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Sewing machines have movable parts that tend to generate heat and break apart when in use. While this is inevitable, you may slow it down. That is a feat you achieve by bringing in and making use of the best sewing machine oil. This is a lubricant that minimizes friction and enables the smooth movements of the parts.


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We would like to help you to make a successful find of the same. To do this, we have prepped this review-cum-buying guide. Here, we have sampled 6 of the best oils along with the factors to consider when making a find. Lastly, we shall answer some of the frequently asked questions on the matter.

On This List We Have 6 Sewing Machine Oil

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SINGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil, 4-Fluid Ounces
SINGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil, 4-Fluid Ounces
All-purpose sewing machine oil; Keeps sewing machines running smoothly; Eliminates friction and protects metal parts against rust damage
Universal Sewing Machine Oil in Zoom Spout Oiler –...
Universal Sewing Machine Oil in Zoom Spout Oiler –...
Flexible spout that can reach anywhere in your sewing machine.; Non-toxic and non-gumming. Made in America
Sewing Machine Oil ~ Lily White (Gallon)
Sewing Machine Oil ~ Lily White (Gallon)
Sewing Machine Oil ~ Lily White ~ 1 U.S. Gallon; Use in application where oil may come into contact with fabrics.
SINGER 21502 Universal Machine Maintenance Kit
SINGER 21502 Universal Machine Maintenance Kit
Full size vinyl cover included; Perfect for any sewing machine manufacturer and model
Hoppe's No. 9 Lubricating Oil, 14.9 ml Precision Bottle
Hoppe's No. 9 Lubricating Oil, 14.9 ml Precision Bottle
Country Of Origin : United States; The Package Height Of The Product Is 1 Inches; The Package Length Of The Product Is 1 Inches
3-IN-ONE-10045 Motor Oil, 3 OZ (pack of 1)
3-IN-ONE-10045 Motor Oil, 3 OZ (pack of 1)
High-grade oil blend provides an SAE 20 oil rating equivalent; Increased viscosity compared to standard motor oils. Provides extended wear protection

To find the best sewing machine oil, you may need to put into consideration the following factors:

sewing machine oil

√ Formulation

The formulation of the oil should rank at the top of your concerns. A good oil has to be appropriately formulated with mineral oils. This kind of oil has been noted to deliver exceptional lubrication power while at the same time leaving behind no mess at all.

√ Viscosity

Next, should be the viscosity. The best oil on the basis of this consideration ought to be very fluid and less likely to impede the smooth movements of the parts and components thereof. You definitely want an oil that seeps right through the moving parts and crevices well.

√ Machines and parts

What kinds of sewing machines and parts are you looking to impact? Remember, not every oil is suited for all the parts of a typical machine. You have to pay attention hence to the precise parts and components that are designated on the packaging of the sewing machine oil as a great way forward.

√ Mode of application

How is the oil applied to the parts? Is it through the use of a spout, by way of a nozzle, or the squeezing of the packaging? You have to choose a manner that is truly convenient for you as you do not want to go through many hassles. While at it, factor in the likelihood of the spills as well.

√ Desired effects

What kinds of impacts are you looking up to? If impacting a machine that handles fabrics, you want to be sure not to soil the fabric or discolor it at all. That is only possible if you find a specially formulated oil that leaves behind almost no mess at all with every incidence of use thereof.


For a start, we peek into the best sewing machine oil:

1. The SINGER All Purpose Machine Oil

For your maximum convenience when oiling your machines, you need one that is able to work just about every part of the machine. This is the one to set your eyes on. It is singer all purpose machine oil in nature and will hence impact every part of your machine effectively.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ All-purpose Machine Oil

As noted above, this is an all-purpose machine oil in the sense that it is able to impact every part and aspect of the machine. It hence goes that this sewing machine oil negates the need for you to purchase different and specific oils for the various parts of the gadget.

√ Effective Lubricant

It is singer multi purpose oil an effective lubricant. It works to eliminate friction between the constituent parts of the machine that touch each other. In doing that, it prevents those parts from sustaining damages and staving off the adverse effects of rust and abrasion.

√ Special Formulation

What makes the singer all purpose appropriately suited for this role is the special formulation. The oil is made of ingredients that are effective insofar as the elimination of friction is concerned. On the same note, it also slows down abrasion and other elements of wear and tear.

√ Variable Purposes

You may dedicate this oil to a variety of purposes. These include but are not limited to the lubrication of bicycle gears, computers, typewriters, household appliances, vacuum cleaners, knitting and sewing machines. Your choice of it is hence a sure way of reaping the best for you.

√ 4-ounce Bottle

The lube comes in a 4-ounce bottle that makes it possible for you to transport it to the designated locations easily and conveniently. Thus, it is one that you will use freely and seamlessly regardless of where exactly you may have to. The same goes for its dispensing when deployed for use.


√ Works many kinds of items
√ Holistic in its approach and functioning
√ Eliminates friction and slows down damages at the same time


× Too concentrated for direct impact on your skin

2. The Universal Sewing Machine Oil

Have many disparate pieces of equipment to handle and care for? A universal sewing machine oil (use personal sewing machine, industrial sewing machine oil, any other) of this kind will definitely do you some good. It is able to impact a vast array of parts and machines besides the sewing machines. The textiles also are included in all these.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Universal Zoom Spout Oiler

Standing tall on the list of its benefits is the universal zoom spout. Thanks to this spout, you are able to similarly and easily dispense the contents of the container. Of course, this leads to easier dispensing and limited instances of spilling off.

√ Stainless (“Lily White”) Sewing Machine Oil

In its entirety, the machine oil has a stainless “lily-white” color. Other than that, it is also richer in quality and works extra hard to maintain your machine in a good running condition. The end result of this is the proper functioning of the parts in such a way as to guarantee you proper experience.

√ Smooth Lubrication

Its lubrication power is on the whole smoother. That stems from the fact that it is non-toxic, does not gum, and hardly leaves behind any stains after use. With it in your hands, you may be sure to prevent any rust and other spates of damages that may arise when in use.

√ Easy Application

Also stemming from the smooth lubrication is the easy application thereof. All you have to do is make use of the small piece of fabric to apply it. You do not have to pour too much of it into the parts and joints as is the case under normal circumstances.

√ Flexible Spout

Rounding it all up is the flexible spout of the container. Thanks to the flexibility of the spout, you have the freedom to impact just about every part and component of the machine. You will find this spout truly great and awesome when attempting to impact those hidden parts and areas.


√ Contains no toxins in its formulation
√ Does not gum even when cold or solidified
√ Gets to those parts that are hidden from the view of the people


× Cannot impact some parts and machines

3. The Best Sewing Machine Oil By TATZ Industries

Could it be that you do not want the oil to get into contact with your fabrics? If at all you do not want to, you may lay your hands on this specially formulated sewing machine oil. It is designed in such a way as to eliminate this possibility and allow for seamless handling.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Highly-refined Sewing Machine Oil

In a nutshell, this oil is highly refined. It bears some white lily character that flows seamlessly to impact every length and breadth of the item you have in mind. Being highly-refined, the oil is also able to deliver prompt and lasting impacts without too much ado on your part.

√ Low Viscosity

Its viscosity is somewhat lower than that of many competing alternatives. It is as such easier to apply and does not impede the free movements of the rotary parts and components. The low viscosity also comes in handy during the winter months when the oil can freeze.

√ Water White Lubricating Oil

As hinted already, its color is water white and is hence less likely to discolor your fabrics. It is this trait in fact that makes the item better suited for use alongside the fabrics. You will particularly love it if you handle white or more transparent pieces of fabric for yourself.

√ High-speed Industrial Sewing Machines

Even though this machine is designed for home use, it may nonetheless be good also for high-speed industrial machines. That stems from its pretty hard nature that delivers exceptional performances in the most unforgiving circumstances throughout the incidence of use. You have the benefit of higher returns to leverage.

√ Mineral Oil Formulation

Making all of these possibilities is the mineral oil formulation that the oil possesses. The mineral contents of the oils do make it possible to deliver the attendant impacts for durations that are longer. Then again, the contents slow down any frictions that may spark some heat outputs.


√ Its low viscosity eliminates hardness when it is cold
√ Good for the textile parts and machinery
√ Highly unlikely to discolor the white or brightly colored fabrics


× Comes at a great cost to bear

4. Universal Machine Maintenance Kit By SINGER

If yours is a Singer-branded sewing machine, you need not look further than a specially formulated the best oil for singer sewing machine of this kind. It is wholly suited for the Singer-branded machines and does a great job of keeping those parts well-oiled to operate smoothly at all times of engagement.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Full-size Vinyl Cover

A full-size vinyl cover ranks tops among the many offerings that this piece of equipment has to provide. You will use this to prevent the evaporation of the oil after you have applied it to the machine. That of course goes a long way to elongate the lifespan and the impacts that be.

√ Comprehensive Applications

You have the pleasure of comprehensive applications to leverage if and when you opt for this machine. This feat is manageable by the dual existence of the machine oiler and a couple of other co-operant tools-of-trade. They cheapen the processes involved and negate the hassles others have to go through.

√ Machine Needle Organizer

A machine needle organizer exists as a core component of this machine oil. This organizer comes in the form of a 3-piece screwdriver set, a magnifier, and a needle threader. They will help you to pour the oil into the needles and other portions of the machine that are somehow smaller and squeezed.

√ Seamless Applications

Using this oil, you will manage some seamless applications. That is due to its possession of every tool-of-trade you may ordinarily be in need of to have your way. They greatly cheapen the tasks of the applications of the oil in such a way as to bring forth great performances.

√ Multipurpose Nature

Even though this oil is exclusively designed for the Singer-branded machines, it may nonetheless impact many other machines besides it. This is vouched for by its ability to impact many other models of machines and other relevant pieces of equipment like firearms. Have it for your wholesome returns on investments.


√ Comes with every tool-of-trade you need
√ Works across many other models besides Singer
√ Delivers far-reaching impacts and ends


× Contains many tools that may clutter your spaces

5. The Best Lubricating Oil By HOPPE'S

Have other paraphernalia besides the sewing machine to oil? If so, you may need to set your eyes on this particular oil. It is highly versatile and well able to tackle precision machines, fishing reels, and firearms as well. This is mainly explained by its stronger and more enduring formulation.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Cleaner

Its formulation is cleaner and largely devoid of the dissolved pebbles and other substances. This makes it also capable of sparing your machines and surfaces from the risks of residual stains and other forms of contaminants that come along with the usage thereof. Have it in close proximity to the fabrics.

√ Potent Lubricating Power

At its core is the potent lubricating power. Thanks to this awesome power, the item is able to slow down the heat and the friction that arises when two parts and components rub together. It facilitates the movements of parts of the machines in a seamless manner hence.

√ Boresnake

Of all the parts it may impact, it is the bore portion of the gadget that it handles well. The potent formulation of the oil seeps into the bores to eliminate all forms of friction and the extensive heat that comes along. This leads to a properly functioning machine when all factors are considered.

√ Cleaning Rod

It is also accompanied by a cleaning rod that gets to the depths of the machine effectively to furnish the oil there. The existence of this cleaning rod cheapens the entire exercise of applying the oil onto the affected parts. In doing that, it makes the attainment of the necessary ends a lot easier.

√ High-viscosity lubricating oil

In its entirety, the oil has a higher level of viscosity. While this may slow down the pace of the flow of the lubricating oil, it is great for those parts of the machine that are heavy duty and may hence never be really impacted by the ordinary oils. Need we add that it is refined to perfection?


√ Great for other items like the fishing reels and firearms as well
√ Packaged in a 14.9-milliliter precision bottle
√ Its viscosity is high enough to deliver enduring impacts and ends


× May not allow smoother and seamless travels

6. 3-IN-ONE Motor Oil

Could it be that all you have is a heavy-duty industrial sewing machine? If it is, you may want to try your effort in a similarly specially designed and formulated sewing machine oil of this kind. It bears some special formulation that works the moving parts with exceptional zeal and an overall degree of efficacy.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Telescoping Marksman Spout

Standing tall among the many benefits that this oil has to potentially give forth is the telescoping spout. Indeed, its spout is able to stretch back and forth to reach out to those parts that are either hidden or are far off. The end result is great outcomes on your part.

√ Motor Oil

As hinted above, the core of this item is the motor oil. Motor oil is generally viscous and largely capable of yielding forth better ends for you. If all you want is to lubricate the moving parts of the electrical motors, you have no better companion than this one for you.

√ Fast-acting Penetrant

When all factors are taken into consideration, the best motor oil is a fast-acting penetrant in that it settles faster when applied to the moving parts. This stems from the unique formula that frees the corrosions from the bolts and the nuts. So safe it is that you may also use it on the plastics!

√ All-temp Silicone

By and large, this item is able to work well at all temperatures. It hardly hardens when it is too cold while at the same time it does not evaporate easily. Have we also noted that it leaves behind almost no messy residues as is the norm with the other machine oils of its kinds?

√ Dry-to-touch Dry Lube

Other than not leaving behind any residual mess, this oil also is dry-to-touch. This simply means that it dries faster than many other oils of its kind. On the same note, it also does not stick as is the norm with many other alternative kinds of oils in vogue at the moment.


√ Safe enough to use across the small electric motors
√ Extends the lifespan of the motor by a considerable margin
√ Reduces the elements of wear and tear considerably as well


× Unsuitable for the small everyday appliances

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At this stage, we ask and answer some of the leading questions about the best sewing machine oil. We now furnish answers to some of the questions that are frequently asked on this subject:

Q1. What kind of oil do you use on a sewing machine?

A. The mineral oil, it is! This kind of oil is clear, highly fluid, and leaves behind almost no smell. The mix of these awesome traits spares the gears of your machine from getting clogged even when the ambient temperature has dipped below the freezing point.

Q2. What can I substitute for sewing machine oil?

A. You may attempt many kinds of alternative lubricant oils in lieu of the sewing machine oil Examples of these include cooking oil, paraffin, butter, lard, kerosene, gasoline, WD-40, and the 3-in-1 oil. Please note that you may not really achieve the selfsame degrees of ends as the sewing machine oil.

Q3. Can you use WD 40 on a sewing machine?

A. WHY NOT? This substance is able to lubricate the moving parts much the same way as the sewing machine oil. While at it, the substance also gives off the selfsame benefits of reduced wear and tear. It is not really effective though when compared to the sewing machine oil.

Q4. Can I use baby oil on my sewing machine?

A. NEVER! The baby oil is less viscous and is also greatly capable of gumming or leaving behind some sticky residues. Moreover, its impacts last a shorter duration of time. You are hence greatly advised to stick to the sewing machine oil for all of your lubrication needs.

Q5. Is gun oil the same as sewing machine oil?

A. NOT really! The gun oil, as its name suggests, is only limited to the guns. Its sewing machine oil counterpart on the other hand is also meant for the sewing machines and other co-operant items. You would rather just stick to the oil of choice for the purpose concerned.

Final verdict

We bring our peek into the best sewing machine oil to an end there. The kinds of in-depth pieces of information we have provided are definitely sufficient to allow you to make a proper choice of the best oil and to appreciate this oil further.

What more could you be waiting for from us? Is it not appropriate for you now to move hastily to implement the deep insights we have furnished you? There is never a better to start out than now as delaying too much may mean forfeiting the salient benefits that potentially come along. Go for them right away!