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There are different packaging styles of sewing machine needles. Purchasing the right needle for the machine is necessary if you need the sewing machine to work correctly.

Regardless of whether it is just a diversion or sewing is your main wellspring of pay, you have to be informed about the sewing machine needle sizes before you attempt and purchase the pieces that you need. Before pointing out the diverse sewing machine needle sizes, you may want to find out about the parts of a needle.

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Sewing machine needle parts

These are the parts that comprise any of the sewing machine needle sizes. For one thing, the shank is the one that is made sure about to the needle holder of the best sewing machine. The shoulder is the place the thick shank shrivels onto the shaft. The shaft gives out the ideal length to make it easy to thread through the pieces. The notch helps in assisting the snare or transport in getting the thread. The scarf gives extra space for the development of trap or transport. The eye is mindful in holding the thread, and the pointcuts a gap or parts the thread so it can then experience the material that is being sewn.

The type of point is ball point

That needle type is suggested for weave fabrics, whether single sews like pullover, or twofold sews. The point of the needle slips in between the fabric threads, rather than penetrating them. Utilizing a regular point needle on could cause snagging and lopsided sewing.

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Various Kinds of Points

All the sewing machine needle sizes come in various point types. The regular point is said to be the best, and this can part the thread of the materials that are already woven. The ballpoint is used for sewing materials because this can limit cut threads. The chisel point is used at leather materials because this can punch openings as the work proceeds.


To sew monogram on monogram machine , softened cowhide, vinyl, or similar materials, a needle with a wedge point is indicated. These materials are non-woven and often thicker than either woven or weave fabrics. The wedge shape of the point enables the needle to puncture them easily.

Guide about the Sizes

The numbers are an important indication of sewing machine needle sizes. The type with the most reduced number is the best. With regards to American sizes, number 8 is the best, and the needle with number 19 is the thickest. Other sizes incorporate 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 18 and 19. The sizes for European needles incorporate 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100, 110, and 120. This means that the best one is number 60, and the heaviest and thickest is number 120.and beneath the pans to permit air to circulate the pans.

Type of fabric that is going to be used

In picking the sewing machine needle sizes, you must know the type of fabric that is going to be used. The lighter and the more slender the material is, the more you have to pick needles that are fine. This way, you will be assured that the fabric won’t get damaged, and the work will be managed with no hassles.


Needles are classified in two main ways. First is the type of point that the needle has, or, in other words, the shape of the tip. A needle with a regular point can be used on a wide variety of woven fabrics such as cotton and cloth. The sharp point can puncture the fabric threads. This will help create smooth and even join.

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The Bottom Line

Choosing sewing machine needles that are appropriate for your undertaking needs will go far to achieving incredible outcomes. If all else fails, ask a knowledgeable sales representative for help in picking. Also, attempt a test seam on a scrap of the material you will be utilizing before sewing an actual seam.


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