Thinking About Scoops? 7 Amazing Scoops Hacks.

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Ice cream scoops are very important to the modern food scene. Why? They provide us with the ability to get a great tasting ice cream treat without the fuss, strain or hassle. They can also be used to make other foods as well. Since we know that most of you love ice cream, we’re going to show you how to use your ice cream scoop to serve up this frozen treat. You’ll also discover some other great uses for your scoop as well. Here are 7 amazing scoop hacks that will allow you to serve ice cream and other foods with ease.


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Heat your Ice Cream Scoop

One of the most effective ways for you to use a scoop is to heat it up. You can run the scoop under hot water or use a small lighter to heat the metal up for a few seconds. Once you heat up your scoop it will slice through hard frozen, ice cream like soft melted butter. This hack provides a great way for you to quickly get your ice cream without the fuss and the mess. A scoop will also help to save time and keep your wrist from hurting.

Cut It Up Before You Scoop it Up

Ice cream scoop professionals (yes, there is such a thing) recommend that you cut your ice cream in squared sections before scooping them up. This is a great way to break down the ice cream and to make it more manageable for your scoop. Also, you won’t have to strain as much when you scoop the ice cream out of the carton or bucket. Your scoop can also be used as an ice scoop for crushed ice. You can also use your ice cream scoop to make the perfect banana split.

Scoop in a “S” Shaped Pattern

When you scoop your ice cream, you should do so by making a “S” shaped pattern. The “S” shape is important because ice cream melts from the center outward. If you start in the center, you can then work your way out to the edges. The “S” shape scoop style is an old trick used by many ice cream professionals and it helps to get some great looking ice cream shapes onto cones.

Ice Cream Scoops and Cookies

If you have to use the same amount of dough to make cookies, then use an ice cream scoop. Ice cream scoops are great for helping to keep uniformity with your cookies. You should flower your scoop to keep the dough from sticking. Having a cookie scoop will help you to make some of the best looking (and tasting) cookies that people will enjoy.

Coffee Scoop for the Perfect Brew

If you’re a coffee lover then you can use your ice cream scoop to serve up a fresh cup of Joe. This hack works best with instant coffee. You can boil your water and then use your ice cream scoop to add to the pot. The scoop helps you to make the perfect tasting pot.

Frying Foods with our Ice Cream Fry Scoop

When you’re frying up some great tasting foods, then use an ice cream scoop for the job. An ice cream scoop can help you to fry up certain foods such as donut holes, chicken nuggets and even tater tots. You can use the scoop to help you batter items before placing them inside of the oil. Once the items are fried you can then remove them with the scoop as well.

Ice Cream Scoops for Baked Goods and Candy Treats

When your serving things like cupcakes, cake and special desserts; an ice cream scoop makes the perfect tool for making the treats. A scoop can be used to place sprinkles, chips and even gummies onto different foods. They’re also good for scooping up fruit toppings and even candy flavored sauces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What do you name a scoop used for ice cream?

Those who work in the food service industry swear about ice cream scoops, which are also known as “dishers.” These tools enable them to portion meals such as rice, mashed potatoes, risotto, stuffing, and egg salad with pinpoint accuracy.

The Bottom Line

Ice scream scoops can be used to make all sorts of foods. This utensil is very versatile, and it makes things very convenient. This is especially true for serving ice cream, frozen yogurt or anything else that is cold and icy. Don’t forget that your scoop can also save you the hassle of keeping your meals uniform. This is important for getting the right serving sizes for people.

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