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Let’s face it, whether you’re a first time or fifth time parent, buying everything you need to keep your babies warm, dry, safe and entertained while you’re out and about can be a real headache.


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We’ve all seen those parents trying to do a balancing act; snacks and juice gripped beneath their chin, battling with a raincover as the sunshine has come out, desperately trying to find something to shade their little one from the heat, all while keeping one hand on the handle of the stroller and singing happy songs to keep their baby occupied!

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If you feel a stroller accessories are not for you, have a look at our guide and reviews of the best infant feeding chair or best baby bottle warmer for travel or best baby monitor hooks up to phone.

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Alternatively, maybe you are a super organised parent who wants to be prepared for any eventuality before hitting the sidewalk with your little one? Sun out? Sunshade at the ready. Looking like rain? Raincover primed and ready to go. Off on vacation? Travel bag to keep your stroller secure and mosquito nets to keep your baby bite free. Snack trays for the handlebar, snack trays for the child’s lap, cup holders, travel baggies for your diapers, wipes and baby towels!

[dt_quote]The list is endless.[/dt_quote]

Happily, you have found yourself in exactly the right place, I have been both the unprepared parent and the organized one, I am the voice of experience!

I have assembled a comprehensive guide to everything you might need for a safe and stress-free stroller outing.

You need look no further; this is your definitive checklist of some of the great products available.

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We finish off by providing answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the best baby stroller accessories:


Baby strollers are already a huge investment, and if you have read this whole article, you will see that your expense can easily double if you purchase one of each stroller  accessory!


Initially you need to consider what the essentials are, before you rush out and buy the amazing travel tray that is aged at 18+ months, when your baby is barely a week out of hospital!


Before you make any purchases, firstly check that these things aren’t already included in your stroller package. Many companies provide a rain cover or snack tray with your system, if not, sometimes they will do a deal on a few items if they’re bought together.


Do not be afraid to ask for help, whether this is your first baby or not, someone will offer advice on what you need and whether things are age appropriate. Somebody’s mum is always good for that!

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Let us start it out with a review of the best baby stroller accessories:

1. Universal Baby Stroller Rain Cover

One of the first considerations when purchasing a stroller should be getting a raincover. No one wants to be caught out in an unexpected shower and see their child wet through.

This raincover is universal; the manufacturer claims that it fits 99% of standard strollers.

It offers protection from rain, wind and snow.

It is made of sturdy, non-toxic plastic and has a zipper section at the front that opens up to offer your child some fresh air whilst keeping some wind out. It also has meshing to the sides for added ventilation.

It is lightweight, simple to store and easy to fit. It comes in at a great price too.

I love a bargain; this raincover will be great for our upcoming vacation!


– Fits most standard single strollers
– Inexpensive
– Folds to fit beneathstroller for storage
– Fits over parent tray on handle bar
– Perfect for travelling


– Older children sometimes complain of wet feet as it’s not quite long enough.
– Should be removed when folding stroller up.
– Very heavy rain may allow light seepage through the zipper.

2. Stroller Travel Bag with TravelSafe

Checking your strollers at the gate when getting a flight can be a stressful experience, not all baggage handlers take as much care with your belongings as you do. And we all know that some of these stroller systems can cost as much as a small used car!

That in mind, this travel bag seems a wise investment.

It is spacious enough to accommodate double strollers, car chairs, piggyback boards and the kitchen sink!

It is made from 600 denier polyester which gives it a strong durable feel and ensures that it is water and tear resistant. Its double zipper system and wide opening make loading it a simple task.

There is a padded shoulder strap for comfort but it can be easily clipped off and stored inside should you prefer to use the side or top handles.

Empty it only weighs 2.2 pounds so is no problem to carry to the airport or station and it even comes with a side storage pocket, perfect to store toys, baby blankets and rain covers.


– Large capacity, can carry singles 1 double stroller
– Lightweight and durable
– All stroller accessories will fit inside, including car seat bases
– Simple to load and easy to carry
– Usable for other large store when not needed for your stroller


– Wheels may need to be removed on the largest double strollers
– Probably too large for 1 single umbrella folding stroller

3. JL Childress Stroller Travel Bag

Another travel bag for you to mull over, this one claims to accommodate most single strollers and some double ones. They helpfully supply a compatibility chart so that you can easily reference your model.

It is made of durable 600-denier material and features a double zipper system that opens on 3 sides, this is ideal when having to manhandle a large stroller in. It is water resistant and is great for keeping your stroller damage free.

The detachable shoulder strap and handles are padded for added comfort; the identification tag is a nice touch.

Empty it weighs just 1 single pound yet is tough enough to hold 96 pounds. There seems a lot of bag here for its great price.


– Large enough to carry most models and their accessories
– Lightweight while remaining durable
– Wide opening access for easy loading
– Available in 3 colours, it could co-ordinate with your luggage!
– Ideal for storing camping gear, sports equipment etc.


– Only carries some models of double stroller
– No interior padding to the bag.

4. Childress Umbrella Stroller Gate Check Bag

Just as its name suggests, this umbrella stroller bag is only advised for use at the gate check and not full baggage check, probably as it is not made of the most hardwearing fabric.

However, do not let that put you off, for the asking price this is a smashing red bag, which is instantly recognisable when returned to you.

It is made of polyester and has double stitched seams to give it some added reinforcement; it is water resistant and does a great job of keeping your umbrella stroller dirt and germ free.

The bag has its only little pouch that when it’s not in use, easily fits into your diaper or carry-on bag.

It has a drawstring fastener with adjustable lock and a sturdy handle.

I would say it is perfect for the job at hand.


– Lightweight and durable
– Great price point
– Fits most models,compatibility chart available.
– Easily identifiable
– Airline certified


– Not suitable for all models, compatibility chart available
– Not recommended for baggage check

5. Deluxe Stroller Organizer

Every parent knows that trying to leave the house with a baby is a mission! Diapers, bottles and a change of clothes are just the beginning!

This baby organizer bag looks like an absolute godsend. There are so many pockets and pouches to keep stuff in, a deep insulated cup holder to keep beakers and bottles upright and at temperature.

It looks great too, it’s made from washable denim and attaches over the handles over your stroller with ease. This would make a lovely gift for parents to be.


– Plenty of storage compartments
– Leave your purse at home; phone, wallet and keys fit inside with a zipper for security.
– Everything you need is all in one space.
– Also fits umbrella style strollers


– A few customers think that the Velcro could be stronger.
– Only available in a denim finish.

6. Emma and Ethan Stroller Organizer

When a product receives 86% five star reviews on Amazon and only 3% of the reviews are 3 star or less, then I think the product sells itself.

If you’re looking for a stroller bag, an organizer that fits almost all single or double strollers then you should give this serious consideration.

It fits all style of stroller, including the umbrella type, and has a collapsible frame so it folds down without the need to remove. It even has a detachable valuables pouch.

Handle extender straps allow it to fit double strollers without compromising on looks and the 2 substantial drinks holders keep bottles, sippy cups and your favourite take-out coffee at

The baby bag that has everything!


– Copious amounts of storage space
– Roll up mesh pouch for storing larger items
– For use on single and double strollers
– Lightweight yet durable
– High quality, great value.


– Only available in black.
– Not safe for use on strollers that weigh less than 4 kg, for tipping reasons.

7. BOB Handlebar Console for Single Jogging Strollers

For the fitness fanatic parent who owns a BOB jogging model, it must be annoying trying to balance your water bottle, and one for your little one, whilst trying to burn off calories through the park.

Bob have a handlebar console designed perfectly for their models that is suited to this very purpose.

Four Velcro straps easily attach it to the handlebar where it stays securely. There are 2 deep cup holders and a central pocket to keep your cell phone safe too.

The console doesn’t need to be removed when folding your stroller down, the fabric allows it to fold in too.


– Very lightweight and easy to attach
– Deep cup holders keep your drinks snugly contained.
– Available to purchase for BOB twin strollers.
– Water and stain resistant


– Cup holders aren’t insulated
– Mesh pocket struggles to hold largest phones.

8. BOB Snack Tray for Single Jogging Strollers

When out for a run with a little one strapped into their BOB jogging stroller, I am sure that after a while they get bored of the scenery, and listening to you puffing and panting, and get antsy. A little snack, a drink or small toy should help settle them for a while

This snack table fits straight into the existing holes, the ones you used to use as the infant seat bracket. My favourite feature is the clever release system. With the simple press of a button, you can swing the tray forward and help the child jump out.

I love the chunky design, little table area and the cup holder that is deep enough to keep their drink safe even if you are jogging over the most bumpy terrain.


– Simple to fit with no assembly required
– Easy wipe clean
– Folds along with the stroller
– Push button release action makes light work of getting your little one out
– Arched shape allows older children to still sit comfortably


– The height of the tray can’t be adjusted.
– Only available in black

9. Snack Tray for BOB Duallie Double Jogging Strollers

I feel that I would find the act of loading and unloading 2 little people in and out of a stroller enough of a workout! If you are a greater man than I then you might find a snack tray for your stroller a great way to keep them occupied as you jog.

The snack tray is of durable plastic design and very cleverly clips into place using your existing infant seat fitting holes. A simple push, click and its done. Don’t let the words accessory adapter scare you off, you already have it built in.

Best of all, one press of the button and it releases one side of the tray so it swings out, and both of your little darlings can jump out.

Each side consists of a cup holder and small snack tray.


– Simple to fit, no assembly required
– Easy wipe clean
– Folds along with the stroller
– Great push button release system


– Height can’t be adjusted
– Only available in black

10. Britax Child Tray for Single B-Lively Strollers

This child tray features a large flat surface, larger than others I’ve seen as the cup holder is at the front and central. I can picture quite a few Lego masterpieces being built there.

The cup holder is quite substantial so the drink won’t fly out when going over bumps!

This child tray fits in less than a minute, and has the simple lock and release system, which enables you to load and unload the child with ease. One button press and it swings open.


– Fast installation, box to use in a minute!
– Easy wipe clean
– Durable round plastic construction
– One button release function


– Fits only the Britax B-Lively Range
– Only available in black

11. Summer Infant Snuzzler

This head and body support was one of my favourites as it is dual sided, one side is a lovely soft warming terry fabric, and the other, a smooth woven fabric would help to keep your baby cool.

It is compatible with most makes and models of strollers and fits all babies, even preemies. The manufacturer has cleverly designed it to grow with your baby; the length is adjustable and so it remains safe and comfortable.

The padding is around the sides and contours around your little one, keeping them snug. It doesn’t affect the performance of any seat restraints either.


– Universal, fits most models of stroller
– Can be used in car seats, bouncy chairs and infant swings.
– Dual sides, warming and cooling
– Available in 3 colours
– Machine washable


– Not suitable where the stroller already has support, the baby may feel too restricted and overheat.
– Velcro has reportedly exposed on a few occasions, causing the babies neck some irritation. Simply rectified by making sure it’s covered each time when laying the baby in.

12. Manito Sun Shade

My first glimpse of this bright magenta stroller sunshade shocked me a little, but then I realised that it is available in 7 more colours and not all are so vivid.

It is an awful feeling when no matter what you do, or how you angle them, you just cannot keep your baby totally in the shade. Many shades built into strollers are very inadequate, not only in size but in UTF ratings too.

Its sturdy frame and buckle fasten straps mean that not only is it a great sunshade but a good wind protector too.

The side is mesh so allows constant airflow, talking of mesh; it comes with a mesh pouch too.

This one is certified 50+, and because of its design, it is simple to fit and adjust, even when the sun is low, it can stretch to cover your little one while still allowing them a view out.


– Fits most makes and models of stroller
– Compatible with car seats too
– UTF 50+ certified
– Available in 8 different styles to complement your stroller
– Quick and easy to install


– Only compatible for strollers with existing hoods, the sunshade attaches to that one.
– Not suitable for jogger strollers

13. IntiMom Sunshade for Strollers

I love the look of this product; all of the positive feedback totally attracted me to it.

The unique hook design fastens to your stroller’s existing canopy and then it simply ties to the frame. This makes it strong and stable, enough to stay put during a gale!

The design of this stroller sunshade enables it to be compatible with virtually any model of stroller that has an existing canopy and if yours is a double stroller, as long as the canopies are separate, you can use 2 individual ones.

It is sheer enough for your baby to watch the world sail by whilst still offering SPF 30+ and folds away with the stroller.


– Fully adjustable straps and unique hooks mean universal fit
– Strong, sturdy and durable
– Dual use, ideal for car seats too
– SPF 30+


– Only compatible for strollers with canopies.
– Some buyers suggest it could be slightly longer as older children’s feet can pop out’ at the bottom.

14. Swity Home Mosquito Nets 2 pack

Don’t you hate it when the mosquitos come out in full force and make a beeline for your little one?

This inexpensive net is the simplest way to protect against bites and stings from all manner of flying insects and bugs and its large enough to fit over most double strollers.

Literally just stretch it over your stroller and the thick elastic will keep it in place. Even I could follow those installation instructions.

It is breathable and soft and is sheer enough to allow you to keep an eye on your baby.


– Inexpensive, there are 2 supplied.
– Very versatile, it can cover cradles, carriers and playpens.
– Good for keeping out more than just mosquitos; bees, wasps and other flying insects that not only sting or bite.


– Some buyers complain of flimsy fabric that tears easily.

15. Jeep Mosquito Net for Strollers

A mosquito net is just another of those stroller accessories that are inexpensive enough to keep by, just in case.

This one by Jeep is made of a light breathable fabric that simply stretches over your stroller and holds in place by its elasticated edges. Like putting a fitted sheet on your bed!

It is versatile to cover other baby products too, your car seat or baby carrier.

In my opinion, it does exactly what I would expect of it. The holes are close enough to keep all of those horrid bugs away that might want to harm your baby.


– Inexpensive and effective
– Versatile
– Lots of positive feedback from densely populated mozzy areas!


– Only 1 supplied
– Doesn’t offer any UV protection
– Not ideal for umbrella folding strollers, no canopy or footrest to hook it over, unless you will be staying put, fine off handles and wheels.

16. Mosquito Nets for Strollers & Car Seats

Like other mosquito nets for strollers that we have looked at, these are simple to use, large and versatile.

They come in their own carry bag and because they are made from a premium fabric, that allows your baby to breathe while keeping the harmful bugs out. They are machine washable and are 100% chemical free too.

They are ideal if you own a jogger stroller, bassinets or playpens.


– Great value for money
– Machine washable
– Chemical free breathable fabric
– Versatile 59” diameter


– Some buyers complain of price.

17. Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy

How many of us parents have started playing the throw it on the floor game’ and after a few minutes, the baby is still chuckling away while we are totally exasperated!

Worse still, taken them shopping with their favourite toy in tow and come back to find it missing?

The cute little snap fastening straps could put an end to this. The simple fastening action clips around anything with a solid loop and keeps it within safe playing distance.

The are 2 different length adjustments, you will soon work out which suits your little one.

They are machine washable too, which can only be a good thing with little people and their tendency to put things in their mouths, right?


– Inexpensive, packs of 2 in multiple color combinations
– Keeps toys and pacifiers off the floor and germ free
– Versatile, not just for use on strollers, high chairs, car seats and shopping carts too


– The toy needs to have a solid loop or the strap will fall off
– As with any method of strap, never leave a child unattended while playing with it

18. Kids Travel Activity Tray

I came across these activity trays and could immediately see the attraction on long journeys or flights, but I wasn’t sure if they would be successful as a stroller accessory when out for the day.

Well, it seems they work really well, not so much when walking along because of the natural jiggle and bounce of the ground, but if you’re little one has got to sit somewhere for a while, think older siblings sports meets, then these are a brilliant way to keep them occupied.

Firstly, you need to have no lap tray on your stroller and then the play tray will fit straight onto the child’s lap. The buckle and adjustable strap design means it fastens around the back of the stroller and not the child, much more comfortable for them.

The sturdy design gives a great large playing surface, and there are countless stretchy mesh pockets to store crayons, stickers and Legos.

Deep walls make it difficult for your little one to drop anything.


– Cushioned bottom for extra comfort
– Lightweight yet robust and sturdy
– Available in lots of designs
– Versatile, can be used on long journeys, even in wheelchairs
– Easy, wipe clean fabric


– Not ideal for when the stroller is moving
– Only suitable for child in an upright position, tray needs to remain level

19. Gear Kids Travel Tray

There are so many stroller accessories from which to choose!

These play trays are targeted more at the car seat and airplane audience, but great reviews say they are good lap trays to keep your little ones occupied while they have to sit still in their stroller.

They are not flimsy and don’t sag so they are great for putting snacks or colouring pencils on as you cheer the older sibling on at a swimming gala or sports day. The high walls and multiple stretchy pockets make it easy on little fingers to reach their stuff and make sure it stays on the tray.

Moreover, they are made from a waterproof fabric and simply wipe clean. Great for accidental spillages.

They are lightweight but their dense construction keeps them sturdy, and the fluffy underside ensures they are comfortable on your little one’s legs.


– Buckle device straps around the stroller and not the child, this offers more comfort
– Versatility, use on board a train, on a plane or on a car journey too
– Large play surface
– Many designs to choose from


– The seat has to be in an upright position to ensure the tray is level
– Difficult to use when your stroller is in motion, better when stil

20. Kids Travel Tray

This travel play tray has so much going on! Not only are there internal and external pockets, there is also a thermal cup holder and a clear sleeve tablet holder.

The high sides safeguard all of your child’s snacks and pencils, and the sides sit snuggly either side of their legs to give the whole tray a sturdier feel.

The travel tray has adjustable straps and a quick release buckle system to affix around your child.

The tray surface doubles as the play area or a wipe clean drawing board. There is even a pocket for wet wipes to do the job!


– Lightweight yet strong and durable
– Folds into its own compact carry case
– Simple to wipe clean
– Safe and comfortable on little laps
– Great for older kids too


– No fancy designs, just black
– More suited to when your stroller is stationary for a period of time

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Whilst writing and researching this article, there seemed to be a few recurring questions, this seems like as good place as any to answer them.

[dt_fancy_title title=”FAQ’S” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Let us ask and answer some frequently asked questions about the best baby stroller accessories:

[dt_quote]Q. Will a parasol offer enough protection for my baby?[/dt_quote]

Ans: Though a parasol is better than no sunshade at all, it is hardly ideal, purchasing a stroller sunshade that attaches to the hood or a mesh type one with a high SPF offers your baby greater protection.

[dt_quote]Q. Which stroller accessories do I need for my baby?[/dt_quote]

Ans: Buy a raincover, a hood if your stroller is not fitted with one and consider mosquito nets if it’s the height of the season and they are prevalent where you live.

Consider a snuggly stroller liner to support you baby’s head and body if one isn’t already inbuilt.

[dt_quote]Q. I am almost ready to give birth to my first baby; do I really need a designated bag to carry a few spare diapers?[/dt_quote]

You most certainly will. Soon you won’t be able to leave home without your organizer bag; it will be your lifeline. Space for diapers, wipes and baby towels, changers of clothes and bottle holders. Keys, wallet…need I go on?

[dt_quote]Q. Why are rain covers so expensive?[/dt_quote]

They really don’t need to be, there are universal ones that fit most standard strollers, which provide adequate cover for winter.

I will be catching a flight soon with my 3 year old. I’ve bought a cheap umbrella stroller in case she tires around Disneyland, but the travel bags I’ve seen cost more than the stroller has.

They don’t have to; JL Childress do a relatively inexpensive travel bag that can only be gate checked. This sounds perfect for you. Scroll up and read the review.

[dt_fancy_title title=”The Bottom Line” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

I have reviewed so many lovely stroller accessories within this article, all of which are desirable but not all are essential.

As you and your baby grow together, you will get to know exactly what each of you needs to make your lives easier and happier.

Strangely, a snack tray to hold your water while you’re out with your baby in their jogger stroller may just be the thing that makes your day that little bit better.

A secure-a-toy clip to stop your little one from dropping their favourite toy or seeing them sleeping peacefully and safely beneath a simply fit stroller mosquito net can be the reason you’re both happy today.

Whichever you choose to buy, I hope my guide helped you with your choices and that you and your babies enjoy many happy times together out with the stroller.

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  2. When I clip the car seat into the vehicle, it gets trapped on the bottom section of the product. This is a great guzzie+guss 3-in-1 rain cover, however it is little too large.

  3. All the essentials you’ll need to care for your baby (a burp cloth and diaper bag), as well as bottles that are insulated to keep them either hot or cold (as long as you don’t overfill it). It’s great to have a net attached. Velcro connectors on the rear make it simple to attach to a vehicle or stroller. An easy-to-reach mobile phone sleeve may be found right in front of you. A sponge or paper towel works well for cleaning the material, which has the feel of a sturdy umbrella. This is a fantastic deluxe stroller organizer, and I can’t say enough good things about it.

  4. Strollers have a lot of storage space, and this is a great accessory for keeping your hands free. You’ll be able to store anything you need in a variety of sizes thanks to the many sections. If you’re not cautious, an open beverage might leak out of the cup holders if you’re not careful enough. I couldn’t be happier.

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