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Dogs are among the animals to be domesticated. Dogs are used for security purposes because of their keen sense of smell. The strong sense of smell in dogs makes them great partners in wars or the antinarcotic department. Security officers use dogs at night because of their keen sense of smell too. In our homes, dogs are either pets or security partners. It is essential to look after your dog’s welfare for the animal to be able to serve you well. Taking good care of the dog does not involve only giving them food and treating them, but making sure they have a comfortable place to relax too. For the animals to rest comfortably, they will need a bed.


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The best dog bed has unique and essential features that suit its day to day activities to its best. Having prior knowledge of the secret features that a dog bed should have ensures that you get the best one. The secret features are unique, distinctive, and essential, making the best dog bed different from other ordinary dog beds. The secrets entail that they are the best.

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Dog Beds Secrets

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Getting the best dog bed that will enable the animal to have a great time can be tricky. This is because, in modern society, several companies are making different dog beds. We have therefore to decided to make your work easy and quick by providing you with features if considered before purchasing a dog bed, will guarantee that you have the best dog bed. The features are as follows:


Dogs are generally excited animals, and they have claws too. Some dogs are friendly also, and they may jump whenever they see you coming. When buying a dog bed, it is better to find one that can withstand the daily use of your dog’s excitement. The materials used in making the dog bed should be of high-quality to ensure it can handle digging and jumping. Buying a dog bed after short periods can be annoying and costly.

Materials like nylon and canvas are strong enough to handle digging and jumping for long periods without damaging. When purchasing a dog bed, you should look out for high-quality materials to ensure its durability.


Like human beings, dogs may be sensitive to certain materials. When buying a dog bed, it is vital to consider if the materials used in the construction are safe for the animal. Additionally, the material used in the creation of the dog bed should be eco-friendly. While purchasing a dog bed, it is advisable to look for beds constructed with CertiPUR-US(R) foam. This is because they are free of materials like lead, mercury, flame retardants, heavy metals, and other and other harmful materials and substances that may risky to the health of your pet.


For your pet to have a comfortable rest, the sleeping space should be adequate. The best dog bed should have ample sleeping space to enable your pet to have a comfortable rest without its feet and legs hanging over the sides. Therefore it is essential to have your pet’s measurements before going to the market to buy a dog bed.

Bolster or mattress-style

When buying a dog bed, it is vital to have information on their typical slumber habits and personality traits. If the pet likes curling up in a ball in smaller, more confined spaces, then a bed with bolsters on the sides is suitable for the provision of a secure, confined space. Additionally, bolster dog beds are ideal for anxious dogs because of the added privacy and feeling of security it offers.

Water-resistant materials

In case your dog has issues with bladder leakage or the dog is aging, then the dog bed should have water-resistant materials. Additionally, it is advisable to buy dog beds with removable covers that are machine-washable for easy cleaning. When the dog bed becomes dirty, washing it can be very easy because of the water-resistant materials. For outdoor use, the best dog bed should have water-resistant materials. The water-resistant materials will ensure the dog has a comfortable place to relax after the rain stops. Lastly, orthopedic memory foam beds are the best dog beds suitable for aging dogs.

Color and patterns

When buying a dog bed, it is always important to consider the color and pattern of the place that you are planning to keep it. If you are planning to keep the dog bed in the living room, then its color and pattern should not clash with your décor. In case the available dog bed colors and patterns do not match the ones in your décor, then it is advisable to buy neutral shades since they can practically complement any décor.

Indoor or outdoor use

Before buying a dog bed, it is good to analyze if is it will be used indoors or outdoors. For outdoor use, the dog bed should be elevated to help in keeping your dog off the damp ground. Additionally, an elevated dog bed helps in keeping the airflow during the warm season.

The cost

The amount of money in your pocket that you are willing to spend on buying the dog bed is vital. Different dog beds have various prices and budgeting before buying may ensure that you get the best one that will serve you and the pet fully.

The manufacturer

The market is crowded with various dog bed designs. Before buying any dog bed, it is advisable to check the customer reviews from online sites like Amazon. Additionally, you can ask from family and friends that have dog bed the details on the best one. With the information gathered, buying the best dog bed is a guarantee.

Non-slip bottom

The surface that the dog bed is to be placed should be considered before buying it. A non-slip bottom dog bed can be placed on a carpet, but in case you are planning to put the dog bed on a slippery surface like wood, then it is advisable to get the one that will not slide all over the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why do dogs need beds?

Depending on their age, a dog will sleep anywhere from 12 to 18 hours every day. Therefore, just like you, they need a cozy bed in which to get some shut-eye. Even though you may wake up to discover your dog curled up next to you in the middle of the night, it’s important for canines to have their own space to sleep in.

Do dogs prefer sleeping on floor?

Absolutely. Dogs are not bothered at all by the experience of lying on concrete or other rough surfaces. Their primary goal in life is to feel secure and protected, and while they are at rest, they almost always choose the location that is the coolest they can locate.

The Bottom Line

Having prior knowledge of the essential features of the dog bed will make it easy and quick for you to choose the best one. Information like the durability of the dog bed, the size, cost, and material, among others, will ensure that you choose the best dog bed that will serve you and your pet thoroughly. With the above information, you will have the quickest and easiest way to dog beds / pet furniture since the secret has been revealed.

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