10 Facts That Nobody Told You About Countertop Water Filters

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Having the right best countertop water filter is bound to change your life. The use of these filters helps eliminate contaminants in the drinking water. Do you know that the use of these filters is likely to boost your immune system and stimulate weight loss? Other than getting rid of harmful chemicals and contaminants in the water, but it also alkalinizes your drinking water. These are some of the secrets you need to know about the countertop water filters.


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Different Types

Countertop water filters are of different types. Ideally, there are two major types of water filters you can consider, and they include water filter pitcher and faucet filters. The water filter pitcher is not connected to the faucet, but it is still efficient when it comes to filtering water. This is an ideal filter if the sink’s countertop is small and narrow. On the other hand, faucet filters are connected directly to the faucet. You will find them to be quite efficient at filtering water than the pitchers.

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Different Sizes

Countertop water filters are available in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, you should ensure you choose the right fit besides the faucet. You can find filters of small capacity and can fit nearly everywhere. Others are large, and they can take up a lot of space, so you should make sure you know where to place them.

Filtration Capacity

All countertop water filters can get rid of foul tastes, sediment, heavy metals, and odors. You should note that not all of them are efficient in removing elements in the water. You can find some models that are great at getting rid of chlorine as compared to others. Therefore, there is a need to have an idea of the elements they can remove. Some filters can provide beneficial minerals in the water.

They Require Maintenance

Getting the right countertop water filter is one step; using it is another. No matter the model you choose, you cannot escape routine maintenance. In fact, each filter can get to its maximum capacity at any given point. If you utilize the water filter past its maximum capacity, you will have the same quality of water as that of the tap.


Although water filters are meant to produce healthy drinking water, you may encounter bad tastes. You have probably heard other people complaining that the water tastes bad or different as they are used to using chlorinated water. The other thing you should consider is that water filters can remove healthy minerals in the water. If the water is hard, it contains huge amounts of magnesium, calcium, and minerals.

Alkaline Water

Water filters can make water more alkaline. The good thing about alkaline water is that it has anti-aging properties, and it can boost your overall immune system. Also, it can promote weight loss and hydrate your skin. Some water filters use cartridges to make water more alkaline.

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Re-mineralized Water

You can find countertop water filters that can re-mineralize your tap water. Remember that when the drinking water is filtered, the contaminants are blocked from getting to your glass. Also, when the beneficial minerals are eliminated, it can be quite detrimental to your health. By re-mineralizing water, it makes it better for your health.

Easy Priming

It does not matter the type of filtering solution you have; you will have to prime your water filter cartridges. Fortunately, you can easily prime them. You can even find the priming process.

Slow Filtration Rate

Although the countertop filters are known to be highly efficient, they are not quick. In fact, faucet models are known to have a high filtration rate as compared to pitcher models.

Ease of Use

You should note that faucet water filters are quite easier to use as compared to the pitcher water filters. For instance, faucet ones can be installed in the faucet and sink. To use it, you only need to turn on the faucet and switch. However, filter pitchers are quite difficult to use. You have to ensure that the filter’s container is refilled on a regular basis. Although this is not difficult, some models have a storage capacity of five gallons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How long does the life of a water filter for a countertop usually last?

The length of time that passes before a filter has to be replaced varies from one manufacturer to the next, but a safe estimate is six months, which is equivalent to the consumption of around 1,500 gallons of water in that period. Some filters even come with their own built-in calendars, which serve as a helpful reminder that it’s time to replace the filter in question with a new one.

The Bottom Line

Before you get a countertop water filter, there is a need to test your water and see the contaminants it contains. After knowing the contaminants, you can tell which filter to get. The above are some of the vital things to know regarding the water filter.

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