A Guide to Fire Extinguisher at any Age : Fire Extinguisher Skills

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If you think it is good to install fire extinguisher in every corner of the building, then your security plans are inadequate. You are only 10% prepared to handle emergencies and the lives of your employees at risk. Fire extinguishers are just works of art in your home or office unless they are busy or your employees have less know-how on using them. Therefore, it is vital that your employees, even if some active employees or family members are receiving training on storm extinguishers and know how to use this equipment in an emergency.


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The following are the benefits of fire extinguisher training:

Improving knowledge

Fire safety training informs your employees on how to act in an emergency. This is because they feel safe in an emergency. After all, they know how to get out safely. Its fast action spreads the firestorm at its source and prevents it from spreading further.

Find out how to carry the fire extinguisher

There is a correct way to transport and use fire extinguishers. It can be used more effectively if a person knows how to carry and use it properly.

Discover the right fire extinguisher for the right fire category

Using the wrong type of equipment can make the situation worse. The training helps people to handle symbols in front of a storm extinguisher and to use them appropriately to treat different types of fires.

What should an effective training program include?

The best fire training course begins from the simple things on how to use fire extinguishers, to advanced training on how to locate fire sources.

Understand the main fire risks

Fire hazards differ for different construction structures. For example, the office has a different structure than the hospital and therefore has various risks. Your training program should help you identify hazardous areas, which generally include: kitchen area and other electricity and heat cycles. Fire risk assessment should be done regularly to avoid undesirable situations.

Corresponding classes of fires and extinguishers

It is essential to know that there are different types of fires and that not all fire extinguishers work for each class. Using the wrong fire extinguisher can worsen the situation and spread faster. Five sources of fire include common materials such as wood, paper, cloth, electrical sources, vegetable or animal oils, liquids, flammable gases, and combustible gases such as titanium and magnesium.

Consequently, you must use a fire extinguisher, depending on the type of fire. Here is your guide:

  • Class A extinguishers are for frequent fires
  • Class B fires obtained from fuels
  • Class E is used to deal with electrical fires
  • Class F extinguishers operate on fires caused by oil or grease

Fire extinguisher training helps you know what type of fire extinguishers you need to build in your buildings. After receiving the proper training, here are some tips for buying the best fire extinguisher.

  • Don’t be in a rush to buy if this is your first time purchasing fire extinguishers. Learn before making a purchase. Remember that all fire extinguishers are not suitable for all fire sources.
  • Check the specifications of the fire extinguishers in your chemical plant. Check the classes, type, and chemical involved.
  • Determine if you prefer to buy disposable or rechargeable fire extinguishers. Learn about the pros and cons of both types, and this choice may depend on your budget.
  • Determine the number rating of the best fire extinguisher. The main thing is that the higher the number, the greater the capacity of the fire extinguisher.
  • Be sure to choose fire extinguishers that are manufactured according to recognized standards. You can find the information on the extinguisher tube.
  • A lower price will not always give you the best result. So, don’t just depend on the price when buying fire extinguishers. You should wisely consider other factors such as credibility of the supplier, delivery time, after-sales service, customer service and of course, the quality extinguisher.
  • When your budget is limited, it is essential to purchasing priority fire extinguishers. The item was initially featured in the area or workplace within the factory site that has a higher potential fire risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the purpose of a fire extinguisher?

Fuel, heat, and oxygen are the three things necessary for fire to burn. To put out a fire, fire extinguishers spray a substance that either removes oxygen from the atmosphere, smothers the fuel, or lowers the temperature of the burning material. If used correctly by a person who has received enough training, a portable fire extinguisher may swiftly put out a fire that is just a few square feet in size.

Where are fire extinguishers used?

A fire extinguisher is a portable active fire protection device that is often packed with a dry or wet chemical. Its purpose is to put out or contain minor flames, most commonly in times of emergency.

Which gas is used in fire?

Although it displaces oxygen, oxygen will not be able to come into touch with the fire. As a result, the supply of oxygen is cut off by carbon dioxide gas, which removes oxygen from the triangle that represents the fire.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, buying fire extinguisher is not easy. However, I think you can get the best from your chemical factory by following the buying instructions mentioned above.

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  1. You don’t have to worry about picking the proper one since they are rated for all forms of fire. If the fire is small enough to fight on your own, they can get the job done in only a few seconds.


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