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Dog booties are essential for your dog’s protection. It is not just a fashion statement as many would think but a protective gear as well, especially during the cold season. So it is crucial to choose the right kind of booties for your canine friend.


HEALERS PetCare Medical Dog Bootie, Single Unit - Blue
  • Boots sold as a single unit - Boxsets of 2 are also available
  • Strong hook closure keeps boots on
  • Rubber Non-Skid sole, perfect for slippery hardwood floors
  • Non-adherent gauze pads create a bandage that will not stick to the wound while it heals
  • Machine washable and Water-resistant.To size properly have pet stand on paper and draw around paw. Measure the paw width and choose the appropriate size..Made in USA with the highest quality materials

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Here are some tips on how to make the right choice of dog boots:

# 01

Determine the right size of your dog’s foot. The best way to get the right fit is to bring him along with you when you go shopping. But if this is not possible, the better option would be to measure his foot and bring the measurement to the shop with you. You can do this by tracing his foot on a piece of paper.

# 02

The fabric should match the purpose and use of the booties. Nylon and polar fleece fabrics will help keep his paws dry and warm. These fabrics are appropriate during cold seasons and are usually used in winter dog boots. There are also other types that are available. You can make your choices from the different materials used, but just make sure that you choose the right one, depending on how your pet will use it.

# 03

Your dog should be comfortable wearing it. Choose the boots that you think is comfy for your pet. Dogs do not want to wear something on if they are uneasy with it. Your money will be put to waste if your pet does not want to use it.

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# 04

Make your choice from the different styles and designs. Booties do not only provide protection, but it also makes your pet look more adorable. It is also a fun and rewarding hobby to dress your pet in the latest fashion trend for dogs.

# 05

Match the design with your pet’s personality.

Because winter is already here, you should already be on the lookout for winter dog boots on pet shops. They provide extra protection against frostbites, cold toes, and irritation from de-icing chemicals. So what are you waiting for? Shop now before all the dog booties are sold out.

# 06

Choose the appropriate booties for each activity you and your pet will be having this winter season. If you and your pet want to play outside, then let your pet wear snow boots for dogs. It must be the type of booties that fits heavy-duty activities for the season. If your pet is inside the house, then let them wear a softer pair of booties.

# 07

Choose booties that are made of rubberized soles. This will ensure that your dog will have a strong foothold on the pavement or inside your house. During the winter season, most pavements are wet and slippery. To prevent accidents, then take extra caution and purchase those booties that are good in quality.

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The Bottom Line

All dogs can profit by dog boots. They are not only for a spoiled little guy that needs a few shoes to coordinate their new dress or for an experience dog that is climbing in the mountains. Any dog which goes outside can profit by the security that dog boots offer.