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The best floor lamps have a potential of offering strong natural ambience to have your entire bedroom or living room lit. Furthermore, you can opt to choose soft glow amber to create a mood of your choice in your bedroom or bright light for your office at home. The fact that these lamps can easily fit in any given corner of your house, either behind your seats or at the central point of your foyer makes them versatile. It is also simple to have the floor lamp installed compared to the wired system of lighting.

best floor lamps

Therefore, this article will make you informed about the best floor lamps as well as how to choose the best that can serve your demands appropriately. Below are some product reviews about the floor lamps:


Before you go ahead to purchase the best floor lamp, it is appropriate that you put several factors into consideration. These factors include:

modern floor lamps

√ Safety

Several floor lamps such as the halogen bulbs normally get extremely hot, and in case they fall on your curtain the electricity risk will be so unpreventable and high. Therefore it is appropriate that you use floor lamps that are contemporary with tripod stands but no halogen use. However, some have built-in safety guards that enable them to be safe even when they fall.

√ The size

This is the major factor you should put into consideration depending on your room’s size as well as the size of the ceiling. When you go for a tall lamp, it will have a ceiling lighting resemblance; hence your ceiling will lack peace. On the other hand, a short one will not be sufficient for your large-sized room. Therefore, it is appropriate that you go for an adjustable modern floor lamp.

√ The configuration

With configuration, you will be able to determine if your cheap floor lamp is perfect for a task table, hanging on top or just great for your living room. The light lamp with a style of Torchiere is appropriate as a ceiling light. Thus, there are several configurations as well as styles that will guide you get the correct floor lamps that are contemporary and can meet your demands as wells as needs efficiently and effectively.

With the above factors put into consideration, you will end up with the living room floor lamps of your own choice.

On This List We Have 10 Floor Lamps

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Adesso 6237-02 Oslo Floor Lamp – Corrosion Resistant,...
Adesso 6237-02 Oslo Floor Lamp – Corrosion Resistant,...
The horizontal striped paper adds subtle pattern that is highlighted when lit; On-Off Rotary Socket Switch / Smart outlet compatible.Light Bulb Base Code:E26
Rottogoon Floor Lamp for Living Room, LED Standing Lamp...
Rottogoon Floor Lamp for Living Room, LED Standing Lamp...
Simple classic design: fits perfectly in anywhere in your home.
Aaron Mid Century Modern Contemporary Tall Standing...
Aaron Mid Century Modern Contemporary Tall Standing...
A modern three-light tree floor lamp from the Aaron collection by 360 Lighting.; 5-foot long black cord and plug.
PHIVE LED Floor Lamp for Reading, Dimmable Gooseneck...
PHIVE LED Floor Lamp for Reading, Dimmable Gooseneck...
Easy to Assemble: Takes about 5 to 10 minutes to assemble.

1. Floor Lamp – Modern Floor Lamps

This product comes with a Scandinavian interpretation design; it features white matte tulip-styled modified body and base. The striped papers which are horizontal adds pattern subtle that is normally highlighted especially when lit.

Moreover, it comes with an on-off socket rotary switch. It comes with 17.75” W times 60” H lamp dimensions, 10.75” H x 17.75” diam shade dimension as well as 12.5” diam base dimension. Therefore, thanks to these super awesome features for making this product super awesome. In case you need one you can always opt for this model of a lamp, and you will experience amazing results ever, make it your priority.


√ It is a quality product.
√ This product is functional and practical.
√ The product is worth the price.
√ It is a modern and simple product.


× It can appear with stains as well as rust

2. Floor Lamp for Living Room

The product is energy-saving and has a LED warm light. This means it has LED bulbs that generate soft, warm light plus 88 beads of LED evenly distributed on the head of the lamp, making a wider range of illumination. It comes with an Acrylic lampshade frosted to have the light softened, protect your eyes and avoid glare. The products lumen of lighting is 2000 hence saving an energy rate of 20W.

This product comes with a step-less touch dimmer memorable, with its design of step-less dimming; pressing down your touch sensor enables you to have the lighting gradually adjusted from 5% to 100% brightness according to your demand. After setting, you will not have it frequently adjusted since the product has a potential of remembering. It is appropriate as a home lamp for décor; plus it is safe and more stable.


√ This product is worth the value.
√ It is a quality product.
√ The product delivers a remarkable performance.


× It is not a durable product

3. Lamp For Crafts - Arts and Crafts Lamps

This product has maximum contrast as well as brightness for crafting as well as reading of books. Therefore, in case you need a floor lamp with the maximum light intensity that shows you the real colour contrast for certain hobbies such as puzzles, knitting and sewing. It has a shining brightness of 850 to 950 lumens and uses electricity of 12W.

It is a natural aesthetician’s daylight lamp for extensions of the eyelash, salon services, beauty spa and makeup. This product enables you to observe the lashes of your client and with maximum contrast light colour temperature of 6000k. It is a modernized floor lamp for either your armchair or the office desk which comes with an adjustable gooseneck. On the other hand, it is useful, sturdy and safe for your kids’ room and comes with a warranty of 3 years.


√ It delivers maximum performance.
√ It is a quality product.
√ This product is worth the price
√ The product is easy to operate.


× The product’s warranty is not as advertised.

4. Tree Stand Light - Living Room Lamps

Aaron mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp has 64” maximum overall with a base that is 10” wide at its entire bottom. Furthermore, it uses three high 40-watt medium standard base bulbs; it also comes with an on-off switch rotary on every switch. This product has a three modern light floor lamp tree from the collection of Aaron 360 lighting.

Moreover, it has a brass finish aged metal base as well as dome shades. Every head swivel is 360 degrees adjustable with a tilt that goes up to 180 degrees. Its plug and the long black cord is five foot long. Therefore, thanks for these excellent features for making this product widely recognized in the market.


√ This lamp is attractive.
√ It delivers excellent performance.
√ The product is worth the value.
√ It is a durable product.


× It a low-quality product

5. Standing Lamps - Floor Standing Lamps

The 14W addlon LED Floor Lamp saves energy, and it is long-lasting since it has 14W saving power LED light to enable you never to do a bulb replacement. Additionally, it comes with soft and a super bright light of 6000k for any hobby or project illumination. The soft light is particularly made for woodworking, sewing, reading, crafts and arts, and it is also appropriate for any given hobby.

This product comes with a design that is adjustable and modern, with two levels of brightness. You simply have to press the button you require and set your preferred light level, its height is adjustable due to the gooseneck. The product is also safe and sturdy for use since it has maximum stability. On the other hand, the 14W addlon LED Floor Lamp is user friendly and very easy to assemble.


√ It comes with a sturdy design.
√ The product is worth the price.
√ It is a quality product.
√ This product delivers excellent performance.


× It does not function as advertised.

6. Touch Control Lamp - Bedside Lamps Touch Control

This product is maximum adjustable plus it comes with gooseneck design which is durable that allows you to freely and conveniently adjust your light. It is a 5 level dimmer with four modes to customize settings of light that is personal. Furthermore, this product is useful and handy without being unrestricted; its assembling is easier since it takes approximately 5-10 minutes. It comes with a limited warranty of 18 months.

Additionally, it is recommended that you go for a free replacement in case you find the product scratched or damaged during its transportation. Therefore, thanks to these features for making this product outstanding. Whenever you require the best floor lamp, opt for PHIVE LED Floor Lamp.


√ It is worth the value.
√ It is a quality product.
√ This product delivers maximum performance.
√ It is easy to assemble.


× This product is not reliable.

7. Reading Lamp - Reading Light For Bed

The IMIGY Dimmable 9W Floor Lamp has a flexible gooseneck as well as a light angle that is adjustable at your convenient time such as reading, working or studying time. Moreover, it has five dimmable brightness levels; this enables you to set your lighting during working, thinking and dinner comfortably. Use your remote controller to adjust your light brightness. It has premium temperature LED colour. This product comes with five varying colour temperature settings, and it commences from warm white 3000k- cold white 6500k. Therefore, note that warm white is appropriate at night for a sweet feeling while cold white is appropriate for work. Thanks to these amazing features for making this product widely recognized.


√ It is an excellent product.
√ It offers remarkable performance.
√ The product is worth the value.
√ It is durable and reliable.


× The products remote does not function perfectly.

8. Bedside Table Lamps - Standing Floor Lamp

It has a customized illumination, and it matches as well as mix five colour temperatures and five levels of brightness, generating a light that is most suitable depending on your activity as well as the environment. Its LED shines, and it is long-lasting; furthermore, it does not consume a lot of power. This product’s operation is easy since it has an in-built control touch to generate a reliable, convenient to have the light colour, integrated timer as well as brightness set. It is built in a way that is user-friendly and secure; it also has a multi-functional design which is 2 in 1. Thanks to these excellent features for making this product extra-ordinary.


√ This product is worth the price.
√ It is a quality product.
√ It is a user-friendly product.
√ The product offers a super awesome performance.
√ Its installation is quick and easy.


× It breaks down easily

9. Warm Light - Floor Lamps for Warm Atmosphere

This unique floor lamp has an appropriate size that is perfect for any décor due to its classic design. Its warm, beautiful light atmosphere makes it resemble a statue with a light that is comfortable and gentle on the eyes. This product is advantageous since it fits any room. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and assemble within 15 minutes without any tool, and the experience is recommended. This model of lamp saves energy; it is stable as well as long-lasting. The lamp guarantees you a warrant and total satisfaction; these features have made this product amazing in the industry.


√ It is a beautiful lamp.
√ This product is elegant and modern.
√ It is a quality product.
√ The product is durable and has excellent performance.


× It does not work as advertised.

10. Lamps For Living Room

The Mary floor lamp is a free modern standing lamp suitable for several decors. It is a reading light that is bright dimmable to peaceful accent light, and you can use it to read a novel at your armchair. On the other hand, its styling is contemporary appropriate for first apartments and dorm rooms. It guarantees you total satisfaction and a complete warrant of 1 year. Therefore, thanks for these super awesome features for making this product outstanding in the market.


√ It is a perfect floor lamp for any room.
√ This product is practical and functional.
√ It is worth the value.
√ It delivers an awesome performance.


× It is a low-quality product.


Q. What is the variation between a Torchiere and floor lamps?

A. Torchiere is responsible for reflecting light upward but off the ceiling and all effects ambient while the floor lamps generate task lighting for homework and reading.

Q. What are the basic lighting types?

A. Three basic kinds of lighting can probably work perfectly well when combined, the accent, task and ambient. With this combination, consider yourself having perfect lighting.

Q. What is the dimmers function?

A. The dimmer is greatly functional by generating flexibility to differ the light amount depending on your space size.

Final verdict

From the above review, you are now well familiarized with the best living room floor lamp. Therefore, it is upon you to opt for the best floor lamp that will serve you best and meet your demands efficiently and effectively. I hope this article will be beneficial to you in your search for the best floor lamps.

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