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​The garbage can, or waste container, is an important part of most societies in the world today. Literally every community-large or small-has to rely on some type of sanitation practices in order to keep the area clean, free of germs and bacteria, and devoid of rodents, bugs, and other garden-variety pests. Of course, when you see a garbage can on the street or in someone’s home, you probably don’t think much about it. However, did you know that there are several interesting facts related to this important tool of society? There is definitely a lot more to know about trash cans than just their waste collection capability. Consider some of the following:


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Today’s trash can is built to be extremely durable.

Of course, when you read this, you might think that I am just referring to the dumpsters you see behind restaurants, public parks, and office buildings. However, this is also true for household trash cans. One case in point would be the Rubbermaid company, which recently did a demonstration with one of their largest household trash buckets. They actually dropped a 4,000 pound salvaged car on one of their kitchen trash cans. Yes, it did flatten the empty trash can, but the Rubbermaid executes were proud to demonstrate that their trash can actually snap back into place and then it looked no different than before it was hit by the car!

A town will often be judged by its collection of trash cans (or the lack thereof)

Again, you might think that the trash dumpsters in a town are something that would simply be a part of the background. However, it all goes back to the principle of “judging a book by its cover.” Unfortunately, people will do that even if you urge them not to do so. This is why a town with proper placement of trash cans is crucial. Simply, a town that doesn’t have enough trash cans will have trash cans that are overflowing, and litter will only increase. Additionally, this will create the added problem of lowering the property values in said town.

Even Walt Disney cared about his trash cans

You wouldn’t think that someone as suave and debonair as Walt Disney would think much about trash cans. However, the man wanted everyone to have a positive experience when they came to Disney Land or Disney World, so he actually put a lot of thought into how he wanted the trash cans in his park to be designed and where he wanted them to be placed. He knew that he was managing thousands of visitors on a daily basis, and he knew that people have a tendency to create litter. Thus, the first thing he wanted to do was ensure proper placement of his trash cans (no more than 25 feet apart). He also designed trash cans that opened from the bottom so that his guests would never see a worker taking out trash from one of his cans This is one of the main reasons why Walt Disney World has become well-known even today as a model of cleanliness and proper sanitation.

Your business or organization needs to incorporate a “litter build-up” strategy

In this situation, knowledge is power. You have to understand that litter can cause a problem in almost any situation or location. For example, even when it comes to temporary events you should plan for the proper amount of portable trash bins. Such things as rodeos, concerts, community fairs, religious functions, festivals, and other outdoor events can easily accumulate a lot of litter, especially when there is food involved. Campsites also have their own unique garbage can needs. Most of the time, a campground trash can needs to have allowances for pet waste, because up to 40% of people don’t clean up after their pets. This can lead to lake contamination due to water run-off and the spread of disease.

In any outdoor area, your trash receptacles need to be “animal-proof”

This leads us to our next point. In a campground or a park, many individuals will throw away their leftover food. Unfortunately, this has a tendency to draw in local wildlife, which can often smell food from as far as several miles away. In these settings, a trash can must be designed so that it will deter these animals from getting into them and creating a public nuisance. Raccoons, wolves, and even bears all have a tendency to show up unannounced at these sites when there is food available.

There are quite a few types of trash cans available

You might think if you have seen one trash can, you’ve seen them all, but that isn’t necessarily the case. There are at least a dozen different types available, all dependent upon the specific purpose you have in mind. For example, there are trash cans that are made of steel in order to deter vandalism, cans with smaller openings designed to block odors, cans with ashtray tops for storage of cigarette butts, and cans with dome tops that are resistant to weather.

New high-tech trash cans are now hitting the market

These high-tech trash cans are definitely making everyday life easier because they have higher trash compacting abilities. Because of this automatic trash compaction ability, these trash cans are able to hold 150 gallons instead of just 50. Additionally, these high-tech trash cans have the ability to give real-time status updates to their handlers, and some of them can even do double-duty as a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What color should the trash can be?

It is also possible to employ color to assist in the sorting and disposal of garbage: blue for recycling, green for composting or waste from landscaping, and red or yellow for potentially dangerous products.

How many gallons does a trash can hold?

In general, a trash can for a bathroom will be around 4 gallons, a trash can for a bedroom or office will be about 7–10 gallons, and garbage cans for kitchens will typically be between 12–16 gallons. However, the actual sizes will vary depending to the other considerations.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the ways that trash cans are gearing up for the rest of the 21st Century. You can rest assured that new-and-improved sanitation practices will continue to make our lives easier well into the future.

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