarios.

Control systems

These constitute the control panels, which reflect the ease of use and versatile nature of the microwave oven. The more the control options, the vast the applications associated. There are three types of control panels common in microwaves. They include the mechanical dials/knob and tact dial type panels, which are often installed in low-end models and thus can handle rough environments; however, limited application options. Feather touch control panels, on the other hand, are usually premium and advanced technology replicating the touch screen system making use much simple with a wide range of control options.

Programmable features

These are some of the high technology features installed in some of the microwave ovens making it more user friendly and efficient. For instance, some models of the microwave ovens usually come with auto cook menu and function capability. This is designed in a way that all you need to do is select the dish type in the control panel, and the appliance will adjust to the desired wattage and time for cooking on itself. This is usually convenient for many people who dread the constant setting of the microwave. This function may also be dependent on sensors that detect the level of steam inside the microwave, thus establishing the depth of the cooking a meal has reached. Some of these include the popcorn setting, barbecue sets, beverages, among others.

Safety features

Microwave ovens being heating appliances, they can usually inflict severe burns on an individual if not correctly handled. Therefore, the majority of them come with safety features such as the interlock system. This entails various lock mechanisms that are installed in place to ensure that the microwave does not function if opened and thus has to be properly closed and locked to prevent injuries. Another safety feature among microwave ovens is the child lockout feature, which ensures that individuals with children in the house keep their children safe by locking them out of the microwave, and this could minimize accidental burns due to hot dishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are a microwave and a microwave oven the same thing?

The term “microwave oven” may be shortened to just “microwave.” Both phrases refer to the same item, which is a device that heats food via the use of microwave radiation. The process of preparing food in this manner is referred to as “microwaving.”

What are some of the drawbacks of using a microwave oven?

Microwaves do have certain drawbacks. It’s possible, for instance, that they are not as successful as other cooking techniques when it comes to eradicating germs and other pathogens that might cause food poisoning. This is due to the fact that the heat is often kept at a lower level, and the amount of time spent cooking is significantly reduced. The temperature of the meal might fluctuate at times.

The Bottom Line

Microwave ovens are currently a diverse innovation in the market, with several brand suppliers instilling a variety of secrets in their designs to promote their sales while satisfying their customers. Nevertheless, there are also substandard microwave ovens, which are disappointing. Thus, this requires the intimate knowledge of some of the secrets associated with microwave ovens to assist you in purchasing the best for your kitchen.

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