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Choosing a towel for your young kids can be a very horrible and laborious exercise. In most cases, parents are confused on what to choose among so many types of kids towels. To be honest, there’s a very wide range to choose from and making the best choice needs the best guidance. In this comprehensive article, I have put together short reviews of the best kids towels in the market, some buying tips as well as some answers to the most common queries when it comes to kids towels. By the time you get to the bottom line of this article, shopping for a towel for your kids will be really easy.

The towel market has lots to offer. And I’m sure making a choice can be really confusing. Let’s break down into 10 of my best picks of kids towels. I’ll take you through their main features, some of their pros and of course a few cons.


How to Choose Baby Towel For Your Newborn

If you are one of the infatuated mothers who are looking for sweet and gentle baby towels for their little ones, then the online market is full of them, where you will find not only high quality but also antibacterial feather touchable suitable for the purpose.

Your world always revolves around the little tot who barely realizes what is right for him or her. And that’s why whatever you are purchasing for them is done with a lot of care and concern. As a mom, you try to get the best set of clothes and accessories that will be safe, nice, and also cater to the tastes of your baby. But the most critical and tricky of them all is opting for fashionable towels. Anti-bacterial, soft, and gentle, these are generally the qualities that all moms look into. Still, if you want to get an extra edge, then the online stores are the ones that would meet your demands appropriately.

Chic, colorful ones

Children love colours, especially the vibrant, bold hues. Although pink, white and blue are the overall picks, you can also opt for cherry red, pretty purple, and the gorgeous green, as it will surely make your kid feel happy whenever you wrap them with it.

Printed versions

More than color, the other favorite option would be to go for pleasing prints all over the towels. Cartooned ones are common, and so are the candy printed styles, whereas the Disney star prints never seem to leave kid fashion. Sometimes, when the little one is fond of pets like dogs or cats, then the patterns can be made with that, to generate the interest and love for that product.

Hooded towels

Currently, these types have bombarded the fashion mart. The unique and innovative hoods attached not only look cute but also act as an after bath robe. Probably the best baby towel, we have come across so far. To break the monotony, you can go in for different shades that will look pretty and charming.

Keep Them in Large Supply

The more you use a garment, the more likely it is to become stained. If your child only has a few towels, they are more prone to receive stains from being overused. If you need an affordable way to stock up on infant towels, try shopping online with a wholesale baby gift sets supplier that buys items in bulk and passes the savings on to customers.

Personalized options

You know what the best for your baby is, therefore when you opt for shopping online, the manufacturers give you the liberty to choose for personalized, aka, customized bath towels, where you can lend in your ideas, in designing, colour, fabric and so on. Whatever may be your orders, the top designers will churn out excellent products that will surpass your expectations.

Quality comes first

The one thing that cannot be ignored when you set out to purchase kids towels is the quality. Made with the top grade of organic fibres with dry-fit technology, makes it apt for the smooth and sensitive skin of the baby. Along with that, the high absorbent quality and the bonus point is that it dries quickly makes it, all the more a favorite pick.

Reasonable rates

Last but not least, if you think that it would be a pricy affair to get such quality products with the fabulous designs, then fret not, as the manufacturers offer the bulk best baby towel along with lucrative discounts, making all the mommies around the globe happy for the quality buys without the pocket pinch.

So, next time, when you are confused and perplexed, then login to reputed websites to make purchases of the best baby towel, which is going to rank high in quality material and dazzling designs.

Top 10 kids towels in the market

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1. Cigreen ultra soft towel – best hooded baby towel

This is a hooded baby towel that comes with ultra-softness that will leave your kids wrapped up in love. Made from carefully harvested bamboo fabric, this towel gives that cozy feeling to your baby that comes with warmth and comfort. Its design gives it a soft and a unique luxurious feel.

It’s also perfectly absorbent. It sucks up moisture way better than the more common cotton made towels. A combination of ultra-thickness and absorbency works to make sure that your angel is well dried which will protect him or her from the cruel cold. This towel is made from natural organic bamboo that makes it very safe for the baby’s soft and sensitive skin.


– Ultra thick for better drying
– Unisex design
– Healthy and safe for babies
– Very light in weight
– The towel is breathable
– Bear ears for more aesthetics


– Ultra thickness makes cleaning quite difficult
– Only a white colour is available

2. The Baltic wonder washcloths- kids towels

This is one of the best baby care washcloths. It’s a simple package that is very flexible and very multifunctional. The baby washcloths in the package aren’t just for shower time. It can also be used to wipe baby messes during feeding, or even diaper messes. It’s clear that the Baltic wonder washcloths should definitely be a part of your baby’s essentials bag.

The washcloths are made from 100% bamboo fabric. This means that there are no added pesticides or harmful chemicals that might be harmful to the baby’s skin. The kids towels are very absorbent due to the perfect thickness. This gives them a longer service time and not just service but quality service.

Why do most people love these Baltic wonder hooded towels?


– Risk free towels that are safe for babies
– Very light in terms of weight
– Can be used for several functions
– They are eco friendly
– Can be used for babies of any age
– Very re-usable


– Might be too thick to use as a wiping cloth when changing diapers

3. Nkkfrey washcloths Just as the Baltic wonder, this is also a package

It’s a combination of hygiene and comfort that includes 5 soft baby towels that come in 5 different colours and some soft baby wipes.

Have you been feeling gutted about your baby’s skin? Has it been looking weak and scratchy? This can be a very serious issue that might be cause by a poor choice of washcloths. Nkkfrey washcloths have created a perfect panacea for this problem that has been eating you up.

They have come up with washcloths that have multifunctional purposes. Apart from kids towels, these washcloths are also perfect for sweat wipes, butt washcloths, slobber wipes and much more.

Safety is 101% guaranteed as the manufacturer only uses natural cotton fabric. There are no additives or any other chemical that could pose a threat to the kids’ skin.


Pros of the Nkkfrey towels.
– 100% safety is guaranteed
– They are washable and hence re-usable
– Multi-functional package


Drawbacks of Nkkfrey washcloths
– Very little resistance to direct sunlight
– Dry cleaning is not recommended
– No anti-scratch arm covers

4. Hatching Giggles baby towel

Best hooded baby towel When you talk about cute baby hooded towels, you can’t leave this one out of the list. It’s made from natural bamboo fabric that has zero additives that give it that luxurious feel that comes with antibacterial protection.

When it comes to absorbency, its thick bamboo extract fabric makes sure that the baby’s skin is kept dry and free from infections. Its hood is carefully placed at the center to ensure that your child is fully wrapped when you’re bathing him or her.

Hatching giggles has made things even better by adding more value to this package. It’s not just children’s hooded towels but the package also contains 7 bath toys plus 2 extra washcloths that come absolutely free.


Pros of this baby hooded towel;
– Comes with free bath toys to keep the baby entertained
– Thick fabric for better absorption
– Very large in size
– Large in weight
– Hood is centrally placed


Cons of the hatching giggle children’s hooded towels
– Dry cleaning is not recommended
– Narrow range of colours to choose from

5. Artyish premium baby towels

Artyish premium baby towels Whether it’s a gift for your pal’s baby shower you’re looking for or even babyhood for your kid, this towel is the best for you.

Why do Artyish make the best hooded baby towels? Well, Artyish have really put a lot into quality of their babyhoods. Their towel is made from naturally obtained bamboo fabric. This gives the towel a natural feel of comfort for the baby as well as your hands.

600 GSM of bamboo fabric makes this towel extra absorbent which automatically beats the ordinary 300 GSM towels. It comes in an extra-large size. This hooded towel for kids is therefore ideal for small toddlers as well as older kids of even up to 5years.


– Big size ideal even for older kids
– Environmental friendly
– Wide range of colours to choose from
– Hanging loop for easy drying
– Comes with a free bib-best baby shower present


– No anti-scratch arm covers

6. Blue ivy baby muslin cotton towels(best hooded towels for kids)

This is the most convenient and versatile product you’ll ever find. It has so many uses that will absolutely leave you as the customer satisfied.

Made from 100% cotton, 6 layers of this material give it a serene feel of comfort as well as increasing absorbency. The material is totally organic and can be machine washed.
The materials have been coloured using natural dyes. No added chemicals that would be harmful to the baby’s delicate skin.

Everyone loves convenience right? These towels have multiples uses which makes it a mummy’s favorite. You can use it as baby wipes, spit up clothing, butt wipes as well as make up removers for mummy!


– Convenient and highly versatile
– Machine washable material
– Hanging loop for east hanging for drying
– Comes with re-usable eco-friendly baby wipes


Only pink and white colors are available
– No anti-scratch arm covers

7. Hudson baby hooded towel

Hudson baby is well known for their high quality baby accessories, clothes and other baby related stuff. They deliver cute designs that assure comfort. One of their products that has won many hearts is their bunny face hooded towel.

The detailed bunny face on its hood gives it that extra touch of beauty that no hooded towel for kids can beat.

Made from 100% cotton, it’s very soft and very fluffy which gives a soft touch and a feel of comfort to the baby’s skin as well as your hands. A size of 33*33 inches makes it big enough to cover the baby head to toe after a bath or even after some swim time. This towel is unisex. Give your baby the perfect feel they need by choosing Hudson baby hooded towels.


– can be used as outer wear
– large in size


– only available in pink

8. ZappyDoo children’s hooded towels

Made from bamboo fabric, this towel for kids keep your baby protected against allergens. This is made from a renewable resource therefore you should be sure that when you buy this towel, you’re taking care of the environment.

This towel is extra thick and extra fluffy. To be honest, you won’t stop cuddling your angel after bathing them. It gives that feel of comfort and extra care to the baby’s skin as well as mummy’s hands.

With 600 GSM, this towel is no ordinary towel. This thickness gives it extra absorbency as well as boosting its durability.


– Machine washable
– Very durable
– Unisex
– Hanging hooks


– Only available in grey

9. Hudson baby hooded towel

This is another amazing baby package from Hudson baby. An adorable and a well detailed animal face on the towels hood makes the towel super cute.

Made from 100% cotton, this towel gives the softest feel to the skin and not just the baby skin, but mummy’s skin as well. Comes in a very big size of about 33*33 inches that makes wiping the baby really easy.

This baby hooded towel for kids is very optimal to use each and every day.


– Light weight
– Unisex
– Can be used as outer wea


– Does not absorb well enough

10. Parenting and children London (baby hooded towels)

This towel is made from high quality and long lasting bamboo fabric that is 100% natural. This protects your baby’s skin against any type of infections.

They come in big sizes that make wrapping very easy. The big size will also allow you to keep using it even as the kids grown older and bigger. Its thick material makes the towel very adsorbent compared to the ordinary towels. These hooded towels for kids is extra soft and would be a perfect gift for a baby shower you intend to attend


– Unisex
– Machine washable
– Very durable


– Only available in grey

Things to keep in mind before buying kids towels

Shopping for a towel isn’t just about the type. It takes more than just knowing about a product to fetch the best towel for your baby. Here are a few tips on getting the best hooded towels for kids.

  • Feel the towel really carefully. If you judge the towel by how it feels, you might end up making a wrong choice. Manufacturers scam people by adding softeners to the finish. Make sure you don’t fall for this.
  • Inspect the towel for loops. Denser loops mean a more absorbent towel.
  • Feel the weight of the towel. Basically, a better towel feels heavier than the eyes can judge.
  • Go for double-turned edged towels. These towels tend to be more durable which definitely adds value to your money.
  • Go for what you like. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
  • Go for what you can afford. There would be no need of going for a towel that will leave your pockets reaped.

I have looked into several public forums and I have seen some people ask some really ambiguous questions about towels for kids. For example, I saw someone ask what size to get for her baby. This is really easy. As long as the size available can wipe your baby comfortably, you’re good to go. However, it would be best if you went for big sizes so that you can keep using the towel even after the baby grows. Someone else asked what towel material is best for kids. This really matters actually. The best material for kids towels would be either bamboo fabric or cotton. These two materials are highly absorbent and are very soft to a baby’s skin.

What is the GSM of the towel?

This is a frequent question in many forums. GSM simply means grams per square meter. For a kid’s towel, softness and absorbency are two important factors to consider. Higher GSM towels are softer and are more absorbent. For kids, 600GSM towels are the best. Lower GSM towels are thin and less absorbent which would be uncomfortable for the baby’s skin.


In conclusion, choosing a hooded towel for you kid isn’t that hard after all. As long as you choose wisely, you are bound to get the best towel. Check out my reviews of top 10 baby towels and the comprehensive buying guide for guidance. Besides choosing the best hooded baby towels, taking care of them is important as well. Make sure you do regular washing and avoid softeners as they weaken the towels fabric. Take time when choosing kids towels and you’ll find towels that add style into your kids’ essentials bag.

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