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Are you looking for a high-quality sewing machine thread for your next project? Look no further.

Well, that’s all, then! You’ll find a list of the best sewing machine threads here to suit your needs.

Special ply yarns with a smaller diameter, such as sewing thread, are used to affix two or more pieces of material. They are long, consistently twisted strands of yarn that are smooth and thin.

Sewing machine threads are crucial to the success of your project, even if they constitute only a small portion of it. A seam is also used to connect additional materials to the cloth.

Using a poor-quality sewing thread may make a big impact in the outcome of your project. Finely woven threads have a distinct quality.

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To make apparel that really fits like a glove, you’ll need an exceptional thread. In addition, you need to take into account the kind of sewing, the type of cloth, and the number of spools in each color, the best sewing thread brand, and other considerations. Let us now guide you in finding the best threads for sewing machines:

best sewing thread for sewing machine
[dt_quote]√ Colors and number of spools

Knowing the amount of spools and the colors that will be used in various sewing tasks is essential. Stacking and cross-winding are the two most common methods of reel construction. It is possible to feed your thread evenly from the top of a stack of spools by using vertical spool pins that have spools stacked on top of each other. When you’re ready to start stitching, threads like Simthread Polyester Embroidery Thread have spools with color numbers written on them that save you time.

Cross-wound spools, on the other hand, are best used on horizontals to ensure that your thread is evenly disbursed. Depending on how often you use them, some kits even include spools of the same color, while others don’t, necessitating the purchase of new ones.

[dt_quote]√ Aspects of Longevity

Sewing threads should have a high level of durability as one of its primary characteristics. Among the variables that contribute to it are strong elasticity, shrinkage resistance, and a small diameter.

Your loop of strength is a significant indicator of how strong your sewing threads are when they’re looped through one another.

It is possible for threads to lose their abrasion resistance owing to surface abrasion from rubbing or wear, as well as thread abrasion during the stitching process.

A needle’s ability to withstand a certain amount of strength or stress without rupturing is greatly influenced by its elasticity. High-elasticity thread helps to keep your stitch and cloth from bursting, and it also helps to preserve the look of your seams.

When you wash and dry your garments, your sewing thread should not shrink, and it should stay stable.

[dt_quote]√ Thread Materials

Many different types of threads are available for sewing. Even while threads with enormous strength are fantastic, you should choose threads of lower strength than your fabric to ensure that the seams of your clothing break uniformly before your garments if they are exposed to extreme stress.

Make sure that your thread isn’t stronger than the material you’re stitching to avoid tears while doing clothes repairs. Sewing clothing repairs may be made easier with the new broread embroidery machine thread kit. Cotton and polyester threads exist in a variety of forms, each with its own set of advantages.

Additionally, there are a wide range of cotton qualities, including high-strength cotton thread, and natural fibers and a medium sheen that help to grasp your cloth and make tight seams. Using cotton-covered polyester thread is the finest way to stitch denim. When compared to other varieties of polyester, spinning polyester, which is created by interlacing tiny polyester stable fibers, is frequently the most cost-effective option.

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In this first segment, we review 15 of the best threads for sewing machines on the market as of now:


MILIJIA Sewing Thread, 550 Yards in 25 brilliant hues is our favorite. Even if you wear or wash your clothing multiple times, its colors and stitching will remain vibrant and long-lasting. With its user-friendly, convenient and suitable for both machine sewing and hand stitching, you’ll find its thread spools ideal for all skill levels.

You may use it with automatic-winding sewing machines to manufacture customised clothing and cushions for your house, or to design your own costumes. A number of satisfied consumers have praised the product’s stylish look and high-quality design.

The MILIJIA sewing thread is ideal for ornamental stitching and appliqué, as well as normal sewing, since it doesn’t break or fray easily. However, some consumers have complained that the thread leaves lint, making it unsuitable for stitching on heavy-duty textiles. Finding the end of their spools was a difficult task for some.



√ Colors that are bright and lively
√ It is not readily frayed
√ Stitches that endure a long time
√ Thread pools that are easy to use
√ The look is elegant, and the design is excellent


× Heavy-duty stitching materials are not recommended for use with this machine


You can’t go wrong with the KEIMIX Polyester Sewing Thread. It’s constructed entirely of polyester, and it’s really durable. It’s a good choice for sewing machines and for any hand sewing you might need to do.

Strong, yet somewhat elastic, material is used to make this thread. Using a sewing machine will not result in a failure. It’s available in a whopping 24 different shades. This option is great for matching your fabric’s hue.

Each spool has 1,000 yards of thread, which is more than enough to complete most tasks. Additionally, it comes with a needle threader and 10 needles. You may use this kit to assist you complete your project.



√ Material that is both strong and long-lasting
√ There are many different hues to pick from
√ It includes needles as well as a needle threader


× It is not recommended for stitching at fast rates for extended periods of time
× When used with an embroidery machine, it does not perform properly


The new Brotherhead Metallic Embroidery Machine comes in nine basic colors. Metallic thread is included with the thread set.

This kit has 9 distinct hues of metallic or glitter thread. These vibrant hues are eye-catching and will liven up a variety of projects.

This thread has a polyester core with a metal foil outer sheath. In addition to the unusual coloration, this offers the thread extra strength. As for fraying or breaking, nobody likes thread that breaks on them!



√ Metallic hues that are just stunning
√ The core is made of polyester for increased strength
√ Glitter thread is a lot of fun


× It is not permitted to be exposed to heat
× It is necessary to stitch gently using a machine in order to prevent tangles and breakage


They have transparent plastic sides that don’t absorb or distort machine oil and make it easier for you to arrange your bobbins. Currently, it’s one of the finest threads for sewing machines like as Singer, Elna, Kenmore, Quantum Futura, Brother, and Babylock because of its size 15 (SA156).

It also comes with 25 pre-wound bobbins in a variety of colors that satisfy all of the fundamental sewing and embroidery needs. Most people bought it because of its High Tenacity Polyester Filament 70D/2 (60WT) that is effectively manufactured to reduce sewing tension.

In most cases, people said they used it for everyday sewing, wound and re-used it by saving empty bobbins and filled them with whatever they required for prospective jobs, For others, this method was appealing because to its lack of jump stitches and snags, and because the bobbins are neatly stored in a box with non-slip paper to prevent them from untangling or unwinding.

Several customers said that it was a breeze to remove the thread bobbins using blue painters’ tape or an eraser. The bobbins, however, were found to be twisted and inconsistently coiled. Their bobbin tension had to be tinkered with to keep the thread from peeking out of the embroidery.



√ There are no snags or jump stitches
√ Bobbins are densely packed together
√ Bobbins are extremely simple to use
√ Several bright hues are used
√ This product is excellent for home embroidery tasks


× Bobbins are wound inconsistently


Polyester Smithread Trilobal Smithread Trilobal polyester is used to make thread. Sewing machines and embroidery machines may both use this thread.

Embroidery creations will hold up well with this thread. Hand stitching and normal sewing machines may also be utilized with this tool. There are additional 1100 yards which lets you to finish more work per spool of thread.

Spools of 24 different colors are included in the set. This will assist you in finding the perfect match for your chosen textile. A nice feature of the trilobal polyester is that it is shiny. When cleaned, it retains its color and is even resistant to bleach.



√ Sturdy enough to be used for needlework
√ The thread is gleaming
√ There is a wide range of hues
√ Spools that are rather large


× It is possible that shiny thread will not be suited for all projects


For sewing machines, Smithread Brother’s 40 Color Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Kit is an excellent choice of thread.

Trilobal polyester is used to make this thread. This increases the thread’s tensile and extensibility properties. Because of its durability, this can handle just about any task that comes its way. Your project will last longer if you use high-quality thread, which is resistant to breaking or fraying. A washing machine and ironing board are also included in the package.

The safety of this topic has also been verified by the use of this thread. It does not include BPA, lead, or phthalates, which are known to cause cancer. When it comes to selecting thread, keep in mind the impact on human health and safety.



√ Trilobal polyester is a durable material
√ There are 40 different color options
√ Has been subjected to harmful chemical testing


× Not suitable for all types of materials


The threader and casing of the Leonis are constructed of aluminum, while the thread itself is composed of polyester with a polyethylene core. It includes 50-yard threads with smaller spools that suit hand stitching, and they’re housed in a durable, plastic box. There is a 110-yard spool in a soft plastic bag, making it suitable for both hand and machine stitching. With a needle threader and being suitable for synthetics, wool, and cotton, this thread is an excellent choice. The 50-yard thread has a diameter of about 0.7 inch (1.8 cm), and the hole in the centre is around 0.98 inch.

The wide range of colors it comes in makes it suitable for a wide range of materials, and numerous customers have reported that it is durable and does not break or tangle. Additionally, it’s a great tool to have on hand when you need to pull a few seams. There is nothing better than the included zipper holder.

A number of buyers have also commented that it offers a wide variety of threads that may be used for anything from crochet to cross-stitch to hand sewing. Several people complained that the thread is delicate and that it was difficult to put it back into its casing.

Several defects in the threads and a smaller-than-anticipated spool (about 1 inch tall). Lint fibers are also left behind by this thread, and some customers have reported that it often breaks in their sewing machines and that it isn’t properly coiled or wound smoothly or firmly enough.



√ There will be no puckering
√ Thread that is both strong and durable
√ Excellent Zipper Organizer
√ Excellent selection of threads


× Small spools of thread
× Lint fibers seen in the leaves


Gutermann Invisible Thread is an excellent topic if you don’t want anybody else to view your thread.

When you don’t want your thread to be seen, using this one is a good solution. This is an excellent material for repairing things. Using this method, you won’t have to worry about matching your thread to your fabric if your cloth has a lot of different colors.

This thread may be used in a sewing machine since it is made of robust fabric. It is sturdy enough to be used in quilting projects as well.



√ Thread that is both invisible and concealable
√ Strong enough to be used in quilting
√ Repair projects will benefit from this resource


× Not as sturdy as 100 percent polyester, but still acceptable
× More prone to melting or breaking


Adding Gutermann Recycled Polyester Thread to a sewing kit is a terrific idea.

Polypropylene is the material used to make this thread, which means it is both strong and elastic at the same time. It also implies it can tolerate head from washing or ironing.

The plastic PET bottles used to make this thread have been recycled. You may feel good about using this thread since you know you’re doing your part to help the environment.



√ High-strength polyester
√ Eco-friendly and made from recyclable products
√ Versatile for a wide range of applications


× Trilobal polyester has a shinier finish
× It doesn’t come with a variety of colors in a kit


It includes 24 spools of polyester sewing thread that may be used for a variety of crafts, including adding embroidery to blouses, blankets, and handcrafted garments. It comes with a threader, seven buttons, one gold thimble, and 30 needles in a box as a gift.

You may use it for your own designs as well as other sewing projects because of its eye-catching, brilliant hues. 100% spun polyester 40S/2 with no knots and no fraying or breaking is used in its construction. A fantastic thread for singer sewing machine and janome sewing machine and other brands of sewing machines.

Those who tried it found that its large spools were more enticing than those seen in other products. Finding the beginning of your strands might be difficult if you have poor vision. While stitching, several users complained that it didn’t keep its shape very well and was prone to snapping off. The cardboard center spools were a frequent source of irritation for customers, who claimed that they were fragile and prone to crushing.

According to several customers, the thread isn’t strong enough for frequent stitching, and they warned that it was prone to fraying, therefore they didn’t suggest it.



√ Awe-inspiring bonus packages
√ Colorful, eye-catching designs
√ a slack line
√ Spinning wheels of all sizes


× Spools of cardboard


There are 24 colors to choose from when using NEX sewing thread. To make this thread, cotton and polyester are blended together.

Any project may benefit from having a wide range of color selections to choose from in the kit. The thread is soft because it is made of a cotton-polyester mix. In order to get a more natural and delicate texture, this is a useful tool. Because it contains polyester, this thread is more durable than one made entirely of cotton. Using a sewing machine requires a thread that is strong enough to withstand its pace.

Each color has enough of thread to go around, thanks to the spools’ capacity of 1000 yards. Many jobs may be completed with this in mind.



√ More natural feel
√ Durable and comfortable
√ A wide range of hues are available


× Compared to pure polyester, a cotton-polyester hybrid is less durable
× Fraying is more likely


High-Quality Yarn For silk or wool-based fabrics, Kimono Mikimoto Silk Thread is an excellent option.

Silk is used to make this thread. This results in a very delicate appearance. In order to keep the thread from creating holes in your cloth, silk is the best material for you to use. This gives the cloth a clean and polished look.

Another strong thread is silk. You’ll be able to construct something that will stand the test of time.



√ Fine and delicate
√ A must-have for any project that calls for silk
√ Appearances are important


× Polyester, on the other hand, is far more durable
× When ironed, it has the potential to melt


When using a sewing machine, the new Brotherhead Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Kit is a great option. There are 40 different shades of polyester thread included in this set.

With its strength and elasticity, this 40WT thread can handle a wide range of craft tasks. The fabric’s sturdiness also implies that it can withstand a sewing machine’s high-speed operation.

There are a lot of options to choose from in this kit, which includes 40 distinct colors. For whatever project that you are working on, you may discover a perfect fit using this method. Your work will be more appealing because of the rich and lovely colors in this.



√ Thread has several uses
√ Stretchy and durable
√ Multiple color options


× The amount of thread on each spool is significantly reduced


In addition to the 40 distinct colors, the TAOindustry Embroidery Thread Polyester Spools comes with a needle.

Polyester, which is both strong and stretchy, is used to make this thread. It’s an excellent option for a wide range of tasks.

Self-locking spools are another feature of these reels. A place has been designated for the thread’s tail. As a result, you’ll have an easier time locating it when you go back to your project. Additionally, the spools are enormous. A single spool has 1100 yards of thread, enough to finish numerous projects!



√ It has self-locking spools
√ Thread made of polyester
√ There are a total of 40 distinct hues
√ Spools with a lot of material


× For sensitive jobs, it may not be the best choice


The Haitrawal sewing set includes a needle threader, five needles, and 24 distinct spools with a 1000-yard length. As well as being visually appealing, the threads have a high level of durability since they are made of heavy-duty polyester fabric, which seldom breaks. Embroidering quilts, shirts, blankets, and other clothing with this fabric is a breeze because to the brilliant colors and lovely patterns it offers.

There are a variety of sewing threads that may be used for a variety of household tasks, whether you’re a novice or an expert. The spools are also made of plastic, which is more durable than paper thread reels. However, if you need more than one, you can always buy an additional one from the manufacturer. The thread, on the other hand, has been reported to break when running through many fabrics, such as when making a binding for a quilt. Others had a hard time getting the thread started and admitted that it wasn’t mercerized, making it less silky smooth.



√ Spectacularly brilliant hues
√ Sturdy threads
√ Storage that’s easy to access
√ Multi-purpose sewing machine


× Interruptions while working with a variety of textiles
× The surface isn’t silky smooth

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We finish off by answering some of the hard questions about the best threads for sewing machines:

best all purpose sewing machine thread
[dt_quote]Multi-Purpose Thread[/dt_quote]

This is your go-to thread for any and all projects. This thread will be used almost exclusively by you. It is suitable for both hand and machine stitching. Nearly any type of fabric can be used with this method (lightweight to heavyweight). This thread is frequently made from polyester or cotton. Heavy-duty thread or embroidery thread are both thicker and thinner than this “light-duty thread.” It’s in the middle. Sewing, quilting, and other crafts benefit greatly from its versatility.

Fine, sheer materials and thick denim and canvas should not be used with this kind of thread. If your project is going to be exposed to intense sunshine or high heat on a frequent basis, this is not the best option for you.

This tiny fishing line-like thread, also known as Monofilament or Continuous filament thread, comes in handy when you want your stitches to be almost undetectable to the naked eye. Monofilament thread may be found in a range of applications, from quilting to upholstery, depending on the weight. Strong and tensile-resistant due to its nylon base. Clear monofilament thread should be used on light textiles, while “smoky” monofilament thread should be used on dark materials. We suggest using a thread net and a metallic needle when sewing with clear thread on a machine.

[dt_quote]Embroidery Floss or Thread[/dt_quote]

This word applies to both machine embroidery thread and hand embroidery floss. Many different fibers are used to make embroidery thread, the most common of which being rayon, noted for its shine and inexpensive cost. It’s no secret that polyester embroidery thread is a popular choice, but it has advanced significantly and is now more “colorfast” than rayon. Embroidery floss in cotton and silk is also available. Polyester embroidery thread is recommended for heavier materials, whereas rayon or silk embroidery thread is best for lighter and medium-weight textiles.

[dt_quote]Embroidery Floss[/dt_quote]

Thread used in hand stitching and needlepoint is often made from embroidery floss, which is six strands long and spun by either hand or machine. Then, it’s separated into the desired thickness (when the user is ready to embroider). The colors, numbers, and weights are all decided by the manufacturer. Take a careful look at the thread fiber composition to evaluate how it will behave on your cloth. If you’re uncertain, go with your gut and the way the thread feels.

[dt_quote]The Elastic Thread[/dt_quote]

Elastic thread is perfect for gathering and shirring cloth because of its strong elasticity and rebound. The secret to achieving the greatest stretch is to place your steam iron directly over the elastic thread that was stitched in. This will lower the thread’s size significantly. By reducing the diameter of the thread, you may produce more gathers while retaining flexibility. As a result, you may proceed to wash and dry your garments as normal.

[dt_quote]Heavy Duty Thread[/dt_quote]

High strain and stress are no match for this thread. It comes in a range of weights and finishes depending on what it’s used for. Thick, UV-resistant, and water-resistant are all characteristics of a heavy-duty outdoor thread, for example (depending on the manufacturer). Make sure to use heavy-duty thread when stitching heavy-duty fabrics like canvas or duck cloth. Camping gear, baggage, and sports equipment all benefit from heavy-duty thread.

[dt_quote]Thread for Industry[/dt_quote]

It is common for industrial sewing machines to operate at high speeds and for lengthy periods of time on a regular basis. There is no material that they can’t deal with, from chiffon to leather. Spool size (such as a 5-pound spool) or strength (not seen in home sewing) are both terms used to define industrial thread, which is a two-part phrase (like Kevlar Thread).

For maximum strength, toughness, and long-term performance, go no farther than the industrial thread market. Since the strength needed to stitch firefighter jackets, rock climbing gear, and parachutes is sometimes described as “industrial strength,” the word “industrial thread” may also refer to “industrial strength.”

Topstitching on clothes may be embellished with metallic thread. For this reason, it needs “white glove” handling, which is why it is so fragile. Metal foil/tinsel slivers are frequently wrapped around the polyester core of the product. The stitches will be weakened and destroyed if you apply high heat or steam.

It’s worth the additional work to utilize metallic thread properly. Before you begin sewing with metallic thread, check out our sewing tips and techniques.

[dt_quote]Embroidery for Upholstery[/dt_quote]

To upholster furniture, upholstery thread is available in a wide range of fibers and weights. If you’re looking for an all-purpose thread, go no further than this. It’s possible to use upholstery thread made of cotton or nylon as well as polyester or silk.

For those who want a couch that won’t shatter with the weight of a single person, nylon is a popular choice. There are several specialists that suggest matching your fabric’s fabric fibre to the thread used for upholstery.

When it comes to silk upholstery fabric, silk thread is the best. Despite the fact that they are sometimes used interchangeably, Upholstery thread and Heavy Duty thread are not the same.

[dt_fancy_title title=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

We finish off by answering some of the hard questions about the best threads for sewing machines:

best all purpose sewing machine thread
[dt_quote]Q1. What is the possible cause of thread breaks?

A. The makeup of the thread may contribute to breakage; cotton, rayon, certain trilobal polyester, and other weaker fiber threads are more likely to break or fray than stronger threads. To rule out the thread as the source of the problem, load a fresh cone of thread into the machine.

[dt_quote]Q2. What can I do to keep my sewing machine’s thread from becoming tangled?

A. Set the tension to the best possible thread tension setting or a lower one if necessary. Check to be that the spool of thread is properly inserted by using the appropriate size spool cap for the size of the spool. For further information, see “Place a spool of thread on a spool pin” below.

[dt_quote]Q3. What kind of thread is the most durable?

A. Nylon thread has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it one of the strongest threads available. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for stitching upholstery, leather, and vinyl. These smooth stitches are made possible by the particular treatment of this bonded 3-ply nylon thread, which has been designed to reduce friction when sewing at fast rates.

[dt_quote]Q4. What is the remedy when the upper thread breaks?

A. Make necessary adjustments to the tension disc. Needles that are dull or bent should be replaced. Make sure you use thread that is suitable for the needle size. Ensure that the bobbin case and shuttle are clean.

[dt_quote]Q5. What is the cause of lower or under thread breaks?

A. Bobbin case because the bobbin is not correctly threaded in the case the thread tension is very tight. The thread on the bobbin is wound unevenly, and/or the bobbin is wound excessively full. In the bobbin case, the spring has been worn down to a sharp groove.

[dt_quote]Q6. What is the best way to determine the thread tension to use?

A. If there are loops on the right side of the needle (red thread with black loops), this indicates that the top thread tension is excessive. If there are loops on the bottom side (black thread with red loops), this indicates that the bobbin thread tension is excessive.

[dt_quote]Q7. Is it preferable to sew using cotton or polyester thread?

A. Cotton thread is somewhat stronger and softer than polyester thread, although it is not much stronger than nylon thread. This makes it great for apparent seams in your creations. Cotton thread has no stretch, which makes it excellent for quilting projects since it will not lose its form as a result of the lack of elasticity.

[dt_quote]Q8. Is polyester thread suitable for use in clothing?

A. Polyester thread has a small amount of ‘give,’ making it suitable for use with stretch and knit fabrics, among other things. Given that it is sturdy and long-lasting, it may be employed on projects that will be subjected to a considerable degree of abuse. It is often offered in the widest spectrum of colors possible.

[dt_quote]Q9. Is it possible to stitch using polyester thread on a sewing machine?

A. Polyester thread is a synthetic all-purpose thread that may be used for a variety of tasks. For the vast majority of machine and hand sewing jobs, it is an excellent option. Polyester thread has a lot of give, which makes it ideal for use with stretchy materials.

[dt_quote]Q10. Which thread is more durable, nylon or polyester thread?

A. Nylon is one of the most durable synthetic threads now in use in the textile industry. The strength-to-size ratio of this thread is much higher than that of polyester thread. It is also noted for its flexibility and stretchability. Because of nylon’s strong tensile strength, it is an excellent choice for heavier textiles used in home décor.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

When selecting thread for your sewing machine, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Consider the scope of your project and the outcomes you want to achieve. It’s possible to pick from a wide range of colors and threads. The weight of the thread varies from nation to country, so you can’t always depend on it. Consider this selection of threads and choose the one that best suits your sewing machine’s capabilities. It’s a cinch since the resources and connections are already there.

The question is, how do you feel about various kinds of threads? Is there a particular kind or brand that you use for your projects that you prefer? Write a comment and let us know what you think! team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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