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A citrus juicer has many uses and has more benefits in comparison to other juicers or regular juicers. In extracting juice from citrus fruits, the best tool to use is the citrus juicer, as it is made primarily for that purpose.


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You must purchase a great juicer for your kitchen and choose well. You need not worry about the costs of buying a juicer for each type of fruit as citrus juicers operate on the principle of one-juicer-fits-all. Here then, are the tips for choosing the most appropriate citrus juicer for your needs.

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Citrus Juicer Tips

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Consider Your Lifestyle

Buy a high-end juicer if you intend to drink citrus juice every day. This means you may get the most significant value out of this juicer when also getting the most excellent nutrients out of this citrus fruit. Over, don’t worry too crucial about being on an orange juice everyday diet since you can use your citrus juicer on other related fruits.

But if one is only an unusual drinker of the citrus juices, then a more straightforward model will suffice for the purpose. Just recall that several of the affordable models may not hold up to times of also the most infrequent of use due to the inferior materials, construction, and design.


Before doing anything, you’ll have to know if the juicer in question has been manufactured with citrus juice in mind. If it hasn’t, then there is no need to look into that particular model any further. This is because citrus juicers are designed to handle the thick skins, pulp, and fiber that fruits like oranges and limes contain. A standard fruit juicer can’t handle the demand that citrus fruits require to be juiced correctly.

Consider the Efficiency and Speed

You have to balance the need for speed and efficiency. You may want a faster extraction process even when not all of the juice and pulp from the citrus juice is extracted. You may wish to a more efficient extraction process even when it is slower. Then Again, you can find citrus juicers that can combine the values of speed and efficiency in the extraction process. Read reviews with these two values in mind.


Citrus juice is made by taking whole pieces of fruit and juicing them, skin and all. This makes the resulting drink very thick and very pulpy. It also makes for a very healthy drink because the skins on citrus fruits contain nutrients that you would not get if you did not use the whole fruit in your drink recipe. A bonus is that each will cost less because it will take fewer pieces of fruit to fill each glass. But what if the thought of skins in your drinks makes your skin crawl? Then you will want to take a look at making citrus water.

Kind of juice you want to make

When you’ve narrowed your search to those models that are citrus specific, then you’ll need to know what kind of juice you want to make. There are mostly two kinds: citrus juice and citrus water. The rest of This article will get you acquainted with them.

Consider the Features

Just because a citrus juicer performs a relatively simple extraction process does not necessarily mean that it must only have the most basic features.

Citrus squeezers effectiveness

Citrus squeezers employ leaver action to press the juice out of citrus fruit. They are very effective at removing most of the juice from the fruit. They are available in handheld versions, as well as those that are meant to be mounted to a countertop.

If you feel a citrus juicer is not for you, have a look at our guide and reviews of the best food processor america’s test kitchen or best centrifugal juicer reviews or best cold press oil machine or best high end small appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the proper name for a citrus juicer?

A citrus reamer, also known as a lemon reamer or just a reamer, is a tiny kitchen item that is used to extract the juice from a lemon or other small citrus fruit. Other names for this reamer are lemon reamer and reamer.

The Bottom Line

Generally, once you have picked the best juicer, you must use it. Don’t let its benefits and the benefits of juicing pass you by in favor of making the juicer an ornament on your kitchen counter.

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