Everything You Wanted to Know About KIDS TOWELS and Were Afraid To Ask

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When it comes to choosing baby towels you ought to be quite careful. This is because kids’ skins are quite sensitive and hence their towels should be quite soft and tender. The towels should not be used for anything else apart from the baby’s use. You should always ensure that from the soothing warm bath to wrapping your baby before you oil him or her you use a different that’s clean. As baby’s skins are quite sensitive, you should always be ready with different sets of towels be it while bathing, swimming or just wiping them after quite a hot walk with them. They develop rashes quite easily and hence a clean towel is a necessity.


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The good thing about bay towels is that there are easily available and of different sizes. Baby shops have opened up in the recent past in many locations makes it easy to shop for towels, bath linens as well as other accessories. While choosing your baby towel to make sure the fabrics will do well with your baby’s skin. Some kids may be allergic and if so get a recommendation from a pediatrician.

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We can base types of towels as per the fabrics. This may include:

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Cotton towels:

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These are the easiest to find and are quite cheap. They are made of quality cotton wool and are quite soft. Most cotton towels are used as bath towels and hence you may use them to wash your kid’s body. Cotton towels have no issues with skins as most kids are not allergic to cotton. You may also have a wrapped towel made of cotton as its warm enough to dry off and wrap your kid after a bath.

Bamboo towels

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Bamboo is quite eco-friendly and is a renewable resource. Once you buy a towel made of this precious resource you are safeguarding your kid against bacteria as it has elements of resistance to them. Bamboo fabric is mainly used to make hand and bath towels for your kids and hence a healthy wash.

Egyptian cotton

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The Egyptian cotton fabric has long strands of fiber, unlike the common cotton. This makes it quite ideal for bath towels as it provides an easy wash. Its also quite soft because of this and durable. If you are looking forward to buying luxurious towels for your precious baby, make sure you choose the Egyptian cotton made towels. They are relatively expensive as compared to the normal cotton towels.

As your baby requires different sets of towels for various purposes you may also classify the towels based on this. They may include:

Swim hooded towels

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Once in a while, you may have to take your kid to the beach or for swimming. This trendy set of towels has a hood and a towel wrap to the feet. They are quite cute and appealing to both the kid and mum. These towels ought to be made of a fabric that is quite warm and can easily dry of the water after a swim. The towels are made to match the sex of the baby and have well-designed hoods with different shapes.

Kids bath towels

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Bath time is also an integral part of a kid’s healthiness. You need to ensure that your baby is taking a bath each day even if it means just simply giving this bundle of joy a nice wipe. When it comes to bath towels. You may use cotton or bamboo fabric towels. They are soft and tender to the skin and come in different colors. Bath towels may include face, wrap, hand, and hooded baby towels also. There should be sets of towels that should be used for nothing else but to wipe your baby’s face.

When it comes to washing your baby use a different piece of face towel and ensure you always keep it clean and disinfected. If you are using a bamboo towel, you are safe as it has antibacterial elements in it. Hooded towels are trendy and are slowly gaining favor as compared to the wrapped towel. When you are doing shopping for toddler towels make sure you have this in your cart. They will be quite happy after a bath and they are wrapped with a hooded towel. These towels are quite fancy and hence your baby will certainly love it.

Here are some advantages of using a different set of baby towels for our kids:

Healthy skin as they do not get infected with other people’s skin problems. Kids being quite sensitive should be cared for and one way to do it is by washing and storing their towels differently from the rest.

You will be growing a happy baby as they are quite pleased with the towels you choose for them. When you shop for towels such as a hooded towels, your kid is certainly going to love this. This will make them grow happy and always looking forward to swims or even a bath. This makes it easy for you t lure your kid, especially at toddler’s age to take a bath.

While you choose your kid’s towels always ensure you check on the fabric. This will ensure that you choose the right towels for the purpose its meant for. As your kid grows always be ready to buy different sets and reuse the other for another purpose instead of throwing them off. You may donate. When it comes to bay towels, choose the best fit for purpose and also the sex of your child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What’s the purpose of a hooded towel?

To give you an idea, a baby hooded towel is simply a little bath towel with a hood that is connected to it. The purpose of this item is to ensure that a baby’s head is kept warm and dry immediately after a bath and prior to the process of dressing them. This kind of towel may also be worn after going swimming; doing so helps to get a child’s core temperature back up to normal, which prevents them from getting the chills.

How often should towels be washed?

The best approach to stop germs from multiplying on your bath towel is to ensure that it gets enough of air drying time in between uses, and to wash it on a regular basis. The Cleaning Institute suggests that bath towels should be washed after every three usage. If you take a shower every day, then you will need to do laundry roughly once every other week.

Is it OK to reuse the same towel twice from a hygienic standpoint?

It is quite OK to use a towel more than once before washing and drying it, and doing so is really healthier for the environment. To reuse towels a few times is beneficial to the environment and is probably not anything that should raise any concerns.

Can I use a regular towel for my newborn?

In most cases, a baby can get away with using normal towels. However, the skin of a newborn is delicate, sensitive, and susceptible to damage from a variety of factors. When you use conventional towels on your kid, there is a chance that you may end up irritating their skin. This is particularly true if you wash the regular towels with the rest of the laundry using standard detergent.

Is there a risk of bacteria growth on wet towels?

When towels are often wet, kept in a warm atmosphere, and have a high absorbency rate, they create an ideal setting for the growth of germs. The germs that are already present on your skin are transmitted onto the surface of the towel each time you use it, according to specialists. The vast majority of the time, we keep towels in dark restrooms, where they are at risk of being contaminated with germs that may cause sickness.

What should you do with your towel after a shower?

To ensure that your towel gets completely dry after your shower or bath, you should drape it over a bar or the shower rod. This will assist in preventing the formation of germs and will lengthen the period that may pass between washings. Avoid using hooks, since they have the potential to allow moisture to get trapped inside the folds of the cloth.

The Bottom Line

While you buy towels just for your kid you are saving on costs one way or another. This is because once you prevent skin-related infections, you do not have to go to the pediatrician. They are quite expensive and hence you may use the cash on pampering your baby.

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