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Maintaining order and cleanliness in your sewing area is a totally distinct challenge than stocking your sewing station with endless spools of thread. It’s very uncommon for professional workstations to become disorderly over time, leading to the disappearance of whole spools of thread. When a person’s prized needle disappears, it’s a terrible feeling. After all, it’s a waste of both time and sanity.

To help you choose the best thread rack for your sewing needs, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sewing thread rack models. Read on if you’re in the market for a new rack!


In this first segment, we review five of the best thread rack on the market as of now:


As an alternative, you may be interested in HAITRAL’s 60-Spool Thread Rack, which has the same design but additional storage capacity. There isn’t a single shoddy inch in its 16.9 x 13.6 x 2.3-inch frame, which is very well-designed.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a rack like this may follow one throughout their whole sewing career since it’s made from the finest natural beech wood available on the market. Because it’s made of beech, you should be able to paint it to match the rest of your workspace just well.

There is 1.6 inches of free space between each of the 60 spools, which is a lot of storage. This rack, with its 1.6-inch-tall pegs, is intended for for use with tiny and medium-sized thread spools, and nothing else. The HAITRAL will not be in front of you if you have a lot of huge spools of thread in your collection. Regardless, the spool holders may be used to keep a wide variety of various items, like hair, beads, and so on.

Depending on how you want to use it, you can either push up the organizer’s legs down below for a simple setup on your table or fold it and hang it anywhere on your wall.

Nails and hammers are obviously not provided, so you’ll have to use your own ingenuity. Finally, remember that you have 30 days to return it if you aren’t satisfied. Please call their premium customer care hotline if you get a product that is defective or does not match your expectations.



This rack has a lesser storage capacity than some others, but what you lose in storage capacity, you make up for in architecture. Thread Rack by HAITRAL may be the most robust and visually appealing we’ve encountered on the market thus far.

Even in wet situations, the 16.3 by 12.4 by 0.08 inches of wood will not mold, will withstand the odd fall, and will stand up to the many years of usage and stitching to come. In addition to being very robust and sturdy, this product is made of solid wood.

A natural beech wood base gives you the option to customize the rack to meet your office’s aesthetic by painting or decorating it to your heart’s content. A sewist will have no problem storing tiny and medium-sized spools in this compartment, but larger spools are sadly not allowed due to space constraints.

Mounting this rack straight to your wall should be a snap thanks to the rack’s two back-mounted hanging holes and the included screws, stickers, and plastic anchors. HAITRAL’s pride in their product is what we’re most excited about right now.

They are so confident in their product that they provide a full refund or replacement within a month of purchase if a consumer is dissatisfied or encounters any flaws or damage. At the very least, we encourage you to give the HAITRAL a go. You have nothing to lose here.



As the first on our list, MOOACE’s take on the thread rack offers plenty of storage space for even the most dedicated sewers while remaining reasonably priced. It can hold up to sixty spools of thread.

In addition to bobbins, embroidery threads, hair for braiding, sewing equipment, and even jewelry, you may keep these items here as well. That being said, this may appear like a run-of-the-mill building, but it’s built to last.

Because it’s made from the toughest beech wood, this piece will not only stand the test of time, but it will also withstand the heaviest of weights for many years to come. When it comes to its measurements of 15.7 x 7 x 11 inches, you’ll be delighted to know that you can either prop it up as a stand or mount it on your wall depending on your desire due to its two hanging hooks. You will, of course, have to hammer some nails in!

Because of this, and the fact that it weighs just 1.1 pounds, this rack is among the most portable we’ve encountered. There is no need to be concerned about it collapsing when it is fully used. The weight maximum of 60 spools means it can readily handle whatever load you throw at it. This thread rack will make sewing more enjoyable and less time-consuming by allowing you to focus on the actual stitching rather than tedious arranging and searching.



We believe ThreadNanny’s Hardwood Rack is a match made in heaven for the heavy-duty sewists out there who have more than a hundred different spools of thread on hand for every sewing endeavor.

The 26.7 x 16.5 x 2.9-inch dimensions of this king-sized sewing rack can fit even the most ardent of fabric hoarders. If you need to carry 120 spools of thread, this is the tool for the job. Staining and repainting it to fit your desired style will be a snap thanks to its plan wood structure and hue. Here’s when things become interesting.

In spite of its enormous size, it barely weighs 3.44 lb (1.2 kg). No matter how heavy something may be, it’s still an impressive piece of equipment. Even at maximum power, you’ll be able to either mount it on the wall or utilize it in its free-standing arrangement. This is even more astonishing. You’ll never have to be concerned about it collapsing while it’s hauling a heavy weight! Two things should be kept in mind, though.

With its freestanding mode, there is no need to drill holes in your wall for installation purposes; instead you can just prop it up on a table or counter. And secondly, it’s only suitable for thread of the tiny king cone size. The Robison-Anton cones, which have a bigger spool base, will not fit, so you’ll be a little restricted in what you can store here.



Embroidex’s Thread Stand/Rack is somewhat more expensive, but it provides a professional experience that eliminates the wasted hours spent cleaning messes and unearthing clutter in order to locate your thread of choice. With the Embroidex, there is no longer any room for frustration. Store up to sixty threads here thanks in large part to its straightforward and efficient storage structure.

The cherry on top? Whatever spools you’re keeping may be whatever size you’d like. Storage space should be available for everything, from little items to huge ones. Due to its lengthy pins, which may be removed, this is conceivable. There will be more flexibility in how the rack can be configured, so you can stack or stack many tiny reels on top of each other.

Its design is also worthy of admiration. This rack is made of the finest plastic available and can handle any weight, no matter how hefty. You won’t have to worry about mold in the future, either! You may either hang it on the wall or lay it on your work surface for storage.

Both options won’t take up a lot of room because of their small size and 2-pound weight. Finally, if you’re especially concerned about your rack fitting in with your décor, the neutral white color ensures it will compliment any style.



We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best thread rack :

thread rack

Q1. What is a rack for organizing threads?

A. If you plan on maintaining your sewing space for the rest of your life, an investment in a thread organizer rack is one purchase you won’t come to regret. It is available in a variety of sizes, and you can choose the one that is appropriate for you according to the amount of threads that you have. It is a fast and simple storage option that does not involve any kind of do-it-yourself work.

Q2. What is the function of a thread holder?

A. In order to use your sewing machine, you will need to purchase a thread spool holder for it. The thread is positioned in such a manner that it is able to go through the machine without being tangled, knotted, or broken as a result of its journey. There is likely to be a maximum capacity for the size of spool that can be used in the built-in thread holder that comes standard on your sewing machine.

Q3. What is the most effective technique to keep sewing threads organized?

A. Rack for Organizing Thread and Bobbins That You Can Make Yourself This wall-mounted thread rack is ideal for cramped quarters since it makes effective use of the vertical space available. To facilitate quick and simple access to your sewing threads, you may simply hang it behind your door or prop it up on top of your table. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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