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How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine [A Beginners Guide]

Your new Singer sewing machine has arrived, and you’re anxious to start sewing. While you’re enjoying the high, you remember you’ll need help threading the sewing machine. There are no special skills required to do this assignment, which is a blessing.

In what way does one go about putting thread into a Singer machine? The needle and presser foot need to be raised as a first step. The bobbin has to be wound next. In the end, sewing thread the needle from the front of the machine to the back, then insert the bobbin and wind it.

A detailed tutorial on how to thread a Singer sewing machine is included in this article. Read on for additional information regarding the machines finer features, as well as some of the most commonly asked questions.

Step-By-Step Instruction on How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine

how to thread a singer heavy duty sewing machine

Presser Foot and Machine Needle should be raised

Shut off your machine

Located on the machine’s left side is a power switch. To turn it off, get a grip of it.

There are a number of moving areas that need inserting your thread. Before threading, make sure your sewing machine is off.

Accidents, on the other hand, are possible. Sewing machines may cause damage to your fingers if you put pressure on them while they’re operating.

Raise the Needle by using the Handwheel

You’ll have to manually adjust the sewing machine’s moving components now that you’ve shut it off. There is a little wheel on the right side of the machine; crank it clockwise to lift the needle. After the needle reaches its maximum position, you may stop rotating it.

Move The Presser Foot Using The Lever

The lever may be seen at the base of the needle. The presser foot may be raised by moving the lever up. Changing the presser foot’s location is quite essential. This should not interfere with your stitching at all.

Threading the Top of the Sewing Machine

To wind a Bobbin

Before you begin knitting the machine’s top, you must thread the bobbin. Placing the thread on the spinner and moving the bobbin winder pin to the left will accomplish this task. After threading the bottom section of the thread through the bobbin’s rim, place the bobbin on the machine’s winder pin.

Push lightly on the pedal while moving your bobbin pin rightwards in order to wound it. Keep applying pressure to the bobbin until it is fully wound.

Placing Thread Spool In Your Machine’s Pin

At the top of your sewing machine, you’ll find the pin. Position a full spool of thread on the pin and allow it to settle into place. Once it’s in place, you should hear a clicking sound.

The first guide is wrapped in thread

Just above the machine needle gadget, you’ll see an instruction for your first stitch. The thread should be threaded from the bottom of the spool to the top of the machine at the first thread guide.

The thread guide should be wrapped around the thread’s tail. Then, gently insert it into the guide’s slot.

In the second guide, insert the thread’s tail

In the near vicinity of the first, the second instruction is provided. Approach this guidance from the right and slide the end of the thread over its top. ‘ Hold the thread on both sides of the guide as you move it toward the guide’s end.

Thread the Tension Mechanism and Canal with the Thread

The threading canal’s tension mechanism is seen at the canal’s very bottom. Make sure you wrap the end of the thread around the tension mechanism before pulling it out. To complete the loop, feed the thread through both the canal and the tension mechanism.

Pull off The Thread

After passing through the tension mechanism, return the thread to the other side of the canal. Thread through the “take-up lever” after that. In the threading canal, this will be visible at the very top.

To remove the thread, pull it to the bottom

The needle may be threaded by passing the end of the thread through the threading guide on top of the needle, as shown in this illustration. The guide is where the sewing machine’s blunt needle tip attaches to the machine.

Thread Needle From Front To Back

It’s time to go to work on that needle. The opposite end of the needle should be roughly 15cm away from the needle ( 6 inches.) If you’re having problems putting the thread through the needle’s eye, soften the end of the thread with water, beeswax, or saliva.

Loading the Bobbin

To get the needle to its highest point, turn the hand wheel counterclockwise

The bobbin case must be appropriately loaded. For a successful unblocking, the needle should be inserted as high as possible. To get the needle to its highest position, you’ll have to keep spinning the wheel. Unless the needle is at its highest position, skip this step and go on to the next one.

Remove the Bobbin Case from the Bobbin

The bobbin case is located underneath the needle on your machine. Depending on the model of the machine, you’ll find either a tab or a button.

You can open the case if it contains a button. To open a case, just raise the tab on the side.

Draw the Thread through the Slot

The bobbin thread must have at least 6 inches of slack to connect with the top thread. If there aren’t enough threads, it will be difficult to sew together the fabric.

Close the Bobbin Case

Replacing the bobbin container’s lid after the thread has been pulled through the slot is a good idea to keep it safe.

Place your palm pressure on the lid and wait for it to pop back into place. You may have had to shift your bobbin case aside from the machine to make room in the slot beneath its window.

Turn the Hand Crank to Catch the Thread

You’ll need to spin the machine’s side wheels to capture the bobbin thread as soon as you’ve fastened the lid. Using this method helps to secure the bottom and top threads together.

It also lifts a part of the bobbin thread, allowing you to view it clearly. Tighten the two threads and push them to the rear of the machine when they form a loop. Repeat the instructions if the thread is still not visible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How does one go about loading a singer thread?

First, turn off the Singer sewing machine, then elevate the needle and presser foot to thread it. Once the spool is attached to the pin, thread the end through the guides and then into the threading canal. Then, put the thread through the needle’s eye and draw it through approximately six inches, then cut the thread loose.

What is causing my singer to not pick up the bobbin thread?

A. First, make sure that the bobbin-winding spindle (found on the top of your machine) is pulled back to the left so that you may start sewing. The needle will not descend and pick up your bobbin thread if it is not in the right place. In order to make a stitch, the needle thread and bobbin thread must touch precisely at the right moment.

What Should You Do If You Get Bunches Under The Fabric While Threading?

A. If you’re just starting out with sewing, you’re likely to run across this irritating situation quite fast. Verify that the top thread is threaded accurately before you go any further. A straight stitch is required from the top thread, but the bobbin thread must be twisted into loops underneath the cloth. After removing the fabric loops, re-thread the sewing machine.

Make sure that you’re threading by spinning the handwheel toward you. The presser foot should also be elevated so that the thread may glide into the thread tension plate.

When the lower thread breaks, what should I do?

When the bobbin case is not properly threaded/inserted and the tension is too high, it will break. You should re-thread the bobbin case if you find that it is clogged with thread after inspecting your machine. You may have to remove and reinstall the bobbin if it doesn’t work.

The bottom thread should exit the thread side slot.. It is possible to lessen the thread tension in order to prevent it from breaking from stress.

Which sewing machine is the simplest to thread?

Metal-framed, LCD-screen-equipped, the Singer Stylist 7258 sewing machine. It has a top drop-in bobbin and an automated needle threader, so threading is a breeze.

how to thread a singer tradition sewing machine


Singer is a leading manufacturer of high-quality sewing machines that are simple to use. However, despite some of its subtleties, it is a good choice for beginners and will grow together with you. It’s easy to thread a Singer sewing machine if you follow the instructions above.

How To Thread A Singer Sewing Machine (Video)

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