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A baby feeding chair is quite essential for anyone bringing up a young toddler or older baby. A booster chair is meant to be used alongside a regular chair to boost the baby’s sitting height, which makes feeding much easier for both of you.


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This article is basically a guide for you to help when choosing the perfect feeding chair / booster seat. We will basically go through some product types, giving opinions and taking you through the pros and cons of each. Do read it, and we hope afterwards, you get to pick the best high chair for your baby.

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So that you may get your hands on the best high chair, you need to figure out the following factors:

Now, baby feeding chairs are super convenient, and help include your baby into the family’s feeding experience. They also save you the hassle of having to bend down to feed and wipe them. However, feeding chairs and infant booster seats are different. They are made for different babies, and with the help of this article, you will be able to understand which best suits you.

baby feeding chair

Different factors come into consideration. The top priority is the condition that your baby is in, how they react to set conditions, and what will be convenient for them. For example, the Chicco Progress Relax HighChair may not be suitable for babies with reflux, since you will end up constantly cleaning all the many parts it has. Boosters with cloth seats that need washing may also not be your pick. Family planning also comes into play. How many kids do you have, and will you want a chair that can be passed down for the little ones that will be welcomed into the family in future? If you only have one toddler, and are not planning on getting others, a two-seater baby feeding chair may not be the right fit for you.

What of your living arrangements? People with small houses/spaces may find bulky/big infant booster seats a bit annoying since they will take up too much space. For families that travel a lot, you would prefer infant booster seats that are light, and easy to fold and pack.

There is quite a large variety out there in the baby feeding chair market, so you are for sure guaranteed that you will find the right one for you. Also, consider the cost, and whether it works within your budget. Durability is also part of cost, since you do not want to keep replacing your baby feeding chair, or buying a new one each time you have a baby. Consider one that will grow with your baby through all its stages, to avoid spending cash on another one each time. Security is also key, so pick one that has strong harnesses, and does not wobble or jerk, and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Security and comfort of your baby should go hand in hand.

Something worth noting is, you should always be present while your baby is feeding, no matter how secure the highchair is, it does not prevent hazards like choking. Also make sure that the infant booster seat is kept clean at all times, to prevent food poisoning or infections.

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Let us start it out with a review of the best high chair:

1. The First Years On-The-Go Booster Seat.

This infant booster seat is a unique one on its own since it has a self inflating booster seat, and you could play a little agic’ game with your toddler by pulling the valve and watching it inflate into a full sized booster seat ready to inflate. Bet you this will bring out the cutest little laughs. No worries about packing it up, all you need to do is pres it to remove the air then fold it up! It also fits easily into most dining table chairs.


– It is compact, thus convenient to pack and carry around.
– Its height is adjustable.
– Fits easily into most dining chairs.
– It is light in weight.
– It is an affordable infant booster seat.


– Does not have a side or back support.
– The inflatable seat is a bit wobbly and tends to sink.
– The harness is not fully secure.
– Seat is made of fabric, so any stain on it becomes hard to wash off.

2. Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat.

Now, we know one of the biggest problems you go through with mealtime is the mess that comes afterwards. This infant booster seat from Ingenuity is a real gem that will really help you after your toddler graduates from the high chair. It easily straps into your dining table chairs, and after mealtime, all you do is wipe down whatever food stains got on it!


– Easy to wipe down after mealtimes.
– It has removable harnesses.
– It is light to carry.
– Comfortable for kids.


– Straps can get loose / lost easily.
– Cushioning sometimes tends to slide out easily.
– Spare parts may not be that easy to find.

3. OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat.

The OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat is perfect for you and your growing tot. First, it is easy to transport, and attaches to most dining table chairs. Easy to clean seat, and super comfortable for the baby too, you could not go wrong with this infant booster seat.


– Easy to clean.
– Comfortable for toddler.
– Reasonable price range.
– Suitable on most dining table chairs.
– Color ranges go well with most dining room color schemes.


– A bit bulky / weighty.
– The straps are not lengthy enough.
– Not convenient for travel since it does not fold.

4. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat.

On safety, use, quality, durability and value for your money, Fisher-Price has got you-and your cute little one-all covered. This infant booster seat was created for babies with enough upper body strength to support themselves unassisted at the dining table. It includes a removable feeding tray and a snap on lid for cover. It also has three different height adjustments, which caters to differently-sized toddlers.


– It is easy to set up and use.
– It is secure, with two chair straps and attachment clasps, plus a three-point harness.
– This baby feeding chair is pretty easy to clean.
– Good quality, and extremely durable.
– Very affordable and easy on the pocket.


– Not easily portable, hence not a suitable travel companion.
– Relatively heavy / bulky.

5. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair.

This baby feeding chair is suitable since it attaches easily to most kitchen and / or dining room chairs, making your work feeding your toddler much easier. It has a removable tray that is dishwasher-safe, and stain-resistant removable seat, making it easier to clean. It also easily converts to a booster seat for when your child is grown enough.


– It is clutter free since it saves on space.
– Adapts well with the baby’s growing age.
– Easy to clean.
– Affordable to purchase.


– The gaps on the sides of the seat may injure the baby, so be careful.

6. Lucky Link High Chair

A silly dad joke to make here is, “You’re lucky if you use the Lucky Link High Chair!” No but really, you are. It shifts from a high chair, to booster seat, to a youth chair. It has a removable double feeding tray and five point harness, so the youth stool can be used for an older child.


– Easy to put together.
– Has a firm structure.
– Ideal for a small space.
– Easy to clean.
– Can sit two kids at one go.


– Buckle can be a bit hard to click in.
– There is no available tray insert.
– Tray-removal handles are small.
– The seat is a bit small.

7. Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair

This baby feeding chair is pretty convenient since first of all, it folds flat, thus making it easy to store and travel with. It also locks easily on most tables plus does not leave stains on the surface, and has a three point harness.


– Folds easily thus making it a great travel companion.
– It is secure.
– Attaches well on most tables.


– Cannot be used on glass top tables, single pedestal tables, card tables or camping tables.

8. Portable Travel Booster Seat & Activity Chair

The Decha baby feeding chair is a bit like its counterpart, the Globe House feeding chair. It is a patented feeding chair that lets baby eat with the rest of the family.


– It has a high backrest, making it hard for the baby to fall backwards.
– It is light, and saves on space, thus making it easy to travel with.
– Easy to clean since the fabric is removable, and can be put in the washing machine.
– It is secure, with belts and straps for all-round protection.
– It does not damage tables.
– Can be used for numerous occasions, both indoor and outdoor.


– It is not suitable on all tables.

9. Fklee Wooden High Chair

This baby feeding chair will completely make your child feel that they are part of the family’s dining table experience, since it is the right height and fits perfectly at the table.


– It is easy to wipe and wash.
– It is secure since it comes with harnesses.
– The seat is comfortable and it comes with a footrest.
– The highchair is convertible.


– There might be a few issues with the measurement.

10. Chicco Progress Relax HighChair.

First of all, does this baby not look so super compact and sturdy? It was built and designed to take your little toddler through all the steps of growing. It is, in fact, 5-in-1. From a newborn recliner, to infant high chair, toddler booster, big child booster, to a youth stool. It can accommodate two children at once! Just like the Lucky Link High Chair.


– It has 4 recline positions, and eight height positions in total.
– An adjustable footrest.
– An easy to wipe pad.
– A padded harness.
– Removable tray liner.
– Wheels for ease of mobility.


– Not convenient for small spaces.
– There are a lot of parts to clean, so it takes a bit longer.
– Wheels do not all turn at the same time.
– Tray does not fit easily into the storage space.
– Seat is not as deep.

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Let us ask and answer some frequently asked questions about the best high chair:

[dt_quote]Q: What is a baby feeding chair?[/dt_quote]

A: A baby feeding chair is used to enable the baby to eat at the dining table with the rest of the family. With height adjustments, feeding trays and padded infant booster seats, it makes it easier, even for you, to feed the baby without struggling to bend down.

[dt_quote]Q: How to fold an infant booster seat?[/dt_quote]

A: Some come with inflatable seats, so you just press the air out and fold them. Other baby feeding chairs have parts that you can disassemble in order to fold.

[dt_quote]Q: Baby feeding chair prices[/dt_quote]

A: Prices of baby feeding chairs usually vary with the brand, size, quality, part, and other such factors. Infant booster seats are cheaper though, ranging from $25-$50 dollars, or more, depending on brand.

[dt_quote]Q: Where to buy baby feeding chairs?[/dt_quote]

A: You can make purchases at the mall, your local baby retail store, or from online stores such as Amazon. It’s your pick really.

[dt_quote]Q: How safe are Infant Booster Seats?[/dt_quote]

A: The safety / security of infant booster seats depends on the brand. Go for one with covered sides, a secure and firm back and seat, and strong-but comfortable-harnesses. The clasps and latches should also be secure, and at the same time not difficult to unlatch.

[dt_quote]Q: Which is the best brand out there?[/dt_quote]

A: With so many brands in the market, it may be a bit hard to pick the absolute best one, plus different people have different needs and preferences. But by following the suggestions and guidelines in this article, you should be able to find the best one for you and your baby.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Conclusion” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

We sure do hope that this article proves to be helpful to you-and of course your baby too-in finding the best high chair / best baby feeding chair / infant booster seat for you. Remember there are a couple of factors to look at, the safety and comfort of your little one being paramount, but also functionality and ease of work for you. Time to go get that feeding chair!

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