best gas powered leaf blower

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Do you involve yourself mainly in getting rid of dirt in the compounds and streets? Also, could it be that you engage mainly in do-it-yourself home sprucing activities? If either answer was a firm ‘yes,’ we are proud to let you know that you have arrived at just the right place.

For a start, your solution rests in the acquisition and use of the best gas powered leaf blower. This is simply an appliance whose role it is to get rid of unnecessary leaf debris in your area. In our reviews and buying guide here below, we undertake to offer more explanations on the gadgets for you to note.

On This List We Have 10 Gas Powered Leaf Blower

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Makita PM7650H 75.6 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Mist Blower
Powerful fuel efficient 756 cc (367 HP), MM4 commercial duty engine; L-shaped chemical tank lowers center of gravity for improved balance
Poulan Pro PR48BT, 48cc 2-Cycle Gas 475 CFM 200 MPH...
48CC 2-stroke engine; 200 mph/475 cfm; Cruise control. Heavy duty frame; Variable speed throttle control.Adjustable shoulder straps
Craftsman B215 25cc 2-Cycle Engine Handheld Gas Powered...
EASY-START TECHNOLOGY: Faster starts with 3 simple steps: prime, choke, and pull.; 2-CYCLE ENGINE OIL: Oil included with purchase for your convenience.
Poulan Pro PRB26, 25cc 2-Cycle Gas 470 CFM 200 MPH...
Air volume: 470 CFM, air speed: 200 mph; 2-Stroke 26cc gas engine with standard choke; Variable speed with trigger throttle and cruise control

We now get to examine some of the factors you may have to mind about when seeking the best gas powered leaf blower for your use:

best gas leaf blower

√ Engine power

The strength of the engine should rank at the very top of your considerations. That is because it is the engine power that determines the efficacy of the blower insofar as the elimination of the unwanted dirt and debris is concerned. Find a gadget that is really strong and powerful for your usage.

√ The hardness of the dirt

Next, you have to consider the hardness of the dirt. At the same time, you should also factor in the heaviness of the debris you may want to deal with. Dirt that is hardened no doubt demands a more powerful leaf blower that is really able to do a great job on the whole.

√ Area or extent of coverage

How much space or area are you looking at? To save your time and effort, you need a machine that is powerful enough to cleanse the area you have in mind with the least number of passes possible. That is only manageable if you find the range of the blower and weigh it alongside the space you target.

√ Fuel tank capacity

These items draw their blowing power from the gas. This gas is contained in the tank. As such, the capacity of the tank must also be a significant concern to you. While at this, you should also factor in the ease, or lack of it, with which the apparatus may be handled and carried out and about.

√ Vibrations and sound output

In closing, you have also to pay some attention to the sound output and the vibrations. You want a gadget that is quieter and gentler as you move along. Be sure hence that the item you decide to get your hands on is appropriately designed in a way as to keep the vibrations at the very minimal.


We start it out by reviewing the best gas powered leaf blowers as of 2021 for your consideration and prioritization:

1. Husqvarna - Gas Backpack Blower

It is not uncommon for these items to vibrate a lot when in use. If and when this happens, the end result might be some discomforts and possible injuries. The manufacturers of this wonderful piece of equipment have got you well taken care of. It hardly vibrates to instill unnecessary discomforts.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Cruise controls

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this item is the set of cruise controls. With these controls come the added benefit of easier handling. They let you channel the flow of air to the required place in a way that is somewhat convenient for you. That of course leads to more spectacular end results.

√ Air purge

An air purge exists as the second most valuable part and aspect of the gadget. Its purpose is to detach both the air carburetor and the fuel system from the entire leaf blower. In the course of doing this, you will find the item a lot easier to keep clean.

√ Intuitive controls

A set of intuitive controls exist for you to get hold of and manage the leaf blower with. Being intuitive, these controls are well-gathered and relatively simpler to access. They also do a wonderful job without requiring too much effort and input on your part as is always the case.

√ Adjustable tube length

Its length, unlike many of the alternative leaf blowers, may adjust freely. On the strength of this adjustability comes the convenience of pairing and handling. In the end, this leads to a more comfortable and reliable form of usage. Need we add that it performs optimally across many fields?

√ Ergonomic harness system

Crowning it all up is the ergonomic harness system. The purpose of this system is to facilitate the handling and transportation of the gadget from one area to another one. By virtue of its ergonomics, it fits the contours of the body and the hands seamlessly.


√ Increased fuel efficiency (20%)
√ Reduced harmful emissions (60%)
√ Strains the arms minimally for more comfortable handling


× Its blowing power is somewhat limited

2. Makita Stroke Engine Blower

Could it be that you have some thick and persistent debris to eliminate? If you answered back in the affirmative, look no further than this leaf blower. It possesses a four-stroke engine that churns out a powerful stream of air that eventually eliminates the thick debris.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Improved exhaust emissions

When compared to many alternative leaf blowers, this one has an improved exhaust emission feature. This feature bears the CARB Tier III and the EPA Phase II ratings. On the strength of this, the gadget is able to exceed the expectations that may be demanded from it.

√ Compact design

On the whole, the gadget does come about in some compact design. It is neither too big, weighty, nor clumsy as many alternative blowers do. On the flip side, it weighs a paltry 9.8 pounds. Even if you do not have that much strength, you may still look up to it.

√ Fuel-efficient 4-stroke engine

At its core is the fuel-efficient four-stroke engine. It is this engine that supplies the blowing power that the gadget relies on to operate well. Being powerful, it saves greatly on the fuel needs. That is not to highlight the great cleansing ends it leaves behind.

√ Quick start

Generally speaking, this item is faster to start. That is mainly due to the low compression engine stature it comes about in. For this reason, you will hardly have to struggle to start it or have to wait for too long to do so as others who choose alternative gadgets to have.

√ Large capacity muffler

Lastly, its muffler is of a large capacity. Thanks to this arrangement, the gadget operates quietly and is hence less of a nuisance to those around you at that time. What does this portend? You may look up to this gadget in those areas that are sensitive to the risks of noise pollution.


√ Generally more powerful, clean, and efficient
√ Huge enough to dedicate to commercial applications
√ Meets and exceeds the prevailing CARB and EPA standards


× Large and bulky to handle with ease

3. Poulan Pro Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

Have a larger area to impact per time? Your solution rests in the acquisition of this wonderful piece of equipment. Its range is somewhat larger and hence well able to impact a wider area per time. This makes it also great for commercial applications and settings.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ X-torq Engine

By far its most significant trait is the X-torq engine. The engine has the characteristic of eliminating harmful exhausts that potentially come along. As a matter of fact, it is capable of cutting down the emissions by a whopping 60%! The powerful engine tackles the elimination of wastes effectively.

√ High Air Volume and Velocity

For all practical purposes, the gadget does exude some high volume of air at maximum velocity. The mix of the high velocity and volume sees to it that the outcomes are meticulous. They leave behind almost no debris but instead ensure that the area is spik and spun.

√ Low Vibrations

Even though the gadget operates at a faster pace, it is for all practical purposes quite silent. That is because it is structured to minimize the vibrations and at the same time slow down the noise output. You have every confidence you need to eliminate unnecessary debris in your area hence.

√ Auto Return Stop Switch

Instead of having to juggle your way excessively when in the course of eliminating debris, this gadget has you operating free of any unnecessary strains. This is mainly vouched for by the auto-return stop switch that works to start and stop the gadget independently of your controls.

√ Variable speed throttle

For your added convenience of operations, the item has a variable speed throttle. This pairs with the included cruise control to vary the speed of the blowing of the air. Of course, the arrangement puts you ahead of the game insofar as the elimination of the debris is concerned.


√ Large and powerful enough to serve commercial purposes
√ Its engine is quite tough and powerful
√ Handles a larger capacity of air and operations


× May pose some strains to handle and operationalize

4. ECHO Handheld Leaf Blower

Just in case you only have a smaller area to impact, you need not make use of a larger and more powerful gadget. Instead, you only need a small, light, compact, and handheld version of this kind. Go for it as well if you have minimal muscle power.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Awesome Power

For all practical purposes, this gadget does exude some awesome power indeed. Its power rating as a matter of fact stands at the impressive 170 miles per hour. This is able to discharge a massive 453 cubic feet per minute of air, a level that is sufficient for the clearance of huge debris.

√ Exceptional Handling

As hinted above, the machine is small and compact enough to allow for exceptional handling. It hence tends to favor those who lack the muscle power necessary to haul and carry around a heavier gadget. On the strength of this, the item is also quite convenient to handle and make do with.

√ Powerful engine core

Its core features an exceedingly powerful engine. This bears the rating of around 25.4 cubic centimeters. With this awesome power comes the ability to tackle and impact huge volumes of debris per unit of time. Its fuel mixture ratio is about 50:1, a figure that is somewhat large.

√ Variable speed settings

You will also enjoy the added benefit of being able to alter the speeds of operations as per your unique expectations. To do this, you will make use of the variable speed settings. These settings are highly responsive and will hence facilitate your handling and overall engagements along the way.

√ Low noise rating

When all is said and done, the gadget bears a low noise rating indeed. This presently stands at the impressive 70 decibels. It is hence not very loud while at the same time delivers exceptional power. You have it for your handling if you have the need to work in quieter environments.


√ Has an awesome high tank capacity
√ Small enough to handle and carry around seamlessly
√ Gets to the awesome operational speed of about 170 miles per hour


× Too small for larger spaces

5. Craftsman Handheld Gas Powered Leaf Blower

Have a lawn that you may want to care for? This leaf blower is able to do that over and above merely getting rid of excess debris. It also brings along some advantages of being able to pair with and work alongside many extras and attachments. That of course its range of applications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ 25 cc 2-cycle lightweight engine

Its engine is pretty light in weight. This stems mainly from its limited capacity of about 25 cubic centimeters. Notwithstanding this small capacity, the engine is still capable of discharging awesome blowing power while also managing exceptional performances all the while. With it, you may work well in your yards and lawns.

√ Easy-start technology

You will also enjoy the added benefit of being easy to start. That is largely made possible by the easy-start technology. In fact, you only have to follow three simple steps to actualize the starting process. These are priming, choking, and pulling. The great benefit of greatly reliable performance is yours to come by.

√ User-friendly management

In all, this gadget also lets you enjoy some user-friendly management. Its design is exceptionally light in weight, a fact that makes it somewhat easier and more convenient to handle. Then again, its throttle is easier to engage for the purpose of exceptionally free handling and engagements.

√ Extended nozzle

An extended nozzle also comes along. It pairs and works alongside the extended nozzle to yield forth exceptional and precise blowing power. This combination comes in handy when attempting to get rid of the most stubborn debris and leaves available. Need we add that it accesses that hidden area with ease?

√ Translucent fuel tank

Rounding it all up is the translucent fuel tank. The translucent character of the tank enables you to peek into and easily get to know the levels of fuel as you move along. In the course of doing all that, you enjoy smoother and freer operations without having to do any guesswork along the way.


√ Starts in three easy steps
√ Cordless to allow for smoother and free movements
√ Attaches to and works alongside many extras


× May not find much use beyond the lawns

6. Poulan Pro Handheld Leaf Blower

An area that has not been worked on for quite some time tends to develop some hard and powerful stains. You want to place your bet on this gadget that has the ability to get to the wonderful 200 miles per hour of operating speed.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Standard choke carburetor

Its most notable trait is the standard choke carburetor that performs the actions of mixing the air with the fuel. Given the standard choke form of the item, it performs an exceptional job, on the whole. On the same note, it also eases the wastes that may be produced.

√ Spring-assisted starting system

The starting mechanism is complemented with some spring assistance. For this reason, the mechanism is more convenient to handle and engage. Count on it thus not to waste your time but instead respond promptly to the impulses and the initiatives to start it out. That also goes for the overall reliability of the gadget.

√ Soft-grip handle

This gadget has a soft-grip handle. Thanks to this wonderful arrangement, the item is less likely to prickle or imperil the safety of your hands. Instead, it does facilitate the handling and the overall engagement of the item altogether. Particularly, it negates any pains or issues that may arise when in use.

√ Trigger operations

Unlike many other blowers we have around, this operates via the trigger processes. On account of this, it greatly facilitates the processes of starting the apparatus. Closely related to this is the fact that the item varies the speed of operations considerably. That puts you in great control over the performance process.

√ Excellent Performances

For all practical purposes, the item does manage some excellent performances indeed. The volume of the air stands at the impressive 470 cubic feet per minute and gets to 200 miles per hour. With these twin thresholds come the end result of effective outcomes and long-term ends.


√ Dampens and reduces vibrations considerably
√ Maintains you in an absolute state of comfort
√ Light, powerful, and relatively easy to use


× Likely to suffer untold damages


Let us now provide some answers to the commonly asked questions about the best gas powered leaf blower subject matter:

Q1. What kind of leaf blower should I buy?

A. Choose a blower that is quiet, hardly vibrates, and is also light enough to carry around to the designated location of use. The mix of these ingredients will certainly make your overall experience exceptionally great and truly reliable. You also have to care for the compactness of the design.

Q2. What’s more important mph or cfm?

A. cfm it is! In your search for the right apparatus for the job, pay some keen attention to the cubic feet per minute rating as opposed to the miles per hour. The former designates the volume of air that the item generates per minute. It hence has a direct bearing on the final blowing power.

Q3. What time of year do leaf blowers go on sale?

A. Moments before the fall season and the reason is obvious. Many consumers are prepping for the upcoming shedding of the leaves. They want to arm themselves with the gadgets they need to take on the debris well. Coincidentally, the prices of these items are also cheaper at this time as many manufacturers want to lure clients to purchase their commodities.

Q4. Are leaf blowers worth it?

A.YES, they are! It is able to get rid of the leaf debris but without the inconveniences that the standard rakes do bring along. That it operates freely and independently of your own effort or input makes it quite a great gadget to look up to for continued and frequent usage.

Q5. Which is better gas or battery leaf blower?

A. For clean operations, the battery power is the one to choose and use. However, if you want exceptional blowing power, the gas-operated one is the one to work with. It generates a powerful gush of strong air that gets rid of all the debris with a fairer degree of zeal and efficacy.

Final verdict

WOW! Many thanks for staying with us to the very end. It is our firm conviction now that the deep insights we have given about the best gas powered leaf blower are sufficient to let you make a firm choice of the gadget well. What more could you possibly demand from us hence?

We challenge you now to go ahead and purchase a leaf blower for your yard. It is never wise of you to hold on for too long before making the first move. This is the time to seek to venture out. We wish you all the best in your search for and subsequent leverage of these items for your sake!